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Big Brother 19: Day 27 Recap

It’s the day of the veto ceremony, which means that we might be in for plenty of drama later this evening as Dominique has talked about plans on calling Paul out and Paul himself has plans to dress up like a snake and put on a show, which is sure to rock the boat in it’s own way.


9:25 AM BBT: Jason told Alex that Kevin was stirring the pot again last night by going back and forth on what he thought should be done with the veto. Jason said that they should use the veto and put Kevin up there. Alex said she thought the same thing, but said it would rock the boat too much because too many people are still in the dark about how he’s playing. Jason said that they’ll be fine and will just leave the nominations the same.

Alex told Jason that there is something between Kevin and Paul, stating that she has caught them in private conversations together. Jason said that everyone thinks that Paul is going to be in the finals. Alex said it’s obvious since Paul is a veteran. Jason said that is why they should be getting Paul out before then. Jason added that he doesn’t think that Alex should trust Paul with 100% certainty all the time. Alex said that she doesn’t, but said that she knows Paul can’t lie to them in front of America because his brand is friendship and he’d lose his fans. Jason explained that Paul wouldn’t lose his fans over that. Jason said that he likes Paul as a person, but doesn’t like him in the game.

11:15 AM BBT: Kevin told Jason that it’s up to Jason when it comes to what he wants to do with the veto. Jason said that he already told Alex that he’s not using it.

12:15 PM BBT: Jason decided to not use the POV

12:15 PM BBT: Paul asked Mark if his vote is going to go where it needs to go and there isn’t going to be any funny business. Mark said that Dominique is going home, but said that he’s not going to campaign against her.

12:20 PM BBT: Dominique told Alex that she hopes Alex protects her, stating that if they could do this to her, they will do it to Alex too. After saying this, Dominique overheard Christmas and Elena talking about her. She said that she has been around this house the entire time and if anyone wants to say something to her, the door is open. Christmas told Dominique that she has been waiting for the last two days to have a conversation with her. Dominique asked if anyone has approached her for a conversation, to which Paul interjected and said that he has.

12:25 PM BBT: Mark told Jason that he’s a man of his word and that he’ll vote how Jason wants since Jason secured Mark’s safety like they talked about. Mark asked Jason how he’s feeling about Kevin. Jason said that he was ready to give Kevin the boot, but said that he wants Kevin in jury. Mark said that if he wins HOH, he might put Kevin up. Mark said that Dominique is going home, but said that the votes aren’t going to be what they expect them to because of Kevin’s wonky vote.

Mark told Jason that Matt and Raven only do what the majority of the house will support. Jason said that nobody is going to be willing to put Matt or Raven up, but Mark said that he’d be surprised, implying that more people dislike Matt and Raven than Jason thinks.

12:30 PM BBT: Alex began talking to the cameras. She said that she doesn’t keep promises to liars and that Kevin shouldn’t have tried to play her because now she’s going to have to play him. Alex said that Kevin lied to her face about voting Jillian out and now she said that there is going to be retribution for that, which Alex said will involve her getting Kevin out directly or indirectly.

12:35 PM BBT: Alex told Jason that Kevin is now her target. Jason asked if they’re going to get Kevin out before jury. Alex said no, but that he still needs to go. Alex told Jason that everyone knows that Kevin is the one who voted for Christmas to stay over Jillian and that it’s possible that Christmas and Kevin came up with the plan to evict Ramses together. Alex said that they need to watch whatever Paul is doing with Kevin, but said that she trusts Paul when he’s on his own.

Jason told Alex that Dominique has been the person keeping people calm in the house, so once she’s gone, all of those people that Dominique kept cool will start to self-explode.

12:45 PM BBT: Kevin told Paul that when he asked Alex if they’re straight, Alex said only until the final eight.

1:00 PM BBT: Jason told Kevin that Alex gets mad when people get wild, so he warned Kevin that if he thinks he’s getting wild around her, he should know that Alex will distance herself. Kevin said that them two and Alex are all a team. Jason said that Alex is trying to scare him. Kevin asked Jason who he’s going to put up if he wins HOH. Jason said Matt and Raven or Josh and Ramses.

1:15 PM BBT: Jessica told Elena and Raven that she doesn’t want to leave the game yet and that she wants to know how should could at least make it to jury. Raven told Jessica and Elena that all they have to do is one of the three of them get HOH, put other people up, then they’ll make jury.

