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Big Brother 19: Elena Breaks Up With Mark

Elena and Mark’s relationship has been on the rocks virtually ever since it began, but things came to a head tonight after Mark’s blow up with Josh.

Elena and Mark have technically been a showmance for a few weeks now, with them cuddling and kissing all the time, but it was obvious to many viewers at home that Mark liked Elena more than Elena liked him, which was only confirmed two weeks ago when Elena said as much to Jessica, but said that she doesn’t ever to want to hurt Josh’s feelings.

Elena was just blindsided during Ramses eviction because of her relationship with Mark, since Mark is so close with Cody again. Elena told Mark as such after the vote was in. Once this was coupled with Mark’s reaction after the nomination ceremony and his fight with Josh, Elena seemingly said enough was enough. Mark both defended Cody in front of the entire house, including Paul, the HOH, and got into a nearly-physical altercation with Josh, which puts a spotlight on Mark.

Elena told Mark that he shouldn’t have said anything to Josh to begin with because Josh was just going to make himself look like an idiot. Elena explained that she can’t keep defending Mark because it’s going to make her look crazy. Elena said that her association with Mark could affect the time that she eft in the house. Elena told Mark that she has no intentions to hurt him, but said that his actions and behavior were concerning. Elena said that she’s at a pivotal point in her game right now and said that she doesn’t know what to do. Mark said that the last thing he wants to do is hurt Elena’s game. Mark told Elena that if the two of them separating is best for her game, he will understand whatever she decides. Mark said that after the show, if he comes to Dallas, he wants her to let him show her the kind of guy he really is. Elena said that’s a deal.


Elena told Mark that she’s going to look like a dick head if she throws away her game for a showmance that isn’t going to work out outside the house, but said that she’ll also look like one if she just disregards his feelings, which Elena said that she doesn’t want to do. Elena said that people see Cody as public enemy #1 and Mark has still been hanging around him a lot. Elena said that because of that and Mark defending Cody in front of the house, since she’s so close to Mark and looked at as his ride-or-die, she’s going to end up being next on the hit list behind Cody and Mark. Elena asked Mark to just give her space, but said that asking for space isn’t her trying to hurt him. Elena promised Mark that if he doesn’t piss her off further, the two of them can go on a date in Dallas.

  • Y2Jin99

    Lets see if she tries to get in Paul’s pants now.

  • Betty Barratt

    Hm, I picked a horrible time to get sick. I missed all the action.

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