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Big Brother 19: Day 64 Recap

We’re just a day away from eviction, which means that we might get some final campaigning from Mark as well as more discussions about everyone’s plan moving forward. Paul will continue to have to juggle working everyone in the house, which will continue to get harder as time goes along.


12:25 PM BBT: Paul told Matt and Raven that Mark has campaigning to Alex and Jason, but said that those two both told Mark outright that they don’t trust him. Matt asked what Mark was saying, to which Paul said that Mark said that they could steamroll the house if they were to keep him instead of Matt. Paul said that Mark told Alex that Paul is a floater, which Paul said that is what he wants people to think. Paul said that if people know his loyalties, that just makes his already big target that much bigger.

Matt told Paul that they obviously want to win themselves tomorrow, but said that even if Alex and Jason were to win, they’d take out Kevin and then one of that duo couldn’t compete the next week, but said that they still shouldn’t risk having Alex or Jason win. Raven said that she believes that it was Kevin who hid her bracelet from yesterday, stating that Kevin knows magic tricks and has quick hands. Paul said that he doesn’t think it was an accident and said that what irks him about Kevin is how he hasn’t liked what has been going on the last few weeks.

12:40 PM BBT: Paul told Christmas that Raven is annoying and just reiterates every word he says. Christmas asked why Mark was saying that she can’t be trusted and asked who he said this to. Paul said that it was just said to Alex and Jason. Paul told her not to bring up Mark’s campaign to them in front of others cause it could make them look sketchy.

Paul told Christmas that Raven is convinced that Alex and her and close, when in reality Alex hates Raven. Paul said that Matt asked if he could tell Alex when he gets the chance that Matt and Raven want Kevin put up. Paul told Christmas that it would be ideal if they could rope Alex in if Matt and Raven were to take a shot at Jason, then Alex can get Matt out for them.

3:00 PM BBT: Alex, Jason, Josh, Kevin, and Paul talked about how they think that Raven is fake and craves attention. Jason brought up how Raven has been using her illness to her advantage, despite it not being morally right to do so. Alex said that they have kept Raven in the game because she’s a weak player, not because anyone feels bad for her.

3:10 PM BBT: Matt told Raven that he doesn’t think that Alex and Jason are worried about the two of them. Matt said that he believes that Alex and Jason are so confident in themselves that they’re not even wanting to take the path of least resistance to the finals. Raven said Kevin thinks that Alex and Jason are going to keep him safe, so he’s unlikely to even want to win this next HOH. Matt said that Jason going home is the first plan, but Kevin going home wouldn’t be bad for them either.

4:30 PM BBT: Josh told Christmas that Josh is starting to piss him off. Christmas said that Mark is trying to get them to blow up on each other. Christmas added that Josh should just chill because Mark will be going home tomorrow. Josh said that he asked Alex and Jason what Mark said about him, but Alex said nothing even though he knows that isn’t true. Christmas said that if Alex and Jason do vote for Mark to stay, it’ll be a split and Mark will still go home.

Josh told Christmas that he wants to gun for the HOH so that he can take a shot at Alex and Jason, but said that he doesn’t know if it’s smart to do it so early. Christmas said that if they take out Jason, Alex would come to them. Christmas explained that the eviction order should be Jason, Matt, and then Alex.

5:40 PM BBT: Josh told Christmas that if they continue to push Kevin as the target to the entire house, it’ll be another week with a clear target in mind. Christmas said that Kevin has turned it down in regards to being annoying to everyone. Josh said that he can annoy Kevin until he implodes.

Josh told Christmas that Matt and Raven are too scared to turn on them because Josh said they have the ability to get the entire house to flip on Matt and Raven. Christmas said that if people do turn on them and  Paul, she wants to take the bullet so that Josh and Paul can go to final two. Josh said that they can all start blowing people’s games up at that point. Josh said that they need to take out Jason, then Matt. Josh explained that they need to make Kevin feel safe, then they will cut him once the week before the plan on taking out Raven.

5:50 PM BBT: Paul gets into an argument with Mark about Cody’s character. Mark got annoyed with how everyone keeps bringing him up to constantly bash him. Paul said that they’re doing it for a reason, stating that they’ve all seen a side of Cody that he hasn’t. When Mark said that Cody only attacked Paul about game moves, Paul get aggravated, again telling Mark that he just wasn’t there. Paul said that if they get out of the house and he’s still mad about a game move that Cody did, Mark can slap him.

6:30 PM BBT: Paul told Christmas and Josh about his argument with Mark, saying that Mark accused them of being in the wrong for berating Cody when in reality it was Cody who made it more than just a game. Josh said that deep down, Mark has the same character traits as Cody, which is why he doesn’t see what Cody was doing as harm. Josh said that Mark has been using the same bullying tactics that Cody used. Paul said that Josh is absolutely right and that everything they’ve been saying, Mark was going to bat for Cody over.

7:05 PM BBT: Kevin asked Jason why Alex and Paul would question him. Jason said that he doesn’t know why. Kevin said that he didn’t say anything to Mark and that they know where he stands. Jason said that people are just trying to crack him. Kevin said that he thought everything was all set. Jason said that it is and that it’s important that they stay quiet and calm. Kevin told Jason to tell Alex where he stands. Kevin asked if Matt and Raven are going next. Jason said yes and that he can’t wait.

7:30 PM BBT: Paul told Mark that Cody doesn’t deserve Mark’s kindness and said that he just doesn’t want Mark to be blind to someone who was taking advantage of him.

8:05 PM BBT: Alex told Christmas, Josh, and Matt that what Mark came to them asking was if they’d vote Matt out if Paul agreed to it. Christmas said that Kevin is saying that Mark hasn’t campaigned to him, but Christmas said that people don’t have to campaign to someone who is already on their team.

9:30 PM BBT: Alex told Christmas that Kevin can’t be trusted anymore. Christmas agreed, stating that Kevin has been trying to work with the enemy since the beginning. Alex then brought up that Kevin knows who Derrick is and how they might be undercover cops together.

12:20 AM BBT: Mark told Alex that Alex, Jason, and Kevin facing off against Paul, Raven, Josh, and Christmas would be beautiful and said that Alex should sleep on it. Alex said that she can’t blame Mark for trying.

12:45 AM BBT: Josh told Christmas that Kevin has been acting sketchy, stating that he caught Mark and Kevin talking privately in the kitchen earlier. Christmas then brought up their plan going into next week, saying that she could float between the two other groups in Alex and Jason, then Matt and Raven.

Christmas got emotional about missing home and Josh comforted her.

  • BecsHenderson

    Very disappointed with what I heard Christmas say in their early night. I’m sorry but Canada is most definatly not one of the U.S’s states. We do have a similar lifestyle but we are our own people and we have our own Country. I do enjoy visits to the States it’s great there. Really loved New Orleans & L.A. & outside of Phenix but I prefer Canada landscapes and peple. Enjoy the show most of the time. Thank you.
    I hope I haven’t offended anyone.

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