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Big Brother 19: Day 45 Recap

It’s temptation competition and nomination day in the Big Brother house, which means that the house is ripe for drama. We also have a secret agenda emerging from Josh and Christmas, which could also lead to plenty of drama if it were to ever get out or get back to Paul.


8:20 AM BBT: Christmas and Josh discussed their a secret agenda to get Elena out this week. You can read a full recap of that conversation by clicking here

10:20 AM BBT: Josh told Jessica that he’d like to speak with her alone whenever they get the chance. Jessica said okay, but they weren’t ever given the chance to speak before the temptation competition began.

8:25 PM BBT: Cody wins safety, Jessica goes up as the third nominee

8:25 PM BBT: Kevin asked Josh if he’s going to put up Mark and Elena now. Josh confirmed, adding that whatever happens this week, he just wants Kevin to have his back.

Once Kevin left, Paul joined Josh. Paul said that Jessica is the target, but Josh said that he wasn’t sure about that. Paul said that is the right move because if the get rid of Jessica, Elena will come to their side. Josh said that he wants Jessica out too, but said that they can get her and Cody out next week. Paul said no, but Josh told Paul to listen to him, explaining that Elena turned on Mark, Cody, and Jessica like it was nothing. Josh questioned if Paul thinks that Elena wouldn’t just do the same to them. Paul said that Elena wouldn’t because she wouldn’t have the numbers.

Matt joined, asking if Paul is going up as a pawn. Paul said “F*ck you”, to which Matt said that he was being serious because they need to ensure that they win the veto. Paul said that he’s not going up.

8:30 PM BBT: Paul told Josh that Jessica and Cody are a power duo that will win competitions together, while if they were to send Jessica out, Cody wouldn’t know what to do. Josh said that he sees the way that Elena moves. Paul asked if he sees that about Jessica, then told Josh that he’s wrong. Josh said that Elena is very persuasive, a good liar, and shady.  Paul said that if they get the chance to take Jessica out, they must take Jessica out. Paul told Josh that he has to start thinking about jury votes, since Jessica and Cody would never be a vote for him in the final two while Elena would. Josh said that Mark and Elena act like they’re his friends, then campaign against him. Paul said that nobody is fooled by Elena and that they all see it, but said that there is just a order of operations that goes Cody, Jessica, then Elena.

8:45 PM BBT: After Paul left, Josh told the cameras that he wants Elena out and that it’s just going to take some time to persuade Paul. Josh said that he slept and prayed on it and the one thing that was made clear to him was that Elena has to go. Josh said that Elena is disloyal as hell, citing her dropping Mark on a dime and turning on Jessica and Cody. Josh said that he has to play like Elena is his pawn, act like they’re getting Jessica out, then blindside Elena at the eviction. Josh said that if he wants Elena gone, Elena is going to be the one who is going.

8:50 PM BBT: Josh told Mark that Jessica has to go, but that he’s going to put Mark up as a target so that he can compete for the veto. Mark asked who Josh is putting up next to him, to which Josh said Elena since the two of them are strong competitors. Josh said that they don’t have anything to worry about since Jessica and Cody made it clear that they’re gunning for him.

8:50 PM BBT: Paul told Elena that he offered to be a pawn for Josh, but that Josh turned it down. Elena said that she’s not going to try to talk Josh out of nominating her. Paul said that he doesn’t know for sure if she’s going up, but said that is the inkling that he got. Elena said that the reason she would go up as a pawn is because they lied to her last week and she voted to evict Josh, which she said is irritating.

8:55 PM BBT: Josh told Paul that when he tells Elena that she’s going to be a pawn since she’s a strong competitor, she’ll start throwing other people’s names out as being stronger.

9:00 PM BBT: Elena told Josh that he’s going to put her up as a pawn and that he can do whatever he wants. Josh said that she’s a strong competitor and he needs them to ensure that Jessica doesn’t win the veto. Elena said that she knows it isn’t true that she’s the pawn since she’s a strong competitor since both Alex and Paul are stronger than she is. Josh said that it’s the truth that Elena is strong both mentally and physically. Josh said that the objective is to get Jessica out and they’ll have the numbers next week to get Cody out.

Elena told Josh that she feels like he’s putting her up because of her vote to evict him a couple weeks ago. Elena said that Josh told her that she’s good and has nothing to worry about, but now she’s going up as a pawn. Elena said that if Jessica wins veto, there is no replacement nominee and she’ll be nominated on Thursday. Josh said that Elena would be evicted over Mark. Elena continued to say that Josh’s reasoning of her being a strong competitor doesn’t add up and Josh kept defending his original statement.

10:40 PM BBT: Josh nominated Mark and Elena

10:45 PM BBT: Josh told Matt that Elena dragged Paul’s name during his discussion with her about using her as a pawn and said that Elena also threw out Matt’s name as a stronger competitor. Josh said that he’s a loyal person, while Elena has been making moves that have been extremely disloyal.

10:45 PM BBT: Paul and Elena discussed Elena potentially throwing him under the bus to Josh. Paul asked why she thinks he would believe that. Elena said that there is a reason why she was nominated over everyone else. Paul said that Josh isn’t a good HOH and that she doesn’t want Elena thinking that he has some hand in Josh’s decisions. Paul told Elena that she was probably put up because of her vote against him a couple evictions ago. Elena said she voted that way because they all lied to her. Paul said that she shouldn’t keep bringing that up because it upsets people.

