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Big Brother 19: Finale Night Recap

It’s been a long season, but we’ve finally made it to finale night. The winner of Big Brother 19 will be crowned, along with the reveal of who won America’s Favorite Houseguest!

Christmas, Josh, and Paul have been working together for well over a month now, but that is all coming to a head tonight as Josh and Paul face off in the final Head of Household competition of the summer. The winner of that competition got to decide who they were going to take with them to the final two.

Christmas’ fate is completely in Josh and Paul’s hands, as she lost both the first and second round of the 3-part Head of Household competition. That doesn’t fare well for her, as both Josh and Paul were seemingly both going into tonight with the plan on taking each other, though both for different reasons. That being said, we had to wait and see what happened in the final competition before she had to worry about what was going to happen.


Big Brother 19 Final Three HOH Competition – Round 3 Results:

  • Question 1: Paul gets a point
  • Question 2: Josh gets a point
  • Question 3: Both get a point
  • Question 4: Josh gets a point, taking the lead
  • Question 5: Neither get a point
  • Question 6: Neither get a point
  • Question 7: Josh gets a point
  • Josh won the final HOH of the season and gets to decide who he takes to final two!


Big Brother 19 Final Three Eviction Results: 

  • Josh chose to evict Christmas


Big Brother 19 Jury Votes: 

This is what each of the houseguests have been working for all season. They have been balancing making game moves with jury management all season.

  • Alex votes for: Josh
  • Cody votes for: Josh
  • Elena votes for: Josh
  • Jason votes for: Josh
  • Kevin votes for: Paul
  • Mark votes for: Josh
  • Matthew votes for: Paul
  • Raven votes for: Paul
  • Christmas votes for: Paul


Winner of Big Brother 19: 


Big Brother 19’s America’s Favorite Houseguest:

The $500,000 wasn’t the only prize money handed out tonight, as America has been voting over the course of the last week to determine who they want to give $25,000 and the title of America’s Favorite Houseguest!

  • CODY


We’d like to thank you all so much for sticking around with us all summer and using us as one of your sources for Big Brother spoilers! We hope that you’ll be back come winter when news of Celebrity Big Brother breaks, as we’ll be covering that season too!

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