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Big Brother 19: Day 55 Recap

It’s veto ceremony day, which means that the nominees will be locked in for the week and virtually all the game talk will shift to the plan going into next week, including preparing for the possibility of a double eviction. It’s possible we get some drama between Cody and Paul, as Paul was just told last night about Cody’s campaign against him.


8:35 AM BBT: Josh told Alex, Christmas, Jason, and Paul that they should tell Cody that he’s staying, that way Elena is blindsided when the vote is announced. Paul said that is what he said yesterday. Alex said that Cody believes he’ll be able to get Kevin and Jason’s vote to stay. Paul added Mark to that list, questioning who the fourth person would be. Alex said that Cody said that if she were to work with him, he’d be able to convince Elena.

Alex said that it’s obvious that something is going on with Kevin. Christmas said that Kevin is waiting to see what happens and where he should fall. Josh said that it’s obvious that Kevin isn’t 100% loyal to them. Jason tried saying that Kevin is, but Josh questioned how loyal could someone who is in the middle be. Jason said that all they have to do is tell Kevin that they’re sticking to the plan and Kevin will go along with it. Josh said that once Cody leaves, he believes that Kevin will be fine. Christmas said that they need to take out Mark and Elena before Kevin. Alex agreed.

9:00 AM BBT: Josh told Christmas and Paul that if they gun for Kevin now, they’re going to be screwed when it comes to numbers, so he said that they need to chill on that because they can revisit that issue later. Paul said that he won’t push Kevin anymore because he said that the last thing he needs is another person going rogue.

9:10 AM BBT: Alex told Jason that their five is them two, Christmas, Paul, and Josh, then Kevin being their sixth. Jason asked if Kevin should go before Josh, stating that he thinks that Kevin shouldn’t. Alex said that Kevin should, adding that Kevin is playing Jason to get Jason to take him to the end. Alex told Jason that she doesn’t know how they’re going to take out Matt and Raven since those two actually trust them. Jason said that he doesn’t care and would put them up no problem.

9:20 AM BBT: Paul told Alex, Christmas, and Jason that Kevin has put himself in the position where everyone is wanting to take him to the final two. Alex said that Kevin is always talking about someone casting a rogue vote because he has been the vogue votes during the early weeks. Christmas said that it makes her uneasy that Kevin is so willing to talk to Cody, who is their complete enemy.

9:50 AM BBT: Cody told the cameras that he really needs Alex and Jason to go with his plan to get rid of Matt and to put up Raven. Cody said that he could attempt a last minute move to get Matt to use the veto on himself, which would leave Elena and Jason nominated, but said that even if he did that, he doesn’t believe he has a viable path to the $500,000.

10:25 AM BBT: Cody told Jason to think big picture. Jason said that both him and Alex are. Cody said that if he’s taken out, he doesn’t believe there would be the numbers for him and Alex to make it to the end, but said that if they were to take Matt out, there is a huge chance that they would. Cody added that if Alex is worried about being a target because of this plan, he’ll do everything from kicking, screaming, and banging pans to make himself the obvious target. He told Jason to tell Alex that somebody else is going to make the big move before them if they don’t do it now.

10:35 AM BBT: Cody told Elena that he’s trying to get Matt to use the veto on Jason and for Alex to put up Raven, then they take out Matt. Elena said that she would get voted out in that scenario. Cody said that the votes would be him, Mark, Jason, and Kevin, so she wouldn’t get voted out.

10:50 AM BBT: Matt told Jason that he wishes they could throw a vote to evict Elena just to freak her out. Jason said that is a good idea.

12:10 PM BBT: Matt used the POV on Jason. Alex nominated Cody

12:20 PM BBT: Paul told Christmas and Jason that Kevin is the only one upset about what happened at the veto meeting. Jason told Paul that Cody has been telling Kevin that it’s going to be the Paul Show once he’s out. Jason added that he’s thought about that too, saying that he shouldn’t want it to be a dictatorship. Paul said that isn’t what he’s doing.

12:25 PM BBT: Jason told Kevin that Christmas and Paul are questioning why he wasn’t happy about what went down at the veto meeting, adding that he defended Kevin to them, saying that Kevin just doesn’t like seeing anyone hurting. Kevin said that Jason is right, but that he still wants Cody to go and will be voting against him.

