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Big Brother 19: Day 38 Recap

We’re in for a crazy day in the Big Brother house, as it’s the first time the new Temptation Competition will be played, which will be followed up by nominations. Jessica is convinced that she isn’t going up, so we could see the aftermath of a blindside today as well.


10:30 AM BBT: The houseguests were informed about the new Temptation Competition, but they’d have to wait until later before choosing if they’re going to compete or not.

10:30 AM BBT: Raven told Matt that Paul doesn’t want them competing because he doesn’t want to risk one of the votes going up. Matt agreed with the plan.

10:35 AM BBT: Jessica asked Cody if he’s going to accept the temptation competition and play in it. Cody said no. Jessica agreed, asking why they should even bother.

10:40 AM BBT: Kevin questioned Alex why he should compete and risk being nominated when Paul is the HOH and he’d be safe. Alex says that they could block Cody from winning. Kevin said that he’s not playing this week, adding that Jessica and Cody also said that they’re not going to play either. Alex said that she believes it’s a trick and that Cody and Jessica actually will play.

10:50 AM BBT: Alex told Jason that she doesn’t like the way that Kevin has been cuddling up to Cody and Jessica. Alex said that Kevin is paying people and that she wants to target him soon. Alex added that Paul also knows how she feels about Kevin too. Alex told Jason about Kevin saying that Jessica and Cody aren’t going to compete, but Alex said that Jessica and Cody are liars. Jason said that he’s going to compete to ensure that Cody doesn’t win. Alex said that she’ll do the same.

10:55 AM BBT: Jason told Paul that Cody and Jessica are going to compete because they don’t have safety like they claim. Paul said that Jessica and Cody could double down on their bluff by acting safe and not competing.

Mark joined them. Alex asked Mark to look her in the eyes and say if he knows whether or not Cody and Jessica are actually safe. When Mark said he has no idea, Alex told him that she has been talking to Cody and Jessica a lot. Mark said that Alex is just assuming that he knows because he hangs out with Cody, but said that he really doesn’t.

11:00 AM BBT: Paul told Matt that Jason and Alex are competing. Matt said that he’s not going to if that’s the case. Matt said that Jessica’s temptation isn’t equivalent to multiple people being safe for multiple weeks. Paul said that there is no way that is what the temptation is, but said that they’re going to find out.

11:00 AM BBT: Mark asked Paul if there is a chance that he could be a pawn. Paul said that there could be, but said that he won’t know until he sees who wins and loses the latest competition. Paul said that if Mark wants to compete he can, but said that Mark should gather who is playing in it first because he wouldn’t want to compete against Elena if she was playing too. Mark asked Paul what Paul would do if he were in Mark’s situation. Paul said that he’d play, but only because he likes being risky.

11:05 AM BBT: Jessica told Cody that she doesn’t want Paul to realize that she can only use the power once. Cody said that she needs to tell Paul because she doesn’t have anything to lose, stating that if he goes up, she’ll have to use the Hex no matter what. Jessica said that she doesn’t want to go to Paul, she wants Paul to come to her. Cody said that he might as well compete if he’s going to be nominated. Jessica said that she doesn’t think he’ll be nominated, stating that even if he was, Mark could win the veto and pull Cody off, saving them from having to use the Hex.

11:15 AM BBT: Cody told Jessica that he’s predicting that he ends up going up on the block, making her use the Hex anyway. Jessica asked what the benefit was of telling Paul about the temptation. Cody said the benefit is him not going up, stating that if he’s going up, he should compete. Jessica said that they don’t even know for sure if Paul will use Cody as a pawn or not and that she has a feeling that Paul has a target in mind, but said that it’s neither of them. Jessica explained that if Alex loses the competition, Paul would be able to get her out without having to backdoor her. Jessica added that Jason and Alex have big mouthes and they might have said something that put up red flags in Paul’s mind. Jessica told Cody that Paul wants Cody on his side and wouldn’t do anything to anger him.

11:25 AM BBT: Paul asked Elena if she’s going to compete or not. Elena said that she doesn’t know, but said that she’s leaning towards competing.

11:40 AM BBT: Mark told Elena that Matt questioned why she was so pissed off. Elena said that Matt could be a grown adult and come talk to her about it. Mark said that he told Matt that Elena was heated after the votes came out. Elena said that she’s pissed and that four people lied to her face, but only one person, Paul, came up to her to have a conversation about it. Elena said that Matt and Raven trying touch her is what is pissing her off the most, saying that if they were in the real world, she would smash their heads against a wall.

