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Big Brother 19: Day 40 Recap

It’s going to be a busy day in the Big Brother house, as we’re less than 24 hours from the veto meeting and Paul has been working on a plan to get Jessica to not use the Hex to save Cody. Today’s feeds are likely to insist nearly entirely of that plan being discussed and implemented.


10:55 AM BBT: Paul told Kevin and Jason that he’s thinking about using the veto on Jessica to put Elena up. Paul said that he doesn’t believe that Jessica’s temptation allows her to save multiple nominees. Kevin and Jason both said that they’re on board.

11:05 AM BBT: Paul told Matt that if he takes Jessica off the block and put Elena up there, it’ll be Cody, Elena, and Jason. Paul said that if Jessica was going to use the Hex, she’d have to choose between Cody and Elena on who to save, since Paul think it can only save one person. Paul asked Matt if he’d vote Jason out. Matt said he wouldn’t under any circumstances. Paul said this plan is smart because even if Jessica chooses to keep Cody, Mark will hate Jessica and Cody since the whole house would vote to evict Elena.

11:10 AM BBT: Paul tries to convince Jessica not to use the temptation by telling her that she’d be moved up to the main target ahead of Cody. You can read the recap of that entire conversation by clicking here.

11:40 AM BBT: Paul told Alex, Christmas, Elena, Jason, Kevin, Matt, Mark, and Raven about the deal that Jessica wanted to make in order to not use the veto. You can read the recap of those entire conversations by clicking here.

11:55 AM BBT: Jessica questions Cody about wanting to keep Alex in the house the first week so that she could target Jessica and Raven down the line, which led to a huge fight. You can read the recap of the entire conversation by clicking here.

12:15 PM BBT: Jessica asked Mark what he’s thinking. Mark said that she knows how much he loves Cody and Jessica, but said that his association with Cody is causing Elena to want to keep a distance from him and Alex publicly making questionable comments about him. Mark said that regardless of what ends up having, he’d never target Jessica. Jessica said that she understands.

Mark told Jessica that he loves her plan on having Alex targeted if Jessica doesn’t use the veto, since Mark said Alex is the one that has been stirring the pot. Mark said that if they keep Cody and they don’t win HOH next week, Cody will be the main target with Jessica being right behind him. Mark added that even if Cody stayed and won HOH. Jessica said that she has some serious thinking to do. Mark said that he just wants Jessica to know that he’s going to protect her like a little sister no matter what happens.

1:05 PM BBT: Paul told Christmas, Matt, and Raven that Alex knows about Jessica’s demands and said that Mark and Elena both think that they’re really going to target Alex. Paul said that they’d put Alex up as a pawn next to Mark, but convince Mark and Elena that Mark is just the pawn. Paul said that they’d just blindside Jessica, Mark, and Elena again, then move forward.

1:15 PM BBT: Paul told Alex that Mark and Elena don’t have any clue that she knows about the plan and that they believe it to be real. Paul said that Cody is pissed, which he believes means that Jessica isn’t going to use the Hex.

1:20 PM BBT: Jason asked Alex if Cody is really going to go home. Alex said hopefully, but said that she rather Jessica just use her temptation now. Jason agreed, saying that he tried telling that to Paul. Jason said that he’d prefer for Elena to be a replacement nominee and go home this week, stating that Elena is the one turning Jessica against Alex.

1:40 PM BBT: Mark told Paul that he doesn’t believe that Jessica is going to use the Hex on Cody unless she is actually in love with him. Paul said that it wouldn’t make any sense for Jessica’s game for her to do that. Paul said that he’s fine with whatever since he has multiple competitions to play in to earn his safety while Cody and Jessica will have to win the HOH to even be a threat to him. Mark said that his game is screwed with Cody in the house, reiterating that he’s on board with Jessica not using the Hex. Mark told Paul that he spoke with Elena and they both agreed that Jessica and Cody aren’t good for their games.

