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Big Brother 19: Day 43 Recap

We’re likely in for another boring day in the Big Brother house as we wait for tomorrow’s eviction and for power to change hands. The fighting has been toned down since Paul’s group has decided to stop trying to make Cody crack by constant taunts and instead have gone back to just being cordial.


11:40 AM BBT: Alex told Jason that Cody and Jessica could be trying to pull them into a group to get them to turn against Paul and they’re getting Mark to do all the of the dirty work of putting that plan in place. Alex said they should say yes, then screw them over from within. Jason liked that idea.

1:35 PM BBT: Raven told Matt that America is going to take the fight with Jessica and Cody how they want, but they also are going to see what they’ve been dealing with in regards to Cody and Jessica’s treatment towards them. Matt said he doesn’t doubt that the live feeders have seen it, but said that Jessica was given the temptation, which means that things are being portrayed in a different light.

Matt told Raven that Cody doesn’t deserve to be in the house and that it upsets him at just the thought of Cody getting a jury spot over people like Alex, Jason, Kevin, or other people who deserve to be in the house. Raven said that she wants Jessica to use the Hex because it’ll be the final nail in her coffin with everyone in the house.

2:45 PM BBT: Mark told Jason that his main goal going into tomorrow is to win HOH so that he can put Jessica and Cody up so that he can clear his name. Mark asked if Jessica and Cody leaving would finally clear Mark’s name. Jason said that he doesn’t know, but that he does feel like Mark is in a bit of trouble. Jason said that he feels like Elena must be telling Paul something. Mark asked if there was any way that he could go home before Jessica and Cody. Jason said no.

Mark told Jason that once Jessica and Cody are gone, he’s going to be the new public enemy #1, so Mark says that he’s going to try to make sure that changes. Mark asked Jason to keep him posted if his name were to come up. Jason said that he thinks that Paul wonders about the two of them since Jason has always been going to bat for Mark. Mark asked how Jason feels about Paul. Jason said that Paul knows the game and wants to win, that he’s sharp as a tack and Jason knows that he couldn’t beat Paul in the final two. Mark told Jason that he wants to work with him and Alex moving forward.

3:20 PM BBT: The houseguests get a practice competition for tomorrow’s HOH. You can find out how everyone did and pictures by clicking here.

4:15 PM BBT: Jessica told Cody that she was going to be going into tomorrow’s HOH and give it everything that she had, hoping that the determination would give her the results that she wanted, but now that they know it’s going to be a crapshoot, the chance of them going home is suddenly a lot more real to her. Jessica said that the two of them have put more blood, sweat, and tears into the game than anyone else and have earned their spots in jury, but now it’s likely that only one of them make it. Cody said that they just have to enjoy their final days together and try to pull out an HOH win.

4:30 PM BBT: Paul told Alex, Christmas, Elena, Josh, Matt, Mark, and Raven that he’s going to periodically wake Cody and Jessica up so that they’re sleep deprived and frustrated going into tomorrow’s HOH competition.Matt said that unless Jessica or Cody wins HOH, they’re not going to be able to stay together, so there is no downside to Jessica using her Hex. Matt said that if Jessica thought there was a 5% chance that she was going to win the $500,000, she wouldn’t use the Hex, but said that neither Jessica nor Cody think that they’ll win it all.

6:15 PM BBT: Matt and Raven discussed how Christmas has started to become overbearing with how forceful she is and how she keeps interrupting people. Matt said that he almost feels bad for Christmas because she doesn’t know how uncomfortable she’s making people feel.

6:20 PM BBT: Paul told Matt and Raven that the three of them are situated best for at least the next three weeks, stating that they know that Alex and Jason want to work with them also. Paul said that if Jessica and Cody are able to somehow avoid eviction next week, it’ll need to be Mark who goes because if they got out Elena, Mark would just go 100% with Cody instead of trying to hide it like he does now. Paul said that he believes they’d be able to justify getting Mark out to Elena and that she might even realize it’s best for her game.

Matt asked if they’re putting Josh up next to Cody or Jessica if one from that pair finishes in last place during the temptation competition. Raven said yes, that the nominees would be Josh, Jessica and Cody. Matt said that he actually likes Josh and wouldn’t want to get him out. Paul agreed, but said that they shouldn’t let Josh know how valuable he is to them.

6:25 PM BBT: Jason told Mark that he doesn’t think that Paul is panicked about him. Mark said that the way Elena dropped him makes him think otherwise. Jason said that is fishy. Mark said that Elena has been spending more time with Paul and Matt now than with him. Jason said that Elena has even been spending more time with him lately. Mark said that Elena turned her game around for no reason. Jason said that Elena might just be stepping back to see how he reacts and that he shouldn’t leave her now. Mark said that it hurts, but that he isn’t going to turn his back on Elena.

