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Big Brother 19: Day 28 Recap

We’re just days away from the eviction and upcoming Battle Back competition, which leaves plenty of time for the houseguests to talk about what they think their plan going into next week will be. None of them still know just how powerful this week’s temptation will be or that one of the houseguests they evicted will be returning to the house.


12:15 PM BBT: Jason told Alex that he would nominate Jessica and Josh if he were to win HOH. Alex asked if he was even being serious about putting up Josh. Jason said that he’d ideally want to nominate Christmas and Jessica. Alex said that because of Christmas’ foot, they can get her out at any time. Jason said that he wants Christmas out, stating that Christmas talks about everyone. Alex said that they are sitting pretty good finally and don’t need to rock the boat. Alex explained to Jason that they need to get out the people who wouldn’t be votes for them in jury.

12:30 PM BBT: Jason asked Paul if they should be putting a floater up against a competitor next time one of them wins HOH. Paul said yes. Jason said that Jessica can be that solid competitor. Alex told them both that the best case scenario is Josh winning HOH. Jason told Paul that he doesn’t know how to feel about Christmas since he was the one who broke her foot and said that he feels like Christmas will always have that in the back of her mind. Jason explained that he has caught Christmas looking disdainful at him before. Alex confirmed to Paul that Christmas does hate Jason. Jason said that is why they need to target Christmas, but Alex said that Christmas is too easy of a target to take out now. Jason said that Christmas isn’t an easy target because she talks with everyone and tells people what they want to hear. Paul said that he doesn’t think nominating Christmas next to Ramses would be a wasted HOH.

2:25 PM BBT: Christmas told Raven that it’s weird how Dominique knew that she was going to be the one getting nominated. Raven told her that it’s because Dominique knew that she was talking crap and saw how everyone’s reacted to her show last week. Christmas asked Raven if she thinks that Dominique was one of the votes against Ramses. Raven said possibly based on Dominique’s actions. Raven asked Christmas who she would nominate. Christmas said Jessica, but didn’t give a second nominee. Raven said that Jessica has been trying to frame her for taking Alex’s cat ears. Christmas said that Jessica was salty about Alex having cat ears to begin with because it was supposed to be Jessica’s thing. Christmas added that she’s fine with getting someone other than Jessica out if that is what the house wants, but said that she doesn’t want Jessica making it to jury.

3:15 PM BBT: Raven told Matt about Christmas wanting Jessica out and her plan to put Ramses up next to her if Christmas were to win HOH. Matt said that he doesn’t want to win HOH, but said that if either him or Raven did, they should reassure Alex and Jason that they’re going to be good with those two. Matt added that Raven might want to talk with Alex beforehand since Alex is someone who also wants Jessica out.

4:40 PM BBT: Raven told Paul that Christmas wants Jessica out. Paul said that he’s wanting Jessica out too since she has been talking a lot to Dominique and they can’t know what information Jessica now knows. Paul said that he’d nominate Jessica and Ramses if he wins HOH. Raven said that she might turn down the temptation so that she doesn’t have to curse someone else. Paul said that she should see what the temptation is before making the decision to turn it down.

5:20 PM BBT: Dominique told the viewers at home that she’s going to host her last talk show on Wednesday since it might be one of her last days in the house. She said that she asked Kevin to do the show with her, but said that Kevin declined because he thought that nobody would come. Dominique questioned who convinced Kevin to say that to her. Dominique also questioned who in the house has the power to persuade everyone not to talk to her.

5:55 PM BBT: Paul told Alex, Christmas, and Jason that while Dominique is doing her own show on Wednesday, they should all do another show. Christmas asked what would happen if they just took over the room Dominique usually does her show in. Kevin said that Dominique would just pick a different room and said that they should just let Dominique do her show. Alex said she wants to see what Dominique will be spewing. Paul said that Dominique will try to cause chaos.

7:25 PM BBT: Matt asked Mark who he’s thinking about targeting next week. Mark said Josh and Ramses, then if someone were to get pulled off, Christmas or Jessica as the replacement nominee. Matt said that Jessica is good and that he believes she is playing everyone. Mark agreed, but said that he wants Josh and Ramses out more. Mark said that they have a four week agenda laid out. Matt said Christmas, Josh, Ramses, and Jessica as the four people on that list. Mark said yes. Matt said that once they get to jury, he doesn’t care anymore because there isn’t a difference between 9th and 3rd place.

7:40 PM BBT: Alex told Paul that the viewers might think it would be epic if there was a way to save Dominique with the temptation. Paul said that Dominique is probably talking bad about him and that not many fans will like that.

8:15 PM BBT: Raven told Matt that Mark and Elena won’t get rid of Jessica. Matt said that Mark would, but Raven said that it’s Raven who wouldn’t. Matt said that he trusts Elena the third most, but said that Elena sleeps half the day, then spends the other half with Mark. Matt told Raven that people are going to sleep on Jessica and the longer they leave her in the house the bigger of a threat she is. Raven said that she knows for a fact that if Elena were to win, she wouldn’t put up Jessica.

8:25 PM BBT: Mark told Alex that he wants the majority of the house to be on the same four week plan when it comes to getting Christmas, Josh, Ramses, and Jessica out.

