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Big Brother 19: Day 71 Recap

It’s the final day before the live eviction, which usually would be spend finalizing on who they’re going to evict, but with Matt taking a penalty vote, that decision has basically been made for them, which only leaves plans for the coming weeks to be discussed and made, as well as attempting to convince others to throw the upcoming HOH competition.


10:40 AM BBT: Kevin was going over with Jason what started his fight with Matt yesterday. Kevin explained that he felt bad for Matt since he was leaving so he spoke with Matt when Matt started a conversation. Kevin said that Matt asked if he took the $25,000, to which Kevin said that he said no because it was none of Matt’s business. Kevin said that he didn’t like to anyone and that people are making things up about him. Jason told Kevin that he can’t go against the house now, that he’s not going to throw himself out by attempting that. Jason added that his ride or die is Alex and that he’s going to pick her over Kevin if it comes down to it. Kevin said that if he makes it to the finals with Alex, that would be good because he’d win.

Kevin reiterated to Jason that people are making up lies about him so that people he was once close to begin to not trust him. Jason said that Alex told him that neither him or Josh mean anything to Kevin since he calls them “J” instead of by their full name. Kevin said that was absurd. Jason told Kevin that when Kevin got done talking to Matt, Matt went to tell Christmas, who then told Alex. Kevin said that he may throw a vote to evict towards Raven tomorrow.

12:25 PM BBT: Matt told Josh and Raven that if there is any last minute things they want him to do before leaving tomorrow, now would be the time to tell him. Josh said that he should ask Jason if he pointed at Alex as the second vote against him last week since Jason doesn’t do well against direct questioning.

12:30 PM BBT: Paul asked Alex if they should get out Kevin or Raven first. Alex said that it should be Kevin. Paul said that he thinks that the two of them should throw it to Christmas or Josh. Alex agreed.

2:50 PM BBT: Christmas told Raven that it’s funny how arrogant Alex and Jason have gotten. Raven pointed out that Alex was saying how hard it’s going to be for her to be in the house for another four weeks, as if she knows that she’s going to the final two. Christmas said that she believes that Alex and Jason are willing to throw the next couple HOHs since they believe that they’ll be able to win the last few of the season. Raven said that Alex and Jason both think that she wants Kevin out, when in reality she plans on putting them both up.

Christmas told Raven that when Alex hid Kevin’s slop, Kevin believed that it was Raven and Alex played into it as if it was true, suggesting that Alex was trying to sabotage a jury vote for Raven. Raven said that she’s not Cody or Jessica, so she’s not going to beg for votes.

4:05 PM BBT: Kevin told Jason that he’s avoiding Matt for the time being so that Matt doesn’t start calling him names before he leaves. Kevin added that if Matt starts following Jason around, he needs to leave because Jason has more at stake than Matt does. Kevin told Jason that Josh told him that he took the $25,000, which Kevin said made him go into the DR and ask if two things of $25,000 were given out.

Jason told Kevin that Alex acts tough, but the words he said to her did hurt. Kevin said that he’s willing to apologize and say that he won’t even talk bad about her again. Kevin added that when he makes his speech, nobody is going to vote against him because it’ll show that he cares about each and every one of them.

4:45 PM BBT: Alex told Jason that she’s going to tell Kevin that America hates him, so he should go hide. Alex added that she doesn’t want to talk to Kevin and that Kevin is wanting her to apologize. Jason said that he told Kevin that if he was a man, he’d apologize to Alex. Jason said that Kevin is a goner. Alex said that Kevin can still poison jury against them, then said that she’d love for Kevin to tell everyone not to vote for her in jury because America would hate him for it.

5:30 PM BBT: Paul asked Jason if he told Kevin that he was mad at him. Jason said no, that he told Kevin that nobody in the house is upset with him. Jason told Paul that he would never throw him under the bus. Paul said that he’s seen that and knows it. Paul asked Jason if he questioned Kevin about the $25,000. Jason said no, that Kevin just told him outright and asked him not to say anything. Paul told Jason to throw the upcoming HOH to Christmas or Josh so that those two could take the shot at Kevin for them.

