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Big Brother 19: Day 41 Recap

It’s veto ceremony day, which usually brings out some drama within the house, but that seems unlikely under the current circumstances. If Jessica isn’t taken off the block, we’re all but guaranteed that she’ll use the Hex and this entire week will be for naught.


10:30 AM BBT: Jason told Kevin that Paul was wanting him to talk a lot of serious game in his veto meeting speech, but said that he isn’t going to. Jason added that Paul is wanting him to seriously stir the pot, but Jason just see why that matters.

11:05 AM BBT: Paul told Jason to just tell Jessica that he’s sorry and that she’s caught in the middle during his veto meeting speech since that is what Paul said that he’s going to say too. Paul went on to tell Jason that Mark is a fruitcake who he wants to send home. Jason said that Alex and Josh hate Mark too.

12:05 PM BBT: Paul used the POV on Jason

12:20 PM BBT: Cody told Jessica that the more she takes away the spotlight from Paul, the more Paul loses his mind. Jessica said that what Jason said at the veto meeting was likely devised by Paul. Jessica added that she’s going to give Paul a piece of her mind about that and said that she’s going to let Paul know that he needs to stop thinking that she’s a moron. Jessica told Cody that if she were to win HOH, she would want to put Matt and Raven up, but she doesn’t want to risk Matt winning veto, then having Matt next to Paul after he used it on Raven, so instead Jessica said that she’s nominate Alex and Raven with the intention of taking Alex off and putting up Paul.

Cody told Jessica that he doesn’t want her competing in the next temptation challenge because he doesn’t want her to risk being the third nominee. Jessica said that everyone except for Christmas would be competing in it and that she wouldn’t come in last place. Cody said that since he’s more likely to win it, he should be the only one of the two who play in it.

12:35 PM BBT: Matt told Raven that between Jessica and Cody, it’s an easy decision to send Cody home. Raven said that she has gone back and forth on who to evict, but Matt told her that they shouldn’t press their luck on this. Raven said that they have to think about Jessica aligning with Christmas, Mark, and Elena, stating that Jessica is very good at persuading people on what to do. Matt said that they have to think about the possibility of them evicting Jessica, then revealing her temptation and she ends up staying.

12:40 PM BBT: Raven told Kevin and Jason that if Jessica was smart, she wouldn’t use the Hex. Jason said that they’ve already established that Jessica isn’t smart. Jessica walked in on this conversation just moments later.

12:45 PM BBT: Jessica confronts Raven, spawn all kinds of new drama. You can read the full recap of the incident and the aftermath by clicking here.

2:00 PM BBT: Paul, Christmas, Josh, Matt, and Raven devise a new plan to get Cody to crack so that Jessica doesn’t want to use the Hex. You can read the full recap of the plan discussions by clicking here.

2:40 PM BBT: Jessica told Cody that if he wants to go home, she’ll honor that, but said that she doesn’t want to put him in a situation where he might do something or act a certain way to get her to keep or not keep him. Cody said that he can’t go out like this, stating that he wants a good week where he’s 1000% in control. Cody said that from this point on, he won’t say anything or do anything to the people who say stuff to her. Jessica said that he can, but to just be smart about it.

Jessica told Cody that she had a plan B that she got people to agree with, explaining that people agreed to give her two weeks of safety and to target Alex next if she were to not use the Hex. Cody said that he wouldn’t buy any deal that was offered to her, stating that nobody in the house is trustworthy enough to uphold a deal like that.

2:55 PM BBT: Jason told Mark that Josh’s taunts to Cody are making him uncomfortable. Mark said that as much as he hates Josh taunting Cody, it’s keeping a target off his back.

3:35 PM BBT: Paul told Raven that he doesn’t like how she was confronted like that. Raven said that a lot of people don’t know that she was sexually abused, including Jessica and Cody. Paul said that Cody has made Megan cry, he made Josh cry, and he has made Raven cry. Paul explained that if Cody cracking is what Jessica is afraid of, he’s going to make Cody crack, but said that he’s going to need them to stand by him while he does it.

Josh said that he’s not a bully, but he’s going to be the biggest bully in the house until Cody self evicts or gets evicted. Josh asked if they’re being portrayed as the bullies. Paul said no, to which Josh questioned how Jessica got the Halting Hex then. Paul said that Jessica isn’t a victim when she stands up for the bully in the house. Paul said that Cody only talks crap behind people’s backs because he doesn’t have the nuts to say it to their face.

4:05 PM BBT: Jason told Josh that he’s not a big fan of 10 people all ganging up on one, which he said is basically like punching someone half your size.

