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Big Brother 19: Final Two Plans

We’re hardly more than 24 hours away from the Big Brother 19 finale, which means that one of the three houseguests left will soon be $500,000 richer!

Christmas, Josh, and Paul have lasted over 90 days in the house now all for the moment coming Wednesday night. Since Paul and Josh won round one and round two of the Head of Household competitions this week, they’ll be the ones competing during the live finale while Christmas is forced to sit out. The winner will get to choose who they take to the final two with him.


The person with the clearest plan as to what they’re going to do is Paul. Paul is planning on taking Josh with him, as he’s convinced that Josh made everyone angry by the way he called people out and was banging pots and pans. You also had Alex and Kevin both in his ear before they left saying that there isn’t any way that he could beat Christmas. Paul hasn’t give any indication at all as to going against this plan.

Josh on the other hand isn’t as clear. All signs pointed towards Josh cutting Paul and instead going with Christmas in the final two since that is who he has been working closest with. However, that seems to have changed in this last week after Josh began to question how bitter the jury must be. Josh’s reasoning for changing his mind and going with Paul is because Christmas hasn’t upset anyone in jury while both him and Paul have. Josh believes that his only hope now is that the jury is more bitter at Paul than they are with him.

Christmas obviously doesn’t have a say in what happens, but she does have the ability to campaign if she were to choose to. Instead, she told the viewers Sunday night that she was actually thinking about telling Josh and Paul that they should both take each other and that she’s fine with third place. She hasn’t said that explicitly to either of them, but did heavily imply it Monday night to Josh by saying that he should take who is best for his game and said that she isn’t going to be mad at him for it.

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