Mark said that there is a very good chance that he’s going to need the votes this week, but Elena said that she doesn’t care. Mark said that he’s associated with Elena, but Elena just said sorry about his bad luck and told Mark that he’s the one who made the decision to associate himself with her.

3:50 PM BBT: Mark wins the Temptation Competition and Jason goes up as the third nominee for losing

3:55 PM BBT: Paul told Elena that if she does have to be his pawn, Josh will be the one going home, but said that his first decision is going to call Jessica and Cody’s bluff on the temptation by trying to put them up.

4:00 PM BBT: Alex told Matt and Raven that Paul is going to put up Cody and Jessica, with Josh and Elena as back up nominations if Paul finds out that he can’t put Jessica up. Matt said that they’d have to get Elena out in the back up scenario.

4:10 PM BBT: Cody told Elena and Jessica that Alex is working with Matt and Paul, stating that when Matt lost, Paul was visibly upset. Elena said that if she’s on the block on Thursday, she’s going to be the one going home on Thursday over Jason and Josh.

4:10 PM BBT: Paul told Josh that he might use him as a pawn if the first plan doesn’t work, but told Josh not to freak out and should act the same way he did last week. Raven asked Paul if he’s going to nominate Jessica. Paul said that he’s going to try and flush out whatever Jessica’s actual temptation is.

4:10 PM BBT: Jessica told Cody that Paul said that he has his eye on someone and Jessica said that she believes it’s Alex and Jason because those two have a loud mouth and they could have said something last week to piss Paul off.

4:15 PM BBT: Cody told Mark that Paul threw a fit whenever he saw that Matt didn’t beat Mark’s time. Mark said that this is why he came to compete and team back up with Cody and Jessica. Mark asked if they’d take Elena down if they won veto. Jessica and Cody both agreed. Jessica said that if they do win the veto and pull Elena off, it’ll be the four of them vs the house. Mark said that he’s fine with that. Mark explained that he and Elena should have never even of been considerations during Paul’s HOH, so Mark said that if Elena does go up, lines will be drawn in the sand. Mark told them to look at how pissed Josh is, stating that is an indicator that Josh thought Mark was going to be backdoored.

4:30 PM BBT: Paul told Alex, Matt, and Raven that he’s wanting to nominate a strong player next to Elena that could win veto, so either Matt and Alex. Matt said that he’s a team player, but said that Alex is a better competitor than he is. Alex said that she’s down for whatever, stating that she doesn’t think there will even need to be a plan B because Jessica and Cody can and will be nominated.

4:40 PM BBT: Paul told Mark and Kevin that he needs to know exactly what Jessica’s temptation is, but said that Jessica isn’t willing to tell them. Paul explained that he needs to figure certain things out about people. Mark asked if him and Elena were included in that, to which Paul said no. Paul told Mark that he’s more worried about Jessica’s actions than he is Cody’s.

4:40 PM BBT: Cody told Jessica that he likes this new side of Elena. Jessica agreed, stating that if she could choose two people to have always been loyal to, it would have been Mark and Elena. Jessica said that if Mark or Elena goes up next week, she’ll use the Hex on them.

4:50 PM BBT: Paul told Alex that Mark said that he feels good about everyone in the house except for Alex.

4:55 PM BBT: Kevin told Jason that he feels like they’re being set up and said that if Jason goes home, he’s going to drown the house out with competition win after competition win. Jason said that Alex is an idiot for volunteering to be a pawn.

5:00 PM BBT: Mark told Jason that he’s hoping that this means that Josh is finally going home. Jason agreed, saying that it couldn’t have worked out any better. Mark said that Alex worried him. Jason said that he doesn’t know what is going on with Alex, stating that it was just three days ago that he was asking this same question to Paul. Mark said that Alex’s comments about how much time he spends with Jessica and Cody worries him.

5:05 PM BBT: Jason told Kevin that it looks like Paul has already set the hook with Mark since Mark was just asking him about Alex. Kevin said that Paul is a shifty guy if he’s able to convince Mark that Jason and Alex aren’t close after those two have been together for the entire game.

