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Big Brother 19: Day 23 Recap

It’s eviction day in the Big Brother house, which means that there will be plenty of action as a new houseguest will be taking power and everyone will be scrambling to ensure their safety going into the new week.


2:25 PM BBT: Jason asked Cody if he thinks he could have rallied the votes if he tried. Cody said no, stating that that the numbers weren’t there and he had every card stacked against him.

2:30 PM BBT: Raven told Matt that Dominique has been acting weird since last night. Matt told her that whether or not they actually trust Dominique enough to take her to finals, they need to make sure she is cool at least for the time being. Raven said that since everyone in the group told Dominique that her questioning wasn’t cool, she has taken it personally. Raven added that she believes Dominique is playing a better game than they realize and actually has both sides thinking she’s with them. Matt questioned if Raven thought Dominique would do something weird if she won HOH, to which Raven said yes. Raven explained that Dominique isn’t here for the money, she’s here for the exposure, and he best way to get exposure is to make a big move.

6:40 PM BBT: Cody is evicted

7:20 PM BBT: Paul told Mark that Kevin wouldn’t screw him over by voting to keep Cody. Mark asked if Paul thinks the hinky vote was Jason or Alex, stating that he knows it wasn’t Josh. Paul brought up the possibility of it being Christmas since Cody had the conversation with her right before she left to get surgery. Paul added that Jason said that if the votes don’t come out how they expect them to, it wasn’t him, but Paul questioned if they’re just going to take Jason’s word on that. Paul said that he doesn’t believe Kevin would stir the pot by voting to keep Cody since Kevin is in such a good spot and he wouldn’t want to risk that.

8:30 PM BBT: Alex becomes HOH

8:55 PM BBT: Kevin told Jason that Alex made a deal that she wouldn’t put up any of Elena’s friends, but said that he doesn’t think that Alex should have agreed to that. Alex joined their conversation, telling them that she’s sticking to the original plan and will be putting Jessica up next to someone else. Mark joined, asking Alex if he’s going to be safe this week. Alex told him that she made a deal with Elena and if Elena is saying that he’s safe, then he’s safe.

9:00 PM BBT: Jason asked Mark what Elena was doing staying in the competition so long, adding that he thinks that is fishy. Jason went on to tell Mark that Josh said that he wanted to win the HOH so that he could put the big boys up, which Jason said he took as meaning at least Mark. Mark said that they can’t trust Josh.

9:00 PM BBT: Alex told Matt that the people she trusts right now are him, Jason, and Elena. Matt told Alex that if she’s wanting to use him as a pawn next to Jessica, he’s fine with that. Alex said that something isn’t right, then told Matt about Christmas supposedly joking about the idea of voting out Ramses to stir the pot. Alex said that she knows for a fact that it wasn’t Jason who voted Ramses out, but said that she’s not sure about Christmas, Dominique, or Mark. Alex told Matt and Raven that they might have to flip the original plan, stating that Jessica will still be nominated, but that they might have to get whoever flipped on them out.

9:10 PM BBT: Dominique told Paul that she believes it was Christmas who voted out Ramses. Paul said that he wanted to give Christmas the benefit of the doubt, but said that it is looking like it was her after all. Paul asked Dominique if she thinks the third vote could have been Jason, to which she said yes. Paul told her about Jason saying that if the vote didn’t go as planned, he wasn’t the person who flipped, adding that he thinks it’s suspect for Jason to even bring that up.

Mark joined Paul and Dominique, which is when Paul told them that it was them who Cody said knew about the plan to get Christmas out when Cody was HOH. Mark denied, then moved the conversation back to the vote, saying that he believes it was Christmas and Kevin, stating that he knows it wasn’t Jason. Paul said that he just can’t imagine Kevin screwing him, but Mark said that Kevin was intentionally trying to stir the pot. Mark told Dominique and Paul about Josh going up to Jason and saying that they need to win to put the big guys up.

9:20 PM BBT: Jason told Kevin that he’s going to tell Alex to put up Matt and Dominique. Kevin said that would be cool, then said that the only three people he would never vote against is him, Alex, and Paul.

9:20 PM BBT: Elena asked who the third vote was, which is when Alex said that it could have been Mark and Dominique. Elena said that she was convinced that it was Christmas and Jason, but Alex said that she knows she’s promised her and Mark safety, but said that Mark and Dominique are acting weird.

