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Big Brother 19: Day 47 Recap

It’s the first day without any ceremonies or competitions since the new week started, which means that it gives the houseguest plenty of time to plot for Thursday and the coming week. Kevin’s new focus on trying to strike a deal with Cody will likely be the center focus today if he keeps pushing the idea to Paul and Alex.


10:45 AM BBT: Cody asked Kevin if there is any way to save Jessica this week. Kevin said that he’s trying, but that he does’t know. Kevin said that neither him or Cody will be voting Jessica out, which is two votes, meaning that they only need 3 more. Cody said that he’ll be a weapon for anybody that helps them. Kevin told Cody that the two of them could get top five if they targeted Matt, Mark, Elena, Raven, Josh, and then Christmas. Kevin finally said that if Jessica does end up going home to a 6-2 vote, he wants Cody to know that he was one of those two votes.

10:50 AM BBT: Kevin told Jason that once Cody goes through the shock of Jessica being gone, he’s going to be pissed, so he just wants to make sure that the two of them, Alex, and Paul are safe if Cody were to win HOH. Jason said that he doesn’t want to let Cody win HOH if it’s an endurance. Kevin said that Cody wouldn’t put him up since it’s too early for that. Kevin said that he’s going to have Cody say it in front of Jason’s face to prove it to him that Cody could work for them, Jason said that he had no quarrel with it. Kevin said that Jessica will go home, followed by Mark, Elena, Matt, Raven, Josh, and Christmas. Kevin told Jason that he believes he could get Cody to take out Matt and Mark while keeping him from trying to go after Paul or Alex. Jason said that the first four jurors will battle back. Kevin said that is why they need to hold Cody while they send Matt, Raven, Mark, and Elena home.

11:05 AM BBT: Jessica and Cody discussed who Cody should put up. Cody mentioned Matt and Raven as pawns. Jessica said that if Matt won veto, he’d use it on Raven, then you wouldn’t have the votes to get Paul out. Cody asked if it should be Raven and Christmas, but Jessica said no, that it needs to be someone that will win veto. Cody asked who Jessica wants to see out of the house more than anyone. Jessica said Paul.

11:40 AM BBT: Paul told Jason and Kevin that if they rattle right before Jessica’s eviction by telling him he sent his girl out, he wouldn’t do well in the HOH competition. Kevin said that even if Cody does do well, he wouldn’t put them three up.

12:20 PM BBT: Christmas told Alex that Elena isn’t going to want to go up as a pawn if either of them win the upcoming HOH, but said that Elena is going to have to. Alex said that Paul told them not to worry because there isn’t anything they can do. Christmas said that she worries all the time and that Paul isn’t always right.

12:25 PM BBT: Josh told Alex and Christmas that between them, he wants Elena out because he doesn’t know if they’re ever going to get this chance again. Christmas told Josh to talk to Jessica and secure his safety with Cody for at least one week in case he wins HOH, but Alex said that he should wait until a little later in the week to do that. Christmas agreed, saying that if they’re going to flip the vote against Elena, it’s only going to be done in a last minute flip. Josh said that it would be Christmas, Alex, Jason, Kevin, and Cody voting to evict Elena.

12:35 PM BBT: Alex told Christmas and Jason that as much as she wants Elena out, she thinks that Jessica is the smarter move, but said that she’s going to do whatever Josh wants. Christmas said that she’s torn. Jason said that if Josh wants to change his target, they should say yes and vote Jessica out anyway. Alex said that she doesn’t want to lie to Josh. Christmas said that it’s true that Elena will eventually turn Paul, Mark, Matt, and Raven to her side. Christmas added that if they keep Jessica, they should make a deal with Cody, then they will take out Matt.