5:10 PM BBT: Alex told Paul that Matt is definitely afraid of going on the block. Paul agreed, saying that Matt has been playing too soft and that they should put Matt in check. Alex said that she rather go for Matt than go for Josh. Paul agreed, saying that they need to keep Josh and Kevin for as long as possible so that they can clean house when they get to the end.

5:15 PM BBT: Kevin told Alex that the only people he knows for sure who aren’t going to vote against them is Kevin and Josh. Alex said that Christmas, Matt, and Raven all won’t deviate from the plan.

5:20 PM BBT: Mark told Elena that Paul said that he trusts Cody, but that he isn’t sure about Jessica. Elena said that she 100% thinks she’s going up, but said that Paul shouldn’t be using her as a pawn to begin with when she’s been totally loyal to him the entire time. Mark asked if Paul told her who his target is. Elena said no, that all she was told is that she has a 25% chance of being a pawn. Mark said that he was told it was a 20% chance for him.

5:25 PM BBT: Mark and Josh had a small argument, with Mark trying to explain his case to Josh, but Josh kept bringing up how Mark was closer to Dominique than Josh was, but said that Mark ignored Dominique all week while she was alone. Josh said that Mark did the same thing to him last week that Mark did to Dominique. Mark said that when Josh looks back on the season and watches Mark’s DRs, he’ll see how he feels about Josh and Dominique. Mark explained to Josh that the situation isn’t what he thinks it is because Dominique was saying things about Elena and Paul, plus his name was getting throw around too.

Josh told Mark that Mark isn’t a douchebag and that he should leave that role to people that actually are. Mark said that they’re playing a game and that when they’re outside the house, he’s hoping that they can be men and have a beer. Josh agreed. Mark ended the conversation by saying that as far as the game goes, it’s still “f*ck you”. Josh returned the comment and they both shook hands as they laughed.

5:40 PM BBT: Jason told Kevin that he can’t believe that Alex volunteered to go up when it should have been Matt to go up. Kevin said that they’re not seeing how insecure Elena is, stating that she thought she was everyone’s favorite, but now she’s going up.

5:50 PM BBT: Jessica told Cody that Mark said that Paul isn’t happy with him, so it could be Jessica’s name showing up on the nomination board. Cody said that would be dumb. Jessica said that if the two of them are on the block, it doesn’t matter what else happens, cause she’ll have to use the Hex. Cody said that even if it’s just one of them up, she’d have to use the Hex.

7:20 PM BBT: Paul nominated Jessica and Cody

7:20 PM BBT: Cody and Paul get into a heated argument, which led to Jessica getting extremely pissed with Cody. You can read the full recap of that by clicking here.

7:30 PM BBT: Josh and Mark get into an argument that nearly led to a physical altercation. You can read the full recap of that by clicking here.

7:30 PM BBT: Paul told Jessica that he’s willing to resume the conversation with her without someone who is going to get in his face. Jessica said that she completely understands and said that it shouldn’t have gone the way that it did. Paul told Jessica that he’s sorry and that this was nothing against her. Paul said that they could have figured something out as to who else to target, but Jessica said that it’s too late now. Jessica said that she doesn’t want to be on any side as to what took place in the HOH room between Cody and Paul. Paul asked if there is anything more she can tell him about her temptation. Jessica said that there is no point and that he’ll just have to wait and see on Thursday because there is no saving it for next week now.

7:45 PM BBT: Cody told Mark that it’s Jessica’s default position to blame him for anything, which Cody said that Elena would do the same. Mark said that Jessica will calm down, but Cody said that he’ll still be blamed even if she does. Cody said that he’s going to tell Jessica not to use the safety on him. Mark said that it’s not all over for them, but Cody said that it is unless the two of them can just keep winning HOHs back to back.

7:50 PM BBT: Paul told Jessica that the only reason she’s a target is because of Cody. Jessica said that she can only be the target for so many weeks before she says “screw it” and makes a move. Paul said that she isn’t the target and that he put them up thinking that Jessica wouldn’t be able to be nominated while Cody could. Jessica said that Cody didn’t go after anybody this week. Paul said that doesn’t matter when the majority of the house feels a certain way. Paul explained that Jessica isn’t his enemy and never has been, but said that he can’t say the same for Cody. Paul said that Jessica’s ride or die is the biggest target in the house and that if they can’t get him, she’s going to be next in line by default.

