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Big Brother 19: Day 63 Recap

Since the veto meeting was yesterday, that means there isn’t anymore competitions or ceremonies left this week other than the live eviction, which means that we’re likely to have a lot of downtime. Virtually all of the game talk this week will be about plans moving forward and nothing else.

11:05 AM BBT: Alex told Jason that they have to get Matt and Raven out one after the other, with Kevin be the one they target once they’re able to get those two out. Alex added that in the mean time they have to be really nice to Matt and Raven so that nothing is suspected. Jason said that he doesn’t care about their jury votes and that he can’t wait to nominate them. Alex said that Matt and Raven don’t expect what’s happening, that Matt and Raven believe they’re going to final five with the two of them and Paul.

Alex told Jason that she’s going to confront Mark and ask him why he hates her, referencing how Mark tried to put the target on her when campaigning to Christmas and Josh. Jason didn’t object, but said that Alex shouldn’t use the word “hate”, since he was just trying to save himself.

2:20 PM BBT: Matt told Raven that he doesn’t think that Alex would take a shot at her. Raven said that she doesn’t think that anyone is going to take a shot at her next week. Matt said that he believes that Paul is being naive to think that people don’t look at him as a huge threat to them winning. Matt explained that he just doesn’t want Paul to get blindsided when someone does try to take a shot at him.

2:30 PM BBT: Matt told Christmas and Paul that they want to put it into Jason’s head that Kevin has been following him around. Matt said that Kevin is obsessed with Jason and won’t leave him alone. Matt said that it would be ideal if Alex told Jason that the house is looking at him weird because of Kevin.

Raven tells Christmas and Paul that someone hid her bracelet to drive her nuts. After speculating about it for 10 minutes, Raven said that she believes that it might have been Kevin. Christmas and Paul stoked those fires, going along with it, but said in private that they don’t actually believe anyone intentionally hid it.

3:10 PM BBT: When Matt and Raven spoke to Paul about throwing the upcoming competition to one of them, Paul said that it would be ideal if Josh were to win the HOH. Matt and Raven both agreed. Matt said that if it’s a mental competition, they should throw it to Raven and if it’s physical it should be thrown to either of them.

3:10 PM BBT: Mark told Jason that if he were to stay and one of them were to win HOH, they’d have Christmas, Josh, and Raven to put up. Mark said that the only thing he wanted to do was work with Jason, but said that he can’t help what Cody, despite never actually going against Jason. Mark said that he’s wanting to talk to Alex about it, but said that he can’t make it obvious. Jason said that it would be best if Mark grabbed Alex, Jason, and Paul all at once to make the case.

3:20 PM BBT: Mark made the case to Paul about working with Alex and Josh to keep him in the house. Paul said that he doesn’t know if Mark actually has those votes and people aren’t just telling him what he wants to hear. Paul said that even if he were to save Mark, he’d be going against Christmas, Josh, Matt, and Raven. Mark said that he’d just be going against Raven because Matt would be gone and Christmas can’t compete.

Paul told Mark that he has to watch his own because he doesn’t know what would happen following a blindside of Mark staying. Mark said that’s a fair point. Paul said that he’s not going to be that person who lies to him and promises him something only for him to get his hopes up and be let down.

3:25 PM BBT: Jason told Kevin that he might be a fan of keeping Mark this week to send Matt home. Jason said that he doesn’t know if they’d be able to do it, but said that they’d have to get Alex and Paul on board. Kevin said that he’ll vote however Jason wants him to. Jason said that they’d have to make sure that they kept it all a secret from Christmas since this isn’t what she’d want.

3:35 PM BBT: Jason floated the idea of Mark staying this week by Alex. Alex said that Mark is lying to him and brought up that Mark was already trying to get her and Paul put up on the block. Alex said that Mark knows that she and Paul are dangerous, so the second Mark won HOH, he’d put the two of them up and possibly backdoor Jason. Jason agreed that Mark wouldn’t keep his word and said that he’s dumb. Jason told Alex that Kevin is going to tell Christmas about him wanting to keep Mark. Alex said that they can just tell Christmas that they were floating it by Kevin to see what he’d do.

4:05 PM BBT: Christmas said that Kevin stays up until 3AM, but still wakes up at 10AM each morning, which Christmas said sounds like the schedule of a cop. Matt said that Kevin isn’t a cop. Christmas said that Kevin could be an undercover cop, bringing up the fact that he knew Derrick from Big Brother 16. Christmas then said that Kevin is very well versed in pop culture, which brings up the possibility of being a musician of producer.

4:45 PM BBT: Paul told Alex, Christmas, Jason, and Kevin about Mark’s campaign to him. He said that the deal included everyone in the room with them except for Christmas. Christmas said that Mark has been pledging his loyalty to everyone lately. Paul said that Mark thinks he has Kevin and Jason’s vote, then is planning on talking to Alex about it later. Kevin said that Mark doesn’t have his vote and that Mark knows that he’s finished.

5:55 PM BBT: Kevin asked Jason if everyone agrees that Matt and Raven are the next two out. Jason said yes. Kevin said that if he kids were acting the way that Matt and Raven are, he’d tell them to grow up and go into the backyard if they want to play. Kevin said that they should get rid of all the showmances. Jason said that was his goal from the start.

