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Big Brother 19: Day 48 Recap

It’s veto meeting day in the Big Brother house, which means that we’re going to have our final nominees for the week and get a very good idea of who’s going home. The majority, if not all, of the game talk today will be about the plan going into next week and possible new alliances being formed.


9:30 AM BBT: Josh told Christmas that he doesn’t want to put her up because she doesn’t feel comfortable doing that, but said that he knows that Raven is going to use him putting her up against him, despite volunteering. Christmas said that Raven wants to go up now so that she can say that she’s already been a pawn when it isn’t as safe. Josh said that he’ll think of something because he’s not threatened by Matt and Raven.

10:05 AM BBT: Christmas told Kevin that Josh actually wants Elena out more than Jessica. Kevin asked why, to which Christmas said that Elena is the more dangerous player. Christmas added that she has legitimate reasons to want Jessica out though. Kevin said that Jessica is the stronger player. Christmas said that they should go for Elena next, but Kevin said that they should focus on Mark and Matt, stating that Raven and Elena aren’t going to be winning any competitions.

10:15 AM BBT: Jessica told Cody that if people convince Mark not to use the veto to take himself off, Mark is an idiot. Cody said that he doesn’t think that Mark is that dumb and said that he would question Mark’s manhood.

10:30 AM BBT: Kevin asked Cody how he feels. Cody stated that if he loses Jessica, he has nothing. Kevin said that he has him and Jason, just that they aren’t going to cuddle him. Kevin asked Cody who he’s going to put up if he wins HOH. Cody said that he’d put up anyone who he protected but they stabbed him in the back. Cody mentioned all of the couples who made an agreement not to go after each other until jury so that they wouldn’t be split up, but told Kevin and Jason that he never made a deal with them, so they didn’t go back on anything.

Kevin told Cody that if he wins HOH, he’ll have five people by his side. Cody said that if he gets HOH, they’re going to see a lot of unprecedented things take place. Kevin told Cody that if one from his group wins HOH, they aren’t going to put Cody up. Cody said okay, adding that it blows his mind that nobody has wanted to use him as a weapon yet. Cody told Jason and Kevin that they shouldn’t sweat his reaction on Thursday once Jessica is evicted.

10:45 AM BBT: Jessica asked Cody if Jason knew that Kevin was going to have the conversation that they did. Cody said yes, but that there isn’t a deal between him and anybody. Jessica told Cody that she wants him to take Paul out. Cody said that he might put up Kevin next to Paul to ensure Paul goes home. Jessica said that he’d only have two votes against Paul with Kevin next to him, stating that Raven might be the best option, but said that even then she isn’t sure. Cody asked if he should wait a few weeks before trying to target Paul. Jessica said possibly.

Cody asked if Jessica thinks that there is a path for him to win, saying that if there isn’t, he’s just going to tear through the house. Jessica said that she always believes there is a path to win the game. Jessica explained that if Cody doesn’t win the HOH but does win the temptation competition, people will start to turn on each other.

10:55 AM BBT: Kevin told Jason that Cody just gave him their word and that if he were to get HOH, Cody would likely put up Christmas and Josh because he hates them so much. Kevin said that Cody is playing for them now and that once he gets 3 or 4 people out for them, they can just backdoor Cody again. Kevin told Jason that he sounded hesitant. Jason said that he was hesitant because he worries about Alex and Paul. Kevin said that Cody wouldn’t put them up because he knows that they’d come after him if he did. Jason said that Cody should tell Alex and Paul to their face that he wouldn’t put them up. Kevin said that it’s actions that matter.

11:05 AM BBT: Matt told Raven that he’s wondering if they should just be quiet after the veto meeting and let people go at it, assuming people would be upset with Mark for using the veto. Raven said that she didn’t plan on saying anything.

12:25 PM BBT: Mark used the POV on himself. Josh nominated Raven as the replacement nominee.

12:25 PM BBT: Matt told Josh and Raven that if Mark or Cody don’t win HOH next week, one of them will be going home, but said that while they could put Mark up as a pawn, they would need to backdoor Cody. Josh said that Mark is still with Cody, despite claiming that they’re not in an alliance anymore.

12:45 PM BBT: Raven told Christmas, Josh, Matt, and Paul that Elena is talking to Jessica and Cody again. Paul said that some people just aren’t smart. Matt said that Cody, Jessica, and Elena are a trio and the worth Big Brother players of all time. Matt questioned why Mark would pull himself off the block. Christmas said that it was to show Cody that he’s still aligned with him. Josh said that Mark put him in a predicament and wants to go off on him now.

1:20 PM BBT: Raven told Christmas and Matt that it’s funny that she turned Cody down. She said that Cody tried kissing her towards the start of the season, but she told him that she loves him, but only wants to be friends. Raven said that Cody said that their relationship wouldn’t work out anyway since she can’t have kids. Matt said that makes him want to kill Cody.

1:40 PM BBT: A baby crying, followed by “Can someone shut that baby up?” is played over the intercom, stirring paranoia in the house as everyone scrambles to guess what it means.

1:45 PM BBT: Jessica told Elena that she thinks that production was messing with her and Cody because they were “going at it” when the baby noise was played.

1:58 PM BBT: A dog barking began playing over the intercom.

2:00 PM BBT: Paul told Jason and Kevin that if this is another twist that could save Jessica and Cody, he would just walk out of the house.

2:10 PM BBT: Jason told Paul that Cody shook Kevin’s hand that he wouldn’t put any of them up. Paul said that Jason didn’t shake on it, he didn’t shake on it, or Alex didn’t shake on it, so no deal was made on their behalf.

