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Big Brother 19: Day 65 Recap

We’ve finally reached eviction day, which means the last person not in the majority alliance is going home and the alliance that has steamrolled the house all summer will now begin to turn on each other. Depending on who wins tonight’s HOH, we could be in for a very interesting week in the Big Brother house.


11:00 AM BBT: Paul asked Kevin what he thinks would happen if Matt or Raven were to win tonight’s HOH. Kevin said that if Josh is on board with targeting Matt and Raven, it would be 5 vs 2. Kevin said that he’s hoping that it’s Matt and Raven who go home next. Paul agreed, saying that Kevin might pull out a win today and be able to do it himself. Kevin said that he’d love to.

2:45 PM BBT: Josh told Christmas that he’s going to play his heart out tonight. Christmas said that he has to because she doesn’t trust Matt and said that Raven always throws Josh’s name out as a pawn idea. Josh suggested he tell Matt and Raven to throw the HOH to him, but Christmas said not to because it would be weird. Christmas said for Josh to just ask Matt and Raven if they’re willing to take a shot at Alex and Jason so if they say they aren’t, Josh could tell them that he would.

2:50 PM BBT: Josh asked Matt if they’re on board with taking at shot at Alex and Jason. Matt said that both him and Raven would put them two of them up under the guise of wanting to backdoor Kevin.

6:40 PM BBT: Mark is evicted

7:55 PM BBT: Jason wins HOH

8:10 PM BBT: Kevin asked Alex who voted for Matt to stay. Alex said that she doesn’t know.

8:15 PM BBT: Christmas asked Kevin what happened with the vote. Kevin said that he voted to evict Mark and said that he doesn’t know who is playing games.

8:20 PM BBT: Jason told Kevin that he and Alex were the ones who voted to evict Mark and said that it was all planned. Jason said that Kevin doesn’t need to worry about it. Kevin said that the only thing he cares about is that they know it wasn’t him.

8:25 PM BBT: Alex told Josh that they all know one of the votes were Kevin. Josh said that Kevin was spazzing out at Paul during the competition and Josh said that he had to tell Kevin to calm down. Alex said that Kevin is only one vote, so they have to figure out who the second one was.

8:30 PM BBT: Alex told Christmas that she believes that one of the votes was Kevin and said that they’re finally going to be able to nail him for it. Raven joined, asking if Alex knew who she was talking about when she said that they know who she wants out. Alex said yes, that Kevin is who they want out too. Raven said that they have been talking about how Kevin is the only one who hasn’t been on the block. Alex said that it’s time to change that.

8:35 PM BBT: Paul told Alex, Christmas, and Jason that he believes it was Raven who voted for Mark to stay because she wanted to be able to point to someone and have as a target. Alex said that means it was 100% Kevin and Raven who were the two votes.

8:45 PM BBT: Jason told Kevin that the second vote for Mark wasn’t Alex and that the plan was just for him to do it, so Jason said that the other vote must have been Raven.

8:50 PM BBT: Kevin told Paul that Alex and Jason have proven that they’re a formidable team. Paul agreed that they’re playing good, then asked about who the two votes were. Kevin said that if Paul can keep it between them, it was Alex and Jason because they didn’t want Mark to go home on a unanimous vote.

8:55 PM BBT: Paul asked Jason if the second vote was Alex. Jason said no. Paul told him that Kevin just said that it was Alex, but Jason said that he just got done telling Kevin that it wasn’t Alex. Jason said that he thinks that Raven was the other vote, to which Paul agreed.

8:55 PM BBT: Christmas asked Matt if he has any idea as to who the two votes were. Matt said that one was Kevin and the other had to of been Jason or Alex. Matt said that it annoys him that people would vote him out when he went up as a pawn to help them all. Christmas said that she’s pretty certain that Alex and Jason want Kevin out this week. Matt said that as long as they get Kevin on the block, he doesn’t matter who is next to him.

9:00 PM BBT: Josh told Christmas that it was Alex and Jason who were the votes for Mark, stating that Alex wouldn’t look him in the eyes. Christmas said that it’s better if Alex and Jason think that they think it was Kevin and Raven. Josh said that he think he might be nominated, but said that he doesn’t think that Alex and Jason would waste the HOH on him. Christmas said that she doesn’t think that they’d waste it on Kevin either, so she said that she believes that Jason would put up Matt and Raven under the guise of backdooring Kevin, then just not use the veto.

9:10 PM BBT: Alex told Jason that nobody can know about their votes other than the two of them and Paul. Jason said that he’s going to have to do some damage control, then said that he told Kevin. Alex said that Jason has to tell everyone that he was lying to get Kevin off of his back, then said that they can pin it on Christmas.

9:20 PM BBT: Kevin told Paul that Jason said that it was Alex’s idea, so Kevin explained that Jason didn’t know that it was planned to make Kevin look bad. Kevin said that if anyone tries to pin it on him, Paul should say that he knows for a fact that it wasn’t Kevin. Paul told Kevin that he has his back.

9:25 PM BBT: Kevin told Jason that he has to get Josh off his back, stating that Josh thinks he was the vote when in reality he’s innocent. Jason said that he’s still trying to figure out who the other vote was, suggesting it could have been Raven. Kevin said that Josh tried to make it seem like he was lying. Jason said that it could be because Josh was the one who voted to keep Mark and it wanting to pin it on Kevin. Jason told Kevin that he just needs to stay calm no matter what happens.

10:25 PM BBT: Raven told Christmas that Jason can’t compete next week and said that she hopes that Kevin goes this week since it seems like Alex and Jason are annoyed by him.

