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Big Brother 19: Day 34 Recap

It’s veto ceremony day, which means that the nominations will be locked in for the week and nothing can be changed, no matter what else Jessica might find out about the actual plan going into Thursday’s eviction. If Jessica does get wind of the plan to blindside them, we have the potential for plenty of drama this afternoon.


10:40 AM BBT: Cody told Jessica that if Josh were to somehow stay, everyone would expect him to say something bad in his nomination speech, but he’d actually just say that he’s nominating Josh because he’s a bad person.

12:05 PM BBT: Jessica decided to not use the Power of Veto

12:10 PM BBT: Josh told Kevin that he has his back. Kevin said that Josh is staying. Josh said that Kevin just needs to make sure that he doesn’t say anything to tip off their plan. Josh added that they need to get Cody, Mark, Elena, and Jessica out of the house next.

12:40 PM BBT: Kevin told Jason that he can’t stand when people tell him not to say something when those are the people even bringing up the secret topic in general. Kevin added that he thinks it’s a decoy when people tell you not to say anything.

1:00 PM BBT: Christmas told Kevin and Paul that right after the veto meeting, she had a conversation with Jessica and told her that since everyone else will be voting Josh out, she wants to give him a sympathy vote and framed it as it’s what she would want if she was going home 10-0.

1:00 PM BBT: Cody told Jessica that the veto ceremony went perfectly. Jessica told Cody that Christmas said that since it’s going to be a unanimous vote, she wanted to give Josh a pity vote, but Jessica said that she wants it to be unanimous vote no matter what. Cody said that Christmas is an idiot and that they can use that conversation against her if Ramses wins HOH.

1:05 PM BBT: Christmas told Kevin that she believes what Cody said about Mark and Dominique to be true. Kevin said that they need to get Cody out next. Christmas said Cody, Jessica, or Mark.

1:10 PM BBT: Elena told Paul that Jessica is scared about the votes and asked Paul if he’s voting out Josh. Paul said yes. Elena said that even if Alex and Jason were to throw Josh a vote, the numbers should still be good to keep Ramses. Mark said that it’s not going to be a unanimous vote, but said that Josh is going home.

1:15 PM BBT: Christmas told Elena and Mark that she had a conversation with Jessica and explained to her how Josh has had her back and would like to throw him a sympathy vote because of that.

1:20 PM BBT: Kevin told Paul that everything is going the way Paul wants. Paul said that it’s not the way he wants, it’s that it’s the best strategic move. Paul explained to Kevin that everyone thinks that Ramses took the $25,000 temptation, so it won’t be brought up again once he’s gone. Paul said that if everything goes right, it would be 7-3 to evict Ramses. Kevin said that everyone is mad at Mark, but that they need to go after Cody and Jessica next.

Christmas joined Paul and Kevin. Paul told Christmas that since Jessica is going around asking everyone about their votes, Christmas should just tell her that she’ll vote however Jessica wants. Kevin said that America isn’t going to hate her for lying to someone about a vote. Paul agreed, saying that America will love her for making a move.

1:30 PM BBT: Alex told Jason to tell Jessica and Cody that he’s voting to evict Josh since he’ll be asked.

1:35 PM BBT: Alex told Paul and Kevin that she believes that Mark is trying to get Jason to feel bad about voting to evict Ramses, but Alex said that Jason will still vote to keep Josh.

1:40 PM BBT: Paul told Matt and Raven that Cody, Jessica, Elena, and Mark are all huddling together and cornering people on who they’re going to vote for. Paul explained that they’re nervous and don’t realize that they screwed up.

4:00 PM BBT: Raven told Matt that as soon as he went into the diary room, Mark went upstairs with Cody. Matt said that Mark and Cody are making it so obvious that they’re working together.

4:20 PM BBT: Christmas told Matt that Mark is a dick when he doesn’t get his way. Matt agreed, adding that he’s not surprised that Mark ran back to Cody and Jessica, but said that he is surprised that Elena did it too.

Matt told Christmas that if one of them don’t win HOH, they’re going home. Christmas said that it would be her, Paul, Matt, or Raven nominated. Christmas said that they need to ensure that Cody or Mark goes home. Matt said that Cody is the best competitor in the house, while Mark isn’t dangerous. Matt added that they need to tell Josh to stop talking crap to Cody and start talking it all to Mark. Matt said that Mark will lose it if Josh is talking crap, while Cody will just get more dialed in. Matt added that he feels like Paul has the mindset of wanting to go head to head with Cody, but said that Paul wouldn’t win the majority in that case.