12:30 PM BBT: After Jason told Alex, Christmas, and Paul about his conversation with Kevin, Paul said that he’s going to ask Kevin why he looked at him like that after the veto meeting, adding that if that means that Kevin is coming for him, he’s ready to go after the old man. Jason told Paul that Kevin loves him. Paul said that he knows he does, but still wants to put Kevin in check. Paul told them that Kevin has been having the same conversations with everyone about how it’s the two of them until the end, but Jason said that Kevin hasn’t said that to him. Jason explained that Kevin always says that he’d never vote against Paul, Alex, or Jason.

12:40 PM BBT: Kevin asked Paul what he was supposed to do, questioning if he is supposed to spit on Cody or something. Paul said that he’s just saying from experience that people pull all sorts of cards when they’re desperate. Kevin said that Cody is going home 7-0, but that if they want to throw a hinky vote to Elena, it wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Paul told Kevin to not even humor Cody because he’s just trying to tug on heartstrings and make Kevin feel bad. Paul said that Cody is trying to make small talk with him even though he doesn’t want to talk to Cody at all.

12:50 PM BBT: Alex told Christmas, Jason, and Paul that everything that Kevin just told them was a lie and she’s tired of it. Paul said that Kevin is freaking out because he knows he made all the same promises to everyone. Paul added that Kevin is chumming it up with their enemies so that in case they do win an HOH, he wouldn’t be targeted while they all would.

1:25 PM BBT: Jason told Alex and Josh that they need to make sure that they execute the plan to get all of the showmances out of the house.

1:35 PM BBT: Mark takes the have-not temptation and gets the have-not pass. He’s no longer a have-not.

2:35 PM BBT: Paul told Jason that he’s going to put Kevin in check today. Paul explained that if Mark or Elena wins HOH, they’re not going to put Kevin up, they’re going to put up one of them. Paul said that he’s also going to call Mark out with Josh so that he gets nervous. Paul said that Mark is a prick for bragging about getting a vacation from the veto competition. Paul added that if they’re able to get Cody and Mark out during the double eviction, there won’t be anything stopping them moving forward. Paul told Jason that the good part is that once they’re down to final six, one of them will also be getting America’s Favorite Player.

3:10 PM BBT: Elena told Jason, Josh, and Paul that she’s guessing that Cody has been campaigning against her. Josh said that Cody has been making valid points. Paul said that Cody is wanting to do some crazy moves, but wouldn’t answer Elena when she asked what those moves were. Elena asked if there is anything she needs to be worried about. Jason said that she doesn’t think she does, then said that even if Cody rallied a few votes she would be fine. Jason told Elena that Cody has been saying that if they keep him, they could run the house together.

4:15 PM BBT: Matt told Christmas and Paul that Mark is wanting to vote Matt out to keep Cody in the house. Paul said that it doesn’t matter what Mark tries because they’ll have the four votes that they need in Paul, Christmas, Raven, and Josh.

4:20 PM BBT: Paul told Alex that Mark told Jason that he wants to keep Cody by getting rid of Matt. Paul said that he can’t wait to get Mark out. Matt said that he can’t believe how bad of a player Mark is, stating that it’s almost as if Mark thought that they don’t all talk. Matt added that if Mark talks to any of them, they should say they’re going to vote Matt out too so that they can blindside him.

4:35 PM BBT: Josh asked Jason if Mark thinks that he’s going to vote out Matt. Jason said that he just told Mark that Cody is trying to get them to vote out Matt. Josh said that he told Matt about Mark wanting him out.

4:40 PM BBT: Jason told Paul that Cody is the one who said he wanted Matt voted out, not Mark. Josh said that he thought Jason said that Mark told him to vote Matt out, to which Jason said no. Jason said that Josh is messing everything up. Paul said that they should go ahead and assume that is what Mark actually said. Paul explained that they can use that to justify putting Mark up next week.

5:15 PM BBT: Paul told Christmas that Kevin asks him if Christmas is saying anything about him. Christmas questioned what she would even say to Paul about Kevin, to which Paul said that he’s going to make sure that he clears both of their names today with Kevin.

5:55 PM BBT: Alex, Christmas, and Josh berate Mark over taking pillows and where he’s going to sleep tonight. You can read the full recap of bedgate by clicking here.