4:10 PM BBT: Paul asked Jessica what happened between Cody and Raven. Jessica said that Cody wasn’t even in the room and had nothing to do with the Raven thing at all. Paul said that what he took away is that Cody was being aggressive and Raven was crying, so Paul said that he can’t just sit by and watch while saying nothing. Jessica said that’s funny because Cody wasn’t even in the room when she confronted Raven. Paul said that everybody is uncomfortable with Cody. Jessica said that Cody didn’t do anything, that it was all her.

Paul told Jessica that he respected her wishes to not say anything towards Cody at the veto meeting. Jessica said that is true, but said that Jason did. Paul said that he wasn’t the one who told Jason to say anything. Jessica said that if everyone wants to gang up and call someone every name in the book, that’s fine, but said that she’s not going to be apart of it. When Jessica persisted that Paul told Jason what to say, Paul asked how he could dictate someone else’s actions. Jessica said that she believes Paul knows how much power he has and if he would have asked Jason to stop, he would of. Paul said that if anyone has been telling people to pump the breaks on the trash talking, it was him.

Jessica told Paul that she believes Paul says that he doesn’t have any power when he knows he does. Paul asked for an example, to which Jessica said that Paul has been playing psychological games with the people in the house. Jessica added that when Paul doesn’t want to use his power, he says that he doesn’t have any. Jessica said that people in the house have watched his season, liked him, and now they seek his approval and he uses that to his advantage. Paul said that people ask his advice and he gives it, but that people ultimately do what they want.

Paul told Jessica that she has a temptation and that she can do what she wants with it and he isn’t going to twist her arm. Jessica said that she’s going to use the Halting Hex. Paul said that’s fine, moving on to change the subject, he told Jessica that he doesn’t appreciate his name being thrown around behind his back. Jessica asked when, but Paul couldn’t answer. Paul just said that he guesses nine people are lying to him. Jessica joked that she speaks to nine people, to which Paul said that some of them overheard her. Jessica said that she doesn’t even speak to a third of the house, let alone nine.

Jessica told Paul that people don’t keep their word in the house and that people have bene relaying messages, explaining to Paul that there are things that she knows he has said. Jessica added that she doesn’t want Paul to think that she’s ignorant to everything that is going on and that he’s the only one with people feeding information to him.

4:35 PM BBT: Paul told Alex, Christmas, Elena, Jason, Kevin, and Mark that Jessica is going to be using the temptation and that she knows things that he has said specifically only to them, which Paul said that Jessica later went on to call them all liars and manipulators. Paul told them that none of them are guaranteed a spot in jury anymore because Jessica decided to stand up for a bully and a coward. Paul said that he’s going to go full force now on trying to rile up both Cody and Jessica now since they’re both the enemy.

4:45 PM BBT: Josh told Cody and Jessica that he loves love, but questioned if it’s really worth screwing over everybody that deserves to be in the house. Josh explained that he was secured jury, so now with Jessica planning on using the Hex, she’s pissed. Jessica said that if Josh wants security, Josh can go out and get it himself.

4:50 PM BBT: Christmas said that if the Hex deal is off, they can treat Cody however they want. Paul told Alex that Jessica said that she wouldn’t use the Hex and turn her back on Cody so long as they agreed to get Alex out. Cody joined the room shortly after, to which Alex asked if he knew that Jessica made a deal to get him out as long as she was targeted next, asking Cody if he was going to let Alex do that to her. Cody said that he didn’t let Jessica do anything, adding that Jessica put up Josh and Ramses, so he has no idea what she’s talking about. Alex said then Jessica is lying to him. Cody told Alex that people are just trying to stir things up before walking out of the room.

5:00 PM BBT: Jessica gets into a yelling match with the entire house. You can read a full transcript of the fight by clicking here.

5:10 PM BBT: After Jessica left to go to the backyard, Mark and Alex got into a yelling argument over Alex involving Mark in her fight with Jessica when it came to who hid Alex’s cat ears. Alex said that Mark should have had her back in that situation but didn’t.

5:10 PM BBT: Virtually everyone followed Jessica and Cody outside, being led by Paul and Josh to taunt Cody and Jessica. Raven was screaming across the backyard at Jessica while Josh was yelling insults at Cody, but neither Jessica or Cody ever reacted.

5:20 PM BBT: Jessica told Cody that this is the same thing that Paul did to Dominique, stating that he gathered the entire house to make Dominique snap.

5:25 PM BBT: After coming out of the DR, Paul made it clear to everyone with him that they can’t talk about any violence or talking about trying to get someone to self evict. Josh said that America is going to hate them. Paul said that they aren’t, that when it’s 9 against 2, there is a reason for that.

