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Big Brother 19: Day 46 Recap

It’s veto day in the Big Brother house, which means that we’ll get a glimpse of how things are likely to turn out on Thursday. There is the potential for plenty of drama this week if Jessica can pull out the win, but even if she doesn’t, Josh will still be pushing for Elena’s eviction, which could cause a ruckus if it got back to Elena.


10:10 AM BBT: It’s revealed that there won’t be any new have-nots this week and it’ll be Elena on slop alone since she got the have-not extension last week.

10:15 AM BBT: Jessica told Cody that she believes that Paul has started lying about even the people he claims to know in LA. Jessica said that she’s going to make up a fake person and see if Paul says that he knows who it is. Cody said that he’d met someone like Paul before, someone who lies so much that they start to believe the lie themselves, and said that it was sad to see. Jessica asked Cody who he’d vote out if it came down to Mark and Elena. Cody said that if one is being targeted by the house, he’d vote out the other to spite the house.

11:05 AM BBT: Christmas told Josh that Paul is still wanting her to use her temptation to replace Cody in the POV competition if he gets drawn. Josh said that he doesn’t want Christmas using it. Christmas said that they should think about telling Paul before the veto players are chosen that she won’t use her temptation. Christmas told Josh that if Elena gets the veto, she’ll want to use it on herself, but said that Josh should try to talk her out of using it. Josh said that if it comes down to Jessica vs Elena on Thursday, he wants Elena out. Josh said that he’ll make that clear to Paul and tell him that he’s respected all of Paul’s wishes and had Paul’s back, so now is time for Paul to return the favor.

12:20 PM BBT: Josh asked Jessica how she’s feeling. Jessica said that she feels like she has one chance to save herself and if she doesn’t, she’s gone. Josh said that Jessica is strong and has the opportunity to save herself. Jessica said that she doesn’t want to see anybody on the block go home this week since she cares about each of them. Josh told Jessica that he regrets everything that happened between them and said that he isn’t above apologizing when he’s wrong.

Josh told Jessica that he sees how genuine she is, but said that she was the one who nominated him and drew the line in the sand, not him. Jessica said that when Josh watches the show back, he’ll see that the people who have been coming up to his room have been feeling the same way. Jessica told Josh that instead of Mark and Elena being rewarded for having a brain and thinking for themselves by refusing to talk to Cody or Jessica, they’re being punished by being nominated. Josh said that he nominated those two for a game reason that he said he wasn’t going to get into.

12:35 PM BBT: When Jessica left, Josh told the viewers at home that Jessica is still making it too personal while he’s trying to ease her mind without revealing his actual plan to her.

12:45 PM BBT: Christmas told Josh that she was the one who told Jessica that it was a good idea to speak to him, but said that she didn’t reveal their agenda to her. Josh retold Christmas his conversation with Jessica, saying that he couldn’t tell her his actual plan, but just tried to get her to relax. Josh said that he can’t talk to Jessica or Cody anymore because he needs everyone to think that those two are his targets. Josh explained that he wouldn’t mind if Jessica won the veto. Christmas threw out the idea of Josh using the veto on Jessica if he won it. Josh said that he’d say that Jessica was up front with targeting him while Elena tried doing it behind his back.

Christmas told Josh that he needs to get favors from people before he actually needs them by leveraging his HOH. Josh told Christmas that he doesn’t want her temptation used to replace Cody if he gets picked. Christmas agreed. Christmas said that they shouldn’t exclude Paul from their plans, but said that they should see where Paul’s loyalties lie by seeing what he pushes for.

1:10 PM BBT: Josh told Paul that he doesn’t want Christmas to use her temptation because each of his three main targets are on the block this week. Christmas told Paul that the worst case scenarios for them are all actually good scenarios since each of them are targets. Paul said that they have to think about jury, since Cody and Jessica are going to vote the same at finale if they’re left together and neither would vote for Josh out of spite. Paul said that Jessica is clearly the bigger threat, but Josh disagreed. Paul said that Elena is a solid back up target, but said that they should focus on their main target in Jessica.

