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Big Brother 19: Day 88 Recap

The second to last competition of the season took place, giving us who is going to be competing on finale night for the chance to choose who they take to the final two with them. Since this was the last competition until then, that means that game talk will begin to really slow down as the houseguests already know internally who they’re going to take if they end up winning that final competition.


9:45 PM BBT: Josh beat Christmas in part 2 of the 3-part HOH competition

10:05 PM BBT: Paul told Josh that it doesn’t matter what happens next because they have now won no matter what. Paul said that he’s just going to be checking out now since they have both secured their spot.

11:40 PM BBT: Josh told Paul that he believes that Christmas will understand why they’re taking each other and said that Christmas is likely to get America’s Favorite Player anyway. Josh said that he’ll tell Christmas that he has a better shot against Paul, but Paul suggested they say that the two of them have been working together since the beginning. Josh refused, stating that separates Christmas from them when they don’t need to and said that he’s going to say that he has a better shot against Paul.

Josh told Paul that he’s going to lose. Paul said that the same people who hate Josh also hate Paul. Paul explained that if they were to take Christmas, they would both lose 7-2, while it will likely be 5-4 if they take each other. Paul told Josh that they must tell Christmas the same thing as to why they’re taking each other and then asked if they should tell Christmas while together. Josh said yes.

  • Betty Barratt

    I actually wish who ever wins the 3rd round would take Christmas. It’s not over til it’s over.

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