2:05 PM BBT: Paul told Jessica that he could get everyone in a room so that they could all tell her that they’re on board with targeting Alex if the Hex isn’t used. Jessica said that she’d like that. Paul said that after this week, Jessica will end up thanking him since she’ll end up going a lot farther without Cody than with him. Paul said that it’s not worth throwing her game out over a relationship when they can continue that outside the house, stating that they only have one shot at playing in the game while Cody will always be waiting for her on the outside.

2:15 PM BBT: Jessica told Cody that she’s sorry if she ever let him down. Cody said that she doesn’t have to apologize for anything, stating that he knows that Jessica has been nothing but loyal to him. Jessica said that if he wants to talk, she’ll be there for him, but Cody said that he just wants out and for her to not use the Hex on him. Jessica asked what about their relationship, to which Cody said that they can figure it out outside the house. Jessica said that life will be easier for them outside the house and that she hopes his feeling for her don’t change when they’re on the outside.

2:30 PM BBT: Raven told Jessica that she’ll never be her or Matt’s target since they both love her. Jessica said that people don’t understand what Cody has been through when it comes to his service in the military, having that loyalty instilled in them when he has to depend on people in a war. Raven said that her and Cody both spoke about how writing out a will changes your perspective on life. Jessica said that she doesn’t like it when she heard people they don’t want to live with Cody or they fear him because they shouldn’t shun people who fight for their freedom. Jessica said that she hopes Cody comes back around, presumably to wanting to stay. Raven said that he will.

2:50 PM BBT: Paul got Christmas, Elena, Matt, Mark, Raven, and Jessica together to all promise Jessica two weeks of safety and to target Alex next. Each of them agreed.

3:15 PM BBT: Paul told Christmas that if either of them win the HOH during the double eviction, they need to put Alex up as a pawn. Christmas agreed, saying next to mark or Elena. Christmas said that she likes Elena so much personally, but she is a good game player. Paul said that they should take Elena out.

3:20 PM BBT: Cody and Jessica got into another argument where Cody said that he would have already disappeared and Jessica never would have heard from him again if he wasn’t locked in the house, but it just led to them getting hot and heavy for the feeds cut away.

4:10 PM BBT: Cody asked Jessica if she wants to use the Hex and they win HOH. Jessica said that he’s bipolar. Jessica added that if people are so concerned about making jury, they can use the veto on Cody and put Alex up. Jessica said that she’s waiting to find out if she can use the Hex after the votes are announced in case she is evicted over Alex.

4:40 PM BBT: Paul and Raven talk about nominating Jessica next week, then having her use the Hex at the veto ceremony so that they can get that temptation out of the way and put Mark and Elena up, since they still don’t know exactly how the temptation works.

4:50 PM BBT: Raven told Alex to use her as a pawn next to Jessica if Alex were to win HOH so that Jessica uses the Hex at the veto ceremony and Mark and Elena can go up.

4:55 PM BBT: Jessica told Cody that Paul was planning on putting up Alex and evicting her today. Cody told Jessica not to believe anything that Paul said. Jessica said that if the POV is used, she really does expect for Alex to be the replacement. Jessica added that seeing Alex go up will be satisfying, despite the fact that nobody will be going home.

5:40 PM BBT: Jason told Alex that Cody makes people uneasy and that he’s going to tell Cody that at the veto meeting. Alex said that she didn’t know why America gave Jessica the temptation when she is such a b*tch.

6:25 PM BBT: Cody told Jessica that Kevin was doing his best to try to get information out of him on whether or not Jessica was going to use the Hex. Cody added that Kevin even sent Paul out to the backyard to eavesdrop on the two of them. Jessica said that she knows Paul is worried because he was the first to wake up and the first to speak to her this morning. Cody said that anything could have been said during that Paul and Jessica conversation, but said that he knows for a fact that the only deal he made with Alex and Jason was to keep everyone they were working with safe.

