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Big Brother 19: Day 51 Recap

It’s eviction day in the Big Brother house, which also means that the power will be changing hands once again. We have the potential for a pretty crazy week if Cody were to win HOH, as he’d go from not having anyone to likely having Mark back as a ride or die, which also wants Paul out sooner rather than later.


10:20 AM BBT: Cody told Jessica that he asked Mark for a sympathy vote, but said that Mark said he’ll think about it, then said that Cody knows how the house goes. Cody said that Mark is at the bottom of the house regardless, then questioned what Mark thinks that he’s doing. Jessica said that Mark doesn’t realize is that if Kevin doesn’t vote to evict her, he’ll be getting blamed for it anyway. Cody said that he just wants Mark to think for himself for one vote. Jessica said that she’d like Kevin and Jason to follow through too, but said even then it would only be a tie and that gives Josh the power, which Jessica said she didn’t want to do.

Jessica told Cody to take out someone big for him. Cody said that he’d try, but said that he doesn’t have any voter sway so he’ll have to put up two people and it’s likely that the weakest person will go home. Cody added that if he does happen to win HOH, someone will lose the safety competition and ruin his plans for the week anyway.

1:40 PM BBT: Mark told Elena that he walked in on Kevin and Paul talking and once they saw him, they stopped talking. Mark said that while he’s not going anyway, he’s going to be concerned going into the new week. Elena said that she has heard several people talking about the vote. Mark said that the vote is going to end up being 6-1-1 instead of the 7-1 that it should and he’s going to be upset.

Mark told Elena that Cody said Kevin came up to him and offered him a deal to work with Kevin, Alex, Paul, Jason, and Christmas and that their main target was Mark. Elena said that they’re in trouble is Cody agreed to that, but Mark said that Cody didn’t say he did. Mark said that he doesn’t know if it’s true or if Cody is just trying to get him scared. Mark told Elena that he needs this HOH because he doesn’t trust Paul at all, citing Paul saying he wanted to use him as a pawn against Alex when they both know that Alex would have the votes to stay. Elena told Mark that someone is feeding Jessica information and that person told her that Christmas doesn’t like Elena and that Christmas has been throwing Elena’s name around.

1:50 PM BBT: Mark told Jason that he wants him to know before the vote that if it doesn’t come out 7-1, he wasn’t the hinky vote. Jason said that he’s not worried about, saying that if they spread the votes the wrong way, that would be stupid. Elena asked why they would be spreading the votes at all, but Jason realized he said something that he shouldn’t of and didn’t answer. Elena asked if she should pack her bags if they’re planning on spreading votes, but Jason said that they’re not spreading votes and that Elena isn’t going anywhere.

Paul joined Elena, Jason, and Mark. Elena asked him if there is a plan to spread votes or if everyone but Cody is voting to evict Jessica. Paul said that it’s the second option. Paul added that if there is a plan to spread the votes, it wasn’t his doing. Jason finally told Mark and Elena that it’s possible that he was just getting half of a conversation in his head and that he made up the rest about vote spreading.

2:00 PM BBT: Elena told Mark that something is up. Mark questioned if Dominique was right about Paul and Raven. Mark said that Paul is playing everyone in the house. Elena said that she knows and that she’s not blind to it, but said that there is a pecking order. Mark said that they need to win HOH today. Mark asked if he should vote to evict Jessica. Elena said yes, to which Mark said that he’d need to talk to Cody about it beforehand.

2:05 PM BBT: Paul told Elena and Mark that Jason is just a spaz and that Elena isn’t going home. When Elena asked about a possible vote being against her, Paul said that he knows that at least him and five other people are voting to evict Jessica. Mark asked Paul if him and Elena would go up as pawn if he were to win HOH. Paul said no, stating that doing that isn’t apart of his agenda.

2:30 PM BBT: Mark told Jessica that he loves her and can’t wait to see her after the show. Jessica told him good luck. Mark said that he hates how she was treated and what was said about her in the past two weeks. Mark told Jessica that he’s going to do everything that he can to work with Cody and do something to switch up the house. Mark said that as far as the vote goes, he’s going to have to go with the house and evict her. Jessica told him to do what he has to do.

2:35 PM BBT: Jessica told Kevin that she wants to say her goodbyes now because she doesn’t want to do it at the door and gave Kevin a hug.