8:05 PM BBT: Paul told Matt and Raven that if they can convince Jessica that she’s only the target because of Cody, they might get her to let them kick him out. Paul said that the Hex is if the both of them are up and she doesn’t feel safe, stating that if Jessica uses it, it’s going to be a dud week.

8:15 PM BBT: Kevin told Cody that he’s probably going to ask Jessica to keep him on the block since he’s the worst thing ever for Jesica’s game. Kevin said that Cody makes a good point.

9:00 PM BBT: Paul told Elena that Cody and Mark are done and that he’s pretty sure that Cody is about to self evict. Elena said that Mark’s behavior was not something she’s comfortable with in the house or in real life. Elena told Paul that she feels confident in their relation, but said that she feels like an outsider when it comes to everyone else.

9:05 PM BBT: Elena seemingly breaks up with Mark. You can read the full recap of that by clicking here

9:25 PM BBT: Jessica told Christmas that there are only two females in the house that she would consider having a relationship with and that Christmas is one of those two. Jessica explained her fight to Christmas, asking why she should chase Cody when it was Cody who was in the wrong. Jessica told Christmas exactly what her temptation was. Christmas said that Jessica may not have found a boyfriend, but she did find a girlfriend.

Jessica told Christmas that Cody is the only person that she can count on to not come after her. Christmas said that she believes that Jessica could change that. Christmas explained that keeping Cody on her side ensures that nobody trusts Jessica. Christmas told her that Jessica needs to think about whether she’s hear to play the game for her or for somebody else. Christmas added that whether Jessica uses the Hex or not, she should make sure that it benefits her.

Jessica told Christmas that when it comes to Cody’s actions upstairs, it concerns her about their relationship on the outside because what Cody did wasn’t game, it was real. Christmas told Jessica that she still has the option to make jury and work things out with Cody, but Jessica said that she’s just confused by Cody’s actions. Jessica said that Cody’s reaction to what Paul said was degrees higher than it needed to be.

9:50 PM BBT: Cody told Elena about his wish to ensure Jessica’s safety, then make sure that she doesn’t use the temptation on him because he has done nothing but damage to Jessica’s game. Cody said that he believes that both her and Jessica would be stronger without him or Mark.

10:15 PM BBT: Jessica told Elena that there are people trying to convince her to not use the Hex and questioned if she would really want to let someone get evicted who would never come after her. Elena asked Jessica to explain to her how the Hex works, so Jessica did. Jessica said that Paul isn’t even guaranteed jury anymore because he won’t be able to compete in the next HOH. Elena told Jessica that Cody told her that he knows that he’s bad for both of their games. Jessica said that Cody hasn’t said a word to her since their argument. Jessica explained to Elena that the way that Cody acted upstairs was disgusting and not OK. She said that she’s a strong woman who doesn’t need to be in the position that she’s in, but said that she still has a heart. Elena asked Jessica what she’s going to do. Jessica said that she needs to speak with Cody to find out.

10:35 PM BBT: Mark told Josh that he’s sorry for charging him, sorry for throwing pickle juice in his face, and sorry for laughing behind his back. Mark said that it’ll all be funny on TV, but said that he knows that it was wrong and that Josh can keep tormenting him if he wants. Josh said that he’s not going to stop. Josh said that he just wanted to apologize.

10:45 PM BBT: Jessica and Cody had a one sided argument where Jessica said that she didn’t like the way he acted and that what he did upstairs worries her about their relationship on the outside and Cody’s character. She said that she doesn’t want to date someone who is just going to get into fist fights at random, since that is the type of attitude that she witnessed. When Jessica asked if that is how Cody acts, he said sometimes, yes. When Cody was pressed on how he wants to respond to all of this, he said that he didn’t know what to say and that what he did say just made Jessica angry. Cody told her that all he want is for Jessica to be happy.

Jessica told Cody that she needs someone who can balance her out when it comes to her attitude, but Cody said that he doesn’t think he’ll be able to do that for her. Cody said that he wants to be able to give her everything that she wants, but that he doesn’t think he can. Jessica asked what the point of all this was if he can’t answer for it, to which Cody said that he never wanted to let her down like this.