Christmas told Josh and Paul that it would be fun to use her ¬†temptation if Cody got picked, then they could each vote to evict who Josh wanted. Josh said that he doesn’t care if Cody gets picked to play, he doesn’t want her temptation used. Paul said that the week before jury is the most pivotal week in the game, stating that if Jessica leaves now, Cody’s game goes up in flames. Paul said that using the temptation secures that their main target, Jessica, won’t be getting off the block. Paul told Josh that if Jessica does pull herself off, Elena goes home and Josh gets what he originally wanted anyway. Christmas told Josh that Jessica has done the most damage to him and she thinks that is who they should get out.

1:45 PM BBT: Josh asked Jason what happens if the worst case scenario happens and Jessica pulls herself off the block. Jason said that it wouldn’t be Mark getting evicted. Mark asked if they’re all going to leave the nominations the same if they were to win it. Jason said yes.

2:15 PM BBT: Christmas used her ring of replacement to take Cody’s spot in the POV competition. Read more by clicking here

2:15 PM BBT: Cody was crying on Jessica’s shoulder. Jessica said that they knew and prepared for the fact that they’d be coming for her if they couldn’t get to him.

2:15 PM BBT: Elena told Christmas that she was grateful that Christmas chose to use her temptation this week since it greatly increased Elena’s chances of staying in the game. \

2:20 PM BBT: Josh told Mark that they’re on the same team now and asked Mark to have his back going into next week. Mark said that he would.

2:20 PM BBT: Kevin told Jessica that when she’s gone, he’ll look out for Cody if she wanted him to. Kevin said that if Cody gives his word that he wouldn’t put up four people, they could team up and go at least 4 or 5 weeks together. Kevin said that once Jessica is evicted, Matt, Mark, Raven, and Elena are all going to come wanting to work with him.

2:25 PM BBT: Christmas told Jessica that her using the Ring of Replacement wasn’t personal. Jessica said that it was very personal, stating that Christmas chose to use it to get Jessica out instead of using it to secure Christmas’ own safety. Christmas told Jessica that she told her exactly what was going to happen if Jessica used the Hex and she did anyway. Christmas said that she likes Jessica personally, but said that Jessica needs to learn how to separate the two. Jessica said that she doesn’t have personal relationships with people who are two faced.

2:35 PM BBT: Christmas told Alex, Elena, Josh, and Mark about her conversation with Jessica, telling Mark and Elena that Jessica was basically implying that the two of them weren’t worth saving by using her Ring of Replacement.

2:50 PM BBT: Jessica told Cody about the deal that Kevin wants to make with him if Cody agrees to not go after four people. Cody said that he’s always going to be a target and would just be used as a pawn by those people, so he said that he isn’t making any deal and will target whoever he wants if he wins HOH. Cody said that he has one chance of winning HOH, taking someone out, then everyone will attempt to backdoor him that next week. Cody said that he’ll be happy as long as he takes out one of Matt, Raven, Paul, Alex, Josh, or Christmas.

Cody told Jessica the he figured the witch, Christmas, would conjure up her sorcery, calling her smug and saying that Christmas tries to have manly stair downs with him. Cody said that Christmas has to overcompensate because she thinks she’s a guy.

3:00 PM BBT: Josh told Alex, Christmas, Elena, Jason, Matt, Mark, Paul, and Raven to not launch any verbal attacks towards Jessica during the competition, but said that if they need to get in her way to win, they can do that.

