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Big Brother 19: Day 24 Recap

It’s nomination day in the Big Brother house, which means that we’re in for quite the bit of game talk and even potential drama as Alex has plans to nominate someone from the majority alliance without much of a heads up to the person in question.


9:35 AM BBT: Jason told Kevin that Dominique is going to be the main target and that Alex believes that she’ll be able to get the five votes that are needed to evict Dominique.

9:35 AM BBT: Raven told Matt that she found out that Jessica told Alex that she (Raven) was the one who hid Alex’s cat ears and poured coke down the drain. Matt said that he’s going to be mad if Christmas comes into the house acting a fool after stirring the pot yesterday by voting to evict Ramses. Matt also said that he’s ride or die with Mark, but said that this isn’t going to be a good week for him since Mark will be on slop and all these rumors are flying around about him.

10:15 AM BBT: Alex told Matt that the second nominee is the one who people have have problems with since it is someone from their group, but said that it’s not going to be a Cody situation where she leaves them all in the dark. Alex said that the person she’s thinking about putting up (Dominique) comes up often in conversations with multiple different people. Alex suggested to Matt that if they do need a backdoor option after the veto is played, it’ll be the person that can’t defend themselves, suggesting Christmas. Alex told Matt that Jessica is trying to throw Raven under the bus by saying she took Alex’s cat ears, but Alex said that she doesn’t believe it.

10:20 AM BBT: Raven told Alex that whoever she chooses to put up, she’ll respect it. Alex said that the person she’s putting up has been causing a rift within their group, but said that she doesn’t have any proof to show yet. Alex added that if they don’t like who she nominates, they can just vote out Jessica, but said that she’s nominating this person because she believes it’s best for the group.

10:25 AM BBT: While alone, Alex said that she wanted to give everyone a chance to talk to her before nominations, but said that nobody seems to care enough to wake up and try to defend themselves. She said that the thing that sucks about their cast is that so many people are timid and don’t want to make the big moves. Alex said that the only two friends she has in the game are Paul and Jason, adding that Jason is her one ride or die.

10:30 AM BBT: Raven asked Matt who he thinks Alex is going to nominate. Matt said that he thinks it’ll be Dominique. Matt said that he prefers Dominique go up over Mark, adding that Dominique has been acting strange ever since her show, while Mark hasn’t give him any reason to not trust him. Matt told Raven that he believes they won’t have to win HOH for at least two or three weeks and they should be safe.

10:50 AM BBT: Ramses told Jason that it concerns him that Alex spent an hour and a half upstairs with Paul and Elena last night. Jason said that Alex was likely the one doing all the talking and that she’s a strong girl who is going to be in control of her HOH.

11:00 AM BBT: Josh told Jason that moving forward, he’s going to be sticking with him and Alex, but said that he can’t show that in front of anyone because it would screw everything up. Josh said that they need to get Matt out and that he also worries about Mark, Raven, and Elena. Josh explained that if they get those four out, it would be Jason, Josh, and Alex vs Paul, Christmas, and Dominique. Josh said that he wants Alex to trust him, but Jason said that’s going to be hard considering Josh flipped his vote on them in the last 30 minutes before Jillian’s eviction.

11:05 AM BBT: Ramses asked Jason if Alex is leaning more towards getting the couples out. Jason said that Alex really doesn’t like Jessica. Ramses said that there are bigger fish in the house than Jessica, to which Jason said that is what he’s been trying to tell Alex. Ramses said that Paul’s group has the numbers and that those numbers aren’t going to flip, so they need to start taking out those numbers.

11:10 AM BBT: Alex told Jason that she talked to Raven and that Jessica was lying about Raven taking her cat ears. Alex said that she knows Jason doesn’t like Matt, but said that Matt trusts them and they need the numbers. Jason said that they need to get rid of Dominique. Alex agreed, saying that is why they need to make sure that Josh and Ramses stay in line. Alex said that if Dominique pulls herself off, Christmas will be the replacement.