12:40 PM BBT: Josh told Jason that the reason he wants to target Elena this week is because he’s looking at the bigger picture. Josh said that Jessica and Cody will always be big targets while Elena has been playing really good. Jason asked how Elena has any power to do anything. Josh said that Elena has Mark, Matt, Raven, Jessica, and Cody, all while nobody is looking at her suspiciously. Jason said that everyone is looking at Elena like that. Josh asked who Jason thinks would be the better person to take out for their game. Jason said Jessica. Josh asked if he thinks that Cody and Jessica would come after them if they were to keep them both in the house. Jason said no, but that Cody wouldn’t come after him even if Jessica did leave because he has bigger targets in mind. Josh told Jason that he needs to stop thinking about what the house wants and start thinking about what is best for their game. Jason told Josh that he’s sold on the idea. Jason said that if they keep Jessica, when they finally get do Jessica out, Cody will want out that following week to be with her.

12:55 PM BBT: Christmas told Josh that he needs to chill on pushing for Elena to go this week because he doesn’t want to get the house riled up right now. Josh said that he’s not trying to rile up the house, just tell them how he sees things. Christmas said that he just can’t talk about it right now because it’s too early. Christmas added that she believes that Alex and Kevin would be on board, but said that earlier when Josh walked away, Jason said there was no way that he would keep Jessica. Christmas told Josh that Elena has Paul in her pocket and as soon as Elena went on the block, the duo went back to having private conversations. Josh said that Paul is either with him or against him and if he wants Elena out, Elena is going home.

Christmas told Josh that she has a decent relationship with Jessica and could be Josh’s conduit between Jessica and Cody when she approaches them with a new deal. Christmas said that Paul has been floating from one side to the other too much. Josh said that Paul is protecting both sides and it’s starting to piss him off. Christmas said that this isn’t Paul’s house and that Paul is going to have to pick an alliance, but right now it seems like he’s picking Elena. Christmas added that Paul is Elena’s new Mark.

1:05 PM BBT: Alex told Jason that Josh really wants to keep Jessica. Jason said he’s fine with that, but Alex said no, that they need to get rid of Jessica because every day that she sees her, she wants to punch Jessica in the face. Alex said that Cody and Jessica being in jury is two votes that would never go for them. Jason said that Elena won’t be voting for them either, adding that it doesn’t really matter and they should just do what Josh wants.

1:25 PM BBT: Matt told Josh that if Mark does use the veto, it won’t hurt Josh because he has both him and Raven telling Josh that he can use them as a pawn. Matt added that this week is already done and that Jessica is going home, so they should start planning for the next week.

1:50 PM BBT: Matt told Raven that he thinks that she should go up as a pawn because it is safest.

1:55 PM BBT: Raven told Josh to put her up if Mark uses the veto.

2:35 PM BBT: Christmas told Alex and Jason that it’s no surprise that Elena is currently outside with Paul, stating that those two are way too close. Jason asked who she thinks is best to get out between Jessica and Elena. Christmas said that there is pros and cons to both, but said that Elena has the ability to rally people better than both Cody and Jessica. Jason said that if they sent Elena home, Cody and Jessica would both want to go to jury if they got one of them out. Christmas said said that they currently have a lot of leverage if they want to make a deal to be protected by Cody and Jessica for a few weeks.

Josh joined Alex, Christmas, and Jason in the kitchen, rehashing everything he has said before about why Elena has to be the one who they evict on Thursday over Jessica. Josh said that he’d explain to Paul that he wanted Cody out this week, not Jessica, so now they should go after Elena. Alex asked who they’ll target next week. Josh said Cody, Jessica, and Mark.

2:50 PM BBT: Elena asked Jessica who she thinks the winner will be. Jessica said that if the finale was tomorrow and she had to cast a vote, she would vote for Paul to win since he’s playing the best overall game. Jessica went on to warn Elena of people who are pretending to be on Elena’s side but actually aren’t. You can read the full recap of their conversation by clicking here.