8:45 PM BBT: Josh told Jason that if he doesn’t win this upcoming HOH, he knows that he’s going home. Jason said that if Mark won it, he’d nominate Josh and if Josh won it, he’d nominate Mark.

8:50 PM BBT: Ramses began talking to the cameras. He said that he came into the house wanting to have one person he trusted, then Jillian ended up going home the first week. He said that people have their trust circles now and that he’s been left on the outs. Ramses said that people keep saying that they’re by themselves, but he said that he knows that is a lie. Ramses said that he kind of trusts Alex and Jason, but said he feels like those two know that he’s going to be a target for the other side.

Ramses said that the perception in the house of him works in his favor since everyone thinks he’s just a young kid who doesn’t know what’s going on. He said that he’s going to amplify the nerdiness so that he’s underestimated. Ramses said that his target was Dominique and now she’s going home, so he said that he’ll claim a big part in making that happen.

9:10 PM BBT: Raven told Elena that Jessica has been throwing their names around to other people while Jessica has been smiling to their faces. Raven added that Elena needs to remember what Paul said about Jessica coming running back to them once she had no other options. Elena said that she just can’t make the move against Jessica because she’d have a hard time even putting her on the block. Elena said that Paul or Jason need to pull the trigger on Jessica, but said that if it came down to it, she would if she had to. Matt asked Elena who she’d want to win HOH this week. Elena said Jessica, Josh, or Ramses.

9:30 PM BBT: Jessica told Christmas that when it comes to the two votes against Ramses, she said that nobody came to talk to her or Cody about what they’d do. Christmas asked Jessica if she thinks that Dominique were one of the votes. Jessica said that she didn’t know, adding that she doesn’t think that Dominique even wants to stay anymore. Christmas said that she wouldn’t want to go home feeling like people think she’s guilty if she was actually innocent. Christmas says that she feels for Dominique because she apparently feels like she has to stay away from everyone. Jessica said that when Dominique is alone at home, she reads the bible by herself, so Jessica said that Dominique is just doing what she does while she’s at home, but people think that is her isolating herself.

11:00 PM BBT: Jessica told Jason and Kevin that Christmas said that she’s voting Dominique out, but said that anything can change within the next 24 hours. Kevin said that it was just Christmas’ medication and that it’ll be 10-0 to evict Dominique. Jessica said that she believes Josh will be a vote against her, making it 9-1 to evict Dominique.

11:10 PM BBT: Jason told Alex that if he gets HOH, he’s putting Christmas up and booting her out, stating that he’d put Christmas up alongside Raven because he believes that nobody would vote out Raven. Alex said that Kevin is stirring the pot and would probably do it. Alex said that she doesn’t like Jessica. Jason told Alex about Jessica saying that Christmas said she is voting with the house, but that anything could change by the time the live show is here.

Alex told Jason that she really wants Jessica to go home. Jason said that Kevin wants to send Josh home, but Alex said no. Jason said that Jessica is a sociopath who is irrelevant in his book. Alex said that Jessica is still a jury vote and that she wishes Big Brother would lower it to seven jurors. Jason said that he’s starting to like Ramses since he has been cooking Jason slop meals. Jason added that if it was Ramses vs Jessica, he would never vote out Ramses. Alex said that they need to get Matt and Raven to trust them. Jason said that he’d rather battle Raven than go against Elena. Alex said that Ramses is too smart for them to handle, then said that Jessica is even worse. Jason said that Jessica and Christmas have to go.

Jason asked Alex about her true opinion on Dominique. Alex said that the more people talk about her, the more she believes that Dominique is innocent. Jason said that Dominique is definitely innocent.

11:35 PM BBT: Mark apologized to Josh, telling him that he didn’t think it was going to get out of hand the way it did. Josh said that once it got to the level that it did, he triggers him because it’s disrespect that’s been leveled towards him. Josh said that he messed up and blacked out, adding that once he spoke to Elena, he realized that Mark was only joking with him.

Josh told Mark that he’s not going to target him and that if he wins HOH, Mark will be safe. Mark said that he appreciated that. Josh and Mark agreed to not talk crap to each other since they know they’ll both just get riled up and angry about it.

11:50 PM BBT: Josh told Alex and Jason that he would throw Jessica up as a pawn and pretend like she was his target, but said that he’d actually want to get Matt out. Josh told them about his conversation with Mark and said that he could tell that Mark will still be gunning for his head, but said that he’s more intimidated by Elena than he is Mark. Josh asked Alex who she’d throw up if she won HOH again. Alex said Jessica because she hates her, but said that she doesn’t know who she’d throw up on a game-level. Josh asked Alex if she thinks that Paul would send him out the door if he got HOH again. Alex said no.

12:40 AM BBT: Mark told Elena that he wants their final eight to be them two, Matt, Raven, Paul, Alex, Jason, and Kevin. Elena said that if that does happen, Kevin will be the first to jury out of that group once they get down to it.

1:05 AM BBT: Alex told Raven and Matt that Christmas must have been the votes against Ramses since she heard Christmas joking about it being her. Matt said that he’s most worried about Jessica or Ramses winning HOH at this point, but said that he isn’t sure about Josh either. Alex said that she believes she could have some pull with Josh if he were to win HOH. Alex told Raven and Matt that the second vote against Ramses could have been Dominique since she never actually denied it.

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