5:40 PM BBT: Jessica told Cody that she’s happy with how he has been handling all of this, stating that it’s time for them to let the other crazies take the spotlight. Cody said that he was happy to do it for her. Jessica asked if he wanted to walk with her. Cody asked if she meant self evict, to which Cody said that he’s willing to do whatever she wants. Jessica said that they wouldn’t get paid. Cody said that she’s his payment, but said that it would be awesome to get to use her Hex temptation. Cody explained to Jessica that she doesn’t have to fear anyone in the house and that he’ll always protect her. Jessica said that she doesn’t want to give anyone the satisfaction of her leaving the house.

Jessica told Cody that she’s worried about the perception of her leaving the show would be, but said that she needs to take care of herself. Cody said that whatever decision they make, it’ll be alright since neither of them is going to win the $500,000. Jessica said that people gave the Hex to her and that people are going to want to see her succeed. Jessica said that she doesn’t want to let the people down who have supported them. Jessica said that if people start messing with their belongings, she will leave since there is no winning in that situation.

6:10 PM BBT: Alex told Paul that they should take shifts when it comes to constantly taunting Jessica and Cody. Paul said that Alex needs the rest and since he’s the one who can’t compete in the next HOH, he’ll be the one to do it.

6:55 PM BBT: Fresh out of the DR again, Paul told Josh that they can keep messing with Cody, but said that they cannot provoke a fight and that isn’t what they want to do since that is giving Cody what he wants and stooping to their level. Paul said that Cody can go home by Jessica not using the Hex, which is the only way for them to get it done this week.

7:00 PM BBT: Mark told Josh that he’s mentally drained, stating that he still wouldn’t like what is happening right now if it were everyone doing it to Josh. Josh said that he’s going to chill out with the taunts.

7:05 PM BBT: Paul told Mark and Elena that Cody is bad news, nobody likes him and there is a reason for that. Paul said that Cody is calling Josh a sexual predator when it’s Jessica who has been sticking fingers up people’s butt. Paul asked Elena and Mark what they’re going to do if they win HOH. Elena said that she’s going to put up Jessica and Cody. Mark said that he’s going to do the same so that he can finally clear his name.

7:12 PM BBT: Someone with a bullhorn yelled into the backyard. You can read what was said and the houseguests reactions by clicking here.

8:15 PM BBT: Josh had a conversation with Mark about their relationship, explaining that he doesn’t hate Mark and that it’s just when Mark came to apologize the other week, Josh wasn’t ready to accept it yet. Josh explained to Mark that the entire house isn’t going against Cody just to pick on him. Mark said that he understands that, but said that it’s 8 on 2, while the 2 people aren’t doing anything. Mark said that as a person who has been bullied before, he’s not going to include himself in that. Josh said that he’s still going to mess with Cody and Jessica. Mark said that Josh can bug Cody, just not to get it personal. Josh said that he hasn’t stooped to a personal level.

8:35 PM BBT: Christmas told Josh that if they want to do mental warfare, they should just be super nice to Jessica and Cody by making them coffee and eggs. Christmas said that Mark and Elena have been shady during this big fight, stating that those two are still playing both sides of the house.

8:40 PM BBT: Mark told Alex, Elena, Raven, and Paul that Cody and Jessica aren’t attacking any of them and that when they were both of the block, they did their own thing and didn’t go after anyone. Raven said that Cody and Jessica were the ones to attack her. Mark said that he’s not saying what Cody and Jessica have done is right, that he’s just saying that they’ve made their point. Paul said that he’s not doing this just to harass people, it’s strategy, since if Jessica and Cody were to win HOH, they’re all in danger. Mark said that Jessica doesn’t want to stay without Cody, so she’s trying to make sure that they evict her first. Alex said that they should tell Jessica not to use the Hex and they’ll vote her out if she wants out before Cody. Paul said that they’ve poked and prodded enough today and got their point across.

9:20 PM BBT: Paul said that it’s upsetting if he’s being portrayed as a bully because Jessica and Cody have victimized themselves during his HOH and Jessica and Cody are America’s Sweethearts. Paul said that he’s just trying to protect the people he genuinely feels for, while he won’t feel for a bully, which he says that Cody is. He said that he’s not trying to get people down, he’s just trying to give them a taste of their own medicine.

9:25 PM BBT: Elena told Mark that she didn’t involve herself in the house fight because she can see where Mark is coming from and she can see where Jessica and Cody are coming from. Elena said that people took Mark’s comments as defending Jessica. Mark said that he doesn’t mind hurting his game over it because of how ridiculous it all was.

9:35 PM BBT: Mark told Jason and Kevin that he’s the one getting in trouble for seemingly defending Jessica even though it was 8 people ganging up on 2. Mark said that Alex got made at him for not stepping in, but said that he just wants to be left out of it.

