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Big Brother 19: Day 36 Recap

We’re just a day away from the eviction and things are finally starting to heat up again, as winds of the plan going wrong for Cody and Jessica have started to blow. The couple in power this week have started to mingle in hopes of figuring  some things they hadn’t known yet, which is what they have been able to do so far at least once today.


12:05 PM BBT: Paul told Alex and Jason that the vote should be 7-3 to evict Ramses and that if there is a double eviction, Paul said that they need to put Cody and Elena up.

12:20 PM BBT: Paul told Mark and Elena that it’s going to be a very important eviction this week. Mark told Paul that he can’t deal with Josh anymore and that since only three people have left the house, there is no way that it’s another week where whoever is evicted has the chance to stay. Mark asked Paul who he thinks got the temptation. Paul said Jessica based on the fact she told him that said she wouldn’t say after the eviction.

12:30 PM BBT: Jessica asked Paul who he thought got the temptation. Paul said that he thought it was Jessica, but Jessica just said that he doesn’t think it helps anyone if the person who got the temptation admitted to who got it. Paul added that he doesn’t actually care about the temptation, it’s just the curse that he’s worried about and why it hasn’t come out yet.

Jessica asked Paul who he’s going to vote tomorrow and said that she wanted to actually hear Paul say it.  Paul said Josh and nodded confirmation when Jessica asked him to promise. Paul said that Ramses has been doing some things though, stating that he’s voting Josh out, but implied that things could change if multiple people ganged up on him about the vote. Jessica said that she feels like people should get on board with getting Josh out, adding that she doesn’t want to be blindsided and asked Paul to tell her if he found out that anything was going to happen.

Jessica told Paul that Josh said that everyone knew that he was going to make a speech targeting her and Cody, but Paul denied, stating that everything Josh has done was on his own doing. Jessica said that when Paul used the veto on Josh, Josh said that Paul specifically was who got him to make that speech.

12:50 PM BBT: Cody told Mark that if Cody were to get HOH, he’d have to have a conversation with Jessica to find out where Elena’s interests are. Mark asked Cody how his relationship with Paul is. Cody said that Paul hasn’t spoken to him, but said on a personal level, the two of them are good. Mark said that Paul was worried this week that he might have been backdoored. Cody said that he has nothing to prove by putting Paul up again. Mark said that he likes Paul and that he’s a good competitor. Cody said that he likes Paul too.

Mark told Cody that as long as the move he makes next week doesn’t affect Elena or Paul, he’ll have his back. Mark said that he likes Matt and Raven, but that they don’t talk game. Cody said that he doesn’t want to break those two up before jury because he said he wants to honor the couples agreement.

1:00 PM BBT: Cody told Jessica that Mark, Elena, and Paul are a trio alliance and that Mark finally spilled the beans about it. Cody told her about Mark saying that he’ll have Cody’s back as long as whatever his plans are don’t affect Mark, Elena, and Paul. Cody said that he doesn’t like any of that trio and that he wants to make the first move against them. Jessica asked if Cody is still wanting to take out Paul. Cody said yes, that it’s possible that Mark and Elena could come around on that idea too. Jessica said that there are a lot of benefits to taking out Paul since it would reshuffle the house order. Cody said that they have Christmas, Kevin, and Ramses on their side.

Cody told Jessica that Mark was throwing Matt and Raven under the bus, but said that he’s not going to go after someone weak like those two. Jessica told Cody about Paul saying that he’s going to evict Josh, but did mention that Ramses has been acting sketchy. Jessica said that Paul shouldn’t piss her off, that this is her HOH and she’s telling him to vote out Josh. Cody said that he thinks the Mark and Josh fight is just a big show, but Jessica said no, that Elena gave her word. Jessica said that if they take out Paul now, they’re going to be the biggest targets. Cody said that the two of them will just be made into the biggest targets by Paul so long as he’s in the house.

Cody said that he would consider putting up Matt and Raven, taking Matt off the block, then putting up Paul as the replacement. Cody questioned if they should start hedging their bets by getting close with Alex and Jason again. Jessica said that she wants to be there for that conversation if he does, stating that Alex wants Cody out because him being back doesn’t benefit her.

1:35 PM BBT: Paul asked Kevin if his vote to evict Ramses wasn’t changing. Kevin said that he doesn’t see how it would, stating that it’s going to be 6-4, so he doesn’t need to come asking him for his vote anymore. Paul said that he trusts Kevin more than anyone in the house. Paul told Kevin that if it’s a double eviction and Kevin somehow wins HOH, the nominations need to be Mark and Elena, then if Elena wins veto, Cody should go up and go home.