6:35 PM BBT: Matt asked Raven on her thoughts on Elena. Raven said that she wants to trust her and that she feels like Elena has been coming to talk to her more. Raven said that Mark has been getting upset by the way that Elena has been laying on Paul and that it’s to the point where Raven thinks that Elena is doing it on purpose.

Matt told Raven that he thinks it’s clear that Mark is going to go after Jessica and Cody. Raven said that she’d like for Jessica to go, then Cody, Mark, Christmas, Elena, and Josh. Matt asked about Kevin. Raven said that she’d like to keep Kevin around for as long as she can.

7:30 PM BBT: Christmas told Josh that everyone sees how tight they are, even if they don’t hang out. Josh said that Christmas doesn’t have to tell people that the two of them are talking game when they’re together. Josh told Christmas that she knows she’s his #1 and that he doesn’t care what people say in regards to her controlling him, since she’s just helping him.

Josh told Christmas that the comments that Raven were hurling at Jessica were too intense. Christmas agreed, stating that Raven made it personal and completely lost her top. Christmas said that when you personally attack someone like that, you’re no longer the angel in the group. Christmas said that Raven has been wearing out her welcome. Josh agreed, but said that isn’t until later down the line.

Christmas told Josh that Paul sees him as a loyal guy, but doesn’t talk a lot of game in fear that Josh is going to slip up and let it out. Christmas said that she doesn’t put it past Paul to tell her white lies, but said that she believes that Paul sees how loyal she is to him and he’ll start returning that loyalty to her more and more. Christmas said that they need to make sure that Paul doesn’t end up getting duped by Elena. Josh said that Mark is in the top three that he wants out. Christmas agreed, listing off Cody, Elena, then Mark.

9:15 PM BBT: Cody told Jessica that if it looks like he’s going to win the temptation competition, she should intentionally throw it so that she goes up as the third nominee and can ensure that she compete in the veto competition. Jessica agreed. Jessica said that she questions who is going to take the leadership role in the house when Paul is gone, stating that if Cody and Paul were never in the house, she doesn’t think that role would have ever of been filled.

9:20 PM BBT: Jason asked Kevin who he’d send home first between Matt and Raven or Mark and Elena. Kevin said that it’d have to be Mark and Elena, but said that Matt has a better shot at beating them in competitions than Mark does. Jason told Kevin that he’d have to put up Matt and Elena instead of Mark and Elena since that is what Kevin has been saying to people already. Kevin said that when it comes to Cody and Jessica, he thinks the rest of the group is wrong and that they should be getting Cody out before Jessica since he’s the biggest competition threat.

9:25 PM BBT: Kevin asked Alex who she thinks they should get out first between Cody and Jessica. Alex said Jessica since she’s the controlling one. Kevin said that Cody would put Alex and Paul up, while Jessica isn’t good enough to win HOH. Alex said that she hates Jessica and doesn’t want her making jury. Jason said that Matt and Raven drive him nuts too and wouldn’t want to live with them in jury either. Alex said that Matt and Raven are more loyal to the three of them than Cody or Jessica are. Jason said that they should put Matt and Elena up. Alex said that wouldn’t do anything.

Alex told Kevin that Mark said that he knows for a fact that Kevin voted against Jillian and that Mark called Kevin shifty. Jason said that Elena is more of a threat to their game than Mark is. Alex said that Mark is more dangerous because he could win HOH. Alex said that if Cody or Jessica win HOH, it’ll be her and Paul going up and if they’re left on the block together come Thursday, Alex said that she believes that she’d be going home.

9:50 PM BBT: Kevin asked Paul who told Mark that he voted out Jillian, stating that Mark told Alex about it. Paul said that he hasn’t told anybody. Kevin asked why Mark would be talking about him. Paul said that it’s because Mark is a prick. Kevin said that they need to get rid of him. Kevin asked if he should pull Mark aside to confront him. Paul said no.

9:55 PM BBT: Paul told Alex that there is no way that Kevin voted to evict Jillian. Alex said that she knows, that she just wanted Kevin to hate Mark. Paul said that Kevin definitely hates Mark. Paul added that during the wall competition, Mark came to him and said that he thought it was Kevin who casted a hinky vote, but Paul said that he believes it was actually Mark. Alex agreed, stating that she believes it was Mark and Dominique. Alex asked who they’re voting out tomorrow. Paul said Jessica, but said that if Jessica comes around asking, they are to say they’re voting out Cody.

10:00 PM BBT: Alex, Christmas, Josh, Kevin, Matt, Mark, Paul, and Raven spent several hours up in the HOH room debating what Jessica’s temptation is. Paul said that he is completely convinced that based on the way that Jessica and Cody have been acting, Jessica can actually only save one of the nominees, not both.

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