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Big Brother 19: Jessica Exposes Paul’s Game To Elena

Paul has been running the house from the start, with Elena being one of his most loyal allies who has carried out some of his dirty work, but Jessica doesn’t seem to know that as she broke down nearly Paul’s entire game last night to her.

It all began when Jessica was discussing with Elena about whether or not she should use the Hex or let Cody be taken out by Paul. Jessica said that Paul has been playing a very psychological game, giving the example of what Paul did this morning of trying to turn her against Cody by saying he wanted to keep Alex and Jason in the house so they could get Jessica and Raven out down the road.

Jessica told Elena that Paul is scared and will say anything, such as instructing people to not talk to a certain person, not do a certain thing, and to not be seen with a certain person. Jessica said that Paul is playing a masterful game, which is when Elena chimed in for the first time, agreeing with Jessica and saying that she isn’t blind to it. Jessica explained to Elena that the biggest thing standing in front of them winning the $500,000 is Paul, not Alex or Cody. She said that if someone finally pulled the trigger on getting Paul out, the entire game would change. Jessica said that she wants to flip the house and isn’t going to let another HOH go by where she doesn’t make a big move.

Jessica told Elena that every single person in the house should see that Paul is the biggest threat to their game and that if they keep letting Paul slide by, they’re not going to be able to get him out. Elena agreed saying that Paul would win if he made it to the final two too. Jessica said that it was a big red flag when Paul said that he studied to train his dog because she sees him using those same kinds of tricks on the people in the house now, giving the example of Paul manipulating people, then rewarding them. She went on to say that if someone does something that Paul doesn’t like, he sends them to the dog house. Jessica ended the conversation about Paul by saying that if she’s going to get taken out, she’s going to shake up the house as much as she can in the meantime.


Elena did go talk to Paul after this conversation, but she didn’t spill all the beans to him. Elena only said that Jessica is smart and knows the agenda, but Paul deflected that, saying that there isn’t an agenda. The gist of Elena’s conversation with Paul is that she had trouble even getting Jessica alone because people kept interrupting, but we’ll just have to wait and see if she ends up telling Paul like she has done with most other things.

  • karenkns

    Jess isn’t debating anything, she is doing this for footage she all but said to Cody before it went to fish because she mentioned Production not liking it

    • Diane Lennon Ludwig

      No way!! Elena is the camera hog along with Paul.

      • LRasmussen

        Jess has mentioned production and her career many times. ( her knowing people) She may not be as obvious as Elena, but Jess has a publicity agenda fueled by production. Her showmance with Cody is also part of it as well. Jess slips and says alot about her DR sessions.

    • LRasmussen

      LOL Production says “Cut, lets try that again” hee hee… They told her what the bull horn said too.

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