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Big Brother 19: First Temptation Competition Results

The Temptation Competition was just announced yesterday, but the first of three total competitions was already announced to the houseguests and played this morning.

The Temptation Competition is an optional competition that gives the houseguests that choose to compete the chance to win safety for the week, but they risk being put up as the third nominee if they’re the one who comes in last place. This competition gave Jessica and Cody the opportunity to possibly not have to use her temptation, but since Jessica doesn’t believe that Paul will put either her of Cody up, she talked Cody out of competing for safety.

Mark came in first place, meaning that he’s safe for the week. Jason came in last place, meaning that he’s going to be the third nominee. This will likely all be for naught when Paul nominates Cody and Jessica to flush out whatever their temptation is.

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