2:30 PM BBT: Paul told Alex, Josh, and Raven that they need to memorize all the sounds that come on over the intercom, but said to not fill in Mark, Elena, Jessica, or Cody on the studying.

2:45 PM BBT: Paul asked Jason if Christmas really thinks that he’s been trying to save Elena. Jason said that he knows how Christmas is and that she just wants to talk. Paul asked if he should confront Christmas, but Jason said he should just ignore it. Paul said that he was just trying to do damage control with Elena.

2:55 PM BBT: Paul asked Josh if he could count on him to break the tie to evict Jessica if something went wrong. Josh said that he wants Jessica out and that he’s just going to keep an eye on Elena. Paul told Christmas and Josh that he has just been doing damage control with Elena. Paul said that if they get rid of Jessica, Elena isn’t going to jump back over to Cody because Elena made that clear to him in private. Josh said that there is no loyalty with Elena. Paul said that he sees it and said that if they can’t get Cody out next week, Elena would be the one to go.

2:55 PM BBT: Jason told Matt and Raven about his and Kevin’s conversation with Cody earlier this morning.

3:15 PM BBT: Paul asked Kevin about what he’s been hearing about Kevin’s conversation with Cody. Kevin tried denying anything important took place, saying that no game talk was spoke. When Paul said that isn’t what others are saying, Kevin said that Cody talked about wanting to win HOH and would put up Matt and Mark. Paul said no way, but Kevin said that he’s willing to place a side bet on it. Kevin told Paul that he doesn’t have to worry about Cody coming after him because if he does, Kevin said that he’d confront him. Kevin added that he’s going to confirm with Jessica the deal that Cody offered not to target him, Paul, Alex, or Jason.

5:20 PM BBT: Christmas told Josh that she doesn’t know what Raven would do if she got HOH, suggesting that she might put Kevin up. Josh told Christmas that he’s going to start making Paul think he’s closer to him than he is to Christmas so that Paul doesn’t get worried about Josh and Christmas’ relationship. Christmas said that Josh is the only person that she doesn’t question. Christmas added that she sees them two, Kevin, Paul, Alex, and Jason making it to the final six.

5:35 PM BBT: Paul told Christmas and Josh that Elena has no game, that she’s just paranoia, doesn’t have a plan, and doesn’t know anything. Paul explained that when he has private conversations with her, it’s just to try to convince Elena that she isn’t on anyone’s actual radar. Christmas said that Mark and Elena stay up later than anyone. Paul said that those two are trying to make it seem like they’re not together and that Elena is mean to Mark in front of people.

Paul told Christmas and Josh that they have to send Jessica home first because Jody is a power couple. Christmas and Josh both agreed. Josh added that Raven is rude. Paul said that Raven is nuts.

8:55 PM BBT: Mark asked Elena who she thinks that Cody would target if he were to win HOH. Elena said Alex, Raven, and Christmas, adding that the initial nominees would be Alex and Raven, then if Alex won veto, Cody would put up Christmas.

11:25 PM BBT: Alex told Kevin that Raven wants to win this upcoming HOH so that she can take control of what’s going on, so Alex said that they can’t let that happen. Kevin said that they can’t let Mark or Matt win either, but said that if Cody wins, he’s not going to put any of their group up. Kevin said that they should have a couple of good weeks with Cody, letting him take out the others, then they can take Cody out again when they get down to top six.

11:45 PM BBT: Kevin asked Jason what he thinks about the deal with Cody that they talked about this morning. Jason said that he thought that it was a good move. Kevin asked who they are going to put up. Jason said Matt and Elena. Kevin said that if one wins veto, the replacement should be Mark.

12:15 AM BBT: Paul told Kevin that Matt is a stronger player than Raven, stating that they need to take out Matt, Mark, and Elena. Kevin said that they can take out Cody after those three, but Paul said that they take out Cody now. Kevin asked what Matt and Mark are saying they’d do if they won HOH. Paul said that they both say that they’d take out Cody, but Paul said that he doesn’t believe that Mark actually would.

Paul told Kevin that he can’t win because everyone is going to vote for someone who wasn’t already in the house before. Kevin said that he feels that way too. Paul added that there is going to come a point when everyone starts to turn on him, but said that he doesn’t think it would be Alex, Jason, Josh, or Kevin. Kevin mentioned Christmas wouldn’t, but Paul said that he believes that Christmas would.

12:35 AM BBT: Josh told Paul that Christmas has been wondering why Paul has been spending so much time with Elena. Paul said that it was only to do damage control, stating that he wouldn’t try to protect someone who immediately threw him under the bus when she got a hint that she might go up. Paul said that if they can’t get Cody out next, they’ll target Elena. Paul added that the week after that, if they can’t get Cody again, they’d get Matt. Paul said that the eviction order should be Jessica, Cody, Elena, and Matt.

Josh told Paul that after Raven offered to go up and he put her up, Raven came up to the HOH room and said that he now owes her. Paul said that Raven and Matt are starting to piss everybody off. Josh said that Raven lost him when she started personally attacking Jessica during the house’s big fight.

2:15 AM BBT: Paul told Josh that they need to take Cody out before the double eviction. Josh said that they also need to watch out for Matt because he’s a fan of the show and could be downplaying how good he actually is. Paul told Josh that they’ll be able to get Matt by pretending to put him up as a pawn, but said that he still would want to take out Cody, Elena, and Mark first.

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