4:50 PM BBT: Christmas told Ramses that she would like to show her support for Josh since he voted for her to stay twice by throwing him a sympathy vote since they all know that Ramses is going to stay, but told Ramses that she’s going go to do that if Jessica is 100% confident that it’s going to be a sweep. Ramses said that he understands and thanked her for being honest.

5:00 PM BBT: Jessica told Cody that it’ll be a miracle if they can get by without either of them going up on the block, but said that she won’t get her hopes up. Cody said that they should just tell the HOH that putting them up would be a waste of a week since she has the temptation, then it wouldn’t happen.

5:35 PM BBT: Kevin asked Paul if it’s Cody who they’re putting up if one of them wins the next HOH. Paul said yes. Kevin said that they can go for Mark and others later since they’ll always be vulnerable.

5:45 PM BBT: Jason told Kevin that the only reason he wants Christmas out is because he broke her foot and is tired of watching her since he feels bad about it.

6:15 PM BBT: Kevin told Jason that they’re going to go for Cody and Jessica, then Mark and Elena, then he said that he guessed Josh, Christmas, Raven, and Matt would follow. Kevin said that it’s going to be them two, Alex, and Paul left. Jason said it’ll be fun if their plans work.

6:30 PM BBT: Jessica told Ramses that if anyone comes to him asking to vote against him, he should say that he’d feel uncomfortable if they didn’t vote for him to stay. Jessica explained that she’s advocating for a unanimous vote against Josh, so she doesn’t want to let them get away with not doing so. Jessica said that she spoke to Alex and she said that Ramses and Josh both apparently broke a pair of her glasses, so she was pissed at the both of them.

7:00 PM BBT: Cody asked Raven who she thinks Cody would put up if he won HOH. Raven said that Cody wouldn’t put her up, but might put up Paul. Matt said that he thinks Cody would put up Josh and Christmas, Josh and Paul, or Christmas and Paul. Raven said that she’d like for Josh to win the HOH and put up Jessica and Cody. Matt said that Christmas winning would be perfect for them too. Raven said that she feels like Mark has been getting worse when it comes to his attitude in the house. Matt agreed.

7:10 PM BBT: Elena asked Paul who is going home next week. Paul said that he doesn’t know and that he’d like to see who has power, then they can decide. Mark asked Paul who he is most scared of winning aside from Ramses. Paul said Cody, adding that even though he trusts Cody, he doesn’t know what Cody’s agenda is. Elena said that she doesn’t trust Cody. Paul asked if Cody has talked to them about anything. Mark said that Cody just said that the last thing they want to do is make waves and that after what he put Jessica through the first time, he doesn’t want to put her in jeopardy again by making another big move.

7:30 PM BBT: Jason told Alex that Ramses asked if Ramses, Jason, Alex, Elena, and Kevin are all good and Kevin said that he said yes. Jason said that they need to get Cody and Jessica out first, then Elena and Josh. Alex said Josh later, then said if anything, they should get Kevin out before Josh since Kevin is so sketchy. Alex explained that Kevin has been lying to them about the dates because she knows that Kevin remembers them all.

8:30 PM BBT: Jessica told Kevin that she has the temptation. The full recap of that conversation can be found by clicking here

9:00 PM BBT: Paul told Alex that Cody and Jessica are slowly starting to realize how stupid they are for now using the veto. Alex said that Kevin and Christmas are the one two people who could screw them. Paul said that he doesn’t think Christmas would do that since she has been relaying information to him.

9:40 PM BBT: Christmas told Alex and Jason that she let Jessica know that she wanted to vote for Josh to stay because he gave her two votes both times she was nominated and said that it shouldn’t matter since the votes should be a sweep to evict Josh. Alex said that her and Jason can’t be left alone because Mark and Elena keep coming to them trying to flip them.

9:45 PM BBT: Kevin told Jason that Jessica and Cody have been playing it too cool and said that he believes that they have more power than they know, such as a temptation. Jason said that Jessica can’t stop the vote. Kevin said that they could possibly stop the entire vote. Kevin asked what they’d do if Cody and Jessica came up to them the next week and said that they can’t be put up, stating that they’ve just been acting too cool.

