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Big Brother 19: Final Four POV Results

Since we’re down to the final four, there will only be one person casting a vote to evict this week, making this Power of Veto the most important competition of the summer so far!

There is less than a week until finale now now, which officially means we’re on the home stretch and the summer is finally coming to a close. This is also the last veto competition of the summer, as we’ll be down to the final three, which only involves a 3-part HOH competition. Not only will the winner of this veto be secured a spot in the final three, but they’ll also single-handedly decide who they take to the final three with them.

Paul won the Power of Veto, which means that he has total control this week. He’ll get to choose if the nominations stay the same or not. If he chooses to keep the nominations the same, that gives Christmas the ability to evict whomever she wants. If he uses the veto on Josh, Josh will get to choose who he wants to evict. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens tomorrow night.

All of the leaks over the least 24 hours are all courtesy of /u/vegasforsure on Reddit!

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