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Big Brother 19: Day 75 Recap

Since the veto meeting isn’t until tomorrow afternoon, that means that we’re in for a relatively slow day as what is going to be done with the veto is all but set in stone. The houseguests will continue to somewhat talk about who they’re evicting on Thursday, but mainly about what their plans are moving forward.


10:30 AM BBT: Paul asked Christmas if Josh is feeling OK about their plan. Christmas said yes, that Josh was just panicking for a while, but said that she is better at calming him down than Paul is. Paul asked if Jason is who they want to go first. Christmas said yes. Paul said that it’s not a bad idea for Josh to tell Alex and Jason that Jason is going home Wednesday night since that gives them enough time to argue before the HOH competition.

12:30 PM BBT: It’s revealed that have-nots are over for the summer.

12:45 PM BBT: Paul asked Christmas if Josh was just uncomfortable with taking the heat from Alex and Jason. Christmas said that she thinks it’s just starting new conflict that Josh doesn’t want, to which Paul said that he’s willing to take on the conflict. Christmas said that she told Josh that the only way they can screw up the final three is if they sabotage themselves and said that she made it clear to Josh that it’s time for serious game play, stating that they have the perfect plan when it comes to making final three together.

2:45 PM BBT: Paul told Josh that Raven threw the veto yesterday so that she wouldn’t have to be the one to say that she wasn’t using the veto. Paul asked if anyone would ever vote against Raven. Josh said no, that Raven would win. Paul agreed, stating that she’d havew Cody, Mark, Elena, and Matt’s jury votes.

Paul told Josh that he can’t have him panicking and needs him confident going into the next week. Paul asked Josh if Josh wants him to take the heat by not using the veto. Josh said no, that they don’t know what could happen. Josh explained that he doesn’t mind being the one to take the heat. Josh told Paul that if it comes down to the two of them in the next HOH competition, Paul should throw it to him.

Josh told Paul that all the heat is going to be coming his way and that he doesn’t feel good about it, but said that it’s the best way. Josh explained that if Alex were to win, it’s going to be him who goes up. Paul said that it would actually be him (Paul) and he’s fine with that. Josh said that Alex needs to be taken out next week. Paul said that is why he’s thinking that two pawns need to be put up, then suggested Kevin and Raven or Josh and Raven. When Josh questioned why he’d be going up, Paul backtracked quickly, saying that he’d never put Josh up and that it would be Kevin and Raven.

3:20 PM BBT: Josh asked Christmas why they’re even using the veto if it’s going to be all of them vs Alex while they also now have Kevin and Raven reeled in. Christmas said that they don’t want Alex gunning for the HOH, which she said could be avoided if Paul is able to reel Alex in after the vote. Josh asked what Christmas thinks that Paul’s pecking order is. Christmas said Alex, Raven, and then Kevin. Josh asked if Christmas sees how Paul’s plan is only to his benefit. Christmas said no, that the three of them working together is to all of their benefit. Josh said that he’s just going to nap.

Christmas went to grab Josh, telling him that if he ever tries to pull a move on her like that again, he should just outright tell her to “f*ck off”. Christmas said that she is a grown woman and he isn’t going to treat her like that.  When Josh tried to explain himself, Christmas told him not to interrupt her. Josh apologized, saying that he just didn’t want to continue the conversation. Christmas told Josh that you are supposed to respect what your teammate has to say even when you don’t want to hear it.

Christmas said that Paul is going to have blood on his hands by the end of the week because Alex is going to know that he duped her. Christmas told Josh that when he gets fixated like he is now, he makes mistakes because he can look at what is going to happen in the future. Christmas said that Paul is going to show his cards next week. Josh said that Paul is wanting him (Josh) to win next week. Christmas told Josh to stop complaining if he doesn’t have a solution. Josh said his solution is for the veto to not be used. Christmas said that would show their cards. Josh asked if Christmas thinks that their cards won’t be shown after the vote is revealed, to which Christmas said no.

Christmas told Josh that Paul is going to have to put Alex up. Josh said that he would have to put up two pawns, which means that Paul wouldn’t be showing his cards. Christmas said that Paul can’t use pawns and would have to put her up against Kevin. Josh wished Christmas good luck on convincing Paul of that.

3:55 PM BBT: Paul told Josh that he needs him confident, stating that Paul needs them as much as Christmas and Josh need him. Jsoh asked Paul if he would consider not using the veto, stating that Paul’s plan is smart, but that it exposes him and Christmas. Paul said that if he doesn’t use the veto and it comes down to Christmas’ vote, it’ll still expose her.

5:15 PM BBT: Paul told Christmas that Josh is starting to freak out and that him not using the veto would be a terrible idea.

Paul then went to Josh, telling him that it’s a terrible idea to not use the veto because that would mean that Josh voted against Alex, Christmas nominated her, and he didn’t use the veto, which leaves Alex pissed off at each of them. Josh said that he could just say that Christmas asked him not to. Josh said that it exposes him and Christmas when their votes are revealed. Paul said that Raven would be voting that way too.

5:20 PM BBT: Christmas told Josh that it’s whatever him and Paul decide. Josh said that he tried to present an idea to Paul, but it was instantly dismissed. Josh explained that if Paul doesn’t use the veto, it would be all three of them doing damage control.

