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Big Brother 19: Final Four HOH Competition Results

Since we’re now down to the final four, that makes this week’s upcoming HOH arguably the most important of the summer, as it ensures final three and the ability to still play in the final three HOH competitions.

We know from the leak earlier tonight that Alex was evicted after the vote was split, but we still had to wait to find out who won the HOH that would determine which houseguest would be ensured a spot in the final three and their spot in the house until finale night. The HOH will have the power to nominate two people of their choice, but it’s the Power of Veto winner who will be the sole vote to evict.

PAUL ended up winning the final four Head of Household competition, which means that he’s in an interesting position, since he’s close allies with both Christmas and Josh. Josh is who Paul has been eyeing to take to the final two, so we’ll have to wait and see if he’s risked as a pawn or not.

I have 100% confidence in these leaks, as the person in question, /u/vegasforsure on reddit, has been correct about everything he has leaked so far this season, including Megan’s eviction, the battle back winner, and several other HOHs that took place while the live feeds were down! Now we just have to wait and see who ends up winning the Power of Veto tomorrow!

  • Channahjo

    final 4 comp was the same comp he won last year and he sent nicoles boy friend out
    WTF why didn’t they change up the comp. It’s so rigged for paul.

    • TeeBird014

      He was going against Kevin and Xmas, probably would have been hard to win any comp. Those two haven’t won anything on their own.

  • Consuelo Loera

    Kevin trusts Paul dumb move and Paul needs to win the pov if he takes josh not sure

  • Peggy Kitting

    Final 2 Paul and kevin

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