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Big Brother 19: Day 61 Recap

We’re a day away from the veto ceremony and the plans are clear, so that means today’s game chat will be able deals and plans moving forward as each of the houseguest tries to clear their way to the final three. Christmas doesn’t have any plans on keeping Mark, which means that this week is all but done already.


11:00 AM BBT: Christmas told Josh that if the votes attempted to flip, the worst it could be is 3-3 with her being the tie breaker. Christmas explained that Mark was asking if there was anything that he could do to stay in the house, but Christmas said that she’s not even entertaining that idea. Christmas said that Mark was promising to help the two of them. Josh said that Mark doesn’t know that the two of them are working with Paul. Josh added that if Jason wouldn’t have won the veto, then they might have considered it. Christmas said that they need to get Jason out because Alex is ready to join them.

12:00 PM BBT: Paul told Matt and Raven that they can’t lose anymore competitions moving forward next week because it’ll only be the three of them working together. Paul then suggested that they get out Jason, followed by Kevin. Once Matt agreed, Paul suggested the idea of possibly getting Jason and then Alex. Matt said that if they take out Jason and are given a shot at Alex the following week, they have to take it. Matt asked if they’re going to be good if Alex or Jason when the upcoming HOH. Paul said that he’ll do his best to get Kevin put up.

12:10 PM BBT: Paul began explaining his game to the viewers at home while alone. Paul said that there is three pairs left in the game, which he said is Christmas and Josh, Matt and Raven, and Alex and Jason. He said that he’s going back and forth between each of those three since each pair feels like they need a third person to beat the other pairs and have what they believe is a target left in front of them.

Paul said that of the three pairs, he wants to take Christmas and Josh to the final three because that is his clear path to victory. He said that the only pair he’s actually worried about is Alex and Jason since they’re the strongest. Paul said that if Jason is gone, Kevin attaches himself to Christmas and Paul while Paul said that he’d still have Alex who would attach herself to him even more without having Jason in the house. Paul said that if he can get to final three, he knows he won because nobody that he’d take couple beat him in the competitions. He said that if he can get Alex, Jason, and Matt out, he knows that everyone left in the house at that point would take him to the final two. Paul then suggested taking Raven over Christmas to the final three because it’s more of a sure thing.

Paul said that the goal he’s trying to accomplish is make it the entire season without ever being nominated. He said that if he’s able to make it to day 79 without being nominated, he’ll never be nominated for the rest of the summer. Paul said that he just has to get rid of Jason and Kevin because those are the two who don’t need him.

12:35 PM BBT: Matt told Raven that Paul said that even if Alex or Jason were to win HOH, he thinks he could get them to target Kevin, so they should be fine. Matt added that even if things really did get bad, Matt said that he’d take a shot for Raven and said that Paul would  do the same.

12:40 PM BBT: Christmas told Paul that Jason and Kevin are very close and said that Kevin is Alex and Jason’s third person. Paul said that he’ll promise Kevin a final two so that he calms down and suggested that Christmas do the same. Paul added that once Jason is gone, Kevin will completely attach to one of them.

1:45 PM BBT: Christmas told Matt and Raven that Mark tried approaching her, asking if there is anything he could do to save himself, but Christmas said that she said no. Christmas told them that if Mark tries approaching them, they should shut it down instantly. Matt thanked Christmas for letting them know. Christmas said that even if the votes do somehow split, they know that she’ll break the tie to keep Matt in the house. Raven told Christmas that Alex is pissed off at Kevin and they should keep that going. Christmas said that they need to find subtle ways to irritate Kevin so that he blows up.

2:05 PM BBT: While by herself, Christmas said that she’ll take Josh and Paul to the final three and let the two boys duke it out. Christmas said that she should be able to win so long as Matt and Raven don’t have a secret deal with Alex and Jason that she doesn’t know about.

2:20 PM BBT: Christmas told Josh that it’s best if Matt or Raven win HOH next week so that they could get the blood on their hands by taking a shot at Alex and Jason while the two of them remain cool with Alex. Josh agreed with the plan, then changed the subject to Kevin, calling Kevin a leech and saying that Kevin has been driving him nuts. Christmas said that Kevin is going to stick around because there is bigger fish to fry, but said that he is four on the list behind Mark, Jason, Matt, and Kevin.

2:45 PM BBT: Josh told Jason that he loves Kevin, but said that Kevin is getting annoying. Jason said that Kevin pretends like he’s never seen an episode even though he’s been making references to past episodes all the time. Josh said that he’s not buying the old man card that Kevin is trying to sale. Josh said that Kevin wants to be America’s Favorite Player so bad.

3:40 PM BBT: Paul told Alex and Christmas that he doesn’t believe that Kevin actually has seven kids, citing that the last thing he personally would want to do it settle down and start popping out kids.

4:05 PM BBT: Alex told Christmas that the reason Cody was calling Josh a sexual predator is because Raven said that Josh was trying to peak in on her taking a shower, but never actually brought up the issue to Josh, which Alex said is messed up. Alex said that it’s not fair that Raven stays in the house considering that she hasn’t done anything.

