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Big Brother 19: Day 42 Recap

It’s going to be nearly impossible for today to top yesterday after all the screaming fights, but we could still see plenty of drama when it comes to Paul giving retells of conversations that he had with Jessica and Jessica finding out about it, as it’s already happened a couple times today. We’ll also get to see if Paul’s group continues their plan to make Cody crack or not.


1:25 PM BBT: Elena told Paul that Jessica said that he overheard a conversation between her and Jessica, but that Paul only heard what Jessica was saying. Paul said that he didn’t eavesdrop, nor did he have anyone eavesdrop for him. Paul said that he never had a conversation with Jessica about one of Elena’s conversations or having someone listen in on her. Elena said that she believes Paul.

Mark joined them. Paul retold his conversation before all the fighting started with Jessica and Cody. Paul said that they have to send Jessica home first before Cody since he’s clearly the better player. Paul said that once Jessica is gone, Cody won’t have anyone to talk to and he won’t be able to win every competition.

2:20 PM BBT: Jessica told Mark not to buy whatever Paul is trying to sell them on outside. Mark said that he doesn’t but said that he can’t speak for Elena. Jessica asked if he thinks that Elena is buying it, to which Mark said no. Jessica said then that is all she cares about.

2:25 PM BBT: Elena asked Paul if she was implicated at all by Jessica. Paul said yes. Elena said that she assumed as much and said that she’s fine with that so long as Paul knows where she really stands. Paul said that he doesn’t think Elena did anything wrong when it comes to relaying information. Elena said that she didn’t relay anything that Paul didn’t already know she was going to. Paul explained that the way that Jessica implicated Elena was that it was malicious and that Elena has an agenda against him. Elena said that Cody and Jessica have already tried to implicate other people and it just isn’t true.

Josh joined, saying that he wanted to have a private conversation with Cody, but Paul told him not to because Cody isn’t going to give him any answers and it’ll just cause a stir. Paul said that Cody just has a distaste for Josh because Cody is an asshole. Paul added that they just need to get under Jessica and Cody’s skin so that they don’t preform well in the upcoming competitions.

Paul told Elena that even if Jessica or Cody win HOH, he’ll dare them to put him up. Paul questioned who would be put up next to him. Elena said it would probably be her, but that it could also be Raven. Elena said that Paul will be able to compete in the temptation competition and in the veto competition, but even if he doesn’t win those, he’ll have the votes to stay.

2:45 PM BBT: Alex, Elena, Jason, Josh, Kevin, Mark, and Paul debated on how many people they should have compete in the temptation competition against Jessica and Cody. Paul thought that they should only have one strong competitor who would win and ensure that one of Jody goes up, but Mark said that they shouldn’t risk it and should just have the entire house play. Paul agreed, but said that they could get someone to throw it so that person could play in veto.

3:00 PM BBT: Raven told Matt and Christmas that everyone knows that Jessica is going to use the Hex. Matt said that the next three days are going to be irrelevant and that Cody and Jessica know that Jessica is now going to be targeted first. Matt asked what Cody would even do without Jessica in the game. Christmas said that they can’t have Cody self evicting.Matt said that they should just keep things chill since Jody knows that if it’s up to them, Jessica is going home first.

3:10 PM BBT: Jessica told Elena that the only thing true that came out of Paul’s mouth was that Jessica said every person has let her down or betrayed her. Jessica said that she didn’t single Elena out to Paul as someone who betrayed her. Elena said that was the right move. Elena said that the two of them are good and that if something comes up that worries her, she’ll come talk to Jessica. Elena told Jessica that anything she does is just a game move. Jessica told her to do whatever it is that she has to do.

3:20 PM BBT: Raven asked Elena what her conversation with Jessica was about. Elena said that she just asked Jessica if she implicated her in any way during her conversation with Paul. Elena told Matt, Paul, and Raven that she hasn’t hid from them that she likes being around Jessica when it doesn’t have to do with game. Matt and Paul said that they feel the same way.

Elena told Matt, Paul, and Raven that she let Jessica know twice that she’s going to be the target ahead of Cody if she uses the Hex this week. Paul asked what their response to that was. Elena said that Jessica said she knows and that Cody said he’s fine with that. Matt said that if Cody said he’s fine with that, he’s selfish for being fine with letting his girl go before him. Paul said they need to tell Jessica that if she doesn’t use the Hex, Cody goes home, but if she does use the Hex, she’ll go home while they bring Cody to jury.

4:05 PM BBT: Paul told Jason that Mark and Elena are still acting weird. Jason said that if Cody or Jessica win HOH, Mark and Elena would jump back onto that side of the house.

4:10 PM BBT: Elena told Paul that Matt saw her talking to Jessica. Paul asked if the conversation in question was before or after they spoke this morning. Elena said that it was after. Paul said that if she wants to find out any of the stupid things that Jessica has been saying about them, get the both of them in the room and he’ll call her out. Elena said that it’s not worth making a scene over. Paul agreed.