1:45 PM BBT: Jessica told Christmas that she doesn’t want to throw her game away, but said that she wants to console Dominique. Jessica asked Christmas to tell those who asked that sh was just consoling people, not talking game.

2:15 PM BBT: Elena asked Mark if he’s still going to talk to Dominique. Mark said briefly, stating that he’s not going to brief Dominique, but said that he’s not fond of what she said about Elena and Paul.

3:35 PM BBT: Mark and Josh get into an argument over a pool bet. Josh said that he beat Mark, but everyone else said that Josh double hit his ball when he sunk the final 8 ball. The loser of this bet had to drink hot sauce and pickle juice. When Josh refused, Mark threw hot sauce in Josh’s face.

4:10 PM BBT: Once Mark tried to apologize, Josh called him out in front of the entire house. You can read the full recap of the incident by clicking here

4:45 PM BBT: After the incident, Jessica told Josh that her only point was that he lied about his vote when it came to Jillian’s eviction. Jessica added that Josh took personal shots at her in front of the entire house. Josh said that it was Jessica’s fault for ever involving herself.

4:45 PM BBT: Christmas told Dominique that she came to her after Dominique was put on the block, but said that she was shut down. Christmas said that she still has a lot of unanswered questions that Dominique refused to answer. Christmas said that Dominique coming after her in the kitchen after the veto meeting only solidified what she thought. When Christmas asked why Dominique was throwing her name around about voting for Cody to stay, Dominique said that everyone was throwing Christmas’ name around as being a vote for Ramses. Christmas asked Dominique when her loyalty flipped. Dominique said that she told people that they should speak to Christmas when she gets back. Christmas asked Dominique what the point she was trying to make was. Dominique said that Christmas was a person she gave her word to and was entirely loyal.

4:55 PM BBT: Josh told Elena that Mark messed up when it comes to him. Elena agreed that Mark did screw up and said that Mark is very sad about it all.

4:55 PM BBT: Jason told Mark that Josh just cut his own throat with the stunt he just pulled. Mark said that now they have the people they’re going to take to jury as long as Josh doesn’t win HOH. Mark said that he thought Josh would have handled that better than he did.

5:00 PM BBT: Paul told Mark that the only thing Josh was reiterating is what Cody said, which Paul said that they all already knew that. Mark said that he didn’t think it would end the way it did and said that he thought there was just going to be a small food fight.

5:05 PM BBT: Josh told Christmas that he screwed up. Christmas said that he didn’t screw up and that he stood up for himself. Josh said that Mark couldn’t prove to anyone that Josh was lying, so he said that is when Jessica inserted herself. Josh told Christmas that he just keeps digging himself a grave in the house. Christmas said that people are upset with Mark for throwing hot sauce in Josh’s eyes and Christmas added that she’s proud of Josh for standing his ground.

5:10 PM BBT: Alex told Jason that Mark shouldn’t have thrown that cup of hot sauce in Josh’s face. Jason turned to Josh and told him that if he would have just stopped after the hot sauce was thrown in his face, Josh would have won the fight instantly. Josh said that he’s not a pussy. Josh told Alex, Jason, and Kevin that he swears to God that he’s sticking with them moving forward and said that he would never screw them.

5:20 PM BBT: Elena asked Kevin if Josh came out of that looking crazier than Mark. Kevin said yes and that Mark shouldn’t get caught up in it.

5:25 PM BBT: Kevin told Jessica that it was a good move of her to bait Josh since everyone is looking to get him out next week.

5:30 PM BBT: Dominique began talking to the cameras again. She said that the only thing she was uncertain about was Paul’s position in the house. She said that if she is wrong, she’ll apologize in her eviction speech. Dominique said that she tries her best to not pull the black card, but said that it’s unfortunate that she’s the only black person in the house. She explained that it’s difficult not having someone who looks like you that can relate. Dominique said that she believes she was targeted for bogus reasons, but said that is part of the game.

5:40 PM BBT: Mark asked Jason if that was a bad look for him. Jason said that it was. Mark said that he doesn’t care and that it was funny.

