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Big Brother 19: Day 91 Recap

It’s been a long summer, but we have finally made it. This is the last daily recap for Big Brother 19. Sadly, there wasn’t any game talk at all between two separate houseguests, but we did get some news as to who Josh is taking to the final two. It’s been an amazing summer and want to thank everyone so much for visiting the site daily for our recaps! We will be back for Big Brother: Celebrity Edition!


7:10 PM BBT: Josh told the viewers at home that he’s been thinking about how he’ll take to final two with him and said that as crazy as it may sound, he’s going to go with Paul. He explained that the jury doesn’t want a returnee to win this year. Josh added that even if it comes down to who is the most liked, Christmas hasn’t made anyone mad, so she’d beat him. Josh said that both him and Paul have played aggressive, but said that Paul hasn’t made any moves while Josh has taken out Alex, Jessica, and putting a target on Elena were all big moves.

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