7:05 PM BBT: Jessica told Paul that she doesn’t feel comfortable being on the block on Thursday since she could still get voted out by everyone in hopes of ridding the power from the house. Paul said that nobody is not going to vote Cody out. Jessica repeated the idea that everyone would vote her out so they don’t have to deal with her power. Jessica said that if Paul used the veto on her, the Hex wouldn’t have to be used, but Paul said that people would ask questions. Paul asked Jessica if it would make her feel comfortable if he didn’t use the veto out all, to which Jessica said no.

Jessica told Paul that they’re asking her to stab Cody in the back, but Paul said that they’re just asking her to make the smart game move. Jessica said that if she’s on the block Thursday and she feels like she’s in danger, she’s going to use the Hex. Paul said that he can guarantee that she won’t feel that way. Paul added that she shouldn’t tell anyone about having to use the Hex before the vote.

7:35 PM BBT: Paul told Jason, Josh, and Kevin that if he were to take Jessica off the block to make her feel more comfortable, he’d have to pick a replacement, which he said would probably have to be Elena.

7:40 PM BBT: Jessica told Mark that she doesn’t know what to do, but said that whether she uses the Hex or not, she’s going to play a big game since she’s not going to be safe no matter what she does. Mark said that he’ll have Jessica’s back. Jessica said that if she wins HOH, she’s going to be out for blood and will make enemies. Jessica told Mark that Paul wants Cody out, but she doesn’t want to give Paul that satisfaction since those two have a rivalry and Cody is her boyfriend. Jessica said that the biggest factor in whether or not she uses the Hex is if Cody wants to go home or not.

Jessica told Mark that as long as Cody is in the house, he’s a bigger threat than the both of them. Mark said that is true. Mark added that as a person, he hopes she uses the temptation. Jessica said that if it were anyone else as HOH, she would be okay with not using the Hex. Jessica asked if Mark would keep her and Cody safe if she were to use the Hex and he won HOH. Mark said that he wouldn’t nominate the two of them. Jessica said that she’ll have to talk to Cody, stating that if his mind isn’t right, she isn’t going to keep him.

8:05 PM BBT: Jessica told Cody that she loves seeing Alex get fat and that Jessica got full from dinner after seeing Alex’s gut. Jessica moved on, telling Cody that Mark gave his word that he wouldn’t target the two of them if he won HOH.

8:25 PM BBT: Mark told Cody and Jessica that he didn’t say a word to Dominique after she threw Elena under the bus while Elena is still buddy buddy with Josh, who through him under the bus. Mark told the two of them that his chances improve and he’s stronger with the both of them in the house.

8:30 PM BBT: Cody told Jessica that his feelings for her haven’t changed, he still loves and trusts her, but said that it crushed him that he still hasn’t earned her trust after all this time. Jessica said that she believes his words to her after this morning when he basically said the two of them were over. Cody said that is really how he felt, stating that a relationship can’t work if there isn’t 100% trust.

9:50 PM BBT: Josh asked Elena if her and Mark are good. Elena said that the two of them aren’t a thing anymore. Elena explained that her and Mark just weren’t on the same page and that she suggested they put some distance between the two of them. Elena said that if Mark is genuinely interested in her, he can find out more about her outside the house since she isn’t going to be dying.

10:50 PM BBT: Cody told Mark that he can feel Mark’s depression. Mark said that he’s sick of the slop and Elena’s actions. Jessica told Mark that Elena told her that she fell asleep talking to him. Mark spoke to Jessica and Cody about how he’s hurt by Elena and how she’s trying to separate herself from him when they’re already too far in the game and nobody is going to believe it.

11:00 PM BBT: Kevin told Alex and Jason that the three of them and Paul have to stick together. Kevin added that even if Cody were to stay this week and win HOH, Kevin said that he doesn’t believe that he’d put up any of the three of them in the room. Alex said that she believes that Cody is going to go for blood if he wins and if he was smart, Alex said that Cody would nominate her and Paul. Alex said that she doesn’t think they’re going to win the game without Paul’s help. Kevin and Jason agreed, saying that Paul has their back.

