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Big Brother 19: Day 25 Recap

Today’s recap is going to pick up where things left off around two in the morning last night. The houseguests stayed up longer than they usually do talking about the plan for this week, so it made the most sense for clarity’s sake to start off here. You can read the rest of the conversations from last night by clicking here.

2:10 AM BBT: Alex told Mark that they’re wanting to use him as a pawn against Dominique. Alex said that Christmas is going to be voting against Dominique because of the information she got from Cody. Mark said that Dominique wasn’t the third vote, that it was Christmas and said that Christmas even acknowledged that she wanted to stir the pot. Mark told Alex and Jason that he is wanting to work with and trust them. Alex told him that they can guarantee his safety as a pawn, stating that Paul, Jason, and Elena would never vote against him. Mark said that Dominque is not coming after them or stirring the pot. Alex said that they’re not afraid of Dominique, it’s that she’s making people from both sides uncomfortable. Mark said that it’s Kevin and Christmas who are wanting to stir the pot. Mark added that he wouldn’t feel safe as a pawn in any way and said that he doesn’t trust Matt to not vote him out given the chance.

Mark said that it’ll come down to vote him out and everyone keeping Dominique since nobody likes her anymore. Alex told Mark that he’s the closest person in the house to Dominique and that he’s not her target.Paul told Mark that he was told by three people that Dominique has mentioned his name, then rolled his eyes at him when he asked to speak with her. Paul said that if Mark were ever on the block, he would never vote against him. Mark said that he believes that. Jason said that he wouldn’t either. Mark told Alex that if they’re trying to get rid of someone who has been stirring the pot, they should get rid of Ramses. Mark asked why people would keep him over Dominique. Alex said that Dominique makes people uncomfortable while people like Mark. Alex told Mark that he’s friends with Dominque, they’re playing a game, and that he needs to get inside of that game. Mark said that he understands now that there is no saving Dominique. Paul told Mark that it’s Dominique who is potentially dragging his game down.

Alex told Mark that Dominique is the only person who tried to implicate Elena and Christmas, but said that Dominique didn’t specifically name names.

2:40 AM BBT: Paul told Elena that they’re wanting to use Mark as a pawn to ensure that he can’t vote for Dominique to stay. Paul explained to her that Mark said the only way he’s agreeing to going up is if Elena is in the room with them. Paul said that Elena needed to calm Mark down and to convince him that going up as a pawn was the best option for their game.

2:45 AM BBT: Alex told Elena that they’d like to use Mark as a pawn to ensure that the vote is consistent and that Dominique goes home. Elena asked why Dominique is the main target now. Alex said that Dominique has upset the house. Alex told Elena about Dominique’s comments about the jealousy of her relationship with Mark. Elena said that she’s confident in herself and doesn’t see how that is related to game. Elena added that Dominique just confirmed her suspicion that Elena’s name was implied to Alex.

Mark told Alex and Jason that Dominique isn’t coming after them, that she is going after Ramses, explaining that they’d be getting rid of someone who has zero effect on their games. Paul told Mark that if everyone in the room is telling him the same thing, he should have  some faith. Paul told him that Matt and Raven told him that they were pulled into a room by Dominique and she has been throwing Paul’s name around. Mark said that putting him up as a pawn just gives people the opportunity to get rid of him because he’s up against someone nobody likes in Dominique. Elena said that she’d be the pawn, but Mark said that he’s not okay with that. Mark questioned why they wanted him on the block if Dominique is going home anyway. Alex said it’s to save him, implying that he’d screw his game by voting to keep Dominique against the house’s wish.

Elena told Alex, Jason, Mark, and Paul that she personally doesn’t want to send Dominique home and said that she doesn’t see how the things Dominique said were relevant to the game or Alex. Alex said that Dominique thought Elena was looking at her and believes that Elena has ulterior motives. Elena said that if the whole house wants Dominique gone, there is nothing she can do about it.

2:45 AM BBT: Paul told Dominique that he’s wondering why his name is being brought up in conversations. Dominique said that whoever said that is lying to him because she said that she didn’t name names. Paul told her that he’s not going to vote to evict her, stating that she’s up to Jessica, who was sleeping with their main enemy. Dominique said that she said she’s seeing the heads of snakes, but didn’t use his name.

3:50 AM BBT: Mark asked Alex if Dominique is going home this week. Alex said yes. Mark asked if there is any way to get one of the snakes out this week, but Alex said that it’s not her hand this week. Mark told Alex that Dominique isn’t coming after her, but Elena said that if Dominique is saying her name, it concerns Elena. Jason said that he believes that Dominique thinks that the snake is in the room with them now. Jason said that if Raven was nominated, he doesn’t see anyone voting against her. Alex asked Mark who he’d vote for if Raven was nominated next to Dominique, but Elena answered for him, saying that Mark would vote to keep Dominique. Mark said that he’s not going to campaign for or against Dominique, but said that he’s not going to vote against her.

