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Big Brother 19: Final Four Nomination Ceremony Results

The leaks have continued to flow in with the feeds being down. We found out who was evicted who won Head of Household, and now who have been nominated!

We found out last night that Alex was evicted after Josh had to break the tie and then Paul ended up winning the Head of Household competition. We didn’t have much to go on as to who would be nominated next to Kevin, since Paul is so close to both Christmas and Josh. Based on talks alone, we summed up that it is Josh who Paul wants to take to the final two, so we could only guess how he’d play that this week.

Paul nominated Josh and Kevin for eviction. This is likely to maintain in the good graces with Christmas and for the other simple fact that it doesn’t really matter, since it all comes down to who wins the Power of Veto this week. Whoever wins the POV, other than Paul, will be the sole vote to evict and have the ultimate power this week. If Paul ends up winning the veto, then whoever is left off the block will solely control who goes home.

It’s unclear if the Power of Veto competition will be played before the feeds come back later tonight, but if it is and the leaks come in, we’ll be sure to post them here for all of you who cannot wait!

  • CeeJaay Lebs

    I thought Christmas wanted to be the one sitting next to Kevin….is she scared? She will probably vote off Josh because she is afraid Paul will choose Josh over her…Paul stupid for taking weaklings who haven’t won anything on their own to F2…he should of kept Alex, took her and retained some dignity

    • Brian211978

      No, it’s that it’s unlikely she can play in part 1 and part 2, so that would be a good move to take her.

    • CoLLuSioN

      I’ll take half a million over whatever anyone else thinks

      • Virginia Griffith Vaughn

        Me to I would of played they way they did and have everyone hate me. That money will set my kids up for college and a house and a vehicle. Hate me I dont care.

    • Cindy Schaubert Duplantis

      Paul should have never been allowed back on this big brother he was final 2 last year he knew how to play the game worst big brother ever

    • Amber Morris

      Paul wants Josh in final 2 with him but if Josh, Paul or Christmas win that veto they will cut Kevin..Also Josh wants to cut Paul in final 3 if he gets the chance and take Christmas..

  • Amber Madison

    What the hell is going on this season? Why are so many houseguests willing to sacrifice their chance at $1 million for someone else? Why are so many people listening to Paul? Why are so many people blinded by Paul? As for Christmas, I fully believe that she’s still in the house because of her knee injury. I think she would have been a beast at competitions but because of her injury, she was no longer a threat. I don’t know who will win this year. Paul is 50/50. Will the jury give Paul the money because he had everyone playing the game for him? Or will the jury not vote for him because they hate him and feel used?

    • Nancy Cavanaugh

      It’s 1/2 million dollars and Christmas injured her foot not knee

    • NiHi

      Xmas should have been sent home after her injury, but the show was too scared she’d sue. Her voting from her hospital bed was too much.

      • Dracauris

        There’s no way she could sue, based on the contract. It was shocking they kept her in as she had to leave the game for medical reasons.
        If you leave the house, then your out

        • NiHi

          You’re right I forgot about the contract. I can’t believe the concessions they made for her this season. Once she left the house she should have been eliminated.

      • Charles C J Moreau

        All players sign a injury waiver along with many other legal documents before they enter the house. So lawsuits are out of the question.

  • Dino Rondelly

    I would pay money for Kevin to win that veto and send Josh/Christmas home,

    • Virginia Griffith Vaughn

      ME 2

  • Renee K Hill

    What a disappoint this season is… they need to play old school BB. No production interfearance that effects the out come of the game ! The plan was for Paul to win from the beginning! It’s a shame Alex and Jason are in the jury house. They are the only other people who played besides Paul .paul contrilled them as well! Why would you throw a veto when your ride or die is on the block???(Alex) wth??? Paul is a snake. He’s talked his way to the end. These people were his sheep, they did whatever he ask, even bully! This game was played dirty. They should all be ashamed of their behavior this season!

  • NiHi

    The only people willing to take Paul out earlier in the game were Cody, Jessica and Dominique. This season has been a clusterf***. All they seemed to care about was making jury so they could extend their stipend. How do you have a season where everyone’s willing to sacrifice their game for someone else? BB needs to revamp the show. They need to offer money/prizes to the person that wins HOH maybe that would make them actually compete. They should also punish people that discuss the nominations prior to it happening. No more vets! No more contestants looking to break into the industry, raise their social media followers etc. The show needs to get back to the basics. I’m sure they’ll screw up the BB Celebrity show by getting Z-list “celebrities” like Brandi (RHOBH), country singers, BB vets, etc. I hope Paul gets screwed over again in the finale.

    • Virginia Griffith Vaughn

      Then why didnt they… They had HOH after pauls 3 weeks and still didnt.

      • NiHi

        The rest of the house was too enamored with Paul and afraid to cross him. They didn’t want to ruin their chance to make jury. Dominique was never HOH and was voted out early.

  • Larry Back

    It is beyond me that during this season with all of the lies no one has shared the information with others. I guess Paul had deals with everyone so no one was talking. Alex should have blurted out that she and Jason had a deal with Paul and after Jason was voted out that her and Paul had a deal for the two to go to the end. This has been such a disappointing season for us. I would love for Kevin to win POV and HOH next week and send Paul home, Karma. I hope that the jury hates Paul so bad that they would not give him the 500K.

    • Dracauris

      I would LUV it if Karma got the rest of these horrible bully & mean players.
      I would Luv for Kevin to surprise everyone and win Veto. I believe Josh would go & Paul would take Christmas

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