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Big Brother 19: Day 73 Recap

It’s nomination day in the Big Brother house, which means that things are going to be getting shaken up after Christmas’ decision to put up two people who they thought were very close to her. We’re also sure to get plenty of talk about everyone’s plan moving forward as well as the potential talk of a backup plan if the main target were to win the veto tomorrow.


9:40 AM BBT: Christmas told Josh that she thinks that Raven should pretend to be shocked once the nominations are revealed as if she’s upset that it wasn’t Kevin. Josh said that he’ll play shocked as well since they need to separate in the eyes of Alex and Jason so that they don’t become the next obvious duo to target. Christmas and Josh went over what they should tell Alex and Jason after the nominations. The pair agreed to be straight forward and say that Jason is one of the strongest competitors in the house and make it clear that it’s Jason they’re after so that Alex feels safe.

9:55 AM BBT: Kevin asked Jason if he’s hearing that Kevin might be put up, but Jason said no.

10:10 AM BBT: Alex told Christmas that if she wants her and Jason to convince Kevin to go for the temptation tree, she can. Alex stated that she’s confident that they could beat Kevin if he were to get the double veto. Christmas said that she doesn’t care.

10:20 AM BBT: Raven asked Paul if she should play shocked after the nominations are revealed. Paul said that he’s going to play dumb, so it’s up to Raven what she wants to do. Paul added that he’s going to act like he believes that Christmas is trying to backdoor him. Paul told Raven that he thinks their best bet on making it to the end is by taking Christmas and Josh with them. Raven agreed.

10:35 AM BBT: Alex told Paul that she was wondering if Christmas should just put two pawns up, then throw up Kevin at the veto ceremony. Paul said that he’s down if she thinks that is going to make Kevin freak out less and that is what Alex is willing to do. Alex said that she doesn’t care. Paul said that Kevin offered to go up this week. Alex said that she’ll offer to go up too.

10:40 AM BBT: Christmas told Raven that she’s going to make it clear in her nomination speech what the plan is this week.

11:00 AM BBT: Kevin asked Paul who Christmas is putting up. Paul said that he doesn’t know who she is putting up, but knows that it isn’t going to be Kevin.

11:30 AM BBT: Alex asked Christmas if she’s thinking that two pawns should just be put up so that Kevin can go up at the veto ceremony. Christmas said that she doesn’t know, just that she was thinking about messing with Kevin a bit.

12:40 PM BBT: Christmas told Paul that she doesn’t know why Alex would even offer for her and Jason to both be pawns. Paul said that it’s because she’s weird. Christmas questioned whether or not Alex is intentionally trying to set Jason up to be evicted. Paul agreed, stating that Alex knows that she can’t win against Jason and knows that she’s screwed as long as he’s in the house.

Paul told Christmas that if they claim that Alex and Jason are both pawns, then leave the nominations the same, they’re going to have to deal with both Alex and Jason in everybody’s ear about votes. Paul explained that he liked Christmas’ original approach of being straightforward with who the actual target is this week. Christmas said that she’ll say that Jason is the strongest male competitor as the hint that he’s the actual target. Paul said that he doesn’t think that Alex will want revenge for them getting Jason out. Christmas agreed.

1:05 PM BBT: Raven told Paul that after the nominations, she’s going to start acting confused as if she doesn’t know what just happened. Paul said that he might blame it on Kevin. Paul added that they have to get Alex and Jason out back to back. Raven agreed, but said preferably that Jason goes first.

1:35 PM BBT: Paul asked Alex if she doesn’t care about going up. Alex said no since she trusts them. Alex questioned if they should put Josh up since it would be a unanimous vote against Kevin and Kevin wouldn’t be able to single any of them out when it comes to his jury vote. Alex also said that if Paul was put up, he then wouldn’t be able to be blamed by Kevin. Paul said that if he went up, it would be enticing for people to vote him out.

1:45 PM BBT: Alex suggested to Christmas that she put up Josh so that Kevin thinks that Josh is the one who is going home, but Christmas said that she doesn’t care what Kevin thinks. Alex suggested Jason could go up since Kevin knows she wouldn’t vote him out, but Jason said no. Alex said that she just wants to make sure that Kevin goes home and doesn’t wig out. Paul said that is inevitable.

3:40 PM BBT: Christmas told Raven that she’s just going to put Alex and Jason up, then let them think whatever they think what they want.

3:45 PM BBT: Paul told Christmas that if they play along with Alex and Jason, they wouldn’t have to reveal their true intentions until the veto ceremony while if they kept it a secret, their group can gun for veto as hard as they can in hopes that Alex and Jason don’t win it. Paul said that if he were to win veto, Alex and Jason would know this was his plan, so he suggested Kevin going up with Jason. Christmas shut that down, stating that both Alex and Jason have to go up together and that she’ll just keep them in the dark all week.

6:20 PM BBT: Christmas nominated Alex and Jason

6:25 PM BBT: Jason told Paul that he wasn’t expecting to be nominated alongside Alex. Paul said that Christmas mentioned a strong male competitor, which he questions means that Christmas is trying to backdoor him. Paul asked Jason if Christmas is trying to backdoor him (Paul). Jason said he had no idea, to which Paul said that he’ll punch Jason if that ends up happening. Jason said that if he wins the veto, he’s going to pull himself off, he’s not going to pull Alex off. Paul said that means that he’ll be going up then. Jason said that he thought Kevin was the one who is supposed to go up.