6:15 PM BBT: Paul told Josh that he’s sick of Cody’s attitude. Josh said that he’s been sick of it since week one. Josh added that he’s at the point where he can’t focus any more of his time on Cody. Josh said that they need to put Cody on the block and send him out. Paul said that they need to get Jessica out before Cody since Jessica was able to bounce back without Cody before while Cody wouldn’t be able to do the same without Jessica.

6:25 PM BBT: Paul asked Christmas how she feels about Mark and Elena. Christmas said that the two of them are playing both sides. Paul questioned why Jessica would be so cool with talking to Elena if Jessica believes Elena to be close to him. Christmas said that she believes that Elena was the one who helped Cody and Jessica study. Christmas said that Mark and Cody had an alliance from the beginning of the game. Paul said that he’s not buying that duo ever split up.

Christmas told Paul that Josh will have her back no matter what and that she’s known that since week one. Paul agreed, stating that Josh has become a great asset to them. Christmas said that she started to get pissed off with Matt since he hasn’t been playing the game.

6:45 PM BBT: Christmas told Matt, Paul, and Raven that if Jessica and Cody drop out of the HOH competition, they need to throw it to Josh. Raven said that Jessica is going home first and that she can’t stand the girl. Paul said that was their plan. Paul said that the only two people who have a question mark still are Mark and Elena. Matt said that he thinks they’re fine with Elena, it’s Mark who is the idiot. Matt asked if they think the four of them are going to be fine if Mark wins HOH. Each of them said no. Christmas said that Mark was sticking up for Cody and Jessica yesterday.

7:35 PM BBT: Christmas told Raven that Paul didn’t see it when it came to Mark and Cody’s duo for a long time. Raven said that she had to beat it into Mark’s head. Christmas said that she can’t believe that Matt doesn’t see that Elena is working both sides too. Raven said that Matt does, it’s just that he knows that isn’t a top priority for them right now. Christmas said that Elena is going to be playing up her birthday week soon and if everything goes according to plan, that is the week Elena would be going home.

9:00 PM BBT: Paul told Elena and Kevin that if they get the chance to vote, it means that Jessica didn’t use the Hex and that they need to vote her out over Cody.

9:05 PM BBT: Mark told Cody and Jessica that he’s with them 1000% and that there is no way that he could actively send the two of them home if he were to get HOH. Mark said that if they could pull off two HOH wins in a row, the numbers would start to swing and the other side would start turning on each other. Mark said that Elena has basically hung him out to dry. Cody said that if Mark tries to appease someone and still ends up at the bottom, he’s going to regret it. Mark agreed.

9:15 PM BBT: Paul asked Elena if she thinks they can count on Mark if he won HOH. Elena said yes, stating that Mark has been wanting to prove his loyalty to the house. Elena said that Mark just likes to be around Cody since he said that he feels like he can be himself.

9:25 PM BBT: Kevin asked Alex if they’re going to be in trouble if they lose HOH. Alex said that they just need to keep control away from Mark and Elena. Kevin said that Mark and Elena would put the same two people up that everyone else would. Alex said that they better.

9:30 PM BBT: Paul told Elena that he doesn’t know who he’d be put up against. Elena said that it would have to be somebody who wouldn’t be sent home. Elena said that if she were Jessica and Cody, she’d put Paul up against Raven or put two pawns up outright with the intention of getting Paul after the veto meeting. Paul said that he’d at least have 4 or 5 votes to stay if he was up against Raven.

9:35 PM BBT: Paul asked Mark if there was anyone in the house that Mark would vote him out over other than Elena. Mark said there wasn’t anyone, stating that Paul and Elena are his two closest allies in the house. Elena said that Jessica wants Alex out and there is a chance that the house would vote Alex out if she were next to Raven. Paul said that it could be him sitting next to Alex.

9:55 PM BBT: Kevin asked Christmas what her opinion on Matt is. Christmas said that she’d like for him to start playing the game and that he has kinda just been floating. Kevin said that Matt doesn’t talk to him and Kevin said that he’s one of the people who talks to everyone. Christmas said that when Matt chooses to start playing, he’s going to be good because he has good relations with everyone in the house.

10:55 PM BBT: Jessica told Cody that she just wants to hug Mark. Cody said that Mark has had to subordinate himself to someone half his size when it comes to Paul. Jessica said that she still think that it’s great gameplay on Paul’s part. Jessica said that if she were playing Paul’s game and Cody was watching from home, he’d love it. Cody said no. Jessica explained that Paul is controlling people and it’s the other people’s fault for not playing their own games.

11:15 PM BBT: Josh told Alex that Mark is regretting everything that he did. Alex said that Mark isn’t, that he’s just realizing that he picked the losing side once again. Josh said that he could have 175 conversations with Cody, Elena, Jessica, and Mark and nothing would change, stating that he knows what they did wrong and they’re going to be his targets.

11:55 PM BBT: Alex asked Jason why Cody is trying to be nice to them now. Jason said that it could have been that Jessica is the poison and that Cody is actually a nice guy. Alex said that she doesn’t know why America gave Jessica the temptation, since in real life, Jessica and Cody are the people you’d hate in high school. Alex said that it’s her and Jason that are the actual underdogs.

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