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Big Brother 19: Day 74 Recap

It’s veto competition day in the Big Brother house, which means that we’ll be getting an idea as to what the final nominees for the week will likely end up looking like, as well as seeing if Alex and Jason continue to believe that they’re just pawns and that their alliance still has their back like they believe they do.


10:30 AM BBT: Christmas told Raven that she thinks that Raven is in a really good position that Matt is gone now and said that Raven should just try to win the veto today and stay quiet in the house after that. Christmas explained that Raven not having a new obvious duo is what makes her new position in the house so strong.

Christmas told Raven that she believes that Alex wants Jason gone and is okay with them taking the shot at him this week. Raven said that Alex told her that if she wins the veto, she’s taking Jason down because she trusts the house to save her.

11:25 AM BBT: Paul told Christmas that if he were to win veto and use it on Alex, it would sell the concept to Alex that they actually are getting Kevin out and that it would rattle Kevin so that he stops acting up.  Paul said that if they made the vote a tie, Christmas would be the one to keep Kevin, which would latch him to her. Christmas told Paul that if he can throw it to Raven, that would be their best bet.

11:55 AM BBT: Jason asked Alex if them being nominated isn’t a coup within their own alliance to get them out. Alex said that if it is, she doesn’t know about it. Jason asked why they would be put up together, to which Alex said that it’s to not freak Kevin out. Alex told Jason that if she wins the veto, she’ll pull him off if he’s worried about it. Jason said that he’d pull her off too. Alex said that he should pull himself off if he’s so worried.

Alex told Jason that she believes they’re in a good positioned and told him to talk to Paul about it. Jason said that Paul has been acting crazy too, but Alex once again brought up that Paul’s last season was based on friendship, which she believes means that Paul won’t turn on them. Alex said that as long as one of them come off the block, they have the votes in Josh, Paul, and whichever one of them come off the block. Alex added that if they are worried about a backdoor plan in the works, they should let Paul win the veto. Jason said that doing that is putting their fate in someone else’s hands.

12:45 PM BBT: Alex told Paul that Christmas doesn’t have the votes to get her or Jason out, but said that if she turns around and puts Paul up, that would make Christmas an asshole. Paul said that what needs to happen is that he wins the veto and pulls one of them off. Paul brought up Christmas mentioning a strong male competitor. Jason said that Kevin isn’t a strong competitor, to which Alex said is likely just to mess with Kevin.

Paul told Alex and Jason that if Kevin is next to Alex, he’s going to campaign hard against her while if he’s against his buddy Jason, he’s unlikely to campaign so aggressively. Josh joined the conversation, to which Alex told him that they need to throw the veto to Paul so that he’s safe as well. Paul told Alex that if he wins the veto, he’ll pull her off, Kevin will go up, and they’ll vote Kevin out.

1:00 PM BBT: Paul told Christmas that Alex and Jason are now saying that they’re going to throw the veto to him. Paul said that if he wins it and pulls Alex off, it sets up their plan for a tie breaker and then he will be able to reel Alex in while Christmas reels Kevin in.

1:05 PM BBT: While alone, Christmas began to question the wisdom of risking a tie with Kevin on the block next to such a big target.

1:40 PM BBT: Everyone but Josh is picked to play in the veto competition

1:45 PM BBT: Josh tells Christmas that it’s best for their game that Raven wins the POV and started to question why everything they do is only to Paul’s benefit. You can read the full recap of their conversation by clicking here.

3:05 PM BBT: Josh asked Paul why Jason questioned him when he walked into the room with them. Paul said that it was just to mess with Josh. Josh said that if Jason thinks that, Alex is going to link him to Christmas too. Paul said that isn’t going to happen if he’s able to tie her in. Josh said that they’re going to take Alex out next. Paul told Josh that if he uses the veto on Alex and she wins the upcoming HOH, he can question why she’d put Christmas and Josh up together.

Josh asked Paul if Alex is trying to push Jason out. Paul said yes, that Alex knows that she can’t win against Jason in the end while she thinks that she can beat any of them.

3:50 PM BBT: Alex told Christmas that she originally wanted to stay on the block next to Kevin so that she’d be next to him when he got evicted, but said that Paul convinced her that it wasn’t a good idea.

8:55 PM BBT: Paul won the Power of Veto

8:55 PM BBT: Paul told Alex that he’s going to use it to pull her off the block. Alex said that she doesn’t care because she trusts them and knows that Kevin is going home no matter what. Paul said that he doesn’t want Kevin campaigning to Jason all week if he were up against her, so he said that he can stop Kevin campaigning to Kevin by having him sit up next to him.

9:20 PM BBT: Paul asked Josh who they should take out. Josh said that Alex is a beast, but said that Jason will go rogue on them.

10:10 PM BBT: Jason asked Alex what Paul is going to do with the veto. Alex said that she told Paul that she doesn’t care, but said that Paul wants to make sure that Kevin can’t campaign to anyone by having him up against Jason. Jason said that he’s nervous. Alex said that the people voting will be her, Paul, and Josh, which means that he’s going to be fine. Jason asked if Alex thinks that Christmas has been acting strange. Alex said no, that she asked Christmas if the plan is still the same as before and she said yes.

Jason told Alex that he wishes she didn’t throw the HOH. Alex said that they cannot risk any casualties from their side, so she said that they need to throw HOH again next week. Jason said that he doesn’t want to throw anything, to which Alex said that they must let Josh or Paul win. Alex said that the only thing that they know for sure is that they can trust Paul.