6:40 PM BBT: Jason told Kevin that he doesn’t know what is going on. Kevin said that him and Alex weren’t put up as pawns, that they want one of them to go home this week. Kevin explained that Alex and Jason are the best two players and the houseguests won’t have this chance to get at both of them again. Kevin said that if Jason doesn’t win the veto, he’ll be going home, but if Jason does win, it’ll be Alex who goes home.

6:45 PM BBT: Alex told Jason that she believes that Kevin actually is the target and that Christmas was just throwing Kevin off by mentioning a strong male competitor. Jason said that somebody has to know what is going on, asking why Alex and him were both put up side by side. Josh said that he thinks it’s to set up a Kevin blindside.

Jason told Josh that he believes that Paul knows what is going on since Alex, Christmas, and Paul were all upstairs in the room earlier today. Jason added that he believes that Paul is saying that he thinks he’s getting backdoored just to make it seem like he doesn’t know what is going on. Josh again said that he’s pretty sure that Kevin is getting backdoored.

7:15 PM BBT: Jason told Kevin that Paul is saying that he thinks it’s him who is getting backdoored, but Jason said that he thinks that Paul has to know the real plan. Kevin said that Paul does know.

7:20 PM BBT: Jason told Alex and Christmas said that he was questioning on whether Kevin was in on this plan or not. Christmas said that he wasn’t. Jason told the girls that Kevin said that him or Alex are going home this week and that he needs to open his eyes. Jason said that his gut is telling him that everything is fine, but his head is questioning why he and Alex were both put up. Christmas said that it’s because one person still doesn’t play in the veto.

Alex told Jason that she’s confident in the votes and that is why she volunteered to be a pawn, stating that now they just need to win the veto, one of them come off, then Kevin gets put up in their place.

7:20 PM BBT: Josh told Paul that Jason said that he thinks that Alex and Paul both knew about Christmas’ plan. Josh explained that Kevin told Jason not to be stupid because they’re wanting to take him or Alex out. Paul cursed Kevin. Josh said that Jason is stupid and naive to not think he is the target at this point. Josh added that they must split up Alex and Jason, then get out Kevin. Paul said that they just need to ignore Kevin.

7:25 PM BBT: Jason told Paul about what Kevin said. Paul asked if they should just scare Kevin all week. Alex said yes, but only after they win the veto. Alex asked Jason if he sees why they need to get Kevin out not. Paul agreed, stating that Jason nearly bought what Kevin was trying to sell him.

7:30 PM BBT: Josh told Raven that Raven has to be the one to go this week because if they were to get out Alex, Jason would band together with Kevin. Paul joined, telling the pair that he’s going to win the veto and he isn’t going to use it, telling Jason that it’s because he told Josh that Paul was in on the plan.

7:35 PM BBT: Jason told Alex that he started to question if Christmas, Josh, and Paul were all working together. Alex said that those three are working together, but only in the five person alliance that involves the two of them. Alex said that once Kevin is out, it’ll be easy for them to take out Raven next. Alex added that once Raven is out, they’ll take out Christmas and Josh next.

7:45 PM BBT: Paul asked Alex and Jason what is happening and if they’re messing with him. Alex said that Christmas surprised her with Jason’s nomination too, since she didn’t know that was happening. Paul said that he didn’t speak with Christmas and said that he thought that the two of them might be in on a plan to get him backdoored. Jason said that he thought Paul knew about Christmas’ plan. Paul asked if they’re getting Kevin out. Alex said yes and Jason said that the three of them are going to final three.

7:55 PM BBT: Josh told Christmas that Kevin is the one who stirred the pot today and said that he’s been playing a rat game like Mark and Ramses were. Christmas said that not only will Kevin not make final three, he also won’t get America’s Favorite after that fight last week. Josh said that Paul needs to chill when it comes to Kevin. Christmas agreed, stating that she’ll try to pull Paul back.

8:45 PM BBT: Paul asked Jason if he’s sure that Christmas isn’t screwing him somehow. Jason said that it wigs him out if Paul is seriously in the dark. Paul explained that he’s not worried about Jason and Alex, he’s worried about himself. Jason said that if Kevin isn’t put up, it’s clear that Christmas has her own agenda that she isn’t telling anyone. Jason added that if he wins the veto, he’ll have to pull Alex off or else he’d look like a stooge on national TV. Paul said that if it were Jason sitting next to Kevin, then Kevin wouldn’t be able to blame Jason for having been sent out.

Jason told Paul that he doesn’t think Paul is getting backdoored because nobody makes any moves without Paul knowing. Paul said that he could just be tripping. Jason said that the smartest move for Christmas at this point would be to work with Paul. Paul said that nobody in jury will vote for him. Jason said that Paul is wrong, stating that one of the reasons he knows Paul will have jury votes is because they enjoyed watching him last season.

9:25 PM BBT: Paul warned Kevin that for his own game, he needs to shut up and start telling people that he just doesn’t know what the plan is. Kevin asked who it was that said he said something, but Paul said that he isn’t going to say.

12:45 AM BBT: Kevin asked Jason if he has spoken to Christmas. Jason said that he asked what is going on, to which Christmas just said the veto competition. Jason explained that is what was also said to Matt and Raven last week. Kevin said that he hopes Jason wins the veto.

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