3:05 PM BBT: Alex told Christmas, Paul, and Matt that she doesn’t know why Josh would try to flip who they vote out after they worked so hard to finally get Jessica in this position. Paul said that Elena isn’t a threat to them because everyone sees it and she can’t win competitions. Paul said that they should put Mark and Elena up again, then backdoor Cody. Alex said that they should just make sure that Jessica is evicted first, but Paul told her that there is no way that Jessica isn’t.

4:00 PM BBT: Raven told Christmas that if Mark uses the veto, she’ll be the one going up. Christmas told her that Raven doesn’t have anything to worry about, stating that it’s already shady enough that Mark is using the veto at all. Raven said that she trusts the house and wanted to be nominated so that she can make a speech.

4:15 PM BBT: Elena asked Mark who he’s going to target once Cody is out. Mark said Josh. Elena said her target would be Alex. Mark said that Josh can’t just put the both of them up and expect it to be okay, especially considering Josh turned down using Paul as a pawn to do so.

4:35 PM BBT: Paul began talking to the viewers at home. He said that Matt could start winning competitions and be dangerous, so he wants to put Matt on few people’s radars. Paul said that his closest allies right now are Alex, Christmas, Jason, and Josh. Paul said that Raven came in being sweet, but she’s actually crazy and has an attitude. Paul added that Christmas has an attitude too. Paul said that his next step is to drill into people’s heads that he’ll never win if he makes it to the end, despite him knowing that he actually would. Paul said that if he’s able to get Cody, Matt, and Elena out, he’d be able to steamroll the rest of the house.

5:05 PM BBT: Paul told Elena that at some point everyone is going to turn on him and say that they should get him out. Elena said that she thinks that people are going to want to use him until the end, getting his advice. Elena said that the other option that could happen is that people say they should get him out sooner rather than later. Paul said that if people are smart, they’ll keep him around because he can’t win. Paul said that he has already come to terms that he isn’t going to win since he’s played the game before. When Elena said that Nicole beat a newbie, Paul said that Nicole had other vets voting for her in jury, but he doesn’t.

Elena told Paul that it could be just as easy to send her home because they know that Jessica would remain a target. Paul said that is the dumbest thing she has said to him. Paul added that Jessica and Cody are a power duo, so he questioned why anyone would want to leave that in the house.

5:35 PM BBT: Paul told Mark that he won the veto, so it’s his right to use it on himself. Mark said that there is no chance in hell that he wasn’t going to use it on himself. Paul said that he’s not here to tell him to not use the veto, but said that if there was ever a situation where the confidence in going home was so strong that it wouldn’t need to be used, it was now.

Mark told Paul that Josh put him and Elena up knowing that there was a good chance that the two of them could have been on the block on Thursday. Paul said that he thinks Josh put them up over their vote to evict him the other week. Paul added that even though Josh calls him up every 45 minutes, he had no hand in Mark or Elena going up. Mark said that he knows.

Paul told Mark that even though Elena is his closest ally, he needs to start telling people that she isn’t. Mark said that is what he’s doing and people are starting to believe it.

7:10 PM BBT:  Josh told Christmas that Kevin said that Cody isn’t coming after him, he’s going to be going after Matt and Raven. Josh added that Kevin is smart, but he slips up a lot, so Josh said that he can’t tell Kevin everything. Christmas said that Kevin has apparently developed a friendship with Cody and the two of them are included in that protection. Christmas warned Josh that when you tell Kevin something, you can expect it to make it’s way back to Paul.

Josh told Christmas that he wants Elena out and if they save Jessica, she wouldn’t come after them. Christmas said that now that they made jury, they can flip the house and cause some chaos, but warned that there is still a good chance that Cody guns for Josh.