9:25 PM BBT: Alex told Jason that it’s good that someone flipped on them since now they’re going to be able to put someone else up than just Jessica and Ramses. Jason said that putting up Jessica wouldn’t be smart, so they should put up Christmas and Dominique instead. Alex told him that Jessica has to be on the block tomorrow, explaining that they can backdoor someone else if they want to, but that Jessica at least has to be on the block. Jason said to put Jessica and Dominique up, use the veto on Jessica, then backdoor Christmas. Alex told him that if they go against the house right now, it’ll be him who ends up being the target next week. Alex explained that they need to keep the calm in the house right now because the two of them are finally being accepted into the main group and they’ll be able to take it down from within once they get to jury. Alex told Jason that if they flip on the group right now, it’ll be them two on the block next week with Jessica and Ramses staying since everyone would hate them more. Alex finally said that she knows he thinks Paul is shady, but said that Paul’s entire reputation hinges on him upholding the “Friendship” persona, so Alex said Paul wouldn’t go back on them.

9:30 PM BBT: Alex told Paul about Christmas saying that she should vote out Ramses to stir the pot. Paul said that one of the votes were definitely Christmas. Alex said that she thinks one of the votes were Christmas and the other was either Mark or Dominique. Jason said that he thinks they should put up Christmas and Dominique up, but Paul said that this is Alex’s HOH and they should talk about what she should do.

9:35 PM BBT: Jason told Ramses that the third vote had to be Dominique. Ramses said that if Dominique voted him out, it’s possible that Mark did too, but Jason said that he knows for sure that Christmas was one of the votes.

9:45 PM BBT: Jason told Jessica about Christmas saying that she was going to vote Ramses out to stir the pot. Jason went on to tell her that Alex said that she’s going to have to put Jessica up because it’s what the whole house wants, but Jason said that he told Alex that the house can screw off. Jessica agreed, saying that putting her up would be a waste of an HOH. Jason said that he thinks Dominique and Matt or Dominique and Christmas should go up. Jessica said that the safest people in the house right now are Paul, Elena, Mark, Dominique, and Raven, adding that nobody wants to evict Raven because of her condition. Jessica said that she’s seeking revenge for everyone who stabbed Cody in the back, which she clarified wouldn’t be him or Alex. Jessica told Jason that Alex is at the bottom of the totem pole and Paul’s group is going to use her as a puppet to do their dirty work.

Jessica said that she’d love to see some alliances broken up, which is when Jason suggested it be Mark and Dominique who get broken up. Jessica said Alex needs to take out one of the untouchables, suggesting Matt.

9:45 PM BBT: Paul told Kevin that the only person who has mentioned his name as being someone who voted out Ramses was Mark, but told Kevin that it got shut down quickly.

10:00 PM BBT: Ramses told Jessica that he feels alone as she does, stating that everyone has been thinking that he’s so shady even though he hasn’t done anything intentionally.

10:00 PM BBT: Kevin told Alex that Jessica isn’t a threat and that Alex has them two, Jason, and Paul, which are the four most powerful people in the house. Jessica said that she wants to see something change in the game and doesn’t want all the excitement gone after the first two weeks. Jessica added that she’s not going to the other side of the house because they just evicted her boyfriend and she wants revenge. Ramses told her that the one person who hasn’t talked crap about Jessica is Elena. Ramses added that Jessica needs to tell Alex things like people were shook when she won HOH because they don’t trust her and things of the like to earn trust with Alex.

10:15 PM BBT: Alex told Jason that she doesn’t trust Elena’s judgement, but said that they have to keep their word as much as possible. Jason said that they have Jessica on their side, but Alex said that nobody likes Jessica. Jason said that Raven is who has been hiding Alex’s cat ears and told Alex that he still thinks Dominique and Matt should be nominated. Jason said that they have Ramses, Jessica, Kevin, him, and Paul, adding that they could get Mark and Josh. Alex said that Mark and Josh screwed them and that Jessica can’t be trusted. Jason said that Jessica has no allies or anyone to trust.

10:25 PM BBT: Alex told Kevin that whoever voted Ramses out is on his hit list. Kevin said that whoever did it isn’t just going to come and tell her. Ramses said that if Josh were to win HOH, he would have put them up because he’s aligned with Paul’s group. Alex said that if she betrays the majority group, she’s on the block next week and can’t protect herself. Kevin said that next week’s HOH will be him, Jason, or Paul.

Kevin told Jason and Ramses that if Alex were to go against the group, he doesn’t believe they’d go after him, Jason, Ramses, Alex, and Paul. Kevin added that Josh isn’t going to win anything and that he believes he could get Christmas on their side.

