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Big Brother 19: Day 44 Recap

We’ve finally made it to Thursday, which means that power will be switching hands and we’ll get a pretty good idea as to how the next few weeks are going to shape out to be from that alone. We also might be getting a blindside once Jessica uses her Hex, since many of the houseguests don’t believe the powers that is actually has.


2:50 PM BBT: Paul asked Matt if he’s going to have the conversation with Jessica to see if he can find out if Jessica is going to use her Hex or not and what exactly the Hex does. Matt questioned if there was any point to it. Paul said that they have to do something to get some sort of inkling as to what’s going to happen. Matt asked that if Jessica doesn’t use it on Cody, she’s not going to use it all at. Paul said yes, to which Matt said that they’re good then. Paul kept pushing for Matt to have a talk with Jessica.

Paul pointed out that Jessica has been wearing Cody’s dog tags. Alex said it’s because they know that they’re going to be separated after tonight.

3:00 PM BBT: Matt told Jessica that he’s under the assumption that they’re all hanging out and going to be playing mini golf together today. Jessica said yes. Matt asked if there was anything last minute that Jessica wanted to tell him. Jessica said that she doesn’t understand what he’s getting at. Jessica asked Matt if he’s asking if he should prepare to say goodbye to her. Matt said not at all.

6:40 PM BBT: Jessica used the Halting Hex

6:50 PM BBT: Josh becomes the new HOH

7:00 PM BBT: Cody asked Jessica if they should just stay quiet, not talk game, and see if people come to them for anything. Jessica said that nobody is going to come for them for anything and she’s happy about that. Jessica added that the two of them are going to be on the block this week and next week if they don’t pull out some wins.

7:05 PM BBT: Paul asked Josh if he noticed how Mark and Elena weren’t happy when he won HOH. Josh told Paul, Alex, Jason, and Raven that he’s friendly and nice, but will never talk game with Mark, Elena, Cody, or Jessica. Alex reiterated Paul’s point that Elena and Mark weren’t happy about Josh’s win, but Mark was sitting right there and questioned why Alex keeps trying to start stuff with people when it comes to him.

Mark told Alex that he’s on the same page as the rest of them. Alex said that Elena is in the bathroom alone talking with Jessica and Cody as they spoke. Alex told Mark that it’s time for him to pick a side. Mark said that he’s on their side, to which Alex asked him to prove it. Mark asked Alex what has he ever done to her. Alex said that she has heard from numerous people that have said that Mark doesn’t like her and wants her out. Alex asked if Mark wants her out. Mark said no, but said that he does have an issue with her, stating that he is concerned that Alex is the one coming for him. Josh joined them, saying that he thinks that Mark was upset about not getting a letter from home this week and that they should just chill out.

Alex told Mark that he had a chance to confront Cody and Jessica the other day, but didn’t, which she implied was another question mark in her head about him. Mark said that the one time that he did confront Cody, Alex said that it looked weird. Alex told Mark that he hasn’t come to her to talk game once. Mark asked why she hasn’t come to him, to which she said that he was the one who said that he wanted to work with her and Jason. Mark apologized to Alex for not having her back during the fight with Jessica, stating that he just wanted to stay out of it.

Alex started to question Mark about why he voted out Jillian and what he knew about Jessica’s temptation. Mark said that he voted out Jillian because he had to go with the house and that he only knew about the temptation when Jessica announced it to the house after Paul won HOH. Mark told Alex that if he was ever relaying information to Cody like she thinks, Cody and Jessica wouldn’t have been surprised by Paul’s nominations last week. Alex brought up Mark’s aggression towards her. Mark said that he does it only with her because he sees that she has an aggressive personality too, so he figured they’d do it to each other. Alex told Mark that the two of them can be chill moving forward.

7:20 PM BBT: Paul told Josh and Kevin that everyone is going to compete in the temptation competition so that it increases their odds against Jessica and Cody. Paul said that they need to put up Jessica and Cody this week with the intention of sending out Jessica. Josh said that he’s going to make Mark and Elena squirm this week.

7:50 PM BBT: Kevin asked Josh if they’re going to take out Jessica over Cody. Josh said yes, but that they’re going to blindside Jessica by making her think that they’re targeting Cody. Kevin said that he doesn’t think he’ll compete in tomorrow’s safety temptation. Josh said that he should since the odds against Jessica and Cody would be better. Kevin said that he’ll compete if everyone else does.

7:55 PM BBT: Jessica told Cody that she’d like for people to start playing their own game, adding that everyone is completely blind to the fact that Paul doesn’t have any equals, he only has people who do work for him. Jessica added that anyone who tries to go against Paul gets evicted because of that dynamic. Jessica told Cody that he needs to win safety via the temptation competition, then she’ll come in last so that she can secure a veto spot.

8:00 PM BBT: Christmas warned Josh and Paul that putting Cody, Jessica, Mark, and Elena all in the same have-not room together gives them plenty of time to talk game.

