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Big Brother 19: Jessica Calls Raven Out

It was looking like it was going to be a slow day, as what happened at the veto meeting was to be expected and now Jessica is likely going to use her Hex, but that all changed when Jessica thought she walked in on a nefarious conversation.

Everything began when Jessica walked in on Jason, Kevin, and Raven talking, which she took for being nefarious as she believed to have seen Jason make a motion, letting the trio know that Jessica had just walked in on them. Jessica asked Raven to speak alone, which is when she gave Raven a piece of her mind.

Jessica told Raven that she doesn’t know what the three of them were talking about, but said that it doesn’t make her feel comfortable. Jessica explained that when they’re trying to get her to not use the Hex, the last thing they should do is having her feel like there is ulterior things going on. Raven asked Jessica to let her look her in the eyes to explain herself, but Jessica said that Raven looked her in the eyes and lied about Thursday’s vote too. When Raven tried to get a word in, Jessica said that she needed a second and walked out of the room.

Raven followed Jessica into the lounge where Cody was too. Raven explained to them that they were only talking about what just happening at the veto meeting. Cody asked why Raven is against him. Raven said that it’s not just her, it’s the whole house that is against him. Cody said that he was hoping they would have respected them enough to let them go into jury together, to which Raven said that she would have. Raven explained that if she goes against what the whole house wants, the house will turn against her when Raven said that she’s here to play for her mom and other big things. Raven reiterated to Jessica that they weren’t talking about her and Jessica asked Raven to let her speak to Cody alone.


Raven then went to go give retells of what happens to Paul, Matt, and the majority of the group. Paul said that Raven should start fake crying, then have Jason go ask Cody about what happened and see if Cody mouthes off to him.

When Jason went to see what was going on, Jessica explained to Jason that the whole house has been conspiring against them. Jason said that Raven didn’t say anything about her, that they were talking about the veto, and that Raven is crying now. Cody then asked Jason what he has ever done to him in the game. Jason said he thought they were going to mesh well, but they just ended up not. Jason and Cody ended up going back and forth about who was disloyal to who, to which Jason just said that he’s only loyal to the people he sleeps next to, which are Alex and Kevin. Cody said that he can appreciate that. Meanwhile, Kevin popped his head into the room to tell Jessica and Cody that Raven didn’t say anything about her and that she’s not crying in the bedroom.


Jessica went to go talk to Raven, telling her that she’s sorry that Raven is upset, but said that the entire house needs to relax a little. Raven said that they really weren’t do anything bad. Jessica told Raven to try to look at it from her perspective. Jessica added that she looks like the evil one now that Raven is crying even though she was just defending herself since nobody else was going to do it. When Raven kept crying, Jessica told her to stop. Raven said that she’s sorry, it’s just that she has two hearts and that is what she does.


This is the bulk of what happened after Jessica confronted Raven. This drama spawned new drama about an entirely separate issue, including a fracture among alliance members, that you can find here on our blog within the next 30 minutes!

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