1:40 PM BBT: Christmas told Paul that Matt has been saying to put Mark and Elena up, which Christmas said that they’re technically adhering to their promise to Cody and Jessica by not putting them up outright.

1:45 PM BBT: Josh told Christmas that Jessica wanted to try to turn him Paul against each other. Christmas asked Josh if he wants to put up Cody and Jessica or Mark and Elena. Josh said Cody and Jessica. Christmas said that Elena should be the replacement nominee for him, then told him that everyone else is planning on putting up Mark and Elena.

2:30 PM BBT: Kevin told Jason that they just need to get someone out this week, so long as it isn’t Jason, Alex, Paul, or Kevin.

3:00 PM BBT: Christmas told Raven that if Elena and Cody are on the block come Thursday, they need to vote to evict Cody and if it’s Mark and Elena nominated on a Thursday, they have to evict Elena.

3:05 PM BBT: Jessica asked Elena if they’re still solid for tomorrow. Elena said yes, that the only thing she has heard what Christmas wanting to give a pity vote. Elena asked if Jessica spoke with Alex and Jason. Jessica said that Jason said they’re all on board. Elena said that there aren’t any super obvious targets after this week. Elena told Jessica that she believes that Kevin is the person who likes to do things to stir it up, then watch what happens. She said that since Kevin is the older, lovable guy, nobody suspects it’s him or wants to do anything about it.

3:30 PM BBT: Jessica told Mark and Elena that Alex repaid her by putting her on the block, so Jessica said that she’ll repay Alex by shoving a large object up her butt and sending her out the door. Elena said that she was expecting for Alex to be one of Jessica’s targets this week, but Jessica said that it was Josh who had the bigger mouth. Elena said that next week is going to be interesting. Jessica said that battle lines will be redrawn and the house won’t be unified over targets like it was for the past two weeks.

4:30 PM BBT: Cody told Jessica that what he wants to do is put up Paul and Mark, then say that if someone uses the veto, Elena is going up. Cody said that they need to break that trio up. Cody told Jessica about Mark implying that he wouldn’t have Cody’s back if he went after Elena or Paul. Cody said that Mark will see Paul’s disloyalty when they’re put up on the block together. Cody added that he’s willing to lie to everyone in the house and say that Mark and Paul have been throwing their names around.

4:45 PM BBT: Paul told Matt and Raven that he thinks that Mark is actually an idiot for bringing his name up to Cody. Paul said that he used to trust Elena, but now she has been telling Mark everything that they talk about. Matt said that he’s not going to put Jessica and Cody up outright since he promised them, but said that he doesn’t have a problem with backdooring one of them if Mark or Elena won the veto.

4:50 PM BBT: Kevin told Jessica that he thinks the votes are going to flip against Ramses. You can read the full recap of what happened by clicking here

5:50 PM BBT: Cody asked Jason if he’s about to get screwed by the vote. Jason said that he doesn’t think so and that Josh should be going. Jason said that if Cody is getting screwed, he is too. Cody said that he needs Jason and Alex, stating that he gave up his game for the two of them. Jason said that he’s voting Josh out, but said that he’ll speak to Alex. Cody said that if he ends up being surprised by the vote, he’s going to lose his mind and win the HOH.

5:55 PM BBT: Jason told Alex that he told Cody that he’s going to vote Josh out. Jason told Alex about Cody’s threat of nobody being safe if he’s surprised by the vote, but Alex just yawned. Alex said that they need to talk with Paul to devise a plan going forward. Jason questioned why, but said that if he had to choose between Cody and Paul, he’d choose Paul since he enjoys talking to Paul more.

6:00 PM BBT: Jason told Cody that Alex is not giving him a solid feel, but said that Alex said that nothing is changing when it comes to the plan to evict Josh. Jason said that he doesn’t think Alex would lie to him, but said that Alex has been acting fishy. Cody said that Alex hasn’t spoken to him since he returned.

6:05 PM BBT: Cody told Alex that he threw away his game for them and said that this vote against Josh is all he wants in return. Alex said that she hasn’t made any decisions yet. Cody said that he will never ask another favor of her again if she can just vote Josh out. Alex said that she’s not promising her vote to anyone.

6:15 PM BBT: Christmas told Alex about her talk with Jessica and said that they should stop talking about the plan to evict Ramses.