Paul told Mark that if he isn’t comfortable being on the block, he doesn’t have to, but asked if Mark could see where Alex was coming from. Mark said that he sees the logic in it, but said that he doesn’t trust the people downstairs, implying Matt and Raven. Paul told Mark that the best move for him is to be a pawn because it avoids any problems with Dominique and he wouldn’t have to vote against her. Paul told him that Matt and Raven want Dominique out, so if anything, they’d look highly on Mark for being a pawn since he’s pushing their agenda too. Elena told Mark that she thinks it makes the most sense for Mark’s game to be a pawn, but said that she doesn’t want him going on the block.

Jason told Mark that the vote would be 9-2 to evict Dominique if he’s next to her. Mark asked if there was any way to convince him that he’d be safe with Dominique, but Jason said he feels like that would be a bad move at this point. Mark said that Dominique is a number for them, but said that he trusts them and if they want to use him as a pawn, it’s whatever.

5:40 AM BBT: Alex told Paul, Elena, Mark, and Jason that Dominique thinks that Paul is a snake and that she wants to call a meeting to point this out to people. Paul said that Dominique thinks he’s the saboteur of the season, then said that he wants to confront Dominique right now.

6:00 AM BBT: Paul confronts Dominique. Click here for the full recap

7:10 AM BBT: Once Dominique left, Paul told the HOH group that he hopes they see where his loyalties are and that when his character is brought into question, he’s willing to go after that person. Paul asked them if they’ll vouch for him and have his back if anything weird were to happen later that day. Alex, Jason, and Christmas all said that they would. Elena joined the HOH room. Christmas said that Dominique said that there infiltrators were a co-ed team. Elena picked up on the implication that it was her and Paul.

7:30 AM BBT: Paul asked Mark what that was all about and why he wasn’t given a heads up. Mark said that all these conversations just happened today and that he had no idea. Paul asked Mark if he actually has his back, to which Mark said that isn’t even in question. Mark said that he exposed all of his cards to Paul and Elena. Paul said that he trusts Mark and Elena more than anyone else in the house. Paul asked Mark if he’s going to have his back later today if something were to happen. Mark said yes.

8:15 AM BBT: Josh told Alex that he completely trusts Paul. Josh said that Paul’s character never fluctuates and that he’ll call people out when it’s needed. Alex agreed. Josh said that Dominique has to go home this week. Josh added that he believes Paul is opening his eyes and sees that he should be working closest with them.

Once Josh left the HOH room, Alex said that she’s 99% sure that Josh doesn’t have any idea as to what’s going on, but said that’s okay. Alex said that she’s right in the middle of everything and that she’s about to be a huge bitch to everyone.

8:25 AM BBT: Josh told Christmas and Paul that Dominique didn’t even try talking to him until day 25. Paul said that Dominique is full of shit and that he’s always willing to call people out when his character is being questioned. Paul told them that Dominique said that there were 3 snakes in the house, which he believes Dominique was implying him, Christmas, and Elena.

1:35 PM BBT: Matt told Raven that nothing Dominique said earlier this morning made any sense. Raven said that Dominique might have been trying to get Paul out. Raven added that it didn’t make any sense for Dominique to target Paul when she was going on just a feeling. Matt said that he didn’t know if what happened this morning is helpful to Paul, but Raven said that she believes it is because Dominique was called out.

1:35 PM BBT: Dominique apologized to Jessica for not always being there for her or listening to her when she was the most alone.

1:40 PM BBT: Mark told Matt and Raven that he just didn’t get where everything was coming from earlier this morning. Matt said that he had a problem when Dominique brought Elena’s name into the situation.

Mark joined Alex, asking her why the veto is being used on Jessica if she doesn’t fully trust her. Alex told him that she’s not the one pulling Jessica off. Mark said that that after last night, if voting however she wants him to is what it takes to not go up, he’s willing to do that. He said that he doesn’t feel comfortable because every time he turns his head, his name is being brought up in Cody’s mess. Raven told Mark that he’d have her, Matt, Paul, and Elena’s vote. Raven added that Mark is also giving Alex a helping hand by agreeing to be a pawn. Alex told Mark that if it comes down to a tie, she’s going to save him because half the house saw what happened with Dominique earlier this morning.