10:50 PM BBT: Josh told Alex, Christmas, and Mark that Elena said that Paul, Alex, and Matt were all better people to go up as a pawn than her.

Josh went downstairs to have a conversation with Jessica. Josh told her that he didn’t say anything personal to her even though she made it person when she nominated him. Jessica said that Josh attacked her on the anniversary of her father’s death. Jessica said that she can’t take the back and forth with Josh and his mood swings, telling him that he needs to pick a mood and stay there.

Jessica told Josh that the other day they had a conversation and she thought that they were good, but apparently not since he nominated them. Josh said that he said what he said and that he believes that Cody ruined her game, reiterating that this was just his opinion. Cody said that they never came to him and asked for his opinion. Josh told Jessica that when she calms down, they can have a conversation, but Cody said that Josh doesn’t get it, that he doesn’t want to hear anything else from Josh. Jessica told Josh that she thought his behavior during the HOH competition on the anniversary of her dad’s death was disgusting. Josh told Jessica that she can still pull herself off with the veto and that he’ll respect her decision if she wins HOH next week.

11:05 PM BBT: Josh told Christmas, Jason, Matt, and Raven that he doesn’t to repeat the day that they all attacked Jessica and Cody during his HOH. Josh said that they need to win the veto, keep the nominations the same, send Jessica home, then gun for Cody.

Alex joined them in the HOH room. Josh told her that she doesn’t want Cody or Jessica attacked this week. Paul then joined them, retelling them all of his conversation with Elena and how he just did major damage control with her. Paul said that he knew from Elena’s reactions that she did throw their names under the bus. Paul added that Elena said that she’ll choose him if she gets player’s choice before the veto competition. Josh said that he doesn’t want Elena coming off the block. Paul said that’s fine since nobody is coming off.

11:05 PM BBT: Jessica told Cody that the way that Josh was talking to her, it makes her think that Mark is the target, but Jessica said that it doesn’t matter what Josh wants, it matters what the house wants and she said that she doesn’t think Josh has the power to sway anyone. Jessica said that if she wins veto, Mark is going home.

11:30 PM BBT: Paul told Josh that both Elena and Mark are sketchy. Josh said that he’s happy that he finally sees it. Paul said that it was a good move on Josh’s part to get Elena to squirm. Paul said that they first need to get Jessica and Cody out, then after is when they can target Elena and Mark.

11:40 PM BBT: Josh told Alex and Jason that if they can stay locked in together, they’ll be able to make it further than any of the agendas anyone else had for them. Josh said that they need to remember where they were on day two and that the only two people who interacted with them were Christmas and Paul, but said that they don’t have to trust those two completely. Alex said that Paul’s season was Friendship and he can’t go back on that, so they can trust him completely.

Josh said that if they win the veto, he wants the nomination to stay the same, but that he actually wants Elena out this week. Josh cited how disloyal she is when she dumped her showmance and turned on her best friends Jessica and Cody. Josh said that by getting Elena out, Jessica and Cody remain targets in front of all three of them. Alex said that they don’t have the numbers right now to get Elena out over Jessica. Josh said that evicting Elena is what is best for their games.

11:55 PM BBT: Kevin told Paul that if Cody wins HOH, he can ensure that Cody doesn’t put Paul up. Kevin said that if he could get Cody to put up Mark and Matt, they wouldn’t have any other guys in the house to worry about. Paul said that they could get Mark and Matt out without Cody. Paul said that he’s getting Cody out if he wins HOH. Kevin said that he is too. Kevin said that if Jessica doesn’t win POV, she’s leaving. Paul agreed.

12:45 AM BBT: Josh told the viewers at home that he doesn’t like Cody, but said that he still wants Elena out more than him. Josh said that he actually likes Jessica, but said that she’s playing Cody’s game, so she’d have to go too.

12:55 AM BBT: Paul told Alex and Jason that Elena has started to dig her own grave and that next week they can put Mark and Elena up again with the intention of backdooring Cody. Paul said that he believes they should get out Matt before Mark. Jason agreed. Paul asked who they should get out if Jessica wins the veto. Jason and Alex both said Elena.

1:05 AM BBT: Jessica told Christmas that she doesn’t know if Josh has an alternate plan in place, but said that even if Josh does, she doesn’t know if he’d be able to swing it. Jessica said that she’s going to fight her hardest tomorrow and that she has put in too much blood, sweat, and tears to give up now.

1:15 AM BBT: Paul told Alex, Jason, and Kevin that the eviction order should be Jessica, Cody, Elena, then Matt. Paul said that it’s important that they get Cody out before the double eviction. Alex said that means they’ll need to get him out next week before he’s able to regroup with Jessica gone. Paul told Kevin that they’re going to try to get Jessica out this week, but if they can’t, they’re going to evict Elena.

1:40 AM BBT: Josh told Elena that he only repeated what she said in regards to saying that Paul and Alex are stronger competitors. Elena said that she made it clear that she wasn’t telling him who to nominate and was only pointing out that she has been outperformed since he said he was going based on competition skill. Elena said that she’s scared because multiple people have told her that people have started to say things about her. Josh said that Jessica and Cody both hate his guts, so she’s fine. Elena said that she’s not mad at Josh, it’s just that she felt misunderstood and wasn’t trying to throw Paul or Alex under the bus.

1:55 AM BBT: Josh began talking to the viewers at home. He went over several times how he wants to win the veto tomorrow so that he can keep the nominations the same and send Elena out the door. He talked about how difficult it’s going to be to get people on board, but said that this is what needs to happen for his game.

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