5:55 PM BBT: Mark told Alex that he knows he hasn’t aligned with the best people from the start, but said that he’s in the house to compete. Mark said that as a fan, he hates people like Matt who only want jury. Alex told Mark that she’d seriously consider his proposal, but said that she’s leaning towards no because everyone is still mad about Cody. Alex told Mark that she heard that he has been tossing her name around. Mark said that he tossed out everyone’s name when talking about different scenarios.

7:15 PM BBT: Christmas told Matt and Raven that they shouldn’t go for the temptation tree if one of them were to win HOH. Matt said that the only temptation tree that could help Alex and Jason out is the two vetos one. Raven told Christmas that Kevin has implied to them that Jason has something more for Alex than just friendship. Matt said that he heard the same and that Alex has checked Jason on it.

Christmas told Matt and Raven that she believes that Kevin is the one wildcard who might go for the temptation tree since he’s been staring at it and thinking about the odds. Matt said that their best case scenario would be one of them winning HOH, Jason or Alex going for the temptation tree, getting the apple that says they can’t play in the next HOH, then they get out the other. Raven said that Alex isn’t even that good at competitions, stating that Jason and Alex are essentially the same person.

7:30 PM BBT: Paul told Josh that if he can protect Paul until they get to final five, Paul will be able to get the two of them to the end. Paul said that if he does end up getting taken out, he will tell Christmas and Josh everything before he goes. Josh said that he believes that he’d get taken out before Paul. Paul said that he can’t win the HOH that goes from final five to final four because he needs to win the HOH that goes from final four to final three because he can also win the POV and control the entire week.

Paul told Josh that if Alex or Jason win the HOH next week, they’re going to take out Matt, and then the following week they’re going to need to take out Alex before Jason because she’s clearly the stronger player.

7:50 PM BBT: Paul told Christmas that he doesn’t think it’s a bad plan for her to go for a temptation apple since the worst thing she could get is not being able to compete in an HOH, which she’s unlikely to be able to compete in anyway because of her foot.

8:00 PM BBT: Christmas told Josh that he should throw the next HOH to Raven, but Josh said that he doesn’t feel comfortable with Raven. Josh said that he’s willing to win the HOH and be the one to take the shot at Alex and Jason, stating that if it were Raven, she’s likely going to use one of them as a pawn.

8:05 PM BBT: Christmas told Paul that she feels good with both Alex and Kevin. Paul agreed, saying that it’s just Matt and Raven who are weird. Paul told Christmas about Matt continuing to bring up his game from last season as if he’s trying to plant the seed in people’s head.

9:45 PM BBT: Mark asked Kevin if he would have his vote if Mark were to get Alex and Jason to agree to keep him. Kevin said yes, but only if Alex and Jason agree. Kevin said that he never wanted to get rid of Mark in the first place, stating that there is only two people who annoy him, Matt and Raven.

10:00 PM BBT: Mark asked Jason if Alex said anything about his pitch. Jason said that Alex didn’t like the idea too much. Mark asked if there is a chance he could change Alex’s mind. Jason said that he didn’t know, but said that Matt and Raven are doing the job on their own by being annoying. Mark said that Kevin is on board with the plan. Mark asked Jason what Alex’s hesitation was. Jason said that Alex fears that he’ll put the two of them up if Mark wins HOH. Mark said he’d have no reason to do that since they’d be his only allies.

10:20 PM BBT: Jason told Alex that they should tell Mark that he has their vote just so that he shuts up, but Alex refused.

10:25 PM BBT: Mark asked Alex what her biggest reason for voting him out would be. Alex said that it’s what the house wants. Mark said that they need to think about who is next, explaining that when he suggested Raven being  the target to Christmas, it was dismissed right away, which makes him believe that Alex and Jason could be next. Alex said that the safest bet for her and Jason is to just stay quiet and do what the house wants. Alex explained that they’d want him to stay if there was something they could do about it, but said that it’s stacked against them right now. Mark said that if they got Matt out, he’d still be the biggest target, stating that even if Christmas or Josh won HOH, they’d still want Mark out. Alex said that Mark is making the same argument that Cody tried, which is that he’d be the bigger target, but right once he’s gone, they’ll be next. Mark told Alex and Jason that they’ll both have his vote if one of them are able to make it to the final two, but said that they need to look out for themselves moving forward.

Mark told Alex and Jason that people are keeping Josh around because he stirs the pot, Christmas jumps ship with people, and Matt and Raven are just floaters. Mark said that even Paul has jumped ship multiple times. Mark added that he doesn’t know where Paul stands because he’s been so close to Christmas. Mark said that after Jason’s double eviction speech, Paul looked at him a certain way and now he’s looking at Jason a certain way too.

11:05 PM BBT: Kevin told Paul that Mark asked him if thee was any way that he’d stay, but Kevin said that he told him that it’s whatever Alex, Jason, and Paul want. Paul said that there is no way that he’s not voting Mark out. Kevin said that then there is no way that he’s not voting Mark out either.

11:15 PM BBT: Alex told Paul that Mark believes that he’s a flip-flopper. Paul asked if he could call Mark out, but Alex said no. Paul asked the context for which Mark called him a flip flopping, but Jason said that it doesn’t matter because Mark is happy that he’s going home. Alex told Paul that Mark had nothing but good things to say about Kevin, which she said confirms that it was Kevin who has been feeding him information.

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