11:55 PM BBT: Jessica told Elena that she still doesn’t know what to do when it comes to using the Hex or not on Thursday since there is pros and cons to both options. Jessica said that Cody himself can’t decide on whether to leave or go because he keeps changing his mind. Elena told Jessica that everyone genuinely likes her and even say that behind Jessica’s back, but they just don’t like Cody. Elena explained that even if the Hex is used, Cody will still be targeted, but this time Jessica will be too.

Elena told Jessica that everyone’s main concern about her using the Hex is delaying who makes it to jury. Jessica said that the only people who should be concerned about risking their shot of making it to jury are those doing shady things. Elena said that she knows it sucks, but it’s in Jessica’s best interest game-wise to not use the Hex. Jessica said that she didn’t come to the house to do what the house wants her to do. Jessica explained that she wants to make big moves and make a big name for herself in the game.

Jessica told Elena that she should see that if Cody stays, that is one target in the house that takes the spotlight away from Elena for an extra week. Elena said that the pecking order is Cody, Jessica, then Elena. Jessica said that America gave her the Hex so that she could use it, then began explaining how good Paul’s game is and how he’s been orchestrating everything. Jessica said that Paul will say anything and has been playing a masterful game. Jessica explained to Elena that the biggest thing standing in front of them and the $500,000 is Paul, not Alex or Cody. Jessica said that the entire game would change if someone pulled the trigger on taking Paul out. Elena agreed that Paul is playing a masterful game and that if they leave him in the house, nobody will be able to take him out, but Elena reiterated towards the end of the conversation that it’s best for the longevity of Jessica’s game to not use the Hex.

12:05 AM BBT: Paul asked Mark what Cody’s agenda is and if Cody has been saying his name. Mark said that when Cody talks about who he’d put up, Cody has listed off the entire house except for Paul. Mark asked if nobody is guaranteed jury if Jessica uses the Hex. Paul said yes, which is why he said he doesn’t understand why Jessica would want to piss off the house when she could just not use the Hex and people would be happy with her.

1:25 AM BBT: Elena told Paul that she tried talking to Jessica, but said that their conversations keeps getting interrupted. Elena said that Jessica is smart and sees the agenda, but Paul said that there is no agenda. Elena said that she’s going to keep trying to talk with Jessica about her not using the Hex, but said that she has to play it safe so that it isn’t obvious that Elena is trying to sway her.

1:40 AM BBT: Jessica told Cody that she spoke with Paul about Elena and possibly getting Paul out and Elena agreed. Cody said that he brought up Paul touching and stroking Elena to Mark, which Cody said got Mark enraged.

2:00 AM BBT: Mark told Elena that Josh has thrown his name out twice in front of the house, but she’s still buddy buddy with him even though when Dominique threw Elena under the bus, he stopped talking to her. Elena said that isn’t a fair comparison because she defended Mark to Josh while Mark didn’t defend Elena to Dominique. Mark said that he understands why Elena would want to keep her space in the game, but not when they’re in private. Elena said that it’s too risky since someone could walk in on them. Mark and Elena went in circles about this, with Mark talking about how much it hurts him.

Mark told Elena that it was Matt, Raven, and Paul who lied to her about the votes and it was Paul who was going to use the both of them as a pawn. Mark said that Paul said the same things about Elena spending time with Cody and Jessica as he did about Mark. Elena said that she spends significantly less time with Jessica and Cody than he does.

2:35 AM BBT: Paul told Alex that if Alex doesn’t use her Hex before the voting begins, she’ll be the one to go home this week, but said that they should think about which they should vote out if the Hex isn’t used. Paul said that if they get Jessica out this week, there is no more Hex and they can knock Cody out next, but said that Mark and Elena would be pissed.

3:35 AM BBT: Alex told Christmas that the reason she doesn’t want Cody in the game is because he’d go after the two of them, Paul and Jason. Alex said that he’d use two of them as “pawns”, then one of them would be sent home.

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