10:55 PM BBT: Raven told Josh that Alex and Jason are both very cocky. Josh agreed, stating that the pair is constantly talking about final two as if they’re already there. Josh told her that one of them need to win the HOH next week so that they can take out Alex.

11:05 PM BBT: Josh told the viewers at home that all the heat is going to be on him and that Alex and Jason are going to lose it on him while the plan that Paul has in place only benefits while not thinking about what it means for Christmas and Josh’s game.

11:10 PM BBT: Paul told Josh and Raven that he’s torn because Jason isn’t that good of a competitor. Paul explained that the only competitions that Jason has been able to win have been physical and endurance while it’s going to be mental competitions coming up, which Paul said that Jason has sucked at. Paul said that the downside to keeping Jason would be that he’d team up with Kevin, but Paul said that Kevin sucks at competitions too. Paul said that Alex is the stronger competitor and is stronger when it comes to strategy.

Josh told Paul that only the heat is going to be on him next week. Paul said that they’re going to protect Josh next week. Josh said that he thinks that Jason needs to go because he’s linked to Kevin, but Paul said that it doesn’t matter because they both suck. Paul said that Alex is a better competition than Jason, then cited how Alex almost beat him in the veto competition. Paul explained that if they were to leave a competitor as good as Alex in the game, all it takes is one slip up from them and then they’re screwed. Josh said that Jason is going to lose it while they could do damage control on Alex, but Paul disagreed.

11:25 PM BBT: Raven told Josh that she feels like Alex has come closer to winning more things that Jason has while. Raven explained that Alex would think she is staying while Jason would think he is leaving, which would mess with Jason going into the next HOH competition on Thursday.

12:00 AM BBT: Paul told Alex that he has more loyalty to her than anybody else in the house, but said that if Jason were on the block, he’s only going to get even more paranoid throughout the week.

12:05 AM BBT: Josh told Christmas that he thinks that not using the veto works out best for the three of them. Christmas agreed, but Josh said that he doesn’t think that Paul is going to do that. Christmas said that they need to work an angle to get Paul to not use the veto.  Christmas asked Josh what he thinks about getting rid of Alex instead of Jason. Josh said that he doesn’t think that is smart because Paul knows that Jason would turn up on them, but not Paul.

Christmas asked Josh if he’s saying that he doesn’t trust Paul. Josh said that he’s saying that this move only has Paul’s best interest in mind and that he doesn’t trust it. Josh explained that Paul’s plan secures two jury votes for him while it doesn’t give the two of them a fair chance. Christmas said that they can’t start shooting at their trio. Josh said that the only thing he’s doing is analyzing what is best for the three of them and not just Paul.

12:10 AM BBT: Paul told Christmas and Josh that Alex is a great competitor while Jason has already been getting paranoid. Josh said that he thinks that Jason needs to go. Paul said that if they were to put up Kevin next to Jason, they would feed off each other. Paul explained that he doesn’t know how much longer they can keep Alex around without slipping up and screwing themselves by having her win a crucial competition.

Christmas told Paul that if he just doesn’t use the veto, they can make the final decision on who to evict later in the week. Paul said that if he doesn’t use the veto, that makes him the immediate target.

12:15 AM BBT: Christmas asked Raven who she’d evict if she had the option. Raven said that Alex is a good competitor and that there is nothing that she is bad at. Christmas asked if that means that if Raven were in her position, she’d encourage people to take out Alex, to which Raven said yes.

Christmas asked Paul who Alex would go after if she were to win next week. Paul said that he doesn’t know, then said that it could be him. Christmas said that Alex is more game savvy than Jason, so she would look at who her biggest competitors are. Paul said that he thinks they should get rid of Jason first, but said that they need to make sure that they win again next week to get Alex out.

12:30 AM BBT: Christmas asked Paul to walk her through his plan to split the vote. Paul said that it’s to ensure that Jason goes. Christmas said that Alex wouldn’t know who voted how, Paul said that he could tell her and then play up that angle going into the next week. Christmas said that splitting the vote would damage Josh’s relationship with Alex, but Paul said that they have to draw the line. Paul explained that while Alex will be upset, Kevin and Raven are still the bigger threat to her. Paul told Christmas that he can make it make sense to Alex to not put her or Josh up, but said that they’d have to deal with taking the heat until he’s able to win the HOH and put Alex up.

Paul told Christmas that in Alex’s mind, she believes that she was going to lose Jason anyway. Christmas asked if that is the case, why they need to split the vote in the first place. Christmas asked why Paul couldn’t Paul just tell Alex that he’s going to vote out Jason so that the two of them could steamroll the house. Paul said that Alex could say that she’s not working with him since he just voted out her ride or die.

1:15 AM BBT: Paul told Raven that they must take out Alex next week, but said that he prefers that she win so that he can play in the following HOH. Paul warned Raven that he’s going to have to convince Alex that he’s on board with taking a shot at her. Raven said that is fine.

1:25 AM BBT: Paul asked Jason who he should use the veto on. Jason said that he doesn’t care as long as it’s used on one of them. Jason explained to Paul that the only reason he was freaking out earlier about going up is because Paul didn’t even know what was going on. Paul told Jason that Alex said to use the veto on her. Jason said that means that Paul should use it on her since he trusts the two of them.

1:35 AM BBT: Paul told Christmas and Josh that he can still use the veto on either nominee, but said that he already told Jason that he’s going to use it on Alex.

3:50 AM BBT: Christmas told Josh to bring her any concerns about Paul. Josh said that he has noticed that Paul’s game has been changing recently, but Christmas said that while she has noticed that too, it has also been to the benefit of their game. Josh said that he doesn’t like how Paul has claimed that he carries them.

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