4:15 PM BBT: Matt told Raven that if he gets HOH, he would nominate Jason and Kevin with the intention of telling both that they’re pawns with the other being the target, with the actual target being Jason. Matt said that if Jason won the veto, they’d have to send Alex home. Raven said that they might as well throw both Alex and Jason on the block to ensure that one of them goes home since they’re already going to be upset with them for putting them up. Matt said that they could do that, but that it would just draw a bigger line in the sand.

4:25 PM BBT: Alex told Christmas that Kevin saw that Cody is a strong competitor and wanted to make a deal with him because Kevin doesn’t want to be led by strong girls. Alex explained that in Kevin’s deal was with Alex, Paul, Cody, and Jason. Alex brought up Kevin wanting to give Jessica a sympathy vote, which Alex said makes her believe that it was Kevin who was casting the rogue votes all along.

5:05 PM BBT: Alex told Christmas and Paul that Matt and Raven have done nothing this entire game except for be bad pawns. Paul agreed. Paul told the two girls that Kevin came to him about having a private conversation tonight, so Paul said that he’d relay whatever Kevin tells him.

5:55 PM BBT: Paul told Jason that once they take out Mark this week, it’ll be 5 on 2, the 2 being Matt and Raven. Paul asked if they should take out Raven or Kevin if Matt were to save himself with the veto next week. Jason said Kevin.

5:55 PM BBT: Josh asked if the eviction order is Mark, Jason, and then Matt. Christmas said that it might need to be Mark, Jason, and then Alex. Christmas explained that they want Matt or Raven to get the next HOH so that those two could take the shot at Alex and Jason for them. Josh said that he’s willing to throw it to Matt or Raven if they’re the last ones left. Christmas said that even if Alex or Jason do win HOH, they’re going to take out Matt, which doesn’t affect their plans personally. Christmas said that the only thing that is a threat to them is the chance that Alex and Jason win both the HOH and POV. Josh said that a personal threat to him is Kevin, since he knows his, Christmas’, and Paul’s game.

6:05 PM BBT: Mark campaigned to Christmas and Josh. You can read the full recap of that conversation and the conversation that followed that meeting by clicking here.

6:55 PM BBT: Paul told Alex and Jason that Kevin told Paul that while they shook on a final four with Alex and Jason, they should think about taking the two of them out when they get down to final six.

11:05 PM BBT: Paul told Matt and Raven that he’s thinking that tomorrow is a surprise eviction because Christmas did her HOH blog tonight, which is earlier than what it has been done at any other week of the season. Matt questioned if the backyard would be closed to build a competition if that was the case, but Paul said that they could just build while they all slept.

Paul told Matt that he’s going to keep feeding Kevin as the target to Alex and Jason. Matt said that he thinks those two would target Kevin if they did get HOH next, adding that he thinks that Alex and Jason are still down for a final five with them. Paul said that Christmas and Josh are too. Matt said that they’re going to want Christmas and Josh over Alex and Jason. Raven said they should put both Alex and Jason up outright. Paul agreed, saying that they can just say that Kevin is the backdoor target.

11:25 PM BBT: Paul told Alex that he doesn’t know what it is, but said that Kevin just doesn’t like her. Alex said that it’s because she calls Kevin out for being a liar.

12:35 AM BBT: Mark told Christmas that Matt and Raven have been floating by, but said that those two could be talking to her about what happens next after he leaves and he just doesn’t know about it. Christmas said that she doesn’t feel good about taking this opportunity away from anyone, especially Mark. Mark said that he doesn’t take it personally, but said that if Alex were on the block, it would be a 3-3 vote and she could break the tie. Mark explained that the votes aren’t going to be there for her unless Paul is willing to go against Alex and Jason. Mark suggested that Christmas speak with Paul to see how he feels about Mark. Christmas said that she doesn’t know how Paul feels about anyone.

Mark told Christmas that if he leaves, it’ll be Alex, Jason, and Kevin competing in that HOH against her, adding that even if Paul were to win, he doesn’t think he’d turn on those three. Mark said that Paul showed his cards as to why they’re keeping Josh when he said that everyone kept Michelle during last season because she stirred the pot. Mark said that Jason and Alex are winning every competition, making them scary. Christmas agreed that the pair is lethal. Mark said that if they were to take Alex out, Jason would be lost. Mark said that he’s not a threat to her game or anyone she’s working with because he has zero allies or numbers. Mark said the only one who benefits from him leaving is Alex and Jason because it gives them an upper hand on the numbers. Christmas said that Mark has a good argument.

2:20 AM BBT: Josh told Mark that he’s going to do whatever Christmas wants this week since she’s the HOH. Mark told Josh to think about the long term and what is best for Josh’s game in particular.

2:25 AM BBT: Paul told Christmas that once Alex is gone, Jason and Kevin are going to team up. When Christmas floated Mark’s campaigning by him, Paul said that it was a mistake to keep a big player in the house under the promise of that person helping take out other players since you’d still have to get that same big player out at a later date.

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