6:30 PM BBT: Alex told Jason and Kevin that they need Josh because he’s a vote for them. Jason and Kevin both said that they know. Alex said that they need to go to sleep at 10PM so that they can’t be badgered about their vote. Kevin said that he can’t sleep that early, but Alex said that he can. Kevin told them that when he went into the HOH room to pee, Jessica did ask how he was going to vote and that he just said that Jessica doesn’t even need to ask.

6:30 PM BBT: Christmas told Matt that she believes Elena is relying on Paul still being in her pocket. Matt said that Elena thinks her connections are stronger than they actually are, despite Elena not speaking one word of game to him. Christmas said that he thinks that Mark was one of the votes to keep Cody. Matt said that he thinks so too. Matt said things will be smooth once they get Cody out. Christmas said Elena will follow, then Mark would lose his mind. Christmas said that Jessica won’t know what to do when someone isn’t directing her anymore.

6:45 PM BBT: Matt told Paul that Christmas said that Elena is voting to keep Ramses and that Elena really trusts Paul. Paul said that he thought he could trust Elena, but not anymore.

6:45 PM BBT: Paul told Josh that he needs to act shocked tomorrow when the votes come in and his mission for next week is to do nothing but mess with Jessica, Mark, and Cody, stating that even if they’re the ones in power, they still have to make those three boil.

6:50 PM BBT: Jessica told Cody that she’s disappointed in herself and that there is nothing they can do about it now. Cody said that if he doesn’t win HOH, they’ll just have to start using Jessica’s temptation.

6:50 PM BBT: Christmas told Kevin that Jessica, Cody, Mark, and Elena all have an alliance and they pulled Ramses in with them. Kevin told Christmas not to worry because he has her back.

7:00 PM BBT: Christmas told Paul and Alex that Jessica said that she is concerned because she walked in on several conversations between Paul and Alex. Alex said that wasn’t true. Paul asked if they should get rid of Mark or Elena first. Christmas said Cody, Elena, then they can decide between Jessica or Mark. Paul said that Jessica is a better player than Mark.

7:15 PM BBT: Jessica told Cody that if they could trust Jason and Alex, then team up with them, Jessica said that she’d feel a lot better, but said that they just can’t trust those two.

7:55 PM BBT: Mark told Jessica and Cody that he’d never go against them by trying to keep Josh, stating that they kept him safe and that the least he could do is help them get what they want this week from the eviction. Cody said that he wants to work with him moving forward. Mark agreed. Jessica questioned Mark about tomorrow’s vote, but Mark just said that Ramses is staying and that there is no other way he couldn’t. Mark said that if Josh stays, Mark will get evicted because he’s going to put his hands on Josh.

8:25 PM BBT: The feeds returned after being down for a few minutes. GIFs and or videos were shown to the houseguests to remember for a competition tomorrow evening. Everyone began studying.

9:40 PM BBT: Paul told Christmas, Matt, and Raven that he believes that once the votes come in tomorrow, Elena will separate herself completely from Cody’s side of the house and will drop Mark because she has said that to him time and time again. Paul said that in the off chance that Elena does win HOH, he’ll just tell her that she either abandon’s ship with Cody’s side now or she’s screwed going forward. Christmas said that Elena is going to honor her commitment to Cody and Jessica by not putting either of them up before jury. Paul said that Elena will throw the competition if she feels safe, so he said that he’ll focus on making Elena feel safe.

10:25 PM BBT: Elena asked Paul if he’s going to vote Josh out. Paul said yes. Elena said that Jessica has been paranoid about the vote today. Elena told Paul that she’s trying to stay away from Cody’s side. Paul said that it’s not a good image for her to be around Cody and Jessica when it comes to how it looks to the rest of the house. Paul told Elena that he believes that she’s sinking her own ship at this point. Elena said that the only person she has been 100% loyal to is Paul. Elena asked how she could navigate away from Mark more, but Paul said that he’s unable to tell her how to do that. Paul said that Cody being in the house brings the worst out in Mark, explaining that Mark gets overbearingly confident that Cody is going to protect him forever.

10:35 PM BBT: Elena told Christmas and Paul that she doesn’t want to win HOH and would feel safest if Paul were to win it. Elena told Paul that she feels like she would lose her mind if Paul were to get evicted. Paul said that he wasn’t trying to freak her out and just wanted to bring these concerns to her in private. Elena said that they’ve been her concerns as well.

12:45 AM BBT: Paul told Christmas that he just needs Mark and Cody to lose the HOH, then he doesn’t care who wins it. When Christmas tried to bring up nominating Mark or Elena, Paul just asked if they could agree on Cody being one of their nominees. When Christmas said yes, Paul ended the conversation by saying that he doesn’t care who the second nominee was.

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