11:25 AM BBT: Alex told Kevin that she can’t name who the nominations are going to be, but said that she just needs him to stand behind it. Kevin said that he will, but asked if people are trying to dictate what she does. Alex said no. Kevin said that he’s not going to take out the weakest person and that the strongest person nominated is who he’s voting for on Thursday.

11:45 AM BBT: Paul told Elena that their group is going to blow up this morning when Dominique is nominated and that it’s not going to be repairable. Paul said that once Dominique goes up, they need to see how she responds and what information comes out. Paul added that if everyone on Alex’s side is wanting to vote Dominique out, they might have to get on board with that.

11:50 AM BBT: Dominique told Alex that people are saying she (Dominique) didn’t vote to evict Cody, which she said doesn’t make any sense. Dominique added that she has been sensing some fishy things when it comes to people wanting to get her or Mark out. Alex said that it doesn’t make any sense why Dominique would vote Ramses out. Dominique agreed, questioning why she wouldn’t vote out the person who is targeting her. Alex said that she can’t tell Dominique who the nominations are going to be, but said that at least one of them is going to be Jessica.

Dominique told Alex that there is a person (Elena) who is insecure about a relationship she has with another player, so she said that she’s not surprised that someone is trying to make it seem like she was the vote against Ramses.

12:00 PM BBT: Paul told Raven and Elena that he feels bad for Christmas, but said that Christmas has missed so much by not being in the house and that if people are saying they aren’t going to nominate her because she wasn’t here to defend herself, that is screwing other people’s games because someone else will be going up when it was originally going to be Christmas. Paul said that if Christmas does come back, that is a point worth making since it’s unfair.

12:10 PM BBT: Josh asked Alex how she feels about Paul. Alex asked if he watched last season, to which Josh said that it’s Paul’s character and that he doesn’t lie. Josh said that he knows it’ll take a lot to get her to trust him, but Alex said that she’s trusting him now. Josh said that he wants to work with her and Jason moving forward, saying that they could do damage, but that he can’t show anyone how close he is with them because he has to play nice with everyone else. Alex told Josh that the people who flipped to vote Ramses out did it to blame Jason since that is who they really want out.

12:15 PM BBT: Paul told Dominique that he’s confident that Alex is going to nominate Jessica, but said that she wouldn’t say who her second nominee would be. Paul said that Alex was hell-bent on finding out who the third vote for Ramses was, but Paul said he tried just telling her that the person did it to stir the pot. Dominique said that she’s more than 50% convinced now that there is someone within their group trying to target her and that she’s going to find out who. Paul said that if something weird does happen at the nomination ceremony, at least one nominee is Jessica, which means that the situation is repairable. Paul said that it’s bullshit that Christmas not being in the house is leading people to make a different decision than what they were going to do. Paul added that he never got a leave the distress and paranoia during his season like Christmas has.

12:30 PM BBT: Paul told Mark that Christmas is starting to piss him off. Mark agreed, saying that Christmas is on her own now. Paul said that he knows for sure that Jessica is going up, but said that something else is definitely happening and that he’s concerned for their group moving forward. Mark said that best case scenario would be for Christmas to go home this week. Paul questioned if they should waste getting the girl out who can’t compete or Ramses, who has been going to bat for Jessica.

1:00 PM BBT: Jason told Kevin that Dominique is plexiglass to him because he can see right through her. Kevin agreed, pointing out Dominique’s bible talk, insinuating that it’s bullshit. Jason said that he doesn’t know who Alex is going to put up today, but that he thinks it’ll probably be Jessica and Dominique, then it’s up to them to make sure that Dominique goes home.

1:00 PM BBT: Alex told Paul that Dominique’s ability to throw Elena under the bus after Elena just begged Alex to save her was unnerving. Paul told Alex that they’re killing it right now because they have created like 50 different enemies while none of them expect they’re the ones behind it all.

