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Big Brother 19: Final HOH Round 2 Results

We’ve finally made it to the second to last competition of the season and it was another very consequential one,  as it decides exactly which two will compete for a spot in the final two.

Since Paul won the first round, that meant that he automatically advanced to the third round to compete for the chance to choose who he takes to the final two with him. Being that Christmas and Josh both lost, the duo was to face off in today’s competition to be the person who goes up against Paul in that final competition. The loser of today’s competition was completely at the mercy of whomever won the final competition.

Josh won the second round of the 3-part HOH competition which ended up lasting a total of six hours. This means that Josh will be facing off against Paul in the third and final right during finale night to decide which of them secures their spot in the final two and gets to decide which they take with them. Things aren’t looking too good for Christmas, because as things sit, Paul is taking Josh and Josh began to question last night if it’s in his best interest to take Paul over Christmas since Christmas hasn’t made anyone mad while the jury might be bitter at Paul.

We’ll keep you updated every day leading up to finale night as to what decision it seems like Josh will make, as Paul’s plan has been set in stone for at least a few weeks now when it comes to who he wants to take to the final two with him.

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