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Big Brother 19: Elena Ponders Targeting Paul and Alex

Elena has been one of Paul’s most loyal allies, telling him virtually everything she learned, but after being lied to and left in the dark one too many times, she has started to question that relationship.

From leaving her in the dark on eviction plans to lying about having the veto used on her, Elena has seemingly has had enough of Paul’s antics. The straw that broke the camels back was two things coupled together. Both the reaction to Elena taking the $5000 during the veto competition and the broken promise of using the veto on her, regardless of who wins it.

It started with Elena telling Matt that Alex is pissed that she took the $5000. Mark said that he doesn’t think that Alex is going to be that petty this week. Mark added that he genuinely believe that Alex and Jason have their back, but Elena insisted that she definitely doesn’t feel the same. Elena asked Mark who he would put up if he won, to which Mark said Josh. Elena tried suggesting Christmas, but Mark said that he’s not worried about Christmas.

Mark told Elena that the way this season is being played is pathetic and that he’s going to lose if it he hears people say they’re going with what the house wants one more time. Elena then threw out the idea of going rogue by nominating Alex and Paul. Mark said that not that bad of an idea, but said that he doesn’t think that Paul would be throwing them under the bus any time soon. Elena said that Paul wouldn’t personally put them up, but said that he would make sure that Alex and Jason do.

Mark told Elena that nobody in the house is a strong player except for Paul and if they were to take him out, the season would be a joke. Mark then questioned who else they should be afraid of aside from Alex and Jason if they were to take out Paul, to which Elena didn’t have an answer. Mark said that people are hooked on what Paul says and does, but at the same time, he wants Josh out of the house more at the moment.


It’s unclear why Mark has a sudden change of heart when it comes to targeting Paul, as it was just a few days ago that he had a conversation with Jason about the same thing. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens if Mark or Elena were to win HOH.

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