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Big Brother 19: Day 52 Recap

It’s temptation competition and nomination day in the Big Brother house, which gives us one of the best chances for the house to be really shaken up, depending on who ends up winning. We’re also set for some fallout after the nominations, as two people who don’t want to go up are likely to be put up.


9:55 AM BBT: Matt told Paul that he’s going to throw the temptation competition to ensure that he’s the third nominee. Paul agreed that it was a good idea and said that he believes that Mark and Elena should be the other two nominees. Raven said that Elena told her that it’s someone else’s turn to be the pawn. Paul said that it’s not Elena’s choice and it isn’t about taking turns.

10:05 AM BBT: Kevin asked Paul who Alex was going to put up. Paul said that it’s probably going to be Mark and Elena. Kevin asked Paul for his explanation for wanting to keep Matt and Raven around so long. Paul said that those two are too sissy to do anything crazy and would never go against them. Kevin said that out of everyone in the house, it’s Matt who he questions. Paul said that Matt isn’t going to do anything and isn’t even trying to win.

11:45 AM BBT: Alex told Jason that she was pissed about someone stealing one of her cokes. Jason said that Kevin and Paul split one. Alex said that is a punishable offense and jokingly said that she’s going to put Kevin up for it.

12:00 PM BBT: Alex told Jason, Kevin, Matt, Paul, and Raven that Christmas has started to get feisty with them over not being able to compete. Jason said there is a way to handle that, implying they could get her out. Paul said that there will be a time and a place for targeting Christmas, just not now.

Raven told the group that if the temptation competition is something athetlic, they can get Josh to throw it. Matt said that if it’s based on the sounds from the last few days, he’ll be the one to throw it. Matt said that if it were Josh and Cody on finale night, Mark would be Cody’s only vote to win.

Alex said that if Cody wins safety, Elena should be the one to go. Paul said that they should keep it vague and possibly even just let each of them vote how they want. Matt said that they have to be strategic about it. Matt added that Mark isn’t a mental threat at all, to which Paul said that Elena is.

12:25 PM BBT: Kevin told Christmas that if Cody doesn’t play in today’s competition and doesn’t get picked for veto, he’s done. Kevin added that if Cody does win veto then went on to win HOH, Matt and Raven would be kissing his ass. Kevin said that Elena has started to detach herself from Mark. Christmas said no, that she has caught them in the same bed before and that Elena sleeps during the day cause she’s up all night with Mark. Kevin asked if Matt or Raven would go out if Cody is safe. Christmas said no, that it would be Mark because they don’t want to disrupt Matt and Raven yet, adding that Elena is a bigger social threat than Mark, but everyone sees through it now.
2:55 PM BBT: Mark won the temptation competition.

3:00 PM BBT: Kevin asked Paul who is going up since Mark just messed things up. Paul said that Mark didn’t mess it up because Alex can just put someone up next to Elena. Paul asked what Kevin thinks they should do. Kevin said that they need someone who can compete in the POV, so Kevin suggested Paul should go up. Paul said that he doesn’t want to put himself up.

3:15 PM BBT: Kevin told Jason that if Cody ends up winning veto, they’re sending Matt to jury. Jason agreed.

3:20 PM BBT: Alex asked Jason if they should put up Paul and Elena. Jason said that maybe he should go up so that people don’t flip on Paul, but said that if she wants to ensure he plays in the veto, she should put him up. Alex said that Paul has agreed to be a pawn before, but eventually said that it’s true that if she were to put Jason up, it would make it seem to Elena like she’s being fair by putting up her closest ally.

Paul joined them, asking why Josh can’t go up. Alex said that Josh couldn’t win veto. Jason said that he’s willing to go up since he thinks it’ll be a physical competition. Paul said that if Jason is willing, he’d owe Jason one.

3:30 PM BBT: Kevin told Josh that if Cody wins the veto, Matt has to be the one to go home because they can’t just keep sending out the girls.

3:30 PM BBT: Paul told Jason that if Alex puts Jason up, it wouldn’t freak out Mark and Elena since he is so close with Alex. Jason said that he’s 100% willing to go on the block. Paul said for Jason to choose him to play in the veto if Jason gets houseguest’s choice.

3:35 PM BBT: Jason and Paul told Alex that they agreed that Jason should go up so that Elena is more comfortable. Elena joined them. Alex said that she wants to put up Elena and Jason. Elena asked if the veto could be used on her if one of them win it. Paul said that was the plan. Elena said that she was actually thinking about telling Alex that she’s willing to be the pawn so long as they agreed to use the veto on her. Elena voiced her concerns about Cody winning, saying that she’d be the one to go home in that situation. Alex, Kevin, and Paul all told her that she wouldn’t be the one to go home and that she doesn’t have anything to worry about.