8:05 PM BBT: Elena told Josh that she heard that Alex said that her or Mark weren’t happy about him winning HOH. Josh said that he just brushed that off and explained that he figured Mark was upset about not getting his own letter from home. Elena said that she can’t speak for Mark, but based on conversation she’s had with him, Mark is excited for Jessica to go home.

Josh told Elena that he wanted to talk with her about her vote to evict him since nobody gave him any explanations after Ramses eviction. Elena said that the entire house was going to evict him, including Paul, so it was best for her game to go with what the house wanted. Josh said that if he hadn’t had those seven votes, he would have been gone. Elena said that she’s glad that he’s there, but said that he needs to think about what he would have done if Elena and Paul were nominated, he likes both equally, but the entire house says that they’re voting out Elena and then Elena never comes to talk to him.

8:25 PM BBT: Cody told Jessica that it’s obvious that the two of them are going to be the targets, so they should keep quiet and do their best in the competitions. Cody added that they just need to chill, since they freaks out everyone in the house more, stating that before they know it, someone else could make themselves the target.

Cody told Jessica that his only goal now is going to put the fear of God into people. He said that since everyone is going to think he’d use the veto to save Jessica, he’d actually use it on himself and say that he’s coming after each of them in his veto speech. Cody and Jessica agreed that at this point, they’re both rooting for Kevin to win. Jessica said that if there is any cash prizes in the veto competition, she’s going to go for the money over the veto. Cody agreed.

10:45 PM BBT: Josh told Alex, Christmas, Jason, Kevin, Matt, Paul, and Raven that they know that Jessica and Cody are the targets, they just now have to make sure that they keep Jessica or Cody from winning the temptation competition. Jason asked Josh who he wants to go home first. Josh said that Jessica is a stronger competitor. Josh asked Matt if he’d be willing to be a have-not so that Mark, Elena, Jessica, and Cody wouldn’t have the room alone to game talk. Matt said yes.

Paul told the group that they should leak that they’re going to target Cody so that Jessica is blindsided going into Thursday’s eviction and Cody would be shaken going into the new HOH competition. Matt asked if they’re all going to compete in the Temptation Competition. Josh and Paul both said yes.

11:15 PM BBT: Mark and Elena joined the the big group in the HOH room. Mark asked if they’re going to be targeted Cody. Josh said yes, that Cody is who he wants out. Mark said that as long as neither Cody or Jessica win the temptation competition, they should be able to enjoy the week. Kevin said that it’ll be everyone except for Christmas and Josh competing.

11:20 PM BBT: Mark told Christmas, Josh, and Paul that if Cody goes home, it’ll make a better environment for Jessica, who is the better player of the two. Josh said that he just wants Cody out, stating that it’s day 40 and Cody still hasn’t had a conversation with him. Christmas said that Jessica wouldn’t use the veto on him while Cody would use the veto on her.

11:45 PM BBT: Matt told Raven that he wants to set it up so that going into next week, them two and Paul will be safe regardless of who wins the next HOH.

12:10 AM BBT: Josh told Elena that she’s good with him and that she has nothing to worry about since Cody is his target. Josh added that he looks at Mark and Elena as two separate people and has made his peace about the votes against him the previous week. Josh said that Jessica and Cody are both his targets, but said that he’s wanting Cody out this week. Paul said that they shouldn’t just write Jessica off.

12:25 AM BBT: Paul told Elena that people have a distaste for Mark. Elena said that she’s very aware of it. Elena told Paul that the day before yesterday, she walked in on Alex whispering twice and Paul was the one she was talking to one of the times. Paul said that there isn’t any conversations that he’s been involved in that he hasn’t told Elena about. Elena said that she trusts Paul more than anyone else in the house, but Big Brother gets you paranoid.

Elena told Paul that it’s shady how Alex tossed her name around in front of everyone, adding that Matt and Raven are best friends with Alex now. When Paul asked how she knew that, Elena said that the three are together all the time.

12:40 AM BBT: Josh told Paul that if Jessica wants to have a converstation, he’ll have a conversation with her. Paul said that Josh should lock the door and that he’d be an idiot to give Jessica the time of day. Paul said that he should humor anything from Cody or Jessica since they didn’t humor anything from him.

12:50 AM BBT: After Paul left, Christmas told Josh that she loves Paul, but that Josh shouldn’t do everything that Paul says. When Paul rejoined, Josh told them that he’d like to get Jessica and Elena out before Mark and Cody since he knows that he can mess with those two. Paul said that they should be nice to Jessica all week while giving Cody the cold shoulder, then blindside them both at eviction by getting out Jessica. Paul said that if Christmas’ temptation is still valid, they could put up Jessica and a pawn, then if Cody gets pulled to play in veto, she could swap places with him. Paul said that he believes it would be better to nominate Jessica and Alex so that they could ensure Alex gets to compete. Christmas said that they should wait until after the temptation competition.

1:25 AM BBT: Alex retold her argument with Mark to Christmas. Alex said that she wants Cody, Jessica, Mark, and Elena all out. Christmas said that the group is in agreement with her.

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