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Big Brother 19: Day 50 Recap

It’s the houseguests’ 50th day in the Big Brother house. While halfway went virtually unnoticed a few days ago, today is a clear milestone. We don’t know why they’re getting the halfway party, but in the meantime we’ll have plenty of planning for the new week that’ll begin tomorrow night!


1:50 PM BBT: Josh told Christmas that he believes that Alex and Mark might be working together. Christmas said that Alex has been acting nice to Cody too in case she needs something from him. Christmas told Josh that she feels solid with him, Kevin, Alex, Jason, and Paul, but not Mark since he doesn’t talk any game with her. Josh warned Christmas not to share what they talk about to Kevin even though she feels solid with him since he’ll tell Paul.

2:30 PM BBT: Raven asked Matt who they should put up if they win HOH. Matt said there isn’t any reason to think about it now since there is the temptation competition, but said that he’d want to put up Mark and Elena, then try to backdoor Cody. Matt said that if Cody wins his safety, he’ll put up Elena and someone else, then tell Elena that they’re just trying to backdoor Mark. Raven said that Paul would be a good pawn. Matt said that if they were to do that, they should talk to him about it. Matt went on to say that if Raven were to win HOH and Cody won safety, he’d be willing to be the pawn next to Elena.

Raven told Matt that she’s interested to see how Cody will behave once Jessica is gone. Matt said that it’s an impossible spot for him and said that Cody is probably in the mindset of wanting to take out as many people as possible before leaving.

3:05 PM BBT: Raven asked Paul who she thinks they should use as a pawn. Paul said that they should talk it out as a group, but said that he believes that Alex would offer. Paul added that he’s willing to go up too. Paul said that he feels good about Alex, Jason, Kevin, and even Josh. He said that he feels good about Christmas too, but said that she has her ways. Matt said that he’d like to get to the final five with Christmas and Josh, but warned that those two have been working together. Paul said that doesn’t matter and that final five would be ideal and added that Kevin should be taken to the final six. Matt said that Jason and Alex think they’re going to the final five with them. Raven said that she wants Alex taken out at the final eight.

Paul told Matt and Raven that if Cody wins his safety via a temptation competition, they’ll just have to put Mark and Elena up together. Paul said that would draw a line in the sand, but that they’d have no choice at that point.   Paul added that Cody might try to throw the temptation competition since he’d have better odds in the veto, which is why Paul said that they have to ensure that one of them throw it this week.

3:35 PM BBT: Josh told the viewers at home that his ride-or-die allies are Christmas and Paul. He said that he knows that Paul is annoyed with Christmas and that Christmas knows Paul is playing a great game. Josh said that his final six are him, Paul, Alex, Jason, Kevin, and Christmas, but started questioning Alex and Jason, asking how Alex and Jason forming a friendship with Cody protects him, Christmas, and Paul.

Josh said that he thinks that Paul is starting to realize that nobody in the house has his back like Josh does. Josh noticed Jason and Mark talking on the HOH TV, saying that when he walked outside to say hello to them, both shut up. Josh said that Jason is playing with fire by talking game with Mark like that.

3:45 PM BBT: Jason and Mark talk about targeting Paul. You can read the full recap of that conversation by clicking here

4:20 PM BBT: Josh asked Alex and Jason what the deal with Mark was. Alex said that they need to coddle Mark as much as possible to make sure that he doesn’t come after Josh. Alex added that when Mark walks into rooms, they can’t just stop talking game, they just need to switch it to more general game talk. Josh said that Mark is extremely disloyal, citing Mark turning on his best friend Cody. Alex said that their could be an alliance between Cody, Mark, Elena, Matt, and Raven.

8:20 PM BBT: Jason asked Paul if Cody would be able to do anything to them if he won HOH. Paul said no. Jason asked what happens if Cody puts up Alex and Matt. Paul said that Matt would go home.

8:25 PM BBT: Josh told Christmas that he hasn’t had a relationship with Matt and Raven since the beginning, but said that they’ve been in his HOH room since he got it. Josh said that he walked in on Matt and Raven talking game and heard Christmas’ name brought up. Christmas said that Raven’s entire game is doing small things for people so that she can earn favors to cash in on later.

Josh told Christmas that Matt is sketchy. Christmas said that Matt is doing what Elena and Mark did when it comes to playing both sides of the house. Josh asked why Matt can’t sit on the block, to which Christmas said that she doesn’t care and that Matt doesn’t do anything anyways.

8:35 PM BBT: Matt told Raven that they still have a couple more weeks where they don’t need to win HOH, but said that they’re going to have to start winning soon since their group will have no choice but to start cannibalizing each other.

8:35 PM BBT: Kevin told Christmas and Josh that the eviction order should be Cody, Matt, Mark, Elena, and then Raven. Kevin said that he knows what Cody is going to do.Christmas said that Cody has already started realigning in the house, but Kevin said that it’s all fake, adding that since Matt just wanted to make jury, they should take him out first. Christmas said that Cody has to go first because he’d target Christmas, Josh, and Paul. Kevin said no, that Cody would put up two of the four people in a showmance. Christmas said that could be true, but he would end up backdooring one of them. Kevin said that Cody wouldn’t have the votes to do that.

