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Big Brother 19: Day 79 Recap

It’s double eviction day, which means that we’re going to be in for some interesting feeds tonight, as we’ll finally get to see the fallout to the double eviction, as well as Alex and Jason being blindsided at the eviction after being promised that Jason was safe all week. If Alex survives tonight, we could be in for quite the drama.


1:45 PM BBT: Kevin asked Jason if he has any word on what’s going to happen tonight. Jason said no, but asked Kevin who he thinks his votes are. Kevin said that he knows that Alex and Raven aren’t going to be a vote for him to stay. Kevin added that Paul might be a vote against him and said that he doesn’t know what Josh would do, but said that Josh has already been given his marching orders by now.

1:55 PM BBT: Christmas asked Josh when he’s going to talk to Jason about him being the one to leave tonight. Josh said that he’s going to wait, then asked if Christmas even wants him to say anything, but Christmas said that Josh should do whatever feels best to him. Christmas explained that Josh could just  plead his case in his goodbye message instead of warning him before the vote. Josh said that he rather just explain to Jason that it’s a game move. Josh warned Christmas that Alex is likely to put the two of them up if she wins since Kevin isn’t a threat. Christmas said Alex wouldn’t know if it was him or Paul as the vote, but Josh said that Paul will tell Alex.

2:10 PM BBT: Josh asked Paul if he should talk to Jason or just not say anything. Paul said that if he doesn’t tell Jason, Josh will have to deal with Alex. Paul added that Josh could just apologize to Jason on the way out or say something to Jason as everyone is voting. Josh said that if he’s going to apologize to Jason, he’s going to do it before the vote.

6:15 PM BBT: Jason was evicted

6:25 PM BBT: Alex wins HOH

6:30 PM BBT: Alex nominates Kevin and Raven

6:40 PM BBT: Josh won the POV and decided to keep the nominations the same

6:50 PM BBT: Raven was evicted. You can read the full recap of tonight’s double eviction by clicking here

7:00 PM BBT: Josh told Alex and Paul that he was the vote against Kevin. Paul told Alex that he voted for Raven to leave because when it came to competitions, she was the stronger competitor. Paul explained that when they get down to as few of people as they’re at now, that is what matters the most.

7:20 PM BBT: Josh told Paul that he can’t be the one to send Alex home because he can’t have her saying anything to him when his heart is already broken. Paul told Josh to stop it, that he has to win this HOH, put up Alex and Kevin, then let Christmas and him be the votes to send Alex out the door. Paul said that would case scenario would be Alex winning the veto, but said that if it’s BB Comics like he thinks it is, he’ll win it for sure. Josh asked Paul about their fake fight that they have going on. Paul said that they can tell Alex that they’re going to keep it cordial since they have a common target in Kevin.

7:25 PM BBT: Alex asked Josh if it was Kevin who started the plan to get Jason out. Josh said that Kevin has been in everybody’s ear, but said that he just made the game move that was best for him. Josh explained that Jason told him to his face that he didn’t have Josh’s back and wasn’t going to protect him. Josh left, leaving Alex with Christmas and Paul.

Alex told Christmas and Paul that she doesn’t care if they want to backdoor her, she just wants them to be honest about it. Paul told Alex to stop. Paul then told Alex and Christmas that he and Josh agreed to be cordial since they have a common target when it comes to Kevin.

7:30 PM BBT: Paul told Kevin that he has been honest with him at every point in the game and tonight proved that. Kevin said that he won’t say a word. Paul said that the more dumbfounded, the better it is for Kevin. Paul added that Kevin shouldn’t try to win this upcoming HOH. Kevin asked if he was going to go up, to which Paul said that it was likely, but he would be next to Alex.

7:35 PM BBT: Paul told Christmas and Josh that they put Alex and Kevin on the block, he’ll win the veto if it’s BB Comics, he’ll keep the nominations the same, then they’ll send Alex to jury. Josh said that every single one of them should tell Alex that she’s going home right after the veto competition is over. Paul agreed. Christmas asked which one of them wants to win the HOH. Josh said that he’ll win it, then they tell Alex she is going. Christmas said that once Alex stays on the block, it’ll be a unanimous vote against her. Paul agreed to that too.

7:40 PM BBT: Paul told Kevin that they’re going to be throwing the HOH to Christmas, so he said that Kevin should drop out first. Kevin asked if he’s going to be put up, to which Paul said that he might have to. Paul added that the reason Kevin can’t win this HOH is because the two of them need to win the following HOH. Kevin said that their plan is a done deal, agreeing to throw it. Kevin tried bring up him winning the POV, but Paul interrupting Kevin, telling him not to think so far ahead because Paul is going to win the POV. Kevin asked if the top three is going to be them and Christmas. Paul said yes.

7:45 PM BBT: Paul told Alex that she knows that it wasn’t him who was in on the plan to get Jason out. Alex asked if Paul had any indication. Paul said no, that he told Alex and Jason before that he thought he was going to get backdoored. Alex told Paul that she trusts him and that he’s the only person she trusts. Alex said that she doesn’t trust Christmas. Paul agreed, saying that if Alex had won the veto last week, Paul would have been the one going up.

Alex told Paul that she wants one of them to win the $500,000 and the other to win the $50,000. Alex said that Paul is her ride or die now and they’re going to hang out and be friends in real life. Paul agreed, stating that they’re going to be friends in real life no matter what happens and added that if he goes to jury, he’ll go to bat for her. Alex said that she doesn’t care if it’s 7-2, so long as the two votes are Jason and Paul.

10:25 PM BBT: Josh won HOH

10:30 PM BBT: Kevin told Paul that he did what Paul asked by throwing the HOH. Paul said that he knows what he’s doing. Kevin said for Paul to tell Josh to put up someone else as a pawn other than Kevin. Paul said that he would.

11:10 PM BBT: Paul told Kevin that everything is fine and he shouldn’t worry. Kevin asked if he’s going up as a pawn. Paul said that he doesn’t know. Kevin said that it should be Alex and Christmas who is put up.

11:25 PM BBT: Kevin asked Josh if he’s going up. Josh nodded in confirmation, telling Kevin that the two of them can’t talk much this week. Kevin said that he understands.

11:45 PM BBT: Christmas told Josh and Paul that they have to get Alex out this week. Paul said that is the plan. Paul told Josh that to get Kevin to think they’re not a trio, Josh should blow up on Kevin. Josh said he’s not doing that. Paul told Christmas that she could call Kevin a misogynist.

12:15 AM BBT: Paul told Christmas and Josh that worst case scenario would be Alex winning veto. Christmas volunteered to be the pawn if Alex were to win the veto so that Paul wouldn’t have to go up, then said that it might actually be better for Paul to be the pawn since it could drive a wedge between them even more so that Alex completely buys it. Paul said that if he’s off the block with Alex, they’d both vote out Kevin. Christmas said that she’s willing to be the pawn.

3:40 AM BBT: Paul asked Paul that if he were sitting next to Alex on the block, Alex would be the one who goes home. Paul said yes.

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