6:15 PM BBT: Elena told Mark that he can’t let everyone ganging up on him like that get to him. Mark asked if Elena heard Paul jump into the argument. Elena said yes, that she heard Paul laughing as Josh was retelling the fight. Mark said that he hopes he wins HOH so that he can put Alex and Paul on the block.

7:10 PM BBT: Alex told Jason and Kevin that Matt and Raven think that they don’t have to do anything in the game to make it to the end. Kevin said that duo had the nerve to say they’re going to the final five without including him in that five.

7:50 PM BBT: Jason told Kevin that the two of them are in good shape and that there isn’t going to be anyone that can get them out. Kevin told Jason that he doesn’t think that Cody actually has a daughter. Kevin said that if Cody actually does have a daughter, that is even worse, questioning how someone could come into the house without talking about their kid.

8:15 PM BBT: Cody tells Alex and Jason that he didn’t come up with the plan to put Christmas up on his own, that it was Mark who came to him pleading that they needed to get Christmas out. Cody said that Mark is his Judas, as after he did what Mark wanted, he was left out to dry. Alex told Cody about Raven saying how he’s attracted to her, she turned him down, and that he said it’s good they didn’t work out since she can’t have children. Cody adamantly denied such things, saying that Raven is out of her mind.

8:30 PM BBT: Paul told Josh that Kevin is being weird. Paul said that Kevin hasn’t done anything this whole game, but acts as if they owe hime something. Paul added that once he and Christmas are able to separate, he’s going to put Kevin in check. Josh said that Mark and Kevin stay up talking late at night, so he should wait until both Cody and Mark are out of the house so that he doesn’t drive Kevin into Mark’s arms. Paul said that he doesn’t care how Mark reacts, stating that Kevin can either fix his ways or win HOH to try to take a shot at Paul.

8:50 PM BBT: Alex, Christmas, Jason, and Josh had another long conversation about how Kevin is shady and how Paul is going to be putting him in check tonight. When Josh again said that they shouldn’t, Alex said that they have to since Mark is attempting a coup and Kevin is humoring it.

9:35 PM BBT: Paul told Alex that he has Christmas and Josh locked down while Alex has Jason locked down. Paul said that the eviction order should be Cody, Mark, Kevin, then Matt, citing how shady Kevin is. Paul said that once Matt is gone, he believes that Raven would just tie herself to him. Alex asked what they’re going to do about Christmas when she gets her boot, since she’ll be able to compete more. Paul said that once they get towards the end it’s all physical and mental, which Paul insisted Christmas wouldn’t do good in.

Paul told Alex that if she wants a shot at winning, her final five would have to be the two of them, Jason, Christmas, and Josh, adding that if she were to take Kevin to the final two, she would lose. Alex said that she knows. Paul said that the best thing he can hope for now is America’s Favorite or second place, since he can’t win being the only vet. Alex said that’s not true because Nicole won. Paul said that he’d take Alex over Josh to the final two for the same reason he took Nicole, because she has actually made game moves.

Paul told Alex that he’s going to draw the line in the sand with Mark and Elena next week because he’s sick of them, adding that he’s hoping that it’s a double eviction and they’re able to get Mark out.

10:00 PM BT: Paul told Elena that Mark has said to multiple people that he wants to keep Cody in the house this week. Paul stated that when he knows that Cody is campaigning against him and Mark still want to keep him, the line has been drawn in the sand. Paul added the Cody confirmed to him that Mark knew about Cody’s plan to attempt a backdoor on him week one.

10:05 PM BBT: Paul told Kevin that he’s being told that Kevin has been freaking out about him. Kevin said that Paul is being gamed because he has never mentioned Paul’s name before in that context. Paul said that he knows, adding that both he and Christmas has Kevin’s back. Kevin said that he’s aware of that since that is what Jason told him.

Paul told Kevin that even though Paul was allegedly included in Kevin’s deal with Cody, Cody has been upstairs campaigning against him. Kevin said that Cody is gone this week. Paul asked if Cody has mentioned his name to Kevin. Kevin said no, stating that Cody knows better. Kevin said that they’re finished with Cody and that they should move onto the next week’s plans. Kevin told Paul that he voted against Christmas and put a vote towards Cody because that is what Paul asked him to do. Paul said that he knows and brought up the fact that Paul has kept the $25,000 that Kevin took as a secret.

