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Big Brother 19: Day 86 Recap

There is now less than a week until the finale of Big Brother 19, which means that the majority of real game talk will be wrapping up, as each of the houseguests are mainly going to be telling what the person they’re talking to wants to hear in hopes of securing their spot in the final two in case they don’t win out when it comes to the last 3-part HOH competition.


11:25 PM BBT: Paul asked Kevin if he has been cool with Christmas and asked if he has been chatting with her, implying that she’s likely going to be the sole vote to evict this week. Kevin said yes, but then asked if Christmas has told him that evicting Josh is what she’s going to do. Paul said yes, that it’s an obvious decision for Christmas. Kevin said that if Josh does end up going, it’ll be the most shocking eviction of all. Paul said that they shouldn’t underestimate Christmas, but said that it just doesn’t make any sense for her to keep Josh.

1:55 PM BBT: Kevin told Paul that he has to get Christmas out, stating that Josh can’t win. Kevin explained that him, Mark, Cody, and Elena will all not vote for Josh if he’s in the final two. Kevin added that he believes that he’s getting backdoored this week. Paul asked Kevin if he’ll have Paul’s back if he were to take Josh to the final two. Kevin said yes. Kevin asked the odds of him staying in the house. Paul said 80%, adding that now Kevin has him nervous and told Kevin that he should campaign for Paul in jury.

2:25 PM BBT: Paul told Josh that the two of them have to study and make sure they win the mental competition or else Christmas will win if she makes it to the final two with either of them.

6:50 PM BBT: Kevin is evicted

12:25 AM BBT: Paul wins round one of the 3-part HOH

1:00 AM BBT: Paul told Josh that he has to win the second round and said that Christmas nearly beat him, which was scary. Josh said that Christmas is always telling him that she’ll be fine whatever happens, stating that Christmas has Alex, Jason, and Kevin will all vote for her. Josh said that they know what they have to do, but they don’t need to keep talking about it because he already feels bad. Paul said that he’s going to check in on Josh every day because he can’t have Josh messing everything up now or panicking.

Paul told Josh that they both stand the best chance of winning against each other. Josh said that he knows. Paul reiterated the importance of Josh winning round two, stating that the final round is a luck competition and he doesn’t know who Christmas would take.

4:20 AM BBT: Josh asked Paul if he’s going to keep running his mouth or if he’s going to have faith in him. Paul said that he has faith. Josh asked if Christmas has been asking Paul about taking her to the final two. Paul said that Christmas hasn’t asked him about anything. Paul told Josh not to listen to Christmas if she tries to convince him of alternative plans than the ones the two of them already agreed to.

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