1:05 PM BBT: Jessica told Alex that she knows people are trying to get Alex to nominate her, but Jessica said that putting her on the block is just doing others’ dirty work. Alex said that if Jessica were to go on the block, she wouldn’t be the target because there is another plan in place. Jessica said that she’s not on that side of the house anymore, stating that they took out her ally and that she wants revenge. Jessica told Alex that Cody told her to trust her and Jason, so Jessica said she wants to work with the two of them moving forward. Jessica said that if she wins HOH, she’d put up two from the other side, not Alex or Jason. Jessica told Alex that she wants her to know that Cody was her everything in the game and that it’s not even about the money anymore, Jessica said that it’s about getting revenge, so she said that if there was anything she could do, she’s willing. Alex told her to act surprised once the nominations are revealed.

1:15 PM BBT: Dominique confronted Ramses, saying that she has heard he was throwing her name around. Ramses said that he has never said her name in the context of targeting her, just only the things Dominique has said that were sketchy. Dominique asked what those things were, to which Ramses said that when Dominique said she wasn’t targeting him, but that his best friend Jillian is targeting her. Dominique asked Ramses if he shared information with anyone about the banner plane. Ramses said no, stating that production called him into the DR and told him not to.

Ramses told Dominique that it also sketched him out when she would always sing “Fake people showing fake love” when he was around. Dominique said she only sung that because she genuinely loves that song, but said that it says something that he would take that personally, stating that people who know they’re doing something wrong are more sensitive.

1:35 PM BBT: Paul asked Mark and Dominique who they though Ramses was talking about when he said that he only spoke to one other person about what happened. Dominique said she didn’t know, but Mark said that they do know, that Ramses is going to go talk to that person and she’s going to be very upset, insinuating that the person is Alex. Mark said that he wants Ramses out of the house.

1:45 PM BBT: Ramses asked Alex if he should be worried. Alex said no, that he’s going to be safe this week. Ramses told Alex about Dominique saying that he’s been spreading her name around, but said that the only two people he’s actually talked about Dominique to were Alex and Jason. Alex said that they’re just scared because they know that she’s going to take a shot at them. Ramses said that Raven and Dominique have been nervous ever since Alex won HOH and that it’s good for those two girls to finally feel the heat. Alex told Ramses that she thinks Dominique is targeting him, to which Ramses said that she is. Alex asked Ramses who he thinks voted for him. Ramses said Jessica, Christmas, and Dominique.

1:55 PM BBT: Elena told Dominique that if Ramses is trying to say that he gave her information, the only real information Ramses gave her was about the banner plane. Dominique said that Ramses told a lot of people about the banner, despite just claiming he didn’t tell anyone.

2:15 PM BBT: Raven told Matt that the way Dominique and Mark are acting makes her concerned. Matt said that Raven and Paul are his main priorities, but said that he also wants to protect Elena. Matt added that Elena needs to separate herself from Mark and Dominique. Raven said that Paul thinks Elena will.

3:10 PM BBT: Christmas finally rejoins that house after undergoing surgery. She revealed that she actually has 10 broken bones in her foot, 4 dislocated bones, and a dislocated ligament. She said that she won’t get full mobility back in her foot and that it’s going to take a year to recover from this surgery. Christmas said that arthritis will set in within 1-5 years, then she’ll have to get more surgeries.

3:30 PM BBT: Christmas told Jason that she wants him to know that she knows it wasn’t intentional and that there isn’t any blame. Jason told her that this is Christmas’ whole life they’re talking about and they can’t go back and change what he did. Christmas told him that this was God’s plan and it doesn’t change her opinion of Jason. Jason said that he’s going to pray every day that it heals until it’s back to being perfect.

Jason told Christmas that there were 3 votes for Cody to stay. Christmas asked if anybody was expecting that number. Jason said no and that whoever casted their votes that way were doing it to get him blamed.

3:35 PM BBT: Alex told Elena that the person going up is someone who has started throwing her (Elena’s) name under the bus. Elena said that if she had to guess, it would be Dominique, to which Alex confirmed. Alex told her that Dominique said that Elena is jealous of a certain relationship that Dominique has with another person. Elena correctly guessed Mark. Elena said that before she didn’t have any concerns with Mark and Dominique’s relationship, but said that she does now. Elena asked if Alex is confident that they have enough votes to get Dominique out. Alex said yes, so long as there aren’t any pity votes thrown one way.