10:30 PM BBT: Raven told Matt that she doesn’t believe that there is any way that Alex and Jason make it to the end. Raven said that it was Kevin and Jason who voted against Matt. Matt said that it had to be Jason because Alex hated Mark. Matt added that it’s annoying that people would vote against him when he went up as a pawn during Jason’s double eviction HOH too. Raven said that Matt should bring that up when they talk to Alex and Jason, adding that they should say that it’s someone else’s turn to be the pawn. Matt said that doing that would be throwing someone from their team under the bus.

11:05 PM BBT: Paul asked Alex if she’s sure that she wasn’t the other vote for Mark. Alex said yes. Paul said that Kevin came up to him and said that Jason had told him who the votes were. Alex said that Jason told Kevin in an attempt to bait him. Alex added that Jason only told Kevin that he was the one who voted to keep Mark, not Alex.

Paul asked Alex if Jason is wanting to put up Matt and Raven. Alex said yes, that they just need to convince that duo that they’re actually trying to backdoor Kevin. Alex said that Kevin is freaking out, so she believes that he was the other vote for Mark. Paul said that it was either Raven or Kevin.

11:10 PM BBT: Alex told Jason that Matt is going to be their target this week, but the plan is to convince Matt and Raven that they’re just pawns and that the actual target is Kevin.

11:15 PM BBT: Paul told Matt and Raven that he doesn’t know who Jason is going to put up as pawns, but said that he doesn’t know that Kevin is the actual target. Paul said that the two pawns could be him and Matt since Kevin has been talking so much about Matt lately.

11:25 PM BBT: Christmas told Paul that she doesn’t think that the rogue vote was Raven and asked Paul if it were him. Paul said no, stating that he would tell her if it was. Christmas said that Josh wouldn’t have chanced it. Paul said that he doesn’t think that they need to worry about the vote, saying that he’s more worried about making sure they don’t go up as pawns.

1:20 AM BBT: Jason told Alex, Christmas, Josh, and Paul that he’s sick of listening to Matt and Raven. Jason explained that Matt said that he could see a final five between him, Alex, Jason, Paul, and Raven. Alex asked if Jason had promised anything to Matt, to which Jason said no.

2:00 AM BBT: Paul told Jason to tell Matt what he wants to hear about Kevin being the backdoor target. Paul said that if he or Alex wins veto, they can pull one of Matt and Raven off to put Kevin up, which would pacify Matt and Raven for the week instead of freaking them out. Jason said that he thinks they should send Matt home because Raven would go nuts. Paul said that he agrees, saying that even if Matt were to win the veto, he thinks that he’d use it on Raven.

Paul asked Jason if he told Kevin that Alex was one of the votes against Mark. Jason said that he doesn’t think it was Kevin. Paul said that he thinks the vote was from Raven. Paul explained that Kevin said that the vote was Alex and she did it with the intention of blaming him for it.

Paul told Jason that Josh would never take a shot at them or Alex. Jason agreed. Paul said that they could use Christmas and Josh to take the shot at Kevin for them. Jason said that he doesn’t think that Alex would feel bad about putting Kevin on the block. Paul said that Alex wouldn’t, but the two of them would since they’re all boys.

2:10 AM BBT: Christmas told Josh that she wants to know who the votes were. Josh said that it was Alex and Jason. Christmas said that they did it to make it look like Kevin. Josh said that they also wanted to make it look like him. Josh told Christmas that they need to win the veto so that they can keep the nominations the same.  Josh said that he feels good with everyone left except for Jason. Christmas said that she doesn’t think that Alex would let him make a move like that. Josh said that they need to get Jason out next week. Christmas said that she feels like Josh is starting to doubt Paul. Josh said that it’s not doubt, it’s just that he has seen that Paul has gotten closer with Alex and Jason. Christmas said that she’s seen that too and it makes her nervous, but said that it’s just not in Paul’s best interests to keep Alex and Jason around.

Christmas told Josh that she thinks that Alex and Jason both being the votes is too obvious, so she said that she believes it was just Jason who went rogue and Kevin.

2:35 AM BBT: Alex told Jason that she might have been the vote for Mark, but said that she doesn’t remember. Jason said that it doesn’t matter anymore. Alex said that if they send Raven home this week, Matt would implode, but then said that Matt would be salty about it, which she said means that they must send him out this week.

Alex told Jason that if they do this right, she believes that they’re going to walk into the final three. Jason said that Christmas would put the two of them up now. Alex said no, that she believes Christmas would put up Josh and Raven.

2:45 AM BBT: Paul told Alex and Jason that Kevin said that they were the rogue votes and they did it so that they could pin the blame on Kevin. Paul said that they shouldn’t even hint at the idea that Kevin might be going up until just before the veto ceremony. Jason said that he’ll tell Kevin that it’s time to earn his keep and if he freaks out, he’ll go home. Paul said that they should toss Kevin a single rogue vote to show him what it feels like.

3:05 AM BBT: Kevin told Alex, Jason, and Paul that he swears on God that he voted Mark out and just wanted to make sure that the three of them know that. Jason said that he thinks that it was Raven. Paul agreed, saying that hey needed someone other than themselves to pin a target on.

3:10 AM BBT: Alex told Jason that she doesn’t believe that Paul would ever vote them out. Jason agreed. Alex said that the only two people she’s willing to lose to are him and Paul. Alex told Jason that they’re going to throw another rogue vote towards Kevin so that he’s not able to tell if it was her or Paul.

Alex told Jason that she’s getting excited since the end is finally in-sight. She said that she has no problem taking Jason and Paul to the end with her and just whoever wins, wins. She said that it would be a win for her even if she were to come in third to them.

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