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Big Brother 19: Den Of Temptation 2 and 3 Leaked

The new Den of Temptations twist and the first vote for it was only revealed last night, but we already know what the new two temptations will be thanks to a leak made possible by CBS’ website.

Julie Chen from Big Brother 19 – Source: CBS

Following the tradition of all the other major twists so far this season, this latest one has leaked early, giving us insight into what we can expect from the upcoming Den of Temptations vote and will give us an idea on how game changing they could be. The one thing we don’t know is what the consequence of taking that temptation could be.

The first Den of Temptation that was announced last night is called “Pendant of Protection”, which gives the houseguest who America chooses the ability to be protected from nomination and eviction for three entire weeks.

The week 2 and week 3 temptations were leaked because it was in the source code for the website where America goes to vote. You’ll be able to see a screenshot of what that looks like in an image at the end of this post.


The Den of Temptations offer that will be given to the houseguest America votes for the second week is called “Ring of Replacement”, which gives the houseguest the chance to play in any single veto competition for the rest of the summer, including when there aren’t six players, who would then swap players with one of the contestants via random draw. The Ring of Replacement will only be able to be used once.


The Den of Temptations offer that will be given to the houseguest America votes for the third week is called “Halting Hex”, which gives the houseguest the ability to halt any of the next four evictions during the live show, making it a non-eviction night.



It’s very important to keep in mind that there is a consequence that comes from houseguests taking the temptation, which might be something that keeps the houseguests given the offer from taking it. Though with temptations like these, I don’t see many houseguests passing up the opportunity.

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