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Big Brother 19: Final Temptation Competition Results

We’ve made it to the third and final temptation competition. After this week, it’ll be the first week of a twist-free Big Brother we’ve had this summer.

Everyone but Christmas chose to play in today’s competition. The reasoning for Christmas sitting out was that Alex didn’t want Christmas to be the third nominee, then just be dead weight during the veto competition when what they need is to stack the deck against Cody with competitors. Instead of just competing normally, Paul made it clear that one of them had to throw it today to ensure that Cody can’t become the third nominee.

Mark won his second temptation competition, securing his safety for the week. Matt came in last, making him the third nominee. This means that Cody is vulnerable to a backdoor if he doesn’t get chosen to play in the veto competition. This does throw a wrench in the nomination plans this week, as Mark was a planned nominee, but now they’re going to have to choose someone else.

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