Mark told Alex, Matt, and Raven that nothing they can say is going to make him feel comfortable with being a pawn because he has seen Big Brother before and knows that pawns can go home, but said that Alex is the HOH and it is ultimately her decision. Mark said that Dominique has made her bed, but said that Christmas and Ramses, but they’re all safe. Alex said that Josh told her that Dominique needs to go, but Alex said she can’t be sure that sentiment remains if Jessica is left nominated.

1:50 PM BBT: Matt asked Raven if he should just tell Alex that she can put him up if she’ll promise him and Raven safety through final ten. Alex said that it would be a good strategy, but said that the only problem is that they’d need his vote to get Dominique out.

2:00 PM BBT: Alex told Jason that they need to come up with a decision. Jason said Raven, but Alex said that Raven isn’t going to want to. Jason asked why Paul is pushing so hard for Mark to be the one to go up. Alex said that it makes the most sense when you look at the votes. Jason said that Paul blew everything up, but Alex said that is what she wanted Paul to do.

Mark joined Alex and Jason. Jason said that he either wants Raven to go up or else he isn’t going to use the veto. Alex told Mark that if the nominations stay the same, he has to vote to evict Dominique. Mark said that he would. Mark said that with him, Elena, Paul, Matt, Raven, and Jason, they’d have enough to evict Dominique. Mark said that he knows there is no saving Dominique now and said that he only talked personal things with Dominique in the first place.

Alex asked who they should target next week. Mark said to put up Ramses and Jessica, leaving Christmas as the backdoor target. Jason said that he could put up Ramses and Jessica, but said he doesn’t feel like he could nominate Christmas. Mark told them that as much as he doesn’t like Ramses, he’s not the one switching votes. Mark said that it’s Kevin.

2:15 PM BBT: Paul asked Matt why Mark is trying to salvage Dominique’s game. Matt said that it’s for the same reason that they had such trouble trying to detach Mark from Cody. Paul said that Mark is digging himself a whole. Matt agreed, but said that he doesn’t think that Mark realizes it.

2:15 PM BBT: Christmas told Alex, Jason, Mark, and Raven that she’s fine with Jessica staying in the game if that is what’s in everyone’s best interest. Alex told Christmas that Dominique has been the only one who has been implicating people, just naming names. Alex added that Dominique threw Christmas under the bus for voting against Ramses and also threw Elena under the bus.

2:20 PM BBT: Paul told Dominique that he hopes the two of them can still have a friendship outside of the house and said that he respects her intellect and thinks that she’s a fantastic person. Dominique thanked him for talking to her.

2:25 PM BBT: Dominique told Josh that she never gave Alex any names, only saying that there was jealously involved in what happened. Josh told her that it doesn’t seem like she’s giving content that actually backs up what she is saying while Paul actually is. Josh said that Dominique’s only way out is to start name dropping, but Dominique said that she’s not doing that. Dominique told him that if people were actually in-tune with the game, they’d of noticed to how Paul exploded. She explained that if Paul was innocent, he wouldn’t have come at her to try to say anything. Josh told Dominique that if she can start backing up what she’s saying, she has the ability to open people’s eyes. Dominique said for Josh not to trust anyone in that main group except for Mark. She added that whether she’s here or not, she trusts that someone will send Paul home, but said that she hopes she’s in the house to be the one to do that.

2:45 PM BBT: Jason told Paul that his gut is telling him to put Raven up, but said that Alex is wanting to leave the nominations the same. Paul said that they shouldn’t chance it. Jason said that she’s going to tell Raven that she needs to be a pawn.

2:45 PM BBT: Alex told Jessica that everyone is swearing that they’ll keep her, but said that they’re wanting to leave the nominations the same instead of using the veto. Jessica said that if this conversation is to keep her calm, she’ll respect Alex more if she just outright says that this is to get Jessica out. Alex said that they really don’t want her out and that being friends with Cody, keeping Jessica safe this week is the one thing she could do for him. Jessica told Alex that she’s not saying they should make an alliance, but said that she is up for grabs and wouldn’t be going after Alex if she stays.

2:50 PM BBT: Alex told Ramses to stay away from Jessica because she’s going to be the next person out. Alex said that if Ramses gets any closer, people are going to start thinking the two of them are conspiring.

3:00 PM BBT: Josh told Alex and Jason that they’re voting out Dominique and he understands why. Josh added that he trusts the two of them and Paul.

3:05 PM BBT: Alex asked Jason what Paul tried to do. Jason said that he doesn’t know what the deal is and that Paul continued to push for Mark to go up. Alex said to just leave the nominations the same, but Jason said they couldn’t because he doesn’t trust people to vote out Dominique over Jessica.

