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Big Brother 19: Day 85 Recap

The feeds finally returned after being down for more than 24 hours while an eviction was taped, a head of household was played, nominations were made, and the veto competition was played. All of the leaks over the last 24 hours were confirmed and we also found out who the likely evictee for Thursday will be, as well as who Paul is planning on taking to the final two with him.


9:45 PM BBT: Paul went into the lounge to talk to the viewers. He began to discuss his game and everything that he had to do up until this point before finally revealing that his plan is to take Josh to the final two with him in hopes of a unanimous vote to win from the jurors. He said that if he doesn’t win, he doesn’t know what else he could do to convince the jurors, but said that he would come back a third time if he was asked.

10:05 PM BBT: Paul told Christmas that he can’t believe that the week panned out exactly how they had planned it for weeks,. Paul explained that they had always been saying that it would be the two of them and Josh in the final three and cutting Kevin at final four, which is what is happening this week. Christmas said that she believes that Kevin is expecting it at this point and is likely happy to even made it to this point considering he hasn’t done anything.

10:55 PM BBT: Christmas told Josh that when she casts her sole vote to evict against Kevin, she’s going to bring up how everyone but him has won multiple competitions and hasn’t had to nominating people, which means that he doesn’t have any blood on his hands and could win.

  • yellowrose

    I hate Paul. He shouldn’t have been allowed back into the house as a vet. He had an unfair advantage with the competitions. I hate Christmas; she should have been kicked out when she broke her leg. I don’t like gay Josh. He snitched and let everyone know that Kevin took the 25K. He doesn’t even have the balls to come out of the closet and he’s a bully. I would like for Kevin to win. He’s had to put up with these “children” who are beyond naughty. He has 6 mouths to feed. I really liked Cody. He had the scoop on Paul from the getgo. Cody was a Marine who fought for his country and has a little girl.

    • Betty Barratt

      “gay” Josh? That’s up there with “black” Dominique. Aside from Josh not being gay, it should not matter. Perhaps you did not mean this as a bit on the offensive side.

      As for Cody. not sure if you have been following the live feed on CBS All Access, but he showed his true colors when throwing out comments about lesbians, gays and transexuals. He lost me when I heard him speak about this. I do appreciate that he served our country, I do not support the man he is.

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