10:45 PM BBT: Alex told Jason that Jessica tried getting her out because she thought Alex was hitting on her boyfriend. Alex added that Jessica is going to flip on them by telling the majority group that they tried making a deal with her. Kevin told Alex that Jessica is expendable and could go at any time. Alex said that Jessica would take the information they gave her, run to Paul, and stab them in the back.

11:05 PM BBT: Kevin asked Ramses who he thinks Alex should put up. Ramses said not Jessica. Kevin agreed, saying the only threat to them winning HOH is Matt. Alex said that they can’t trust Jessica, explaining that she’s desperate and is going to see which side has the best deal to offer. Ramses said that he feels like what is best for their games is to start splitting people up, saying that they could put Jessica up next to someone, then hope that Jessica wins veto. Jason said that he wants to whip some ass and that they can’t do that by just following orders. Alex said that they can’t rock the boat and just need to find the rat who voted Ramses out. Jason said that if Alex puts up one of their people, it’s just going to get easier for the majority alliance. Alex said that Jessica isn’t their people.

12:20 AM BBT: Mark told Dominique, Elena, and Paul that Kevin is the one who voted to evict Ramses, explaining that he did it to stir the pot because the more than he stirs the pot, the less amount of eyes that are on him. Paul said that people might have voted to keep Cody with the intention of being on his good side if he does return via the battle back. Elena told them that if one of them goes home this week, they’ll kick Alex out next before both Ramses and Jessica.

12:30 AM BBT: Jason told Josh and Kevin that Jessica had been painting her nails with Elena and chumming it up with Raven, so he said that Alex might be right about her not being trustworthy after all.

12:50 AM BBT: Elena told Mark that she’s concerned about her game because Cody threw her name out there and said that if it was Christmas who has been causing problems, she’s fine with getting her out. Mark said that if Alex and Christmas have been talking and it’s apparent that there are two sides, Mark said that they’re going to be screwed.

12:55 AM BBT: Raven told Dominique and Paul that Alex said she is definitely putting up Jessica, stating that Alex said that she can’t stand Jessica. Raven added that Alex hasn’t determined who she wants to put up next to Jessica though and said that she wants to find out who was voting against Ramses. Raven said that Alex dropped Mark’s name. Paul said that this was the sixth time that he’s heard Mark’s name get mentioned since last night. Raven said that she personally believes that Alex is going to put up Jessica and Josh. Dominique said that would be a good idea. Paul told the girls that he has been keeping tabs on Kevin and said that he couldn’t see Kevin doing something like voting against Ramses, adding that he thinks it’s Jason, Jessica, and Ramses who have something.

1:30 AM BBT: Elena told Alex that the only people she wants to protect are the few people that she believes Alex already wants to go to jury with herself. Elena asked Alex if she’s wanting to get Jessica out, to which Alex said that she does, but wants to figure out who flipped on them and voted Ramses out. Alex said that she thinks it was Dominique and Christmas who flipped on them. Elena said that she asked Dominique and she unequivocally denied that. Alex agreed, saying that Dominique is smart and wouldn’t rock the boat like that. Elena said that someone had brought up to her the idea of Kevin being the one who did it. Alex said that she was thinking about Kevin being the person who did it too. Elena said that she’d put her money on Kevin being the one who did it and added that if it was Christmas who also flipped, that’s upsetting.

Elena told Alex that she wants Paul, Mark, Raven, Matt, Dominique, and herself to be safe as part of the deal they made. Alex said she isn’t sure about Dominique being apart of that deal. Elena said that she has concerns about Christmas because she said that she has caught her in private conversations with Cody and Jessica. Alex said that Christmas has a vendetta against Jason and has been throwing him under the bus.

1:50 AM BBT: Josh told Jason that he was going send Matt home had he won HOH. Josh also told him that to tell Alex that whatever decision she’s planning on making, he’ll have her back. Josh said that he doesn’t trust Mark, Elena, Raven, or Matt. Jason said that he’s start to not trust Raven because he said that she’s sneaky. Josh said that Alex can either go with what the majority group wants and it’ll get worse for them or Alex can take a shot this week.

2:15 AM BBT: Alex told Elena and Paul that Christmas, Dominique, and Mark all throw up red flags to her, but said that Jessica will definitely be one of the people put on the block. Paul asked how they’re feeling about Ramses, to which Alex said that she’s more insecure about someone who can’t follow a plan than Ramses right now. Paul told Elena and Alex that since yesterday, he’s heard Mark’s name from different people six times. Elena said that if Mark is the one who has been screwing around, they can send him home, but said that she’s not going to endorse that idea until it’s confirmed. Elena added that if Christmas isn’t here to defend herself in time for nominations, she’d have a hard time putting her up.