Christmas told Josh that every time she has a conversation with Paul, he’ll say that those in the room are going to make it to the top eight together, but it’s entirely based on who is in the room with them at the time. Josh said that he thinks that Paul’s top eight is Kevin, Matt, Raven, Christmas, Josh, Jason, and Alex. Josh explained that Paul controls Matt and Raven, so he knows that those two wouldn’t go after him. Christmas said that if they’re not able to get Elena out this week, watching how Paul interacts with Elena afterwards will let her know where Paul stands. Josh said that before this week, he never questioned Paul, but now he questions why Paul is wanting to protect Elena so bad. Josh said that he confirmed last night that Paul has been leaking information to Elena. Christmas said that it’s very likely that Paul has been working with every single person in the house. Josh agreed, stating that Paul actually has control over a lot of those people too.

Josh said that he’ll tell Jessica at the last minute if she wants to be saved, she’ll have to tell Cody to vote to evict Elena. Josh added that they should have the votes of Christmas, Cody, Jason, Alex, and Kevin. Christmas said that she’s willing to do what Josh wants. Josh said that he’s torn, but pointed out that Elena would put him up, while Jessica and Cody wouldn’t. Josh went on to add that the house shifts with Elena out, but stays the same if Jessica is taken out. Christmas said that they need to leverage this situation to where it is the least destructive. Josh said that his only fear is getting out Elena, then him and Paul drifting apart. Christmas said that if they don’t take out Jessica, Cody can just throw out the deal and say that he doesn’t need them anymore. Josh said that they should get Jessica out.

11:40 PM BBT: Mark told Alex and Jason that for whatever reason, Cody wanted to work with the two of them in the beginning. Alex said that she thinks that Cody is a good guy and she still kinda trusts him, but said that he just got wrapped up with Jessica. Alex said that she thinks that Cody genuinely likes Jessica, but she doesn’t know how much Jessica likes him. Mark said that Jessica threw away a jury spot for Cody.

12:25 AM BBT: Christmas told Kevin that Josh was thinking about targeting Elena, but then realized that the consequences of doing that wouldn’t be smart. Kevin said that they have to evict Jessica because Cody isn’t smart enough to know what is going on after that.

12:30 AM BBT: Paul told Christmas and Raven that Mark is pulling himself off and asked if Raven is going up. Raven said yes. Christmas said that she thinks it’s weird that Mark is using the veto since there is no reason to have to switch the nominees. Raven said that it’s okay with her.

12:35 AM BBT: Christmas told Kevin that the reason that Raven volunteered to go up as a pawn is so that she can claim that she’s already been a pawn when they need one later on down the line.

12:50 AM BBT: Raven told Matt that Alex, Christmas, and Kevin know that she’s going up tomorrow and are pissed that there has to be a replacement nominee at all. Matt said that is good since it means that their plan is working. Matt said that if Elena wins HOH, she’s putting Josh up. Raven said that she’d love for Elena to put up Alex and Josh.

Raven told Matt that Christmas is more pissed off that she’s going on the block than Raven herself is. Matt said that Jessica is going home, adding that if not Jessica, it would be Elena. Raven said that it would be Jessica going home.

1:05 AM BBT: Paul told Raven that if Cody wins the temptation next week, it’ll be Mark who goes home. Raven said that is what her and Matt were thinking. Paul said that they’d need to put up Mark and a different pawn other than Elena. Matt said that they could always use Josh. Matt said that he would take Josh to the final five though. Paul agreed. Matt said that if it were Christmas and Josh that they took to the final five, it would be Matt, Paul, or Raven who won the money. Paul suggested that they take Alex and Jason as far as they can, but Matt said that Alex is too good of a competitor.

Raven told Paul that Cody went after her first, but she turned him down. Raven explained that Cody also has a soft spot for Alex too, then pointed out that the two girls that Jessica dislikes the most are her and Alex.

2:25 AM BBT: Josh told Paul that he knows that he was wanting to target Elena earlier in the week, but said that he realized that Jessica made it too personal between them and that leaving her with Cody in the house is just too lethal. Paul said that they can target Elena once they split up Jessica and Cody.

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