Alex told Jason that she thinks it’s Kevin who has been flipping on them. Jason agreed. Alex said that they have to take Kevin out because he’s playing them. Jason asked Alex if she’s certain that if they leave Jessica on the block, Dominique would go home. Alex said that nobody has given her any indication to the contrary. Jason said that he’ll do what Alex wants, but said that putting up a new pawn feels like a safety net.

3:15 PM BBT: Jason told Matt and Elena that everyone is saying that they’re going to vote Dominique off, which he says if fishy. Elena told him that nobody is wanting to be a pawn, stating that the thing that personally gives her concern is not knowing what the temptation is. Elena asked what Jason’s decision right now would be. Jason said to not use the POV.

3:15 PM BBT: Alex asked Paul if he’s working with Kevin. Paul said that he trusts Kevin, which is when Alex told him that it’s Kevin who has been stirring the pot and that she’s almost 100% certain of it. Paul said that he doesn’t think it was Kevin. Alex said that she knows it’s Kevin who voted to evict Jillian and Ramses. Paul said he knows for a fact it wasn’t Kevin because Kevin wouldn’t screw him like that. Alex said that Kevin is playing both of them. Paul said he doubts it, then said he thinks it’s Dominique or someone else is trying to throw heat on Kevin. Alex said that if Paul believes that, she will too, but said that Kevin is still going on her radar.

Paul told Alex that he thinks the best move is to put Mark on the block because as much as Mark promises to vote to evict Dominque, he highly doubts that Mark would actually do that. Paul added that there are still questions about Mark that they could possibly get answers to if he were to go on the block. Alex asked if they could secure the votes to make sure that Mark doesn’t go home. Paul said yes. Alex told Paul to talk to Jason and tell him to use the veto and she’ll put Mark up.

3:30 PM BBT: Alex asked Christmas if she would still vote to evict Dominique if Mark was the replacement nominee. Christmas said that if that is what Alex wants her to do, she will. Alex then found Ramses and asked him the same question. Ramses said that he 100% would vote Dominique out over Mark.

3:40 PM BBT: Alex told Mark that she’s going to ask him one more time if she can put him up, stating that they have talked to everyone and they have the numbers for sure to get Dominique out if Mark is up next to her. Mark told her to do what she needs to do, but said that he’s not going to sit here and pretend like he’s comfortable with it. Alex said that they just need to get past this week and then they can work together. Mark questioned why they should take Jessica off if everyone is swearing that Dominique is the target. Alex said that everyone is concerned that he wouldn’t vote Dominique out. Mark asked why she’s pushing for him to go up so hard. Alex said that she’s trying to clear Mark’s name from Dominique in the eyes of the house. Alex told him that Jason is still extremely nervous about leaving Jessica on the block. Alex added that if Mark still doesn’t want to go forward with this plan, she’ll need him to reassure Jason.

3:55 PM BBT: Jason told Mark that he doesn’t want him messed with, so he’s not going to use the veto.

4:35 PM BBT: Alex chooses Mark, Josh, and Ramses as have-nots.

4:40 PM BBT: Paul told Josh that it’s fine if he wants to squash been with Dominique, but said that he just shouldn’t tell her anything because it’ll end up getting used against him.

4:40 PM BBT: Jason and Kevin told Jessica that she’s not going to leave this week no matter what happens at the veto meeting.

4:45 PM BBT: Paul told Kevin to be careful because people have started to throw Kevin’s name around, but Paul said that he’s been sure to clear it whenever he hears about it.

4:50 PM BBT: Christmas told Elena that the red flags with Dominique started last week. When Elena questioned why someone wouldn’t have voted Cody out, Christmas said that whoever did it could have wanted to work with Cody if he won the Battle Back or they just wanted to blow up their group.

4:50 PM BBT: Dominique told Jessica that she was betrayed and doesn’t know exactly by who, but said that she suspects Paul. Dominique said she doesn’t have a foundation for this claim, but said that she sensed what was going to happen at the nomination ceremony and that other people were involved.

5:20 PM BBT: Jason told Kevin that he’s going to be keeping the nominations the same. Kevin said that the two of them, Paul, and Alex could make it to the final four together if they stick together.

5:30 PM BBT: Paul told Matt and Raven what happened with the confrontation with Dominique before they joined the HOH room half way through it. Paul said that he hopes they know that he didn’t throw their name under the bus. Matt and Raven both said that they know he didn’t.

6:30 PM BBT: Paul told Mark that everyone is over Dominique and said that they were over her before the confrontation even happened, but said that the confrontation just solidified their original position.