5:45 PM BBT: Raven told Paul that Jessica came running back to her and Elena like Paul predicted. Paul asked what the plan was if Matt or Raven were to win HOH. Matt said that he’d have no problems with going after Ramses like Paul wants too. Paul said the nominees could be Jessica and Ramses. Paul said that they should keep Josh since the more he creates drama, the more of a target that is in front of them to be taken out. Matt asked Paul what they’re going to do about Christmas. Paul said that he doesn’t know, but that he knows Mark doesn’t like her. Matt said that Mark would take any number he can at this point. Paul said that he hopes Josh wins HOH since it would be a random shot in the dark as to who is targeted. Matt agreed. Matt said that Mark was totally in the wrong. Paul agreed, stating that Mark went over the line.

6:00 PM BBT: Christmas told Josh to keep his cool because he’s giving everyone ammo to use against him and that Dominique has been egging him on. Christmas said that if Josh is still wanting to do anything, he should only ask questions in a calm manner. Christmas explained that people aren’t happy with how Mark handled the situation. Josh asked what he should do about Mark. Christmas said to tell Mark he needs to calm down, then accept Mark’s apology and move forward. Josh said that he wanted to work with Mark but now he can’t.

7:20 PM BBT: Elena asked Ramses who he thinks will be going home next week. Ramses said that he doesn’t know, but said that he’s worried about himself being the one going home. Elena said that Josh didn’t do himself any favors today. She said that Mark didn’t either, but said that Mark handled everything better than Josh did. Ramses asked Elena who she thinks will make it far. Elena said Paul since he’s done it before. Elena explained that everyone respects Paul and listens to what he has to say. Elena said she’d also guess Jason and Alex since they’re so good at competitions.

7:45 PM BBT: Paul told Dominique that he knows he’s playing into her calling him a snake for his own humor, but told her that he really doesn’t know why she thinks that. Paul said that Dominique was possibly led to believe something or came up with it on her own. Dominique said that it wasn’t on her own. Dominique said that she’s been trying to figure out why people would stab her in the back, target her, and then put the things she has said on blast. Paul told Dominique that he’s not here to bother her or maintain any hostility. Dominique thanked him.

8:35 PM BBT: Mark told Kevin that he can’t wait to see Josh be evicted next week. Kevin said that it’s a done deal and that the rest of them should try to have a good ten days. Kevin added that they could put Josh and Ramses up or Josh and Jessica up. Mark said that he likes that plan.

10:00 PM BBT: Josh told Alex that he feels like shit after everything that happened. Alex said that Mark shouldn’t have thrown stuff in Josh’s face, but that also Josh shouldn’t have gotten so mad about it.

10:30 PM BBT: Alex told Jason that if Christmas’ foot gets any better, they’re going to be screwed. Jason said that Christmas has six weeks, but Alex said that they need to get her out before that. Jason said he’s hoping Josh wins HOH and they make him put up Christmas and Jessica. Alex said no, that they’d make Josh put up Matt and Raven. Jason said that they could make Paul squirm with a Josh HOH. Alex said that they need Paul. Jason told Alex that Paul has been going around telling people that Jason and Alex are super competitors.

10:35 PM BBT: Josh told Alex and Jason that he’s thinking that Jessica, Mark, or Matt need to be the ones who are evicted next. Alex said that Matt isn’t a competitor and will never win HOH. Josh said that Elena is a competitor,  which he said makes her a possibility to be a nominee, but said that he’d backdoor someone else. Josh finally said that he’d put up Mark and Matt or Elena and Mark. Jason said that it should be Elena and Matt.

11:35 PM BBT: Josh asked Dominique if Mark really did conspire against Paul. Dominique said that she doesn’t know, but said that could be why she’s being framed and that they pinned it all on her. Dominique told Josh that he’s going to hang in there, win HOH, then show everyone that he’s strong enough to stay in the house. Dominique said that Josh should cool off, reintegrate himself, but said that she wouldn’t trust anyone and that he’s underestimated, so he should make that work for him.

12:30 AM BBT: Paul asked Alex if they should put up Ramses and Jessica. Alex told him to do what he wants. Paul said by doing that, they wouldn’t get any blood on their hands. Paul added that it would be perfect if Josh were to win HOH. Alex said that Josh is wanting to take a serious shot if he were to get it. Paul said that they need to get Josh in the house as long as possible because he’s hilarious and will do erratic things. Alex agreed, stating that Josh could do their dirty work.

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