Kevin left, leaving Christmas and Josh alone again. Josh told Christmas that he believes that Alex, Jason, and Mark have an alliance, stating that he walked in on Jason and Mark having a conversation in private. Josh added that Jason is standoffish with him now and that Alex said that Mark wouldn’t use the veto, then Mark chose Alex to compete for him.

Josh told Christmas that earlier when he was in his room, he saw Jason and Mark talking at the chess board without ever moving a piece and when he asked Jason about it, he got aggressive. Josh said that Alex tried to say that they’re just trying to keep Mark comfortable. Christmas said that is the same explanation that Paul used for talking to Elena. Josh said that he believes that Alex and Jason are loyal to their six, but said that he thinks those two are starting to create their own side. Josh said that he doesn’t think they’d have to worry if they get Cody and Mark out. Christmas said that Elena is more of a threat than Mark. Christmas said that she’ll protect Paul, but said that she doesn’t feel like Paul would protect her no matter what. Josh said that he feels that way too. Josh said that he feels like Paul is all in with Kevin, but that Kevin isn’t all in with him. Christmas said that Kevin was talking to Paul on the hammock, then Kevin came to tell her that Paul brought her name up several times. Josh and Christmas agreed to making it to final four with Paul and Kevin.

9:15 PM BBT: Cody told Mark that Alex, Jason, Kevin, and Paul are all gunning for him. Cody told him about Kevin offering Cody five weeks of safety and Cody just saying OK and shaking Kevin’s hand. Mark mentioned that he just did that because Kevin thinks that Cody has a good shot at winning HOH. Mark said that they’re going to reform the entire house if either of them win HOH.

9:35 PM BBT: Josh told Paul that he doesn’t think that Matt is a big fan of him. Paul said that he sees that Matt has been trying to put a target on his back, adding that he trusts Raven more than he trusts Matt, but said that Raven is fake to everybody in order to play nice.

9:45 PM BBT: Jason told Christmas, Josh, and Paul that he believes that Elena and Mark are going to be gunning for HOH with Cody so that they can flip the power structure in the house. Jason added that Cody told Kevin that he’d put up Matt and Raven. Paul said that he doesn’t know if he believes that.

9:55 PM BBT: Matt told Christmas, Jason, Josh, Paul, and Raven that he thinks they’re better off with Elena winning HOH rather than Mark. Paul said that he isn’t sure about that, but Matt said that Paul has a strong influence over Elena. Paul denied, but Matt said that he knows Paul does. Jason said that he thinks that Elena would feel comfortable taking a shot at anyone. Matt asked if Mark or Elena would be the target if Cody won the safety competition or veto. Alex and Josh both said Elena.

10:05 PM BBT: Kevin told Jessica that he doesn’t know why they all are, but said that everyone is going to be voting against her. Kevin added that he’ll watch over Cody to make sure that he doesn’t go nuts.

10:10 PM BBT: Kevin told Paul about saying goodbye to Jessica, then asked Paul if he doesn’t trust Cody’s word. Paul warned Kevin that he needed to be careful. Kevin said that the next three guys to be taken out should be Cody, Matt, and Mark. Paul agreed.

10:30 PM BBT: Matt told Paul and Alex that he doesn’t want Raven to win HOH, but said that she wants to anyway. Paul said that as long as Cody is in the house, it’s a good time to gun for it. Paul explained to the pair that if Cody does win safety, it isn’t going to matter if they draw the line against Mark and Elena since one of them would be going home anyway.

10:35 PM BBT: Jason told Josh that he thinks it sucks that they’re going to keep Matt and Raven over Mark and Elena. Josh said that while Matt and Raven are annoying, they haven’t shown disloyalty like Mark and Elena have. Josh told Jason that he can trust and work with whoever he wants, but said that he has looked out for Jason since day one. Jason said that the reason he didn’t interfere with the big fight yesterday was because he thought it was all a setup and thought that Josh started it.

11:10 PM BBT: Mark told Josh that he didn’t know that Jessica started the whole thing and had thought that it was Josh who was antagonizing Jessica again. Mark said that he didn’t hear the personal comments from Cody, otherwise he might have said something.

1:25 PM BBT: Paul told Alex that Matt and Raven fully trust her and Jason, adding that he keeps telling those two that they’re all going to the final five together. Paul added that Matt and Raven are growing suspect of Christmas now while Christmas already hates those two. Alex told Paul that the only person they can’t have winning is Cody, saying she believes that he’d come after them. Paul agreed, but said in the off chance that Cody does try to work with her and Jason, she should rope him and Kevin in on it. Alex said that if Cody wins HOH, they’ll have a talk with him. Paul told Alex that he’s not going to try to win tomorrow’s HOH because he wants to be able to compete in next week’s double eviction HOH.

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