9:45 PM BBT: Jessica told Cody that she needs to push herself and can’t give up. Cody said that she has the strongest teammate next to her that she could ask for. Jessica him that Raven finally outed herself that Jessica said she always knew Raven was. Jessica added that apparently Raven knew she threw her name under the bus to Alex 3 weeks ago, which Jessica said means that Raven has been acting fake this entire time. Jessica said that Jason told her that it was Raven who told Alex for hiding her cat ears. Jessica said  that Raven wants to pretend like she’s best friend with Alex even though she has done nothing but talk crap about her.

Jessica told Cody that she has always said that there is only  two girls in the house that she likes, those being Christmas and Elena, but said that she doesn’t know what is going on with Christmas. Cody said that Christmas was being so smug earlier while the house went after them. Jessica said that people are mad because they aren’t secured jury anymore when in reality most of them have a 0% chance of being evicted before jury while it’s them two, Alex, Paul, and possibly Mark who are at the greatest risk of being evicted before making it to jury.

11:00 PM BBT: Jessica told Cody that there is good chance that they end up being split up before jury. Cody asked her how she wants it to go down and he’ll make it happen. Jessica said that even if they don’t win HOH, she’s still going to play in the temptation competition and in the veto since she’s not just going to roll over. Jessica added that if they are going to be split up, she wants to be the one to go first out of them. Cody said that he’s going to try to keep getting temptation competition and HOH wins so that he can torment the people in the house as long as possible by staying.

11:15 PM BBT: Jessica thanked Elena for not flipping on her. Elena said that she told Jessica that she wouldn’t feel good about actively going against her. Elena added that everyone knows that she likes the two of them and she’s not going to participate in things like the house meeting. Jessica asked what Christmas’ problem with her is now, but Elena said that she doesn’t know.

Cody told Elena that from an outside perspective, there is only so much people can beat down on two people before people start to feel bad for those two. Elena said that she’s not going to participate in anything that has the intention of hurting the two of their feelings, but said that she can’t defend them either because it would be really bad for her game. Jessica asked Elena if she asked the house to evict her over Cody next week if they don’t win HOH, would they honor that request. Elena said that she doesn’t know, asking Jessica if she wants to go home. Jessica said if she’s up next to Cody, yes.

12:35 AM BBT: Paul told Mark that Cody said that Cody says what he wants and uses intimidation and violence to get away with it. Mark said that the thing that bugs him is that Christmas was cool with Jessica before today, but joined in on the fighting. Paul said that Mark makes a good point. Mark said that the reason he got sensitive is because it kills him to see people get jumped on by so many others. Paul said that his intentions weren’t to attack Jessica or offend Cody, it’s just his gameplay to get a rise out of them before the HOH competition.

Paul told Mark that he’s empathetic to what Cody has been through and said that he has thanked Cody for his service, but said that the only thing Cody has been trying to do is intimidate and be mean to people in the house. Josh said that Cody dug his grave. Mark said that he agrees and that it’s best for Cody and everyone else in the house for him to be out of the house.

12:50 AM BBT: Mark told Josh that Josh and Paul have a thing against Cody and Jessica, but then 5 to 6 people jumped in, which he says he hopes doesn’t continue. Mark said that Josh should be the bigger man and they don’t need to kick Cody and Jessica while they’re down. Josh said that he doesn’t and that he won’t be giving them anymore crap. Josh said that he does feel bad for Jessica, just not for Cody.

Paul said that he’s willing to admit that the flaw in their plan was trying to correct bullying by being the bigger bully. Paul said that he thought if Cody got a taste of his own medicine, he would think twice about doing it again. Mark said that what happened today isn’t going to prove that. Josh said that he’s done with Cody and that he doesn’t want it to escalate to the next level.

1:15 AM BBT: Matt told Paul and Josh that he’s not going to sit here and let Mark give Cody a pity party over the bullying stuff. Paul said that’s true, considering Mark was bullying Josh. Josh said that Mark genuinely apologized to him and he believes it and has accepted it.

Matt asked why Mark was going to bat for Cody. Paul said that Mark was saying that to cover for the fact that he wasn’t saying anything while the rest of them were. Josh said that Mark was just trying to say that he didn’t like that it was 8 on 2, but added that Mark could have told them to cut it out. Paul said the only thing he’ll give Mark credit for is being a man enough to realize his mistakes and apologize for it.

Christmas said that they should just kill them with kindness moving forward. Josh agreed, stating that they’ll be portrayed as bullies otherwise. Christmas said that they could make Jessica and Cody coffee and eggs in the mornings. Paul agreed to the plan, saying that it would drive Cody and Jessica more nuts than what they were doing before was.

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