Alex told Elena that from the beginning of the game, Jillian was telling her that Christmas and Dominique were secretly talking. Alex added that Christmas knows she can’t stay in this game much longer and will try to take out Jason. Alex said that if they pull Dominique or Jessica off, Christmas will have to go up and that they can’t pity her because of a broken foot. Elena told Alex that she’s trusting her, adding that if Dominique is coming after her, then she doesn’t want her in the house anymore.

4:05 PM BBT: Jason told Mark that the only person on his side of the house to say Mark’s name was Josh. Mark said that he just hopes that Alex doesn’t have any ill feelings towards him, to which Jason said that she doesn’t.

4:10 PM BBT: Alex told Paul that she still wants to proceed in trying to take Dominique out. Paul said that Ramses has been saying that Mark and Dominique are sketchy, adding that shit is going to hit the fan once Dominique and Jessica are up together. Alex said that she believes Elena is getting on board. Paul said that if Ramses and Christmas are still in the house, Mark will be gunning for those two over all else.

4:15 PM BBT: Matt told Alex and Paul that she’s concerned about Christmas as a person, stating that she has done lifelong damage to her foot and that this isn’t the place to recover from a surgery. Paul said that he tried telling Christmas that, but then Christmas snapped on him.

4:20 PM BBT: Alex told Christmas that people have been saying that she spoke with Cody before she left to get surgery and that it looked like they made amends. Christmas said that they didn’t make amends and that Cody told her that two people knew about Cody’s plans. Alex asked who those two were, but Christmas said that she can’t say yet because she wants to have more conversations. Christmas said that she’s not saying that she believed everything Cody said, but said that some of it did make sense.

Christmas told Alex that she’ll be in much better shape by the time they next compete because she’ll have a new boot on. Christmas said that she doesn’t want anyone in the house to pity her or give her any special treatment.  Alex told Christmas that if she doesn’t end up on the block, she needs Christmas to stand by her decision. Christmas said that she will. Alex asked for Christmas to not take the obvious shot when it comes to who is going to be nominated, to which Christmas said that she wouldn’t. Alex said that if the veto is used, she’ll have to ask the person she gave protection to if they’ll lift the protection that was also granted to their ally.

5:10 PM BBT: Matt told Christmas that he was pissed when he found out the vote because it was such a simple week. Christmas said that she was too and said that she thinks she’ll be able to figure out who at least one of the wonky votes were if she can figure out who voted second.

5:15 PM BBT: Jessica told Jason that people are freaking out today. Jason said that is good and said he hopes Alex does what he wants. Jessica said that Alex just told her to act surprised and not freak out if she goes up. Jessica said that it’s good for her to go up because it’ll keep the peace, but said that they need to win veto and have another person from the majority group put up. Jessica said she doesn’t want Alex to waste the HOH on getting her out. Jason said that isn’t going to happen and if he were Jessica, he’d feel fine. Jessica told Jason that she had a conversation with someone from the other side of the house who implied that they’d flip and vote to keep her no matter who she was up against.

6:30 PM BBT: Alex nominated Jessica and Dominique

6:30 PM BBT: Jessica told Kevin that she has to win the veto or else she won’t have the votes. Kevin said that she doesn’t have to win the veto and that he can’t say she won’t be targeted next week, but said he knows she isn’t the target this week.

6:30 PM BBT: Christmas told Mark and Elena about what Cody said to her before she left, saying that Cody told her that he just wanted to stir the pot before leaving. Elena said that Cody was telling different people different things in order to stir the pot. Mark said that Cody started off by saying that Jessica knew nothing about his plan, then said that one or two people knew about it, which Mark said doesn’t make any sense. Elena said that she made a deal with Alex and now it looks like that deal had something to do with Dominique going up. Paul said that he doesn’t think Dominique thinks that. Mark told Paul, Matt, Elena, and Christmas that if the votes don’t come through this week for Dominique to stay, whatever they have with their group, it’s done. Christmas asked if Alex even thinks that evicted Dominique is possible. Elena said that she would think so, but said she could say the same for Cody when he tried getting Paul and Christmas out.