6:30 PM BBT: Elena told Matt and Raven that they had her back, so if Dominique is saying things about them, that’s a problem that affects Elena too.

6:45 PM BBT: Elena and Mark told Jessica about the confrontation that happened earlier this morning.

7:25 PM BBT: Jessica asked Jason if he’s going to use it. Jason said yes. Jessica asked what Alex is wanting him to do with it. Jason said that Alex wants him to use it too.

7:30 PM BBT: Paul told Elena that if Dominique is wanting to do a talk show today, he’s hoping that nobody shows up, stating that Dominique doesn’t deserve a platform to spew her agenda to the entire house. Paul asked Elena to keep tabs on Mark because if he goes up as a pawn, she’ll need to make sure he’s following the plan.

7:40 PM BBT: Dominique began talking to the cameras while in a room alone. She said that she is hoping that America hears her out and they give her a temptation that helps her game. Dominique said that Paul disrespected her and her God, stating that the one thing you don’t do is disrespect her God. She said that a hit dog will always bark and that Paul was barking pretty loud last night. Dominique said that her plan for the veto is to apologize to all of the houseguests that were offended by what she said. Dominique said that the only thing that makes sense as to why she was targeted is that the information she shared with Paul and Elena was shared with someone else. She said that she wants to go after Paul and Elena, but said that she doesn’t know if the house will even vote to keep her.

7:55 PM BBT: Elena asked Mark who he’d put up. Mark said Ramses and Jessica, but said that he doesn’t really want to put Jessica up. Elena asked Mark if he knew about Cody wanting to go after Paul and Christmas. Mark so no, but said that Cody did voice concern about all the girls in the group and Paul. Elena asked Mark if he asked Cody to put Christmas up. Mark said no and that he told Cody that he doesn’t think it was a good team move because you’re throwing one of your team members under the bus.

8:55 PM BBT: Kevin told Jason that if he wins, he’s going to put Matt and Josh up. Jason said that’s a good idea and said that he could do that too if Jason were to win HOH. Kevin asked who is going up if Josh or Matt were to win HOH. Jason said that it would be him and Alex. Kevin said he thought it would be Jason and Ramses. Kevin said that Ramses is starting to get a little creepy to him too because he is sneaking around. Kevin told Jason that they could get to the final five with Alex, Mark, and Paul, then said that Mark would be the first one they would take out once they got there.

9:35 PM BBT: Ramses told Dominique that he feels like she is down right now. Dominique said that she was betrayed and if he was betrayed, he’d be down too. Dominique added that there is a machete in her back and said that this wasn’t a game move, it was personal. Ramses said that whatever is going on, he hopes that she can feel better. Dominique told Ramses that she knows that he knows what’s going on. Ramses said that if there was anything he did to Dominique that hurt her, he’s sorry.

10:35 PM BBT: Ramses told Jessica that there is no way he would vote against her if she was  on the block come Thursday. Ramses said that Dominique pulled him aside and tried to make him look bad in front of other people in the house, stating that Dominique is his target now.

10:55 PM BBT: Alex told Paul that Jason is going to use the veto and she’s going to put Mark up as the replacement nominee. Alex added that Josh is wanting to take a shot at Matt and the others, which means that they won’t have to get any blood on their hands. Alex said that Mark doesn’t trust Matt or Raven either, which Alex said shows that he doesn’t have a personal attachment to them. Paul said that is perfect.

12:05 AM BBT: Raven told Matt that she knew that Dominique was going to go bonkers. Matt asked Raven who else she has a gut feeling about. Raven said Jason and Mark, but said for now, she trusts Mark enough. Matt said that Mark is going to end up getting himself kicked out because of his emotional outbursts. Raven said that she hates to say it, but that Christmas’ injury is messing up their game, stating that Christmas needs to be backdoored. Matt said that it doesn’t matter since Christmas couldn’t compete in veto. Raven said she also has a bad feeling about Ramses. Matt asked who she thinks Ramses would put up. Raven said Mark and Paul. Matt said that if anyone is going to take a shot at Paul, they should at least be smart enough to make it a backdoor. Raven asked Matt what is up with Christmas and Ramses, saying that they have been talking a lot and she doesn’t like it.

12:25 AM BBT: Ramses asked Kevin if someone else is going to go up at the veto meeting. Kevin said that someone was, but now it doesn’t make any sense.

12:45 AM BBT: Kevin asked Jason if Jessica is just going to stay on the block. Jason said that he’s not sure yet. Kevin said that Dominique is going to lose 10-0 regardless.

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    “Alex said that Dominique makes people uncomfortable while people like Mark”

    That’s a reason to get someone out, i.e. Mark

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