3:20 PM BBT: Josh told Christmas that he’s pissed and doesn’t like what has happened. Josh said that he doesn’t want Elena or Mark to win and doesn’t care what strategy Paul comes up with in regards of who to throw it to. Christmas said that if they don’t get Jessica out, the two of them are going up. Josh said he knows and wants Jessica out. Josh said that it’s just people won’t let him give his input and Paul is trying to rile him up to get him pissed at Cody and Jessica, but Josh said that he’s better than that. Christmas said that Paul does have Josh’s back. Josh said that he knows, but that he just doesn’t want Jessica to be verbally attacked.

3:30 PM BBT: Josh told Alex that he doesn’t care what people are saying about strategy, they just need to make sure that either him, her, or Christmas win the veto. Josh said that he wants Elena out and would ideally have her, Kevin, Jason, and Christmas on board with that plan. Alex said that if she wins veto, she’ll keep the nominations the same like Josh wants. Josh said that Cody and Jessica will always be bigger targets than them, while they have the chance to get out Elena, who is able to control several people.

3:40 PM BBT: Josh told the viewers at home that he wants Jessica and Cody out eventually, but said that Elena is who his target is this week. Josh said that Matt and Raven have played it safe for nearly 50 days while Jessica has had to fight the entire time, which Josh said that he respects. Josh said that if people don’t respect his wishes to not attack Jessica during the competition, he’s going to go off on them. Josh said that he’s hoping that he or Jessica wins the veto so that they can send Elena out.

3:50 PM BBT: Christmas told Josh that she likes Paul and believes that he’s good for their team. Josh said that he likes Paul too, but said that all Paul does is try to control everything. Josh said that he’s being poked in hopes that he makes it personal with Jessica, but he isn’t going to let that happen. Christmas told Josh that Elena is putty in Paul’s hands, suggesting there is an alliance between the two.

3:55 PM BBT: Josh told Paul that he will lose it if people don’t respect his wishes to not attack Jessica. Paul said that if people want to screw up, he has to let them, stating that Josh needs to realize that people are going to play a different type of game than him. Paul said that what they’re doing is game and that he shouldn’t feel sorry because nobody is bullying Jessica or Cody. Paul told Josh that Cody and Jessica are using his emotions against him.

6:25 PM BBT: Mark won the POV

6:25 PM BBT: Christmas told Josh that if Mark takes himself down, she’s willing to go up as a pawn since she doesn’t know how would vote to evict her. Josh said that she’s not going up and that he was thinking about putting up Raven. Alex said that she believes that she’d be able to stop Mark from using it.

6:30 PM BBT: Christmas told Paul that Josh talked to Mark and Josh doesn’t think Mark will use it since it would be a “screw you” to Cody. Christmas said that Jessica has to go this week. Paul agreed, stating that it’s not even a debate.

6:45 PM BBT: Mark told Alex, Jason, Kevin, and Paul that he’s going to use the veto on himself, telling them that it doesn’t have anything to do with trust and it’s just how Big Brother was meant to be played.

6:50 PM BBT: Paul told Josh that Elena is downstairs talking to Cody and Jessica while everyone questions why she would do that. Paul said that they have an agenda for Elena next week, but their agenda this week is Jessica.

7:00 PM BBT: Josh told Mark that he has an idea, but wants Mark to be comfortable with it. Josh said that he doesn’t think that Mark needs to use the veto, stating that since people have doubts about him, it would be clear where he stands by not using the veto. Mark said that if they all trust each other like they say they do, whoever goes up as the replacement should understand. Mark said that he’s taking himself off, stating that is who he is as a competitor and especially with Elena being up next to him. Mark said that Cody is his target next week and that taking him out would be good for the house. Josh told Mark that he deserves it and should pull himself off.

7:00 PM BBT: Jessica asked Cody if he’s going to be okay. Cody said that he’s going to be angry and will rip through the house. Cody said that even if he doesn’t win HOH, he’ll have one more temptation competition to compete in, win his safety, then try for the following HOH. Cody said that his only goal will be to take as many people out of the running for the $500,000 as possible, starting with Raven and Matt. Cody also listed off Christmas, Josh, Paul, and Alex are people who were also apart of the circus the other day.