2:30 AM BBT: Paul told Alex that Mark and Dominique are definitely up to something and that the reason those two wanted Christmas out is because she was onto them. Paul told her that she can either draw a line in the sand by taking a serious shot or she can just put Ramses and Jessica up. Alex said that Dominique has shown that she’s a good competitor, then asked if they should put up Dominique, then backdoor Mark given the chance. Paul said that if she does make that move, Raven and Matt would also back it. Paul added that he trusts Alex more than anyone in the house. Alex said that she thinks they should put Mark up, but Paul said that he thinks Dominique is the best move because he said Alex would have him, Matt, and Raven’s vote by doing so. Alex said that if Dominique does pull herself down, it’s going to be Mark who replaces her.

2:40 AM BBT: Paul told Elena, Matt, and Raven that he tried convincing Alex to put up ramses, but said that for some reason Ramses isn’t on Alex’s radar anymore. Paul added that he believes something is going on with the other side of the house after Cody started name dropping. Once Elena left, Paul told Matt and Raven that it’s going to be Dominique and Jessica going up. Matt and Raven said that they didn’t like Dominique’s show questions, but said that it would take more for them to turn on her. Paul said that their group is done and there is no going back.

2:45 AM BBT: Josh told Alex that he knows everyone in the house wants him out, but Alex told him that he’s not going to be her target. Josh said that he’s seeing the way things are going and said that he doesn’t like it because they’re getting outnumbered. Josh told Alex that everyone was happy when Jason dropped and had she not won HOH, either he or Jason would be going home this week. Jason joined them, telling Alex that Dominique has been giving him crazy eyes.

3:05 AM BBT: Ramses asked Alex if the person she’s putting up is her target. Alex said that her target wasn’t her target until after the eviction. Ramses asked if there is a plan, which is when Alex told him that when nominations are announced, she’s going to need him to rally behind her vote. Ramses said that people think he’s super smart all because of what Dominique has been saying.

3:10 AM BBT: Alex told Jason that Jessica has to go, but isn’t going this week, so she said that Jason shouldn’t reach out to her. Alex said that Dominique and Jessica are going to be nominated and if one of them takes themselves off, Mark will be the replacement nominee. Alex told him that Paul is going to back this plan and that he understands something is up. Alex added that if Kevin is the one who stirred the pot the last two weeks, he’ll be the one who goes next.

3:30 AM BBT: Mark told Alex that she and Jason are off his radar, so long as Alex keeps him safe this week. Alex told him that the person who flipped was someone within their alliance. Mark agreed, saying that he’s upset about it because their plan to get to jury was simple. Mark said that Dominique wouldn’t have any reason to vote against Ramses. Mark asked if Jessica is still her target, to which Alex said yes.

Alex asked Mark why they all wanted to keep Christmas so bad when she has a broken foot. Mark said that if she could keep it between them, he doesn’t actually want to keep Christmas.

3:45 AM BBT: Alex told Elena and Raven that if the person she puts up next to Jessica is her actual target, she’ll need the two girls to stand behind her decision. Elena said that she’d have a hard time voting against anyone in their group unless there is hard proof that they were the ones who voted against Ramses.

3:50 AM BBT: Elena told Paul that she doesn’t think it was Dominique or Mark who voted to evict Ramses. Paul said that it’s not Dominique or Mark’s probable vote that has Alex concerned, it’s their actions. Paul added that after this week, their group is done. Paul said that it’s not just Alex making points about Dominique and Mark, it’s everyone who isn’t in their group. Paul told Elena that he trusts her, but said that she is too emotionally attached and that Mark is in hot water, which can only be fixed by him. Paul said that the more Elena goes to bat for Mark, the more she makes herself into a target too. Elena said that she would stop going to bat for him, adding that it would kill Mark to hear this, but that she trusts Paul more than him. Paul said that he believes Mark is playing both sides of the house, adding that if the heat continues to come their way, he’s going to have to abandon ship. Elena questioned if she could abandon ship with him.

4:15 AM BBT: Paul told Alex about Elena wanting to abandon ship with him, so he said that he believes he can get Elena to vote how he wants this week. Alex said that if Dominique pulls herself off, it’ll be Christmas going up as the replacement nominee. Paul said that if Jessica goes, it’s not terrible for Alex’s game, but said that he believes now is the time for Dominique to go home.

4:25 AM BBT: While alone, Alex said that she’s going to get Dominique out this week.

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