3:45 PM BBT: Elena told Mark that she’s going to be the pawn even though she doesn’t want to go up. Mark asked if Paul didn’t offer to be a pawn, considering he thought Paul would want to compete. Elena said that she didn’t know, but said that she did say she wanted to be taken off win the veto is won and everyone agreed.

3:50 PM BBT: Paul told Kevin that he needs to calm down because he’s worried about Alex getting sketched out. Kevin said that he doesn’t say anything to anybody.

3:50 PM BBT: Elena told Mark that she doesn’t mind being a pawn and said that she nearly went and offered it to Alex, but said that nobody is going to vote Matt out since he threw it for them. Elena then realized that if Cody won the veto, he could take her off and he wouldn’t go up. Mark said that Cody would do that since he doesn’t have anyone else. Mark said that he’d rather Cody play than him since if Mark saved Elena, it would be Cody who goes up.

4:05 PM BBT: Alex asked Jason who they should take out if Cody wins veto. Jason said that he doesn’t care so long as it’s between Elena and Matt. Alex told Jason that Kevin isn’t as good as she thought he was about the dates and is becoming dead weight. Alex added that Kevin expects them to carry him when he isn’t contributing anything.

4:15 PM BBT: Paul told Alex that he doesn’t know what is up with Kevin, telling her that Kevin said that Alex and Jason have each other and only tell things to one another. Paul said that Alex needs to put Kevin in check. Alex said that the conversations that Kevin had with Cody are red flags.

Paul left while Josh joined Alex. Josh said that he’s willing to be a pawn, but said that it concerns him how much Raven wanted him on the block. Alex said that she has a plan that doesn’t include putting him up. Josh said that he doesn’t need to know and that he’ll have her back no matter what.

4:35 PM BBT: Elena asked Cody if he were to get picked and won the veto while wasn’t on the block, would he take her off. Cody said absolutely. Cody told Elena that to hedge their bets, Kevin came to him last week and said that Kevin, Jason, Alex, and Paul are all working together and their main target was Mark with the secondary target being Elena. Cody said that he went along with it while planning to actually put up Kevin and Paul. Cody said that Paul has a deal with everyone in the house and nobody seems to care, adding that everyone is just doing what Paul wants. Elena said that what everyone seems to want is Paul standing at the end with the $500,000. Elena told Cody that it would be funny if she picked him to compete in the veto. Cody said that would be incredible.

5:05 PM BBT: Kevin told Jason, Josh, and Paul that if Cody wins veto, Matt is screwed.

5:05 PM BBT: Christmas confronts Mark in front of the entire house. You can read the full recap of the fight by clicking here.

5:50 PM BBT: Mark told Jason that Christmas starts opening her mouth and spreading things about him, but Mark said that he’s done having it. Jason said that Christmas just wanted to start something.

5:55 PM BBT: Christmas told Mark that when he chills out, she’d like to have a calmer discussion with him.

7:10 PM BBT: Alex nominated Elena and Jason

7:20 PM BBT: Mark explained his side of the story to Alex when it came to the incident with Christmas. Mark explained that Cody congratulated him on winning, then they asked Cody if he threw it, which is what Christmas ran with when she whispered it to Alex. Alex told Mark that she’s not worried about it, but said that people are still worried about last week and how he used the veto. Mark said that he won the veto and it comes down to playing Big Brother and saving yourself. Alex said that when people are saying he’s safe, he should believe them because it builds trust.

Mark told Alex that he hopes she understands where he stands with her and Jason. Alex said that she does and said that is why she never had any plans to put him up, stating that the second nominee was going to be Matt. Mark told Alex that the lines are going to be drawn next week since the house targets will be out and she’ll see he’s on her side.

7:35 PM BBT: Christmas told Mark that she believes they both got wrapped up in the heat of the moment and there was a misunderstanding between the two of them. Mark said that he agreed. Christmas said that she didn’t want to bring Mark talking to Cody up in front of the house, but had to when he questioned her on it in front of everyone. Mark said that if she would have just come talk to him in private, he would have seen that Christmas actually cares about their relationship.

Mark told Christmas that his name has been dragged through the mud because of his association with Cody because he didn’t separate game from personal soon enough. Mark explained that is why he gets defensive when someone accuses him of working with Cody when the two of them don’t even talk game. Mark promised Christmas that he never campaigned for her to go up, asking why he would throw a member of his alliance under the bus like that the first week.