7:50 PM BBT: Christmas asked Alex and Josh what the difference between Mark not using the veto and using it. Alex said that it shows that Mark doesn’t trust them if he uses it. Josh agreed, adding that he’s thinking about Raven or Matt for the replacement nominee. Alex said that he shouldn’t put up Raven until they actually want to get her out.

8:00 PM BBT: Christmas told Josh that you are supposed to use the veto when you are in danger, stating that Mark isn’t in any danger. Christmas said that Mark has to stay on the block. Josh said that he’d respect Mark’s decision, but Christmas said that he can’t just respect it. Christmas said that if Mark uses the veto, everyone will think that he’s in an alliance with Cody. Christmas told Josh that Jessica going home this week is a good thing. Josh agreed.

Christmas told Josh to make it clear to Mark that if he uses the veto, the house will think he’s in an alliance with Cody. Christmas said that she herself would believe that Mark, Elena, and Cody are working together if the veto gets used.

9:00 PM BBT: Paul told Alex, Josh, and Matt that they need to get under Cody’s skin so that he’s rattled going into the next HOH, stating that they need him to lose so that he can be the next target out.

9:10 PM BBT: Josh told Christmas and Matt that he’s going to tell Mark to respect his wishes as HOH that he put him up as a pawn for a reason. Matt agreed that Mark shouldn’t use the veto, saying that they all just made jury and it wouldn’t be a good look for Mark to suddenly force a replacement nominee up. Matt said that if Mark doesn’t use the veto, it’ll be an easy 10-1, but if Mark does use the veto, he and Elena will be the obvious nominees for next week.

9:25 PM BBT: Josh told Paul that Mark said that he’s going to use the veto on himself. Paul said that they can’t blame Mark since he did win it himself. Raven said that she wants to cast a vote against Jessica, but said that if Mark does use the veto, Josh can use her as a replacement nominee. Josh said that he doesn’t want to have to do that. Paul said that they can talk to Mark, but that is as much as they’ll be able to do when it comes to that. Matt and Raven both promised Josh that they won’t be pissed if either of them are used as pawns.

9:35 PM BBT: Kevin told Paul about making a deal with Cody to take out Mark, Elena, Matt and Raven, stating that Cody told Kevin that he’s a man of his word. Paul said that Cody is lying. Kevin said that they hold all the cards, so questioned why they wouldn’t give Cody another chance. Paul said that Cody would go behind Kevin’s back and tell people about the deal that he made. Paul added that they can just wait to see who wins HOH, then if Cody wins, they can tell Cody whatever he wants to hear.

9:45 PM BBT: Jason told Josh to put up Christmas as a pawn if she volunteered. Josh said that Christmas doesn’t want to and that it was Raven and Matt that volunteered. Jason said that he’d put up Matt. Alex said that there is something going on with Matt and Raven, pointing out that those two have stayed up in the HOH room since he got it. Josh said that Matt and Raven’s time will come soon enough, but not right now since Elena, Cody, and Mark are all ahead of them.

10:10 PM BBT: Christmas told Paul that if Mark pulls himself off, that will raise new questions about his alliance with Cody. Paul said that’s true, but it’s Mark’s decision to make. Christmas said that she doesn’t think that they should be okay with having to put another person on the block. Paul said that they can’t get mad at Mark for using it when he was a pawn that won veto to save himself. Jason agreed that it’s not really that big of a deal. Josh asked if Paul thinks that Matt and Raven would actually be okay with going up. Paul said that they’re the ones who offered so he should call Matt on his bluff. Christmas said that they could put Raven up and see how Cody votes.

11:35 PM BBT: Mark told Alex that there is no way that he’s not using the veto to pull himself off, but said that it has nothing to do whether or not he trusts them. Alex told him that Elena has nothing to worry about. Mark said that he believes that Elena is just frustrated with her veto performance.

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