6:25 PM BBT: Christmas told Josh that Kevin said that he knows he’s going home because this is how the house works, when it comes to picking a target and then everyone goes after them. Christmas added that she’s going to get Kevin to throw the upcoming competition to one of them. Josh said that they’re going to need to play it off to Alex and Jason for the entire next week like they’re going to backdoor Kevin. Christmas said that Alex and Jason are likely to question why they’re trying to backdoor Kevin when he hasn’t been able to win anything to begin with, adding that she rather just be straightforward about it. Josh said that once they hopefully send out Jason first, Alex would never work with Kevin or Raven.

6:50 PM BBT: Christmas told Josh and Paul that Alex has become so arrogant. Josh agreed, stating that Alex is already asking for their jury votes when in reality she’s going to jury. Paul brought up that they should bring Kevin to the final four with them, to which Christmas and Josh agreed. Paul said that if they take out Jason, Kevin comes closer to him and Christmas while Alex would come closer to each of them.

Paul told Christmas and Josh that if he wins the HOH after Jason is evicted, he’d put up Alex and Kevin, leaving Raven off the block as a backup nominee if either were to end up winning the veto. Paul said that if Alex manages to save herself and come to the final five with them, they’re screwed.

7:05 PM BBT: Paul told Matt and Raven that it’s ideal for Christmas to win the HOH tomorrow so that she can take the shot at Alex and Jason for them. Paul told Raven that once Jason is gone, they need to beat Alex, stating that it is in Raven’s best interest to win the HOH that goes from final six to final five. Matt agreed that Jason needs to go first, citing Alex’s weight gain that isn’t going to let her compete like Jason will be able to.

7:25 PM BBT: Josh told Alex, Jason, and Paul that Kevin is going to be raging at him if he wins the HOH and tries to take a shot at Kevin, so he asked each of them to have his back. Paul asked if it’s smarter to get Kevin or Raven out first. Alex said that if they’re wanting jury votes, they should get Kevin out first. Paul agreed, since that would turn Matt’s jury vote against them too. Jason said that the order of eviction should be Matt, Kevin, and then Raven. Paul said that if Raven won HOH, she’d take a shot at Alex and Jason, but Jason said that he believes she’d take a shot at Kevin.

8:25 PM BBT: Jason told Josh that their hands are tied and that they have no choice but to get Kevin out next.

9:00 PM BBT: Kevin told Jason that even though Jason was the one who put Matt and Raven on the block, they’re mad at him. Jason said that he believes it might be the violence that was threatened, citing how upset Raven was. Kevin asked if Alex is going to put him up if she wins. Jason said yes, but that Raven would be going up next to him.

9:35 PM BBT: Matt told Raven that she could have compete control of the game if they’re able to get Alex or Jason out next week. Matt said that he’s glad that Alex and Jason are already so confident that they’re making it to the final two that they’re already asking for jury votes since that means they won’t expect to be targeted. Raven said that if Christmas or Josh were to win HOH and put up Alex and Jason, the target would be taken off of her and placed on Christmas and Josh. Matt told Raven that Christmas knows that she can’t win, so he said that Christmas will do what she can to help Raven, Paul, and Josh win. Matt said that Christmas and Paul would both jump in front of a bus for Raven.

11:10 PM BBT: Paul told Kevin that if he were to drop out of the HOH competition early, Alex wouldn’t try to win. Kevin said that he’d like to win to see his family, but Paul told him that now isn’t the time for that.

12:55 AM BBT: Jason told Alex that it’s best if they don’t win HOH for the next two weeks so that Christmas, Josh, or Paul could get it to take the shots at Kevin and Raven. Jason tried bringing up targeting Christmas when they get to final five, but Alex insisted they get Kevin out before any of that.

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