6:30 PM BBT: Jessica was evicted

6:50 PM BBT: Alex wins HOH

7:05 PM BBT: Raven said that Cody has already started moving his things into the have-not room. Paul asked Josh if he was willing to be a have-not this week to mess with Cody. Josh said hell yes.

7:15 PM BBT: Kevin asked Jason if the nominees are going to be Mark and Elena, then try to backdoor Cody. Jason said most likely yes.

7:20 PM BBT: Paul told Alex, Jason, and Kevin that one of them needs to throw the temptation competition to make sure that Cody can’t put himself on the block and secure a spot in the veto competition. Paul asked Alex who she’s thinking about putting up. Alex said Matt and Elena, but said that they’d have to convince them two to be willing. Paul said that as long as Cody doesn’t get picked to play in veto, he’s gone.

7:35 PM BBT: Christmas told Raven that Cody voting to evict her just goes to show that Cody lies about what he’s going to do. Raven agreed, saying that Cody shouldn’t tell her multiple times that he would never vote against her, then do exactly that.

9:00 PM BBT: Cody told Kevin that he’s going to be competing in the safety competition for sure, adding that if he doesn’t win safety, he’ll just have to hope that his chip gets pulled for veto. Kevin told Cody that people are going to be coming for him every week. Cody said that it’s been that way since the start. Cody added that the craziest thing is that he would never go after Alex, stating that she would be wasting her HOH by targeting him because he’s all alone.

9:20 PM BBT: Christmas offered to be the one to throw the temptation competition to ensure she goes on the block. Paul said that would be good because it would be taking a veto spot away from Cody.

9:25 PM BBT: Kevin told Paul that Cody knows he has to win the temptation competition or have his chipped pulled at the veto meeting to survive. Kevin added that they should just take Cody out this week and get it over with.

9:35 PM BBT: Elena told Mark that she doesn’t want to be the first one to jury. Mark said that would suck and that they just have to ensure that Cody goes home this week.

9:40 PM BBT: Alex asked Jason what they should do this week. Jason said put up Elena and Matt, then backdoor Cody. Jason asked what they should do if Cody were to win safety, to which Alex nodded at the idea of taking out Matt.

9:45 PM BBT: Paul and his group discussed being portrayed in a bad light and said that Cody and Jessica might have got the victim edit to where it makes those two out to be victims when they actually weren’t. Paul wasn’t happy about that prospect.

9:50 PM BBT: Kevin asked Alex and Jason why Raven thought she could talk about him in the front of them two, but Alex said that Raven didn’t talk about him.

10:00 PM BBT: Christmas said that she wants to compete in the temptation competition even if she can’t physically compete in it so that it ensures herself on the block. Kevin said that if Cody doesn’t win it, he’ll have to lose completely. Christmas said that Cody can’t do both and will have to make that decision. Kevin said that everyone in the house should compete against Cody in the temptation completion.

Kevin told Christmas that Cody never asked him to vote out Jessica, but Raven is telling people that he did. Christmas told him not to worry about it because nobody likes Raven anymore. Kevin said that his targets after Cody are going to be Matt and Raven.

10:10 PM BBT: Josh told Christmas that Jason has been getting really close with Mark, stating that those two have something going on. Christmas asked if Alex is going to use Elena as a pawn. Josh said that he doesn’t know, but said that Alex will be sticking to their six. Christmas told Josh that Cody voted for Elena to stay and now those two are in the same room laughing and giggling. Josh said that Jason asked why they should keep Matt and Raven for the final eight over Mark and Elena. Christmas said that he should let Paul know about that.

10:15 PM BBT: Kevin told Jason that they should put Matt and Mark up so that they can compete in veto, but Jason said that it should be one boy and one girl, so the nominees should be Elena and Matt. Kevin said that Raven is a better player than Elena, so if anything, it should be Matt and Raven.

10:25 PM BBT: Matt told Paul that Cody isn’t going to be invested in trying to win the temptation competition. Paul said that Cody is and questioned why he wouldn’t be. Raven said that Cody doesn’t know the sounds that have been playing the last few days, so he’s just going to throw it to secure a jury spot. Paul said that is why they need to have someone throw it.

10:35 PM BBT: Paul asked Josh how he feels about throwing the temptation competition. Josh said that he doesn’t feel good about it, but said that he’ll do whatever he has to.

