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Big Brother 19: Fan Yells Into The Backyard With Bullhorn

Fans using a bullhorn to yell messages into the backyard isn’t a new concept, as it’s happened several times in previous seasons, but it just happened for the first time this season last night.

Only a couple of hours after the big fight between the entire house vs Jessica and Cody, we heard a message yelled into the backyard. Not everyone in the backyard heard what was said, but enough did to where it has spread paranoia as to how they’re being portrayed on the show and how America likes.

The guy with the bullhorn yelled “America loves Jess. Paul is a bully”. You can flashback on the live feeds to 7:15:50PM, July 31st to hear the message. Jessica didn’t hear what was said, but said that she was asking for a sign from God, which she said that might have been. When asked, Cody said that it wasn’t relevant to their current situation.

The feeds went down for 10 minutes after a indoor lockdown was called. When they returned, Christmas, Elena, Josh, Mark, Matt, Paul, and Raven were all in the upstairs room. Paul said that America isn’t seeing what they’re seeing and questioned how everything is being portrayed in the TV edit. Josh said that he can see how America would really like Jessica, but he doesn’t see how they’d like Cody.


The message wasn’t discussed much after that, but Paul seemingly brought it up again later in the night. Paul said that if all is shown is eight people attacking Jessica and Cody out of nowhere and not Cody and Jessica poking and prodding them all for 40 days, being rude, mean, and making people cry, it’s bullsh*t. Paul finally said that if him standing up for the people that he cares about makes him a bully, then so be it.

  • FinsUp

    I seriously doubt there are fans of any kinds yelling over backyard wall, I think it’s Priductuin stirring up or saving pots. If the contract going around the net is real, HGs aren’t allowed to urge another to self-evict. So a very very timely yell of love at the right time helps Jessie stay….. please

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