9:55 PM BBT: Christmas told Josh that nothing shady is happening in regards to the plan to keep him and that he doesn’t have anything to worry about. Christmas explained to Josh that Mark and Elena have been trying to get information for Cody and Jessica from everyone else in the house. Christmas told Josh that he can’t talk crap to Cody after the vote because that just gets Cody more focused. Josh said that he has realized that he just needs to shut up once the votes are in.

10:05 PM BBT: Cody asked Jessica who they’d be able to get the votes to send Paul home against. Jessica said they could put Paul up next to Christmas and Christmas could play the sympathy card with her foot. Jessica said that they’d have to backdoor Paul, so Christmas would have to go on the block next to someone else, to which Cody said Ramses. Cody added that he still wants Paul out next, but Jessica said that Cody needs to get over it because she wants Alex out more.

10:05 PM BBT: Alex told Christmas that they need to take out Cody, then Mark. Christmas said that they should take out Elena before Mark because she is a stronger competitor. Paul joined them, which Alex turned to him and explained that they need to get Cody and Elena out next instead of Cody and Mark because if they leave Elena and Jessica in, those two will scheme. Paul said that she’s right. Christmas said that Mark and Cody had an alliance and that she would guarantee that Mark was a vote for Cody to stay. Alex said that Jessica and Elena had a final two deal.

10:35 PM BBT: Kevin asked Paul what happens if Cody and Jessica got the same temptation that he got. Paul said that they wouldn’t give out the same temptation twice. Paul added that they’re going after Cody, not Jessica anyways. Kevin asked if Jessica could protect Cody too, to which Paul said no. Paul told Kevin that if either of them wins HOH, they have to make a serious move. Kevin said that he’ll do whatever Paul wants.

10:45 PM BBT: Cody told Jessica that Paul was speaking in private with Kevin and that just got done speaking to Matt in private too, adding that they know that Paul is trying to get everyone to vote to keep Josh. Jessica told Cody not to get riled up because Paul could be talking about anything with those two guys. Jessica said that Paul has held true to his word to her so far. Cody said that they’ll see, but said that he doesn’t trust Paul.

10:55 PM BBT: Jason told Alex that they need to win HOH and put up either Cody and Elena or Cody and Christmas. Alex said that they need Christmas right now.

11:05 PM BBT: Christmas told Josh that he’s going to be okay, but said that he needs to act surprised about the vote on Thursday too. Christmas also told him about her telling Jessica that she wants to throw Josh a sympathy vote since he always had her back. Josh told Christmas that he feels good about Matt and Raven. Christmas agreed, saying that those two are straight forward. Christmas said that she trusts Paul and asked Josh how he feels about him. Josh said that he trusts Paul too, but not as much as he trusts Christmas, stating that Paul is tighter with Kevin. Josh said that he thinks Jason is solid, but said that he can’t work with Alex because he doesn’t trust her. Christmas agreed that she likes Jason, but said that Jason stays away from her because she thinks there is a physical attraction towards her.

Christmas told Josh that they should put up Jessica and Elena, then backdoor Cody. Josh said that he’d rather put up Cody and Jessica outright, stating that he believes that Cody would use the veto on Jessica over himself if he were to win it. Christmas said that she doesn’t want Cody playing in the veto at all.

11:35 PM BBT: Mark told Paul that he likes Cody, but said that it doesn’t change anything, stating that he doesn’t know how Cody feels about him since Mark did turn his back on Cody. Paul asked if Mark was getting an honest read from Cody. Mark said yes, that he believes that Cody wants to work with them for the next couple weeks. Mark told Paul that right now, his agenda might not match others and that it’ll be interesting if Mark were to get HOH. Mark explained that there is a pair that is playing the game in a way that he doesn’t like and that he doesn’t like people who don’t stir things up, implying that he’s talking about Matt and Raven.

12:10 AM BBT: Josh told the cameras that after his conversation with Christmas, he finally has his ride-or-die. He said that Cody and Elena have to go, then explained that Mark is a loose cannon and if he were to lose Elena, Mark might self evict. Josh said that he hopes him, Christmas, Jason, Kevin, and Paul all work together because he said that group could be lethal.

12:45 AM BBT: Mark told Elena that Paul is probably wanting to get Cody out right away, but Mark said that right now he’s focused on getting Ramses and Christmas out first.

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