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Big Brother 19: Day 78 Recap

It was another slow day in the house yesterday, but Jason did get his first hints from Kevin that he might be the one who ends up being sent out the door today. Christmas, Josh, and Paul went over their plan to fake a fight before the HOH competition and about Josh telling Jason about how the votes are going to go just before the show. The houseguests still don’t know that tonight is going to be a double eviction.


2:15 PM BBT: Kevin told Jason that regardless of which one of them leave, they shouldn’t let people badmouth the other while they’re gone. Kevin said that he doesn’t want to go home, then find out from his kids that people were saying terrible things about him.

Kevin told Jason that despite them having people in the house who want to go further, they know how big of a player Paul is but they continue to not question him and just go with whatever Paul tells them. Kevin said that people are so scared of being the next out that they’re just keep Paul around, despite Paul himself likely not to pass up on the chance to get whomever out.

5:30 PM BBT: Paul told Josh that they should fake their fight before tomorrow’s HOH competition so that when Alex feels alone after Jason is taken out, he can pull her in if she were to go on to win the HOH competition. Paul explained that Alex is going to listen to his advice, which he said he can use to make sure that Alex doesn’t put Christmas and Josh up. Josh said that he’s worried about Alex making it through next week, but Paul said that they’re going to take her out.

5:40 PM BBT: Paul told Raven that if Alex were to win the HOH next week, one of them will be going up next to Kevin, so he said that they need to make sure that one of them win. Paul asked if Raven is willing to take the shot at Alex. Raven said yes. Paul said that he’s going to try to convince Alex to throw the competition to him.

Paul told Josh that they’re going to fake a fight before the HOH competition. Paul told Raven to stay out of the fake fight between him and Josh, adding that if Alex asks her about the vote against Jason, Raven can say that Jason is the reason that Matt went home.

5:50 PM BBT: Raven told Paul that Kevin is not a better competitor than Josh, but Paul insisted that he was, stating that Josh hasn’t won anything. Raven said that worst case scenario would be Josh winning HOH once they got down to final four, but Paul said that isn’t going to happen. Paul asked Raven if she’s wanting to evict Kevin at final five. Raven said yes. Paul said that it would be the two of them vs Christmas and Josh.

7:30 PM BBT: Josh told Raven that he’s worried about what he’s going to say to Alex and Jason tomorrow. Raven said that she’s just going to tell the duo that they’re unstoppable left together, which is why they had to be broken up.

10:35 PM BBT: Paul told Christmas that Raven had asked her about getting Josh out before Kevin, but Paul said that he now knows that Raven doesn’t want to win the final five HOH, which is when he said that they should take Raven out. Paul said that he’s going to try to win the HOH this week so that he can put up Raven and Kevin as pawns so that Alex doesn’t freak out and gun for veto. Christmas said that she just wants to make sure that Alex goes home. Paul said that she is so long as she doesn’t win veto.

When Christmas insisted that Alex must go home next week, Paul began to push back. Paul said that if Alex weren’t to go home, he’d still be able to get in Alex’s ear and convince her to not gun for the final five HOH, but said that’s only if Josh continues to pretend like they’re fighting.

11:35 PM BBT: Kevin told Jason that Paul is going to win and Alex is going to come in second. Jason said that if he’s still in the house and Alex wins the final three HOH, she’s going to pick him over Paul. Kevin said that Alex would beat him in final two.

Kevin told Jason to think about who he’d rather keep if he were someone else, then explained that he can’t win anything while Jason has been winning everything. Jason said he hopes he stays. Kevin said that nobody has spoken to him and this is just him analyzing how others are looking at it.

  • Mike Logan

    90% of Pauls Gameplay is AGAINST BB Rules! NOT FAIR! He is on tape even using the words I AM GOING TO INTIMIDATE amongst many other things, Get Paul the Mental help he needs for NPD and stop ruining our show!

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