11:05 PM BBT: Cody told Mark that he’s going to chill out, try to win the veto, take Jessica off, then make sure that Jessica’s temptation isn’t wasted on him. Cody told Mark about his conversation with Jessica and that he believes he’ll be able to repair things with her outside the show if it was really meant to be. Cody said that Jessica set out standards and that he doesn’t think he can meet them.

11:10 PM BBT: Alex, Christmas, Matt, Paul, and Raven agreed to have no sympathy or trust for Jessica, but said that they should tell her everything she wants to hear and get her out the first chance that they get.

11:15 PM BBT: Paul told Jessica that in the conversations that she’s having, people are empathizing with her. Paul said that Jessica should jump on the train because the only reason she has been left out on the loop because of everything is Cody. Paul said that when Cody was gone, people gave Jessica a chance, which he said will happen again. Paul told Jessica that she can make it to jury and that he gets that she likes Cody, but said that her and Cody can always get together on the outside of the house. Paul told Jessica that she has never wronged him or anybody and that her only downfall has been Cody. Jessica said that she’s going to do some thinking.

11:35 PM BBT: Jessica asked Cody if he wants to stay in the game. Cody said that he doesn’t want to ruin Jessica’s game by doing so. Jessica questioned why she would help evict someone who is going is going after the same people who are pushing her to do it. Cody said that it’d be helping Jessica as well. Jessica said that Cody needs to control himself, but Cody said that he’s always going to play with heart and passion. When Jessica brought up how he acted upstairs, Cody said that he’s going to do that every time because that’s how he is. Cody told Jessica that he doesn’t believe that he can ever make her happy and she deserves to be happy. Cody added that Jessica telling him to not be himself isn’t making him happy either. Jessica asked if living disassociated from everyone like he is now makes him happy. Cody said yes.

Cody told Jessica that he isn’t proud of what he did upstairs and that he’s defeated now. Jessica said that just because they’re not winning doesn’t mean that they’re the ones playing the game wrong. Cody said the two of them are on the block now, but Jessica said it isn’t their fault that they got stabbed in the back. Cody said that he thinks that Paul is a loser in life and that he’ll act the way he did upstairs every time. Jessica asked Cody if he’s quitting. Cody said that he’s trying to jump on a grenade her for, but Jessica said she doesn’t need him to do that. Cody said that with him in the house, Jessica will always be in the same hole with him and that they’d have to win every single HOH for the rest of the game to stay together.

Jessica told Cody that she doesn’t know what is going to happen between them anymore because things he’s telling him. Cody said that he knows he’s telling her things that she hates about him. Jessica said that it’s just the aggressiveness that she can’t get behind. Cody said that he’s always going to be aggressive. Cody questioned if Jessica ever realizes that she’s so hard headed that he’s always wrong in her mind, to which Jessica said that Cody is just always outright wrong. Jessica said that she doesn’t want Cody’s last week in the house to be like this since this isn’t him, but Cody said that calling Paul a loser is him. Jessica told Cody that she can’t not use the Hex on him this week unless he wants to leave the house for his own reasons. Cody said that it would be for Jessica’s sake, not his.

12:45 AM BBT: Studying for this year’s BB Storm Watch began.

1:20 AM BBT: Elena told Paul that she walked in on Cody and Jessica under the sheets and they weren’t studying. Elena told him about Cody wanting to go home now because he’s hurting Jessica’s game and told Paul about Jessica and Cody’s big fight earlier today. Elena said that she’ll tell Jessica that the two of them can fly under the radar together if Cody really does go home this week.

1:25 AM BBT: Jessica told Cody that there are people who don’t want her to use the temptation this week. When Cody said that he wanted names, Jessica said that it was everyone. Jessica told Cody not to worry because there was no way that she wouldn’t use it on him in this situation.

1:40 AM BBT: Elena told Alex, Christmas, Jason, Josh Kevin, Matt, and Raven that she knows for a fact that Jessica’s temptation has an expiration date and that she’s hoping that Jessica will respect her opinion enough to not use it on Cody. Christmas said that if Jessica doesn’t use the Hex, it’s because she sees that she has a better chance going further into the game without Cody. Elena said that Jessica already 100% sees that. Elena said that the thing that scares Jessica is Cody leaving the house, then her becoming the target. Paul said that Jessica wouldn’t be the target. Elena said that it’s in the best interest of the house for Cody to leave. Matt said that it’s in the best interest of Cody for Cody to leave at this point.

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