6:55 PM BBT: Once Christmas left, Mark told Elena, Matt, and Raven that Christmas just lied to their face about her vote and by saying that Cody didn’t say any names. Mark added that Cody wouldn’t tell Christmas that he was just wanting to stir the pot because that negates the point.

7:00 PM BBT: Mark told Dominique that he had a feeling something like this was going to happen and said that is why he came to her last night. Dominique said that Matt, Raven, and Elena knew. Mark said that they have to win veto, adding that he’s done with both Matt and Raven. Mark said that Elena tried saying that she should have won yesterday when in reality they know that she didn’t actually want to win. Mark told Dominique that she’s not going home and that if Alex wins veto, she’s going to backdoor someone. Dominique said that Paul was involved, explaining that she caught him and Raven talking privately. Mark told her that he told Paul straight up that there is going to be a problem if the six votes aren’t there to save Dominique.

7:10 PM BBT: Matt told Elena that his loyalty to to her, Paul, and Raven. Matt explained that whatever they need to do, he’s willing to do it.

7:15 PM BBT: Paul told Christmas that he needs to know if she voted to evict Ramses, to which Christmas confirmed that she did. Paul warned Christmas that Dominique and Mark have their concerns about her talk with Cody. Christmas said the reason she believes some of what Cody said is because when Cody nominated her, Mark avoided her the entire day. Paul told Christmas that he feels like she should relay that information to everyone but Dominique and Mark. Paul also said that if Christmas were to come clean about her vote, they might be able to find out who the third vote was.

7:20 PM BBT: Dominique told Mark that when a girl is jealous, they will go to the extremes, implying that Elena is why she’s on the block. Dominique said that she trusts Paul, but said that she doesn’t know if she still should at this point.

7:25 PM BBT: Alex told Kevin and Jason that Cody outed Mark and Dominique. Alex said that Christmas is still on her radar, but said that Christmas has been trying to get Alex to trust her. Kevin asked Alex that if she were to win HOH the week after next, would she put up Mark. Alex just said that Mark was involved in some bad stuff. Jason said that they need to take Ramses out next. Alex and Jason agreed that it was Christmas who voted out Ramses, but Alex said that Christmas is on board with their plan right now.

7:30 PM BBT: Mark asked Alex if he needs to be worried about people saying things about him. Alex told him that he knows what was said, now she just wants to know what the truth is. Mark said that him and Cody were in a ride or die, but Cody refused to tell him what he was going to do because he didn’t want to implicate Mark. Mark said that once Cody made that move, he was  on board because Christmas was then a threat to Cody and a threat to Cody was a threat to Mark. Alex told Mark that Dominique threw everyone under the bus. Mark said that they know one of the votes was Christmas, but questioned Alex if it was someone on her side for the second vote. Alex said that it wasn’t Jason, which is when Mark said he knows it wasn’t Jason, leaving Kevin as the only other option as to who he thinks it was.

Alex told Mark that she didn’t like what she heard from Dominique. Mark said that’s fair since he wasn’t there, but said that the only reason he’s so close with Dominique is because he’s an emotional person and Dominique has always been there for him. Alex told him that as much as everyone wants Jessica out, they’re all in agreement that something else is just not right. Mark asked Alex what she’s hoping will happen moving forward. Alex said that she’s hoping the people she’s backing are loyal and they all play a straight game until jury.

7:45 PM BBT: Kevin told Christmas that Dominique walks around like she deserves special treatment. Kevin added that he thought he and Dominique were cool, but said that she would get him out given the chance.

7:55 PM BBT: Dominique told Alex that she wants to talk to her about the red flags that Alex mentioned in her nomination speech. Alex said that she figured someone was going to get to her, then guessed Elena, but Dominique said she doesn’t name names. Alex said that she never named names, but that she is pretty certain there is something there. Alex explained that Elena and her made a deal, then Elena asked for Dominique to be included in that deal, which is what Alex said was a red flag. Alex said that they know someone from their team is screwing them, with one of them being Christmas. Dominique pointed out that Christmas didn’t end up getting nominated though.

