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Big Brother 19: Day 77 Recap

It was one of the slowest days of the season yesterday, but we did have some very interesting developments between Christmas and Josh as the pair continues to butt heads when it comes to how much they should trust Paul. Christmas trusts Paul completely, while Josh sees how Paul is stacking the jury votes in his favor while leaving the two of them out to dry.


12:00 PM BBT: Kevin asked Jason if he thinks that Alex is going to make it to the final two. Jason said that he doesn’t think that anyone could beat her. Kevin said that there is another person that can’t be beat, to which Jason said is Paul. Jason then added that the only way you can beat Alex or Paul is to get rid of one of them, but he said that he doesn’t have any interest in that. Kevin asked who Jason would put up if he were to win the HOH. Jason said Raven and possibly Christmas or Josh.

2:15 PM BBT: Josh told Raven that they both need to try to win this upcoming HOH, stating that he wants to be direct about his aims of getting Alex out. Raven said that Alex knows that if she wins the upcoming HOH, she won’t be able to compete the following week, suggesting that Alex might be wanting to throw it.

7:00 PM BBT: After discussing all of Raven’s lies and stories with Kevin and Paul, Christmas said that whatever sympathy that she had for Raven is now gone. Christmas added that Raven is going to get so much backlash for it on the outside to the point where she isn’t going to be able to handle it.

8:05 PM BBT: Christmas told the viewers at home that she loves the way that her, Josh, and Paul have played the game. She said that as a competitor, she doesn’t want to have anything thrown to her, but said that she understands that there is strategy that has to come first. Christmas said that the only two people she’s okay with losing to are Josh and Paul. She added that she knows that Paul has played an amazing game, but said that she hopes that the jurors don’t discount what Josh has done.

9:30 PM BBT: Kevin asked Jason if Christmas has said anything to him. Jason said no, that nobody has said anything to him, which he said is scary. Kevin said that Jason doesn’t have to be too scared because nobody has said anything to him either.

12:15 AM BBT: Josh told Christmas that he believes that Paul wants to be in the top three with them, but said that Paul wants to win and is working his angles. Christmas said that is what Paul should be doing. Josh warned that it’s the two of them who have been taking all of the blood. Christmas said that she’d make things clear to Paul that if he doesn’t take out Alex, things aren’t going to be okay between them.

Josh questioned why Paul wouldn’t want to put Alex up outright, but Christmas said it’s because it makes the most sense. Christmas explained that Alex is less likely to win the veto if she doesn’t feel threatened. Josh said that if he wins HOH, he’s putting up Alex outright. Josh told Christmas that Paul said that if Raven doesn’t win the veto, she’s going home. Christmas said that isn’t going to happen. Josh said that if they lose Raven, that is someone that the two of them control that is now gone. Josh added that Paul has control over Kevin and would continue to have control over Alex if she were to stay, which leaves just the two of them without anyone.

Josh told Christmas that the entire reason Paul pushed for this plan so hard is because it gives Alex the assumption that she is with nobody but her. Christmas said that she was uncomfortable even having this conversation, but Josh said that it needs to be had between them. Josh explained that Paul can protect his game, but doesn’t need to expose the two of them while doing that. Christmas said that if Paul doesn’t take out Alex, she’ll bring her wrath down on him, but said that she doesn’t accept the idea that Paul is throwing their game under the bus to further his. When Josh tried to continue on, Christmas said that she’s done with the conversation and said that she’s hearing a lot of things that aren’t team related, which isn’t cool to her. Christmas told Josh that she doesn’t want to hear things that will taint her opinion of their team, so he should back off on it. Christmas said that what Josh is doing is betrayal.

3:10 AM BBT: Josh told the viewers at home that he sees what Paul is doing when it comes to stacking the jury votes in his favor while turning everyone against him and Christmas. Josh said that he’ll have to stop pushing Christmas so hard on what Paul is doing because he could lose her support, which would only push her into Paul’s arms.

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