10:30 PM BBT: Christmas told Elena that Mark’s longevity is with Cody, not her. Christmas added that she doesn’t understand why Mark keeps putting himself in positions that are so obviously questionable. Elena said that she just finds a reason to leave whenever Cody comes into a room with her.

11:00 PM BBT: Josh told Christmas that Matt using the veto on Jason proves that he has more loyalty than Raven. Christmas agreed. Christmas said that Paul is calling the shows, but said that they’re only shot that they have been willing to do, so she asked why they wouldn’t follow when Paul has had their backs.

Josh told Christmas that his fight with Mark was just to mess with Mark, stating that he had always planned on sleeping in the other room.

11:15 PM BBT: Mark asked Paul if Christmas told him why she hates Mark so much. Paul said no, that not everyone tells him everything. Mark told Paul that both he and Elena have his back, that they haven’t been listening to what Cody has been trying to say. Paul said that it’s hard to believe that, stating that Cody has been putting it in everyone’s minds that they need to rally the troops and get Paul out. Paul said that he gets berated each week even though all he has done is try to help people get far. Paul told Mark that people are looking at him in a weird way since Mark is so close with Cody.

11:25 PM BBT: Josh asked Mark if he’s in on Cody’s plan to try to flip the house against them. Mark said no, that he was only with Cody on the first night. Josh said that Mark is guilty by association and that his actions prove that. Josh asked why Mark was salty about Cody being nominated, citing Mark going straight out to the backyard. Mark said that he was going to tan. Josh said that Mark was in the jacuzzi with Cody for two hours, but is still trying to claim that he doesn’t know what Cody has been doing.

Josh told Mark that the line has been drawn between the two of them. Mark said that the only thing he’s done is get attacked left and right. Josh said that Mark hasn’t been attacked, that getting attacked is what has happened to him. Josh said that he’d respect Mark more if he just outright said he’d with Cody instead of flip flopping. Mark said that he didn’t tell one person they shouldn’t put Cody up or that they should keep him. Josh said that he’s had enough and that he’s going to get Cody out to clarify.

11:30 PM BBT: When Josh went to get Mark, Cody asked what the point of him being in any conversation is when he’ll be going to jury in just a few days. Cody added that he’s not playing the game this week because it’s over for him. Josh asked Cody if he’s been throwing anybody’s name around. Cody said no, that people are just trying to rile Josh up. Cody said that he just wants to be left alone. Josh said that Mark has been playing both sides, but Cody said that he knows and doesn’t need to be told again.

11:35 PM BBT: Josh told Mark that he has been playing both sides of the house ever since Cody walked back in the game. Josh said that he’s making it clear to Cody that Mark is shady and that when it suited him, Mark was down to get Cody out. Mark asked Josh what Cody has to do with their conversation, to which Cody said that he told Josh not to include him.

Mark asked Josh why he was surprised that he wanted Josh out whenever just the week before he blew up Mark’s entire game. Josh said that all he did was call Mark out on his flip flopping. Mark said that what he’s referencing was before Cody even returned. Josh said that Mark’s actions are sh*t in the house while Josh said that his actions have proven that he doesn’t lie.

11:45 PM BBT: Cody asked Mark not to send Josh out next since he would have to spend six weeks in jury with him.

11:50 PM BBT: Alex asked Cody why Josh likes him. Cody said that he doesn’t know and that he doesn’t like anybody in the house, so he said that he doesn’t know why anyone is even trying to talk to him.

11:50 PM BBT: Jason said that Cody’s kid has changed ages from 5 years old to 3 years old. Paul said that he heard that too. Christmas asked why nobody has asked Cody how old his kid is, what’s her name, and when is her birthday. Jason said that Cody would blow up.

11:55 PM BBT: Cody told the viewers at home that maybe Elena will become a new target because of Mark and Josh’s antics.

11:55 PM BBT: Paul told Matt and Raven that Cody is a bitch who didn’t even stand up for his friend Mark. Raven told Paul not to worry, saying that he has minions and dogs.

12:10 AM BBT: Alex told Jason that she wants to get someone else to get Matt and Raven out for them when the time comes, but Jason said that he’s more than willing to do it himself.

12:30 AM BBT: Paul told Alex and Josh that they need  to be careful with Kevin and start treating him well so that he feels better about their group again.

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