Alex told Dominique that she was never her original target and that she didn’t expect this all to happen. Dominique said that she believes Alex based on her body language. Dominique said that she has an idea as to who the other vote was. Alex told her that if they can out whoever it was, that person would be the replacement nominee. Dominique said that Matt and Raven changed on her a couple days ago. Alex said that neither of them ever said any names to her.

8:05 PM BBT: Paul warned Mark not to go to bat for Dominique, but Mark said that she’s like his little sister. Paul said that Victor was like his brother, but said he knew when to stop. Paul added that this is when their group starts to crumble.

8:15 PM BBT: Jessica told Christmas that she’s very sorry about everything that happened and what happened with Christmas’ vote. Jessica said that she just wants to be on good terms with Christmas. Christmas said that Jessica looks like she’s doing better physically and socially, so Christmas said that she’s happy to see Jessica bouncing back. Jessica said that she misses Cody to death, but said that some of the awkwardness is gone now that he’s out.

8:20 PM BBT: Dominique told Jason that she’s not shocked that she was put on the block because she sensed something was coming, but said that she does feel hurt about being betrayed by her team. Dominique said that she thinks that jealously is the foundation of it all and that people don’t like how she moves. Dominique said she doesn’t feel confident working with the same team as before because she said it’s hard to believe that they didn’t know.

8:25 PM BBT: Mark told Paul and Elena that the three people he trusts are the two people in the room with him and the girl on the block. Mark said that after the Jillian eviction, Kevin said that sometimes he likes to stir the pot, which makes Mark question why Kevin wouldn’t have just stirred the pot again by being the other vote against Ramses.

8:50 PM BBT: Paul asked Dominique if she was okay. Dominique said that she was betrayed by her very own team. Dominique said that she knows this is a game, but that this was a personal attack because she hasn’t done anything to warrant being targeted. Paul asked Dominique if her concern was among their group. Dominique said that it’s hard for her to believe that none of them knew. Dominique added that people within their group campaigned against her by saying that she was the hinky vote.

12:30 AM BBT: Jason won POV

12:35 AM BBT: Paul told Alex to get Jason to pull Jessica off, then put up Mark to ensure that Dominique goes home since Elena would never cross Mark. Alex said that she’d need everyone in on the plan if that is what she is to do. Paul said that Dominique and Mark would be forced to campaign against each other, but Alex said that she doesn’t think that they would. Paul said that if Alex put Raven on the block, she’d be putting up a guaranteed vote against Dominique.

12:40 AM BBT: Christmas told Dominique that when she was saying that she was betrayed by the inner circle of their group, Christmas felt like it was directed towards her. Dominique said that it wasn’t. Dominique told Christmas that what Cody told her was a complete lie and that she didn’t know that Christmas was going on the block. Dominique said that she’s pissed because her team turned their back on her and that she believes people knew that she was going up without saying anything to Dominique about it.

Dominique told Christmas about her interview with Cody, saying that people didn’t like the way that went and said the only person who gets any respect from her on that is Paul because he actually had the courage to bring the issue to her instead of talking behind her back. Dominique said that she believes the interview was just used as an excuse to further an agenda that was already in place. Dominique said that whether she leaves the house or not, more things are going to be getting blown up this week.

12:50 AM BBT: Paul told Elena and Mark that they can tell that Jason and Alex have an agenda based on how hard they were trying for that veto. Elena said that she feels pretty confident that Dominique is not the third vote against Ramses. Paul said that he doesn’t think the vote is the only reason why Alex is targeting Dominique. Paul asked Mark what he thought was going to be done with the veto, but Mark said that he thinks the nominations are going to be kept the same.