11:00 PM BBT: Paul told Alex that he knows she wants to nominate Matt and Mark, but questioned if she really wants to piss off two couples like that. Alex said that she wants to put up Matt and Elena. Paul said that is still two couples and that she could be driving four people into the arms of Cody by doing  that. Paul said that Alex should nominate Mark and Elena again. Alex said that they’d have to convince Mark and Elena to be on board, but Paul said that they don’t really have a choice anymore.

11:05 PM BBT: Paul told Alex, Christmas, Jason, and Kevin that they have to make Matt and Raven feel comfortable, while Mark and Elena already don’t. Paul added that if the worst case scenario happens and Cody wins safety, they’d at least still have Mark and Elena up to take out. Alex said that she doesn’t care what they do so long as someone actually goes home and there isn’t another Hex. Jason said that she could put up Matt and Raven, then reel in Mark and Elena. Paul said that they’ve already made Mark and Elena paranoid of them.

12:20 AM BBT: Paul told Alex, Christmas, Jason, and Kevin that Matt and Raven are feeling comfortable, stating that Matt offered to go up as the third nominee. Christmas said that she’ll throw it if she can compete, but Alex said that she shouldn’t because they need to stack the deck in veto and Christmas might be dead weight in that if she were to be the third nominee. Alex said that they need to pull one of the couples in tight, to which Paul said Matt and Raven.

Josh told Alex that he’d love to win safety so that he could rub it in Cody’s face, but said that if there is a different plan for him, he’ll be down for that too. Matt told Alex that he doesn’t have any problems throwing it. Alex said that she’s just hoping that they can get Cody out and if not, Elena. Paul told Matt that if he’s going to throw the safety competition, he needs to throw it as much as possible. Matt told him not to worry about that. Paul said that if the competition is about the sounds, Matt should be the one to throw it, otherwise Paul said that he’s fine with doing it, but Josh said that Paul shouldn’t do that and should try to win.

12:45 AM BBT: Paul told Mark that everyone is competing for safety tomorrow and that either Matt or Paul are going to throw it.

12:55 AM BBT: Raven told Matt that if Josh throws the safety competition, Alex could nominate him and Mark. Matt said that would be better for Alex. Raven agreed, stating that way she’d have a back up in Elena. Raven added that if Alex did nominate him, people wouldn’t suspect them of working together.

1:10 AM BBT: Raven told Alex, Christmas, Jason, Josh, Matt and Paul that if Mat throws the competition and ends up on the block next to Mark and Elena, it looks sketchy, while if Josh were to throw it while Alex nominates Matt with Mark, there is three of the guys on the block. Josh said that nominating Matt and having him throw it means two of their votes are now on the block. Matt said that he’s down to throw it, but said putting him up as a pawn helps more.

1:25 AM BBT: Paul told Alex, Christmas, Jason, and Josh that it’s concerning how Matt and Raven keep protecting Elena. Josh said that they can’t turn on Matt and Raven because they’re numbers right now.  Alex said that they should put up Mark and Elena. Paul agreed, stating that if one of them wins the temptation competition, then they can just put Matt up. Jason agreed. Paul said that if they can’t get Cody, they take out Mark or Elena. Alex said that it should be Mark. Paul agreed, stating that if they were to get rid of Mark, he doesn’t think they’d have to worry about her working with Cody.

1:50 AM BBT: Paul told Kevin to be careful about what he says to Cody because Cody will use it against them. Kevin said that he doesn’t care about Cody and whatever Cody says doesn’t matter anymore. Jason said that Cody tried saying that if they don’t get Paul out now, they’re never going to. Paul asked who they think they should get rid of if they can’t get Cody. Kevin said Matt, to which Jason agreed. Paul asked if he really thinks they should take out Matt over Mark. Kevin said that Mark can’t win anything. Paul said that if they get rid of Matt, Raven will think something is up, while still having ties to Mark, Elena, and Cody.

Christmas told Paul that Raven wouldn’t team up with Cody unless she feels like that is her last chance. Paul said that Raven would do anything. Jason said that Matt doesn’t care about the game and wants to go to jury. Paul said that Matt is just making them think that. Christmas said that without Matt, Raven isn’t going to hang out with anyone.

2:05 AM BBT: Paul asked Jason and Mark if Cody has every said anything to him about plotting against Paul. Mark sad no, but Jason said that Cody said something to him about it. Mark said that the only thing Cody told him was that he didn’t want Mark to vote out Jessica.

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