7:45 PM BBT: Paul told Alex that she was right about Kevin thinking that they’re all eating out of his hand. Paul added that they’re going to have trouble if Kevin doesn’t stop messing around. Alex said that Kevin has to go because he’s stirring the pot too much. Paul told Alex that originally Kevin was just saying them two and Jason were apart of his final five deal with Cody, but now he’s saying Christmas was included in that deal. Paul said that the next time he wins HOH, he’s going to put Kevin up to see how he reacts. Alex said that her theory is that Kevin is a private investigator and that is why he knows Derrick.

Paul told Alex that he wishes she saw Christmas calling Mark out. Alex said that Mark would go to bat for them if they got the right people out. Paul asked if Alex agrees that they should take Josh to the end. Alex said yes, stating that Josh is harmless. Paul said that if they can’t backdoor Cody, they should get Elena because Matt and Raven would still feel good enough with them to where they wouldn’t join sides with Mark and Cody. Paul asked if they should put up Mark and Elena during the double eviction. Alex said yes, stating that is what everyone needs to do and everyone needs to vote Elena out.

8:30 PM BBT: Paul told Christmas that he hasn’t told anyone about her voting to keep Cody and that Dominique was Mark’s reference when he brought it up. Christmas said that she believes him. Paul told Christmas that he wants to take her and Josh as far as he can. Christmas said that Josh has had both of their backs since day one.

Paul told Christmas that Kevin has been freaking out and nobody knows why, so he told Christmas to try to calm him down. Christmas said that she loves Kevin, to which Paul said that multiple people have started questioning him. Paul said that Mark is a liar. Christmas said that they don’t know if Cody was lying because he has lied before. Paul said that Cody doesn’t owe him anything, to which Christmas questioned why Cody would tell him the truth. Paul said that he’s just going to try to win the double eviction so that they can take out Mark. Christmas agreed.

8:50 PM BBT: Paul told Jason about Kevin acting sketchy. Jason said that he thinks that Kevin is worried about what’s going on in the outside world since he’s been doing sketchy things. Jason explained that Kevin has asked several times if he could stay with Jason if he’s not married anymore. Jason added that Kevin asked Jason if he would hump Christmas in the jury house since there isn’t any cameras. Paul said that Kevin gets weird when you mention his wife.

9:00 PM BBT: Christmas told Alex, Jason, Matt, and Raven about her conversation with Mark.

9:25 PM BBT: Christmas told Josh that she doesn’t think that Alex knows that Jason is working with Mark. Josh said that Jason is protecting Mark and is going to get burned.

10:00 PM BBT: Cody told Kevin that he’s hoping that his chip gets pulled for veto. Kevin said that would at least give Cody a chance, adding that Cody has a 8.8% chance of getting pulled. Cody said that they had less than a .0001% chance of getting on the show, so 8% chance is pretty good.

10:50 PM BBT: Paul told Alex, Christmas, and Josh that he wants to have a conversation with Cody and asked if they would care. Christmas said no, that they want Cody to be okay personally. Paul said that none of them wish ill intent to anyone.

10:55 PM BBT: Paul told Cody that if any point throughout this week or next week that he needs to talk or turn to someone, he would be open to it. Paul said that Cody doesn’t have to be alone in the have-not room all day, but said that he understands that it could also just be a personal choice. Cody said that he appreciates it and that he’s good.

11:20 PM BBT: Josh told Christmas that Raven is gunning for him because she sees how close the two of them are. Christmas said that Raven has been eyeing a bunch of different people, not just Josh. Josh said that Elena and Mark are trying to work an angle with Alex and Jason.

1:35 AM BBT: Kevin told Jason that if they win HOH, they should nominate Matt and Raven. Jason agreed. Kevin said that if they get Matt out, Raven would cry and go to Paul. Kevin explained that they should get Cody, Matt, and Mark out in a row, then they can take out Elena, Raven, Josh, and Christmas.

1:40 AM BBT: Mark told Elena that he hopes that Cody gets picked to play in veto and wins so that he can take her off. Elena said that wouldn’t be a good look for her. Elena said that if the two of them win HOH, they’d have to do something with Cody because the house would be pissed if Cody wasn’t a target. Mark asked who Elena  thinks the targets are when Cody is out of the house. Elena said that Paul has been telling her that everyone has side agendas.

Elena told Mark that she knows that Paul has an alliance with Alex, Jason, and Kevin, but that she’s just waiting for Paul to admit to it. Elena added that she’s thinking about calling Jason out on it because he reacts weird. Mark said they might be in trouble if them two or Paul don’t win the next HOH. Elena said that she’s nervous about Paul winning at this point because she doesn’t feel 100% safe with him anymore. Elena told Mark that they need to find a way to put the target on Matt and Raven over them.

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