1:05 AM BBT: Jason asked Alex if she knows what he thinks they should do. Alex said put up Mark, but Jason said no way and that Mark might end up going home if they did that. Alex said that putting up Mark was Paul’s idea, but said that she thinks they should put up Christmas or Raven. Jason said that she should stick with putting up Raven. Alex said that if Raven goes up, that’s a vote against Dominique that is now gone. Jason said that he doesn’t care who goes home between Dominique and Raven.

Alex told Jason that they should start looking at Jason when it comes to who was the rogue vote, stating that she knows nobody wants to say his name, but two votes in a row like that isn’t a coincidence. Jason said that they could find out the truth by threatening Kevin with a nomination if he weren’t to come clean with them.

1:10 AM BBT: Kevin asked Alex who she’s thinking about putting up as the replacement nominee. Alex said Mark. Kevin said that putting Mark up would shake their feathers even more than putting Raven up would. Alex said that putting up Mark would be going against her promise she gave to Elena and she said she can’t do that. Kevin said that she should just put up Matt then. Jason said that the two choices are either Matt or Raven. Alex said that she’d rather choose Raven.

1:20 AM BBT: Elena told Matt and Raven that Dominique seems to be implying that Elena had something to do with Alex putting her up.

1:25 AM BBT: Paul told Matt and Raven that Alex’s side is dead set on getting Dominique out this week and that there is nothing further that he can do to try to prevent it. Paul said that he believes the veto is going to be used on Jessica and one from their side will be going up. Paul said that he’s jumping ship from their main group from last week, but said that he isn’t jumping onto Alex’s either. Raven asked Paul who he thinks will go up. Paul said either Mark, her, or Matt. Paul asked if they can all agree on voting Dominique out. Matt and Raven said yes.

1:25 AM BBT: Mark asked Elena why Christmas is safe and Dominique on the block. Elena said that she’s trying to find the logic in Christmas campaigning against Dominique. Mark said that he tried to tell Elena how he felt about Christmas, but she shook it off. Elena asked him if he is going somewhere with this. Mark said that she is close with people who he’s not, stating that he’s very close with Dominique on a personal level, but said that they don’t talk game.

Mark questioned Elena on how she acts with other guys around him. Elena asked if Mark was implying that she’s flirtatious with other people. Mark said that she’s extremely flirtatious with out guys when he’s right there by her. Mark told Elena that whatever their relationship is, he said was obviously not the same to her that it was to him. Mark said that game wise he feels like she has closer relationships with other people than she does with him.

1:30 AM BBT: Dominique told Kevin that she’s been hearing things. Kevin said that apparently people are mad at her. Dominque said that people are offended by her interview even though it was Cody who said everything. Dominique added that the vote on Thursday is another thing that she’s getting blamed for. Dominique told Kevin that this is a personal attack because what other reason would people have to target her.

1:40 AM BBT: Paul told Jason that Mark is still backing Dominique. Paul added that he can guarantee that Matt and Raven are on board with getting Dominque out, then explained that they’d be taking away a number if Raven were to be nominated. Paul said that Mark said that Dominique is Mark’s closest ally and if he’s not on the block, he’s going to campaign for her and would never vote against her.

1:45 AM BBT: Dominique asked Raven if she has her vote. Raven said yes since she’s going to be up next to Jessica.

1:50 AM BBT: Elena told Dominique that she would never betray her. Elena explained that she has heard from two different people that Dominique has been saying things about her. Dominique said that she’s 30 years old and a straight shooter, so she said that if she had a problem with Elena, she would let her know. Dominique told Elena that she did say that there is jealous when it comes to Mark because she knows that her name has come up a lot.

1:55 AM BBT: Jason told Alex that he believes Paul is trying to get Mark on the block to so that they could vote him out, but Alex said that she didn’t think that was the case. Paul joined them, saying that if Dominique keeps grilling people the way she is now, she might flip more people to vote against her. Paul brought up the idea of using Mark as the pawn again to ensure Elena’s vote. Jason said that they could talk to Mark and Elena about it at the same time.

2:05 AM BBT: Jason told Alex that he gets it and is on board with the replacement nominee being Mark, but said that he just doesn’t like that Paul gets to be the boss.


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