5:35 PM BBT: Paul told Josh that his color is off, citing the fact that Josh has gone pale, then said that Josh is tripping. Josh said that he trusts Paul. Paul told Josh to believe him, stating that the worst case scenario would be that Paul himself gets taken out. Josh asked for Paul to hear him out, but Paul said no, that he thought every scenario through and Josh’s plan just wouldn’t work.

6:50 PM BBT: Josh asked Christmas if she thinks that he’s tripping too. Christmas said yes, bringing up the other times that he has freaked out like this when things ended up being okay. Christmas told Josh that she doesn’t want him to feel like she or Paul doesn’t have his back. Christmas said that they just can’t show their cards until after the next HOH. Christmas promised Josh that Paul will have blood on his hands by the end of the game.

7:55 PM BBT: Josh told the viewers at home that Christmas is buying into Paul’s plan, but said that while he’s not going to go against it, he knows that he’ll be the one taking most of the heat for it. He said that they’re all doing what Paul wants, but he doesn’t want it to go down that way. Josh said that after this week, he thinks that his chances of winning are pretty much nil. Josh added that while he’s not going to turn on Paul, he’s also not going to only play Paul’s game, stating that he needs to play his own game too.

8:30 PM BBT: Kevin told Jason that Raven asked everyone in the house if they wanted a sandwich but him, which Kevin thought was not right. Christmas overheard and thought that Kevin was talking about her, so she confronted him. She asked if Kevin had anything to say to her, but Kevin said that he never said anything about her and explained that he only said that Raven didn’t offer to make him a sandwich. Kevin asked Jason to confirm his story, to which he did.

Jason then went to tell Christmas without Kevin that there Kevin really hadn’t said Christmas’ name, but Christmas said that she clearly heard that Kevin was talking about her. Raven then went to ask Kevin if he was talking about her, to which Kevin said that he was talking about nobody. Raven said that she asked everyone if they wanted a sandwich.

8:50 PM BBT: Paul asked Josh why he hasn’t been trusting him. Josh said that he doesn’t want to argue about it. Paul said that they don’t need to, that all Josh needs to do is act dumb. Josh told Paul that he’s not going to fake a fight with him after everything goes down, but Paul said that Josh has no choice, that it’s the only way that the plan can work. Josh said that Alex is going to follow him wherever he goes to grill him, but Paul said just to tell Alex that he’s sorry.

Paul told Josh that he’s (Paul) going to be the one to take all the heat if anything were to go wrong. Paul explained that even if Alex were to win HOH, he can guarantee that one of the nominees would be Kevin, which they would have the votes to evict.

11:20 PM BBT: Josh told the viewers at home that he’s having a rough week, then explained that Paul’s plan is pissing him off, stating that he knows it’s all only for the good of Paul’s game. Josh said that the plan a trio alliance comes up with should be to the benefit of each of them, not just one. Josh said that he doesn’t know how Christmas, who he said is a smart woman, could believe that it’s a genius plan. He said that Paul’s plan puts all the blood solely on his and Christmas’ hands. Josh said that if this is the move that Paul is wanting to make, he’s going to step back and start playing for his own game. Josh said that he’s going to have a conversation with Alex and Jason, making it clear to them why Jason is being sent out.

1:35 AM BBT: Josh asked Paul if he told Jason that him and Christmas were in an alliance, citing Jason questioning him about it the other day. Paul asked Josh if he were stupid and why he’d ever do that.

1:45 AM BBT: Christmas and Paul told Josh that he has been being paranoid. Josh questioned how running through scenarios trying to find the best possible plan for the three of them makes him paranoid. Paul told Josh to stop tripping, to which Josh asked why he can’t ask questions and voice it if he comes up with another plan. Paul told Josh that he needs to go back to the week four Josh, which is playing dumb. Paul explained that playing dumb is Josh’s role and character. Paul said that Alex underestimating Josh is what is saving him if Alex were to end up winning the HOH.

Christmas told Paul that if he were to win HOH, she doesn’t like the idea of him putting up two pawns instead of putting up Alex outright. Paul said that if he doesn’t put up Alex, her guard is down. Paul explained that if Alex thinks she is getting screwed, she turns up in competitions. Paul finally said that there is no other option than to put up two pawns.

Josh told Paul that him and Christmas are instantly associated with each other when Jason is voted out, which completely exposes their game. Paul said that Raven would be voting out Jason too. Josh told Paul that he knows that Paul doesn’t get any blood on his hands by using the veto even though Christmas is asking him not to. Paul said that Alex would see that they’re all working together if he didn’t use the veto. Paul told Josh to think, stating that he’s thought this through and knows what is best.

4:00 AM BBT: While being the only two awake, Christmas and Paul went over how Josh has been acting today. Both agreed that they’re annoyed with his actions and that he should just trust that they’re doing what is best for the three of them.

  • TigerlilyTeresa

    Worst Big Brother EVER! Christmas gets a free ride, no one is willing to compete. The Tree of Temptation is unappealing and Paul has ruined Big Brother. Instead of wasting any more of our time, just give Paul the $500,000 NOW! The SEASON of PAUL must END! Or next summer change the name to Paul’s Big Brother.

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